Thursday, January 19, 2017 

Free speech is still threatened in France, and Charle Hebdo becomes dhimmified

Two years after the jihadist murders at Charlie Hebdo's offices, Town Hall notes how poorly developed "hate speech" laws in France are still devastating free speech, and even Charlie Hebdo's succumbed:
Saturday, January 7, marked two years since armed Islamic terrorists stormed the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and killed 11 people following the magazine’s feature of a drawing of the prophet Mohammed. Yet while the French people briefly rallied around the magazine with the slogan “Je Suis Charlie,” free speech remains under assault due to French hate speech laws.

In the aftermath of the attack, the PEN American Center, one of the world’s foremost free speech advocates, decided to award the French magazine its annual Freedom of Expression Courage Award. However, dozens of writers who were supposed to attend the gala withdrew, stating that they felt Charlie Hebdo promoted “cultural intolerance.”
Those who wouldn't stand with them at the time only sent the message they saw nothing wrong with murder in the name of cartoons.
That line of thinking is ever-growing and dangerous, and it is strengthened by systemic failings in France that allow such attacks to take place. France’s laws regarding hate speech, namely Section 24 of the Press Law of 1881 on preventing speech that “incites discrimination hatred, or violence on the basis of one’s origin or membership (or non-membership) in an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group,” are incredibly restrictive and essentially embolden and justify the attackers.

In the wake of this terrorist attack, the French government, led by President Francois Hollande, spent £72 million on a three-year plan to slow hate speech and give more strength to the hate speech laws.

That means the terrorists won.

The motive of their attack was to silence the staff at Charlie Hebdo and others who would dare to depict the prophet Mohammed. Their attack got the government to strengthen hate crime laws and had a chilling effect on magazines, including Charlie Hebdo, many of whom have become increasingly reluctant to publish drawings of Mohammed.
It's truly sick. All Hollande and his ilk have done is spite the victims.
Candlelight vigils and moments of silence are all fine and dandy, but if the French government really wants to honor the victims of the attack, it’s time to do the right thing. Instead of wasting tax dollars, and condemning the idea that controversial speech is a natural right, the French government needs to repeal the laws that make these terrorists feel justified in the first place.
Just don't expect Hollande and company to do it. But the succeeding government will definitely have to repeal every restrictive law that only serves devastate the country and give jihadists advantages. Even Nicholas Sarkozy wasn't innocent of enabling this kind of legal atrocity to occur, and that's why his failure to be elected candidate for this year's French election was probably deserved.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017 

Nikki Haley looks to be a perfect choice for American ambassador at UN

For as long as the UN continues to function, of course. She's made clear she takes a pro-Israel stance:
President-elect Donald Trump's choice for ambassador to the UN vowed a sharp pivot in US policy at the international body on Wednesday, questioning its bias against Israel and its inability to address the world's most pressing crises.

At her Senate confirmation hearing, Nikki Haley, who currently serves as South Carolina's governor, slammed the Obama administration for allowing "mistreatment" of Israel in the halls of an organization with a long record of disproportionately targeted the Jewish state. She called a resolution which passed through the Security Council last month condemning Israel's settlement enterprise– facilitated by a US abstention– "the ultimate low," a "terrible mistake," a "kick in the gut" and a message to the world that America's commitments to its allies ring hollow.

The resolution, numbered 2334, suggested that "being an ally of the United States doesn't mean anything," Haley told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

"I will not go to New York and abstain when the UN seeks to create an international environment that encourages boycotts of Israel," Haley said. "I will never abstain when the United Nations takes any action that comes in direct conflict with the interests and values of the United States."

As she prepared for her Senate hearing, Haley spent considerable time weighing the incoming administration's options for rolling back the effects of 2334. She settled on a strategy of carefully leveraging American aid to UN bodies, she told the committee.

The US funds roughly 22 percent of the UN's annual budget.

"You have to really question the goals of the Human Rights Council," she said, noting the council's repeated targeting of Israel under rotating leadership that has included China, Cuba and Iran. "We host the UN, and that should give us great leverage."
Whether or not the UN repeals their resolution, funding should be cut, and the US shouldn't remain any more than European countries should remain in the EU. It's a huge waste of money, and everyone who cares should distance themselves from an organization as awful as the UN truly is.

