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Thursday, October 27, 2005 

Thanks to CAIR, Florida's Hillsborough schools ban Christmas, Good Friday, and even Yom Kippur

Because the terrorist-supporting CAIR demanded that Eid al Fitr be recognized by schools as a Moslem holy day, Hillsborough schools in Florida banned Christmas, Good Friday and just about all other religious holidays (via Lost Budgie Blog.).

Here's what the Alliance Defense Fund (via Hyscience) has to say:
(...) "The phrase ‘separation of church and state’ is not in the U.S. Constitution, but because of the fear, intimidation, and disinformation groups like the ACLU (and CAIR) promote, many public officials and educational leaders mistakenly believe it is their duty to silence Christian religious expression," said ADF President Alan Sears.

(...) Christmas has historically been one of the most celebrated holidays of the American people. 96% of all Americans celebrate Christmas. Yet, because of political correctness, the words Merry Christmas have become increasingly absent from our Christmas season traditions. Misconceptions and controversy about the so-called "separation of church and state" has led many public officials to "remove Christ from Christmas."

(...) This was not the intent of the founding fathers. In addition, no court has ever ruled that the Constitution requires government officials to censor Christmas carols, eliminate all references to Christmas, or silence those who celebrate Christ's birth.
Nor those who celebrate Jewish holidays and such. The ADF is quite right that this simply wrong of the school board to cower like that in order to avoid having a gang of anti-libertarians like CAIR - and the ACLU, which was also pushing for this - try to force the schools to recognize their would-be holidays.

Here's some more facts from the ADF's website:
* The U.S. Supreme Court has never ruled that public schools must ban the singing of religious Christmas carols or prohibit the distribution of candy canes or Christmas cards.
* School officials may refer to a school break in December as "Christmas Vacation" or as a holiday without offending the Constitution.

* School officials do not violate the Constitution by closing on religious holidays such as Christmas and Good Friday.

* No court has ever held that celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas as religious holidays requires recognition of all other religious holidays.

* The "Three Reindeer Rule" used by the courts requires a municipality to place a sufficient number of secular objects in close enough proximity to the Christmas item (such as a crèche) to render the overall display sufficiently secular. Although the overall display must not convey a message endorsing a particular religion’s view, Christmas displays are not banned as some people believe. Simply put, the courts ask, "Is the municipality celebrating the holiday or promoting religion?"
Here's a page on the legal rules regarding Christmas, which also apply with equal strength to Jewish holidays as well.

As this article from TheRaphi.Com points out:
Every attempt to appease "Muslim opinion" preserves, promotes, and emboldens our enemies. Every concession to angry Muslim mobs gives hope to the Islamist cause. Every day we allow terrorist regimes to exist gives their minions time to execute the next Sept. 11. America needs honest leadership with the courage to identify and defeat our enemies--"Muslim opinion" be damned.
Absolutely correct, which is we cannot just simply sit around and allow them to dictate how even our schools will be run.

Be sure to also read this topic from Stop the ACLU which talks about CAIR as well, and the alliance they've formed with the ACLU. Plus, here's another interesting article (in PDF format) from Capital Research Center by Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chadha.

Others on the subject include In the Bullpen, The Political Teen, Militant Islam Monitor, Relapsed Catholic.

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Thank you for your link to Hyscience. We were unable to trackback to you or locate your email address on your site.

note: have spent many years traveling and working in Israel - enjoy your country.



hopefully the trial of sami al arian will end well in that area though, not that that will be enough to make up for it

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