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Sunday, August 14, 2005 

To think in advance

Paul Eidelberg offers up another very good argument to the one spoken about in this topic on what grounds and terms Netanyahu and/or Landau should be supported in their election bids:
Be cautious about certain persons now vying for leadership of the Likud.
Quite right, and know that even Tzachi Hanegbi is not worth the effort in voting for, nor is Meir Shetreet.
Neither Netanyahu nor Landau should be supported unless he makes a clear and unambiguous public statement, namely:

(1) that he is unalterably opposed to a Palestinian state;

(2) that as Israel’s prime minister he will abrogate the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement, which has been constantly violated by the Palestinian Authority;

(3) that he will instruct the IDF to utterly destroy the PLO-Palestinian terrorist network;

(4) that he will introduce legislation to nullify the erroneous and pernicious ruling of Israel’s Supreme Court that Judea, Samaria, and Gaza constitute “belligerent occupied territory.”
Better yet, what must be done is to repair the judicial system in the country, which is very anti-nationalist and disrespectful of democratic values, and there's a very probably chance that they're anti-American as well.
(5) Remember: the Netanyahu Government signed the Wye and Hebron Memoranda.
On this: it was revealed some time ago that the former defense minister, Yitzhak Mordecai, was manipulating him into doing it, and was causing a whole more trouble as well. (Mordecai was later convicted in court of sexual assaults, and was more or less asking for whatever he got.)
(6) Bear in mind that Landau has not opposed a Palestinian state.
There's a good point we must certainly catch up on.
(7) Do not be so overwhelmed by Sharon’s tyranny that you support a pleasant but spineless politician—another lackey of the United States.
Very good point there too. But not just the US, even Europe counts. But then, isn't that why world affairs observers everywhere would do well to take the two continents to task for bias against a foreign country, regardless of whether they're conservative or liberal? Even the most Republican-supporting columnists would do well on their part to confront this case, and Democratic-supporting columnists would do well to take the Bush administration to task for reasons with meaning to them like this subject.


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