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Monday, January 16, 2017 

It flopped like a failed souffle

Israel's diplomats say that the phony peace conference in Paris is the failure it truly is:
The Paris peace summit, despite concern that it could end with another damaging anti-Israel resolution, turned out “flat as a failed souffle,” Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman Emanuel Nahshon said.

The conclusion of Sunday’s Mideast peace conference in Paris urged Israelis and Palestinians to “officially restate their commitment to the two-state solution.” It also warned both sides against taking one-sided actions that could hurt talks, an apparent reference to Israeli settlement building in eastern Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

Despite concern in Israel that the conference could end with another damaging resolution against the Jewish state, nothing of the sort occurred. Earlier in the day, US Secretary of State John Kerry – who had defended the Obama administration’s abstention from UN Security Council Resolution 2334, condemning Israeli settlements and had led the failed Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations – assured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the US would oppose any further resolutions based on conclusions at the summit.
Oh, like we should take anything Kerry says at face value. Most certainly not. Besides, even if this is the last of this atrocity for now, it's not like Kerry and Obama aren't likely to cause more trouble after they leave office.

That said, it's apparent that the opposition to the conference had some effect, including the US Congress' own condemnation and bills to cut funding to the UN.
Nonetheless, the summit, with the participation of over 70 countries, ended with a message to Israel as well as to the incoming US administration that the only viable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to international opinion, is a two-state solution.

“The two-state solution is still the objective of the international community for the future,” French President Francois Hollande said. “With this conference I wanted to inscribe the two-state solution on the international agenda.”
Such big talk from somebody who already alienated much of the public with his disastrous security steps. It's worth noting that a few countries didn't even officially attend, and:
The final declaration also included criticism of incitement and “terror,” an apparent reference to Palestinian attacks. And some of the pro-Palestinian language in an earlier draft was removed after diplomats huddled in Paris.

The incoming US administration did not take part in the meeting, nor did it immediately comment on its final statement. President-elect Donald Trump had expressed disagreement with the conference.

Apparently in deference to the Trump team, the UK delegation did not include any senior-level officials.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon dismissed Sunday’s conference, tweeting that it was “flat as a failed soufflé.”

“A big show is no replacement for direct negotiations between the parties,” he said.
For once, Britain did something positive, and I think Russia also abstained from attendance. Thankfully, the backlash did have some effect, though there's still a long way to go, even now that Trump's been elected.

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Rock throwers in Mea Shearim injure policeman

Haredi extremists struck again in the predominantly ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim, apparently protecting a local felon:
Police officers carrying out a search for a suspect in the predominantly haredi neighborhood of Meah Sharim in Jerusalem came under a barrage of stones on Monday, leaving one injured.

The incident occurred as both plainclothes and uniformed officers attempted to locate an individual believed to be hiding out around Salant and Huni Hamagal streets.

Officers entered and searched a building in the area, but failed to capture the suspect.

During the search, a large group formed outside of the building and hurled stones at police.

One officer was struck in the head and evacuated to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus. He is reportedly in good condition.
If this was a Muslim extremist the police were looking for, that makes the assault on police all the more disturbing.

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Women of the Wall refused to protest UN's anti-Israel stance

Now, if you're looking for a legitimate issue to take with Women of the Wall, here's something from a short time before the awful pseudo-peace conference in Paris took place, and after the UN issued its anti-Israel resolution:
Israeli NGO Mattot Arim reports that Women of the Wall refuses to take part in the efforts to oppose the recent anti-Kotel UN resolution.

Mattot Arim asked Women of the Wall (WoW) to participate in opposing the UN resolution which renders the Western Wall, or Kotel, "illegally occupied territory." Mattot Arim reports it was "disappointed" to be turned down by WoW.

Mattot Arim said it turned to Women of the Wall for help in opposing the resolution because the latter's website places the Western Wall very high on its pedestal. The site states the Western Wall is “the principal symbol of Jewish peoplehood and sovereignty.” It also refers positively to “the Jewish people’s return to Jerusalem in 1967.”

