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Sunday, June 18, 2006 

MySpace.Com's services should be boycotted and avoided

This is the opinion I've reached after reading the latest news on the Michigan teenager named Katherine Lester who tried to run away to Jericho to meet a total stranger of a Muslim (ditto his mother) and marry him.

BelchSpeak feels that, because the parents of the teen blamed the authorities for letting the girl get out of the country, they could be anti-American. Well, maybe, but there's no solid proof just now. That aside, the really bad news is that, not too surprisingly, young Lester is brainwashed under the influence of Islam, as this sappy report from the AP Wire (also via BelchSpeak) tells:
NABLUS [Shechem], West Bank — The mother of a West Bank man who invited a 16-year-old American to the Mideast to get married says she is distraught that the teenager has returned home and hopes to bring the couple together.

Sana Jinzawi says she was waiting at the airport in Tel Aviv to pick up Katherine Lester, who met her 20-year-old son Abdullah on the popular MySpace.com Web site.

Lester had boarded a flight to Israel last week after slipping out of her mother’s house in Gilford, Mich. But U.S. authorities intercepted her at a stopover in Amman, Jordan, on Friday, seized her passport and put her on a flight home.

The wedding is off — at least for now. Sana Jinzawi said by telephone from her West Bank home in Jericho Wednesday that her son was heartbroken and insisted the two are in love.

“She was going to sign a marriage contract as soon as she got here,” the mother said, adding she told Lester to “bring a pink dress for the engagement party and a white dress for the wedding.”

“She wanted to convert to Islam and wear the head covering and live with us and adopt our culture,” Sana Jinzawi said.

Jericho, a dusty backwater of 17,000 people, is a place of relative calm in the West Bank, where Israelis and Palestinians frequently clash.

Abdullah Jinzawi, who works in his father’s business delivering goods to minimarkets, is no longer giving interviews. But in a phone interview with WNEM-TV in Saginaw, Mich., on Saturday, he said he met Lester on the Web seven months ago, that he was a wealthy businessman and that he wanted to marry her. He said he sent her the money for the flight.

Sana Jinzawi said five other Jericho residents had brought American girls to Jericho in recent years and that all the couples now live in the U.S.
Facinating. It sounds as though some, if not all, of these dirty tricks were done in order to gain US citizenship! The AP writer himself, Ali Daraghmeh, appears to be a Muslim himself.

And Jericho happens to be a haven for terrorists, but the writer would rather whitewash that part, of course.

Belch says:
The Palestinian mother says that the girl intended to sign a marriage contract, which is customary in Islam. But according to Sharia law, any marriage where the bride’s parents do not give permission is an invalid marriage. Also, it is very common for the woman’s family to provide a sizeable dowry to the man’s family for marriage.
Well, considering that Islam today is becoming more and more extreme than before, it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't care whether the girl's parents gave permission or not.

But all this explains perfectly well why I think a boycott of MySpace.Com is now in order. The whole network, I want you to know, disgusts me to no end, and I will not link to any blog in my side menu that's hosted on their servers, period. If you're an internet surfer who's using their systems, stop using them ASAP. If you're a parent whose child is using their systems, do what you can to prevent them from continuing to use them. There are only so many stalkers on their systems that I think a sound boycott would do quite well to send the company a message that the public is fed up with their inability to keep out the pervs.

Simply put, shut down MyTheirSpace!

Update: I also found an interesting blog called MyCrimeSpace, which may be dedicated to keeping track of offenses recorded on MySpace services.

Also available at 123beta, 7 Deadly Sins, Adam's Blog, Basil's Blog, Big Dog's Weblog, The Bullwinkle Blog, The Dumb Ox, Mark My Words, Point Five, Pursuing Holiness, Samantha Burns, Stop the ACLU, Wizbang, Woman Honor Thyself. Others on the subject include Debbie Schlussel, Red Hot Cuppa Politics.


I watch my daughter like a hawk when she's on that site!

Good idea for someone to monitor and LOG everything they do!..great post Avi.

Amazing scheme!

The other part of the story is what kind of confused teenagers are we raising in the U.S.???

I fully agree, it's astonishing just how messed up some of these teens are. The parents now need to get a special ward ruling from the courts in order to guard over her well, and prevent her from trying to run away again. Of all the cases of predators trying to lure their victims into traps, this is by far the worst. The girl is sorely in need of counseling and therapy, and I certainly hope she'll get some.

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