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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 

Black girl in Britain may have been raped by Pakistani storekeepers; crime triggers riots

Riots have broken out in Birmingham, Britain, as the black community has lashed out in outrage over what may have been the rape of a 14-year old black girl by Pakistani store owners as punishment(!) for shoplifting. Lost Budgie Blog's got the details, but, as noted, nothing is fully clear so far. The best possible reasons why the riots were caused, and why the victim has not come forward, may have been this:
Blacks in Birmingham England clashed with Pakistani Muslims over the alleged gang rape of a 14-year-old black girl by Pakistani Muslim shop keepers. The girl was allegedly raped as punishment for shoplifting in the Pakistani store. The alleged rape victim is said to be reluctant to come forward as she is an illegal immigrant to Britain.
This report from BBC certainly mentions that, but this report does not, and rather, seems more interested in being sympathetic to the owner of the beauty shop* where the crime may have taken place than to ask about the meatier details surrounding all this. There is also the possibility that she's afraid to come forward for fear that she'll be targeted for death by extremists as well.

Here's a report from the UK Times:
"The weekend of violence was triggered by rumours that a 14-year-old Jamaican girl was gang-raped by up to 19 Asian men after shoplifting from a cosmetics shop. Details of the attack were broadcast on a pirate radio station and picked up by a black community website."

"A public meeting was held at a local church on Saturday night which attracted hundreds of Afro-Caribbean women, two police officers and local politicians. It was gatecrashed by a mob of up to 100 hooded youths, who - when barred from entering - turned their anger on police."

"The youths, many wearing bandanas over their faces, scattered through the surrounding streets throwing bricks, bottles and rocks. Cars were burned and shops owned by Pakistanis were looted. The windows of Lozells mosque were smashed."

"...Violence resumed last night with sporadic outbreaks of fighting in the Newtown area of the city, despite a heavy police presence. A gang of up to 100 Asian youths marched down Lozells Road, flanked by riot police, in a display that one protester said was an act to "reclaim our streets"."

"Police remain keen to trace the young girl whose alleged rape proved a catalyst for the weekend's violence. "As it stands, that victim has not come forward," said Supt Tom Coughlan at a news conference yesterday."
This report provides more details:
ABDUL HUSSAIN, 23, stood outside a sari shop on Lozells Road yesterday, spat in the road, and spoke in low, menacing tones about the riot on Saturday in which one man was killed and a policeman was shot. It was prompted by a false allegation of rape, he alleged, that gave the “kalas” — a derogatory term for black people in Punjabi — the perfect excuse to loot Pakistani and Bangladeshi-owned shops in an inner-city corner of Birmingham.

“This riot is about them getting hold of what we sell in our shops,” he said. “Someone has invented a story about a young girl being raped by a Pakistani to justify a smash-and-grab raid. If this rape victim exists, where is she? If she doesn’t exist, why did they attack our property?”

Eighty yards away on the same road, outside the imposing steeple of the New Testament Church of God, Maxwell, a 19-year-old student, said that the rape definitely happened — his cousin knew someone who knew the girl, he alleged — and the riot showed that the Afro-Caribbean community is ready to fight back against predatory Pakistani men

The animosity between Abdul’s Pakistani community and Maxwell’s Afro-Caribbean community has not abated since the violence in which four people were stabbed. A black man in his twenties died from knife injuries. A policeman was shot in the leg. Cars were set on fire, and hundreds of police officers in riot gear were attacked with baseball bats, bricks and bottles.

The spark for the disturbances — an unproven allegation that a Pakistani man, or men, raped a 14-year-old black girl in a hair products shop just off the Lozells Road — is still being hotly debated on the streets.

But, although police said on Saturday that they had arrested three men in connection with an allegation of rape, Assistant Chief Constable David Shaw, from West Midlands Police, said that his officers had not received “a shred of evidence” to support the claims. The girl had not come forward or been identified to the police, he added."
As the AP Wire reports, the riots may still be going on. It shows that many blacks resent the Pakistanis, who they may also believe are exploiting them.

See also this topic from Biased-BBC on how the UK's worst TV network covered the riots.

* That this was a beauty shop the Pakistanis who may have implicated themselves in the crime happened to run, strikes me as rather odd.

Also available at Big Dog's Weblog, The Indepundit, Obligatory Anecdotes.

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hey there,

why am i NOT surprised and where is NOI when this kinda thing happens?? hmmmm

well i would like to provide a link to you on my blog. i will email you b/c there are a few chances we may know one another through friends or family

thanks again

ps talked to abbah v emah in florida all OK of course they are not looting so they will not get too much national attention LOL

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