Mattot Arim pointed out to WoW that the new UNSC Resolution states precisely the opposite – namely, "the Security Council does not recognize any changes to the 4 June 1967 lines, including with regard to Jerusalem.” This means not only Judea and Samaria, but also all of eastern Jerusalem, the Western Wall and the Old City, is territory “illegally occupied” by Israel.

WoW said in response that it would not take a stance on the resolution nor join the effort to rescind it. The Women wrote to Mattot Arim that their struggle is “to achieve equality for women” at the Kotel. They said they “choose not to comment on issues which are outside the purview of our struggle” because “our group comprises women of many different political persuasions.”

In a follow-up email, Mattot Arim asked, “Don’t all your members believe that the Kotel is the principal symbol of Jewish sovereignty [as your website says]? Doesn’t the organization have a problem with UNSC 2334’s call to end the Israeli occupation of the Kotel that began in 1967?”

Mattot Arim also noted the WoW website says Women of the Wall works to make the Kotel “a holy site where women can pray freely” - whereas UNSC 2334 “calls to revoke the Jewish state’s sovereignty over the Kotel and to make the Kotel a site where no Israelis or visitors to Israel can pray freely, neither women nor men. Is this no cause of concern for your organization?”

WoW remained steadfast in not wanting to join the effort to oppose the UN resolution. Contacted by Arutz-7, WoW said, "Women of the Wall is engaged in a 30 year long struggle to achieve equality for women at the Western Wall. Our group comprises women of many different political persuasions. We respect these differences, and choose not to comment on issues that are outside the purview of our struggle."

Mattot Arim announced its "disappointment" at these sentiments: "If WoW is purely a feminist organization with no interest in the Kotel per se - as they are now saying, though not what they have presented in the past - then their feminist proclivities, as legitimate as they may be, can receive satisfaction in many less sensitive locations than the Western Wall."

"If on the other hand," Mattot Arim continued, "the WoW rank-and-file are truly attached to the Kotel, then we would like to see the struggle against UNSC 2334 as one of their major focus points for 2017. The organization has to decide: Are they pro-Kotel and pro-feminist, or just pro-feminist? If the former, let’s see it and hear it… Women of the Wall does not deserve the extraordinary governmental consideration they have been benefiting from for some time, if the Western Wall is 'outside their purview.'"
This is definitely telling, and only compounds my feelings that the Haredi extremists did a grave disfavor to everybody for starters by raising heckles and teetering on sexual harassment at the Kotel. On the surface, they may pretend to be "neutral", but it's obvious they're anything but, seeing how they're not willing to prove they can fight for a site they supposedly value as a Jewish symbol.

So let's put it this way: nobody needs to associate with WoW to show their support of Reform/Conservative Judaism. But neither should they be opposing their right to pray according to whatever customs they prefer at the Western Wall. If anybody feels they're disturbing the peace by deliberately praying loudly, that's one thing (although any men who do the same prove why that's not exactly the case). But to oppose them simply out of dislike for customs is entirely another. The best way to show disdain is merely to hold up signs calling them out for dhimmitude to Islam and shake heads in disapproval, but that's all. Anything nasty only spoils all ability to object with validity.

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Sharansky has a point

Natan Sharansky, head of the Jewish Agency, spoke a few weeks ago at a Knesset hearing on the status of Reform/Conservative Judaism in Israel, one that no coalition members seemed to attend, and lamented that some MKs are ignorant of the sects, or worse, despise them for ambiguous reasons:
‘Hello rabbi? It’s Ruth the Moabite. I’m calling to let you know that because my conversion is in doubt, my grandson, King David, is being called a gentile and they’re burning his book, the Psalms.”

At the December 27 Knesset meeting of the Lobby of Religion and State, Rabbi Yosef Avior’s imagined scenario introduced a brief moment of levity into an otherwise intense meeting of past and serving MKs, rabbis and leaders from all streams of world Judaism.

