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Thursday, November 14, 2019 

The evils of the UNRWA

Rachel Avraham's written about the discoveries of corruption in the UNRWA, which led to the resignation of their recent chairman:
The mandate of UNRWA, the UN agency operating in 59 refugee camps in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza, is set to have its mandate renewed next week at the UN General Assembly in New York. Nevertheless, what makes this a big deal now is that UNRWA Commissioner Pierre Krahenbuhl just resigned over “managerial issues.”

Krahenbuhl’s resignation came after an internal UN report found that mismanagement of UNRWA led to “sexual misconduct, nepotism, discrimination, retaliation and other abuses of authority for personal gain in order to suppress dissent and to otherwise achieve their personal objectives.” This internal report prompted Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland to stop funding UNRWA, after the US had already stopped funding the international humanitarian organization.

Furthermore, according to four recent reports conducted by the Center for Near East Policy Research and published by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Information Center, the textbooks utilized in the UNRWA schools today utilize a curriculum that prepares students for war. Israel does not exist in the PA schoolbooks used by UNRWA. The term “beautiful” found in these textbooks is defined as a “shahid,” meaning martyr. Four UNRWA textbooks glorify Dalal Mughrabi, a Palestinian female terrorist who murdered over 30 men, women and children. In these textbooks, Newton’s law of physics is demonstrated with a picture of an Arab firing a slingshot at IDF soldiers. And a 2016 textbook for 3rd graders that is still in use by UNRWA proclaimed: "And I shall remove the usurper from my country and shall exterminate the foreigners' scattered remnants."

Even UNRWA has acknowledged that some of the PA textbooks utilized in UNRWA schools incite hatred: “About 4-5 percent of the material in the PA textbooks has been found to not be in line with UN values.” However, while UNRWA claims that their teachers have found a way to get around problematic sections in PA textbooks, their claims appear suspect when UN Watch published a report claiming that UNRWA staff members and teachers regularly share anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist content on social media.
And they're not likely to change, even after these revelations. A whole bunch of taqqiya specialists themselves are the UN members, and the whole organization in its entirety must be defunded for the evil they're backing.

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Danny Danon [Israeli ambassador to the United Nations] said:

“Since its establishment, UNRWA has
not worked to resolve the refugee issue,
but instead fought hard to perpetuate it…”

SOURCE: Israel Calls for ‘Deep and Comprehensive Change’
at UN Palestinian Refugee Aid Agency after Leader’s Resignation

by Algemeiner Staff, 2019 November 6

Former UNRWA general counsel
James Lindsay said this to the 74th session
of the United Nations General Assembly:

“UNRWA’s major structural problem is its unique
definition of who qualifies as a refugee.

According to the agency’s definition,
Palestinians who have citizenship in their
host countries, including 1.8 million Jordanian
citizens, are still classified as refugees.

This is unlike the definition used by the
U.N. Human Rights Council, which is responsible
for all other refugees around the world.”

UNRWA must evolve or dissolve by Ellie Rudee

Hillel Neuer [Executive Director of UN Watch]:

“Despite our prior identification of UNRWA teachers
who endorse Hitler and call for killing Jews, I am not
aware of a single UNRWA teacher who has been fired as a result.”

Combating UN bias pro-Israel organizations
highlight UNRWA incitement and corruption

by Eliana Rudee, 2019 September 25

Kelly Craft (United States to the United Nations):

“It is inexcusable that pervasive, anti-Israel bias
still exists in the United Nations, and that we continue
to witness attempts by some UN Member States to undermine
Israel’s standing as a full member of the community of nations.”

SOURCE: Kelly Craft's pro-Israel speech
at the UN (video, transcript)

“Between 2009-2014, UNESCO adopted 46 resolutions
against Israel; 1 on Syria; and none on Iran, Sudan,
North Korea, or any other country in the world.”

SOURCE: Israel's withdrawal from
UNESCO goes into effect 01/01/2019
by JTA

“While a handful of European UN employees act
as the public face of UNRWA, the actual agency
is run by Hamas operatives who control its schools,
using them to recruit and to store weapons.

The union representing UNRWA employees is controlled
by Hamas and its employees implement Hamas policies.”

