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Monday, February 13, 2006 

Two-faced British imam gets caught in the act

This should serve as a leading example of Islamofascists who talk out of multiple sides of their mouths. The UK Times (via IRIS Blog) reports about an imam who'd condemned the London suicide bombings in July 2005, who was later discovered praising the bombers in a meeting held at his mosque in Yorkshire:
A LEADING imam in the mosque where the July 7 bombers worshipped has hailed their terrorist attack on London as a “good” act in a secretly taped conversation with an undercover reporter.

Hamid Ali, spiritual leader of the mosque in West Yorkshire, said it had forced people to take notice when peaceful meetings and conferences had no impact.

He also praised the bombers as the “children” of Abdullah al-Faisal, a firebrand Muslim cleric, who was convicted of inciting murder and racial hatred in 2003.

Ali revealed that the leader of the London suicide bombers had attended sermons in Yorkshire by al-Faisal and tapes of al-Faisal’s teachings were still circulating within his mosque.

Al-Faisal, who has branded non-Muslims as “cockroaches” ripe for extermination, is serving a seven-year prison sentence but is eligible for early release next week.

Evidence of continuing extremism and terrorist sympathisers in the bombers’ community has been exposed by a six-week investigation by The Sunday Times. It contrasts with the public statements of condemnation by community leaders — including Ali — in the immediate aftermath of the July 7 attacks.
And if al-Faisal is going to incite against the west and those he considers dhimmis, that's why it'd be ill-advised to release him from prison.

With this news, this is why authorities are strongly advised not to be duped by imams and clerics who say they're opposed to violence, racism and terrorism, and to keep an eye on them for any acts of duplicity they might be committing.

See also this topic from IRIS for some extra thoughts on the Danish cartoon controversy, and also this report from The Times, which explains how the British liberals let hate flourish (though even some of the conservatives there probably shouldn't be underestimated in terms of negligence.)

Also available at Adam's Blog, Basil's Blog, Bloggin' Out Loud, Don Surber, The Median Sib, The Real Ugly American, TMH's Bacon Bits.


I am not shocked. Fatah is notorious for this... talk about peace to western media and then praise terrorism to their own.

Rule of thumb, if their lips are moving, they're lying.

"Two-faced British imam gets caught in the act"

Well, of course. Following the principle of dealing with "dar-ul-harb" laid down by Mohammed (may he rot in hell forever), who made an easy job of conquering the city of medina by lying to its inhabitants and promising them that no harm would come to them, Muslims readily practice "holy deception" of the "house of the enemy" (dar-ul-harb), which is... everyone not Muslim.

If only one percent (or less) of Muslims are actively involved in voilence against "dar-ul-harb" that leaves the rest as

1.) Apologists and/or enablers who lie about the nature of Islam to those outside the tent
2.) Country club Muslims who do not actually share the cultic faith of the followers of the Butcher of Medina but who are simply "cultural Muslims" who adopt whatever suits them and throw out the reality of the Koran and the example of the life of the founder of Islam.

Of this last class, it is obvious that, while decrying (tepidly, weakly) the excesses of true Muslims, they are nevertheless passive accomplices enabling the terrorists by not denouncing the root of the terrorists' justification: The Butcher of Medina, hiimself. until these "cultural Muslims" soundly repudiate Mohammed (may he rot in hell forever), they share in their bloody brothers' evil.

And they'll lie themselves blue in the face about that, too.

(Bucking for some Muslim death threats over at my blog. I sure hope they come soon, cos I'm feeling left out... :-)

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