In the meeting’s opening remarks, co-chairperson MK Elazar Stern stated its topics were to be two hot-button issues in Israel today: recognition of conversions from abroad, and the planned — and highly contested — pluralistic prayer pavilion at the Western Wall.

Had this been a “Seinfeld” episode, the Knesset session could have been in honor of Festivus and its Airing of the Grievances: After a turbulent year following the stagnation of the much-heralded Western Wall compromise, many of the slotted speakers had prepared passionate statements reflecting their despair and distrust in the current government.

Stern, frustrated that no members of the coalition were present for the session, obliquely said that had Israel’s relationship with Diaspora Jewry been stronger, the recent anti-settlements UN Security Council Resolution 2334 would not have passed. MK Aliza Lavie, the other co-chair, decried Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “betrayal” of Diaspora Jewry and Liberal Judaism.
You know, there may be something to this. Also consider that if the Haredis weren't acting so disturbingly negatively and opposing freedom of religion at the Western Wall, or, acting as though ultra-Orthodox Judaism is the sole brand allowed to have any authority over it, it's possible that Reform Judaists might not be taking a potentially anti-Israel/Zionist stance. Which, ironically, plenty of Haredi sects like Satmar happen to hold, so isn't that bizarre they have such a problem with Reform, assuming any congregations of the Reform sect still take such a position.
However, Jewish Agency head Natan Sharansky clarified that “with all the legitimate anger, I must remind everyone that the one who initiated the discussion [of the new Western Wall prayer pavilion] was the prime minister. If there is any politician in the State of Israel who recognizes the importance of Diaspora Jewry, it is Netanyahu.”

Like others at the session, Sharansky blamed a pervasive ignorance among Israelis about Liberal Judaism for the stymieing of the plan — specifically, the denigration of Reform Jewry on the part of Israeli politicians.
And the most ignorant of all are the Haredis. Who should by all means be pegged as the main culprits they are in this whole debacle. What's particularly disturbing is that nobody's commented on the nasty, abusive behavior by the Haredis that accompanied some of the Women of the Wall's prayer services, including sexual harassment. Do any of the dissenters realize that so long as that's not addressed or debated, they're only undermining their disagreements all the more? It's stunning how anybody can be so worried about a particular movement so much, they're willing to sacrifice all morale for the sake of defending a heritage site. Especially when you consider that none of them seem particularly interested in winning the Temple Mount back from the Islamofascists now dominating it.

I don't find Reform Judaism appealing, and it's not like I literally support WotW save for the issue of religious freedom. But as leftist as WotW's leaders happen to be, this is something where I'm decidedly not going to risk sacrificing certain rights in society if it jeopardizes Israel's own reputation on vital topics. This is why I'm not bothered about the court making a partial ruling in favor of the group bringing Torah scrolls to the Western Wall, because hey, if it's their scrolls and not the local management's...why should anybody care?

If any Orthodox Judaists here really, truly, absolutely have a problem with a sect that's not Orthodox, they'd keep perfectly quiet and not pay them any attention. If they'd followed that advice long ago, this could all have been avoided. As a result, I can't help wonder if they really do want to cause Israel trouble for the wrong reasons. Seriously.

And here's something to ponder: there are many adherents to Reform/Conservative who've been as much victims of anti-semitism the world over as any Orthodox adherent has. Not only that, there's also those who've been victims of sexual abuse, rape, pedophilia, physical torture and assault, among other horrors too frightening to mention. To deny them the right to pray according to the sect/custom they adhere to only adds insult to injury. Has it even occurred that some Reform/Conservative Judaists might even support Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount too? Why, my grandparents from both sides were all Conservative adherents and they fought and/or contributed to the US army's efforts during WW2. If they were alive today and wanted to pray at the Western Wall, any Orthodox Judaist - Haredi or otherwise - who violently opposed them after all the hard work they did would be hatefully spiting rather than showing gratitude to people who proved they have warm, loving hearts and believe in life, even if you don't agree with their customs.

So you see, because of the Conservatives my family's had in past generations, I have some experience and knowledge, and that's one more reason why I cannot and will not go along with any attempt to oppose non-Orthodox prayer. It would go against what I stand for, and I'm not going to do that. That doesn't mean I like WotW. But beyond their politics, I'm not going to make a mountain out of a molehill, and condone behavior that only makes Orthodoxy look bad.