SOURCE: How Trump Started a
Civil War between Hamas and a UN Agency

by Daniel Greenfield, 2019 August 16

UN Admits Palestinians Fired Rockets from UNRWA Schools:


In May 2018, Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis said:

“UNRWA has become part of the problem…
It provides the ammunition to continue the conflict.
For as long as Palestinians live in refugee camps,
they want to return to their homeland.”

SOURCE: Swiss Funding Freeze in
Wake of UNRWA Corruption Allegations Piles
on Palestinian Refugee Agency’s Woes

by Ben Cohen, 2019/7/30

“…UNRWA’s definition of refugee is not
dependent on need, and even applies to
citizens of recognized states, such as Jordan.”

SOURCE: The Media’s Unredeemable ‘Reporting’
by Sean Durns / JNS.org * 2018/9/22

“Instead, UNRWA schools and facilities have been
used to promote hatred and murder of Israelis.

For example, a March 7, 2016 ceremony at an
UNRWA school in Gaza City celebrated stabbing Jews.

UNRWA officials have also posed with maps
erasing Israel and have been caught
disseminating anti-Semitic materials.”

SOURCE: The Media’s Unredeemable ‘Reporting’
by Sean Durns / JNS.org * 2018/9/22

“Yet according to a 2011 report by the
Center for Near East Policy Research,
UNRWA has four times as many staff members
as UNHCR does — despite the fact that UNRWA
deals with six times fewer refugees than UNHCR.

In fact, instead of working to resettle
refugees, UNRWA employees have been caught
working for Hamas and praising Hitler.”

SOURCE: The Media’s Unredeemable ‘Reporting’
by Sean Durns / JNS.org * 2018/9/22

“UNRWA employees have been caught praising
anti-Jewish violence, and, per a 2015 UN
investigation, [that] the organization’s
facilities were used by terrorist groups
to launch and store rockets during
the 2014 Israel-Hamas War.”

SOURCE: The Media’s Unredeemable ‘Reporting’
by Sean Durns / JNS.org * 2018/9/22

UN Leader Ban Ki-moon, in Departing Speech,
Admits Anti-Israel Bias at World Body
posted on 2016 December 16 by JNS.org


(JNS.org) United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,
who is stepping down at the end of the year,
acknowledged in a departing speech that there is
“disproportionate” bias against Israel at the world body.

"We must never accept bias against Israel
within U.N. bodies,” Ban said Friday.

Ban went on to admit that the U.N. has a
"disproportionate volume of resolutions,
reports and conferences criticizing Israel,”
and that "in many cases, rather than helping
the Palestinian cause, this reality has hampered
the ability of the U.N. to fulfill its role effectively."

Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon
commended Ban’s statement and noted the
disproportionate number of anti-Israel
resolutions passed at the U.N. in recent years.

"The secretary-general admitted the clear
truth — the U.N.’s hypocrisy towards Israel
has broken records over the past decade.

During this time the U.N. passed 223 resolutions
condemning Israel while only eight resolutions
condemning the Syrian regime as it has massacred
its citizens over the past six years.

This is absurd," said Danon.

At the same time, Ban urged Israeli lawmakers
to reconsider the controversial outpost bill,
which would legalize Israeli settlements
on private Palestinian land.

"I strongly urge legislators to reconsider
advancing this bill, which will have negative
legal consequences for Israel and substantially
diminish the chances for Arab-Israeli peace," Ban said.

Mr. Ira Stoll [former managing editor
of The Forward and North American
editor of The Jerusalem Post] said:

[Former USA Ambassador to the UN Nikki] Haley notes
that UNRWA “promotes the so-called right of return,
that is, the alleged right of the ever-growing number
of Palestinian refugees to go back to the territory
that is now Israel.

This is a practical impossibility that is tantamount to
the destruction of Israel as the world’s only Jewish state.”

She also faults the agency for having “used textbooks
that preach violence and hatred toward Jews,” and for
allowing Hamas terrorists to build tunnels under UNRWA schools.

She describes it [UNRWA] in the book as
“a bloated and corrupt organization that fails
the Palestinian people and fails the cause of peace.”

SOURCE: Jerusalem Embassy Move, Exit from
Iran Deal Fueled Defiance Within Trump Cabinet,
Nikki Haley Writes
, by Ira Stoll, 2019/11/14 https://www.algemeiner.com/2019/11/14/jerusalem-embassy-move-exit-from-iran-deal-fueled-defiance-within-trump-cabinet-nikki-haley-writes/

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