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Monday, April 05, 2021 

This rabbi's right: LGBT activists cannot be allowed to keep wrecking careers of critics

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky's written about why it's time to stand up to censorious LGBT advocates who're constantly doing everything possible to silence critics of homosexuality, not the least being religious advocates of Judeo-Christianity:
Is it time to take a stand?

A British Court ruled last week against an actress who was fired from the production in which she appeared because the lexical archeologists found a comment from her Facebook page several years ago that referred to homosexuality as a sin. For that breach of today’s immoral norms, she was fired and ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds in attorney’s fees for the prevailing side. Welcome to the world of virtue shaming, the attempt to denigrate, harass, persecute, cancel and eliminate any person who adheres to traditional morality. It is unacceptable, it has to stop and it will only stop when good and decent people begin to fight back and call it what it is.

Meanwhile, a saner American court last week ruled in favor of a college professor who refused to refer to a male student as “Miss,” for, among other reasons, the offense to his Christian beliefs. The Sixth Circuit Court decided that Shawnee State University improperly sanctioned him on First Amendment freedom of speech grounds. Simply put, a professor – by extension, any person – cannot be ordered by any official body to defy reason and common sense and refer to a male as a female or vice versa. If it were otherwise, the court reasoned, “a university president could require a pacifist to declare that war is just, a civil rights icon to condemn the Freedom Riders, a believer to deny the existence of G-d, or a Soviet émigré to address his students as "comrades." That cannot be. This professor, now authorized to sue his university, was also the victim of virtue shaming.

How did we ever reach this stage when virtue shaming dominates public discourse? Intimidation of traditional Jews and Christians is rampant, threats and boycotts abound, and rational discussion is impossible.
And what's particularly offensive is that only Judeo-Christians are usually targeted, but when an Islamic advocate objects to homosexuality, that's fine with the LGBT advocates. Such double-standards cannot be put up with any more either. It has to be made clear that critics of homosexual practice must be respected, no matter how seemingly uncomfortable it makes the left. Pruzansky recommends the following:
Here is how to end virtue shaming: every time it happens, call it out for what it is. Make it a new category of victimhood in a world that loves victims (almost as much as it loves catch phrases). When you hear it, or it is directed against you, tell your critic (actually, yell at your critic) “Stop virtue shaming! Stop criticizing people who love the Torah, embrace its morality and try to live according to its precepts.”

Sensitivity is a two-way street. Those who do not hesitate to trample on the feelings of traditional Jews have no special claim to sensitivity, and especially not when they engage in virtue shaming.
I think I've argued this before, and will again, but I may have an even better idea: make clear that it's offensive to reject the opposite sex as romantic/sex/marriage partners, because it basically dehumanizes them. That it's atrocious if men dump their wives because they supposedly can't relate to them, and take up homosexual practice instead, not to mention transvestite lifestyles. I'd noticed Pruzansky spoke of a rabbi whose son took up LGBT lifestyles, and I believe the above arguments can apply in situations like that too. Mainly because it's likely the son did it out of spite and revenge. Also, don't follow the Haredi example, or, don't teach your sons what the most insular clans are, which is refusing to look at women and even censoring female imagery. I've estimated such extreme practices are what could influence homosexuality, and it could be very possible that's one way it was caused. So don't do that sort of thing.

And who knows? If you feel homosexuality is a bad influence, maybe that's why objections to your child romancing a non-Judaist are going a bit far, if that's what it takes to ensure they'll stick to heterosexuality, and maybe, better still, it would do a lot of good to make the Orthodox Judaist religion more attractive to potential converts by not advocating overly prudish views on how to dress, for example. In addition, don't advocate overly prudish views of sex. Rather, advocate safe sex practice instead. That way, you might lead to improved situations in how the two sexes relate to each other.

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