And that's something I strongly suggest all who consider themselves Orthodox adherents think about.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017 

Even if it was unsuccessful, Paris pseudo-peace conference was still offensive

The "peace" conference held in Paris may have ended earlier than expected, but it was still very awful, and did as much a disfavor to Europeans as it did to Israelis and Americans:
Instead of convening a summit on the ongoing civil war in Syria, or the migrant crisis threatening Europe, or the rampant anti-Semitism plaguing its own country, France on Sunday held a convention attended by over 70 nations to affirm the international community’s commitment to creating a Palestinian state.

At the end of the farcical display, and with neither Israel nor the Palestinian Authority in attendance, the Paris summit representatives released a brief concluding declaration unanimously agreed to after negotiations between the countries.

Reports here credited Israeli diplomats with helping to water down the anti-Israel language of the final declaration, calling the text a “significant weakening” and “less harsh than was initially expected.”
Nevertheless, it was still one of the worst acts of hostility a dhimmi government/politician could pull on anybody. But it's fortunate that both Israel's efforts and those of the US Congress helped persuade all involved to let it go sooner than expected, for now. Francois Hollande is still a very bad lot, even though he's leaving his post of president.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017 

Trump needs to oppose Iran's tyranny

David Weinberg says it's crucial for president-elect Donald Trump to take on Iran's despots and the nuclear threat they're posing:
The morally stained international community is convening in Paris this weekend, where predictably, unreasonably and uselessly, it will heap criticism on Israel. Alas, it's a conference driven by the sputtering convulsions of a vindictive, dying American administration that is taking a last whack at Israel.

What the 70 nations gathered in France will not do is take on the real threat to global security: the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is despite many alarming indications that the ayatollahs are tinkering with the limits in the nuclear deal -- the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action -- and ramping up their hegemonic troublemaking.

Over the past month, we have learned (thanks to the indefatigable Jay Solomon of the Wall Street Journal) that since the preliminary nuclear deal was struck in 2013, the Obama-Kerry team has provided Iran with more than $11 billion in sanctions relief in virtually untraceable cash and gold, which can readily be used for criminal, terrorist and illicit nuclear operations. This, in addition to nearly $115 billion in broader sanctions relief.

Where is all this money going?

Dr. Olli Heinonen, former deputy director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, revealed this week that Iran has imported several hundred tons of yellowcake (partially refined uranium ore, enough to build 10 bombs), for which Iran has no plausible need. This is a strong indication that Iran is stockpiling uranium to reach nuclear capability before the deal's initial limitations expire.

The Iranian parliament also decided this week to boost funding for the Iranian military and Revolutionary Guards Corps to 5% of the state budget, based on a plan to increase development of long-range missiles, armed drones and cyber war capabilities.
It's pretty obvious that much of the money Iran got is going to the buildup of their army and laboratories of darkness. Cutting off their funding is certainly an important step, but so too is bringing down their dictatorship, which George Bush had a chance to do when he was POTUS, but didn't do. It's to be hoped that Trump will do his best to work on defeating Iran, which has been in the grip of Islamic tyranny for far too long, since the time Jimmy Carter allowed the ummah to take over there.

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Friday, January 13, 2017 

Finally, some illegal Muslim structures in Jerusalem were demolished

The Jerusalem city hall has finally gotten around to smashing some illegally built houses in Muslim neighborhoods:
Four days after a terrorist from the southeastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Jebl Mukaber murdered four Israeli soldiers and wounded 17 others, the Jerusalem Municipality announced it is cracking down on all illegal activity in the area.

Citing illegal construction and unpaid municipal taxes, the municipality said on Thursday it has razed at least eight illegal structures on half a hectare (1.2 acres) of land since Sunday’s truck-ramming attack in the adjacent Jewish neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv.

“The Jerusalem Municipality has been carrying out increased enforcement in the Jebl Mukaber neighborhood, including: dismantling illegal structures in public spaces; addressing illegal building in the neighborhood; mapping illegal building to determine proper legal action; and inspections of outstanding payments of municipal taxes,” the municipality said.

“As part of this increased enforcement, the municipality cleared a five-dunam area on which eight illegal structures had been erected on land designated for a school for the benefit of the local community.

These structures had been operating as an illegal construction- materials business, which had been causing major disturbances in the area and had been impeding the advancement of the plans for this local school,” the statement added.
Some of these buildings were also safety hazards, and likely didn't have any proper electrical or water appliances inside either, if they even had them at all. It doesn't take much to figure out those who erected them didn't even want the school built, yet would probably complain regardless if they saw it as an advantage. It's good that those buildings were finally brought down to send a message that jihadism won't bring any benefits.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017 

Of course it's a phony

Netanyahu's called out the upcoming "peace conference" in Paris for what it is:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday described the upcoming Middle East peace conference in Paris as a "fraud," insisting that the meeting was an "anti-Israel" summit orchestrated by the Palestinians and sponsored by the French government.

The summit "will further lead to the adoption of anti-Israel positions," Netanyahu charged during a meeting with visiting Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende.

Netanyahu added that the meeting would only harm already fraught prospects for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

"We here in Israel are dealing with huge challenges presented by terrorist forces, which not only seek to destroy Israel, but look to destroy every opportunity for peace."

"There are additional efforts," Netanyahu continued, "that are harming efforts for peace and one of them is the Paris conference."
They also run the danger of encouraging more terrorism even in Europe. Interestingly enough:
Neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians, however, will be represented at the meeting.
So even the PLO's not attending? How odd. Is it because they sense it'll make them look worse? Because they've been just that ever since their inception. And that's not going to change.

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Graham and Cruz introduce bill to block US funding to UN, and GOP issues letter in support of moving embassy to Jerusalem

The Wash. Examiner reports that senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham are forwarding a new bill to cut funding for the UN, which doesn't need anyone's money:
The United States taxpayer must stop paying into the United Nations until it reverses its vote condemning Israel's occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, two top senators said Thursday.

Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, appeared together on MSNBC about a new bill introduced Thursday that would block taxpayer dollars from going toward the U.N. Graham said the resolution passed last month, which the United States abstained from, was a step too far in attacking Israel and it must be undone.

"Twenty-two percent of the money to fund the U.N. comes from the American taxpayer. I don't think it's a good investment for the American taxpayer to give money to an organization that condemns the only democracy in the Middle East,"
he said.

Reports indicate the U.S. gives about $8 billion to the U.N. every year in voluntary and mandatory payments.
The UN hasn't been a good investment for decades. Billions of dollars wasted for years, and it's time to stop giving them taxpayer money they don't deserve.

The Republicans have also been putting together a special letter in support of moving the embassy to Jerusalem as quickly as possible:
House Republicans are passing around a letter expressing support for “swift action” by the incoming Trump administration to relocate America’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, according to a copy obtained by The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

The letter, which has not yet obtained any signatures, is addressed to the president-elect’s transition team in Trump Tower, indicating the caucus’s intent to send it before Donald Trump’s inauguration next week.

“Moving the embassy will strengthen the unique alliance between Israel and the United States and send a clear message to the world that we support Israel in recognizing Jerusalem as its eternal capital,” the letter reads.

“This action is all the more urgent in light of the anti-Israel Resolution 2334, adopted by the United Nations Security Council on December 23, 2016,” it continues. “The resolution invites renewed diplomatic hostility and economic warfare against Israel, and we must act urgently to mitigate its consequences and to reaffirm our steadfast commitment to Israel.”
The Post also says that:
While previous presidents from both parties have promised to move the embassy while campaigning, they have all backed down from their vows in fear that it would prompt an intifada in the Palestinian territories and turmoil elsewhere.
That's not the only reason. It's also because presidents like Clinton, Obama and even Bush didn't want to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capitol. In any case, any Islamofascist who resorts to violence over this is only invalidating their positions even more than they already are. And that's a point all concerned must make, ditto the fact that serious penalties must be taken against all violent offenders, and for now, deterring actions must be taken too.

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