Thursday, November 26, 2015 

Austrian "poster girl" for jihad murdered while trying to flee Syria

An Austrian girl who joined ISIS was murdered by the group while trying to leave Syria:
An Austrian teenager who became a poster girl for the Islamic State has reportedly been beaten to death by the group after she was caught trying to leave Syria.

Sabra Kesinovic, 17, was murdered after she was caught attempting to escape from Raqqa, Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant's (Isil) de facto capital in Syria, according to reports in two Austrian newspapers.
Clearly, she learned what a fatal mistake she made, far too late. If she really didn't like what she was experiencing, she shouldn't have gone at all. This should be a lesson to all women who don't want to live with threats to their lives.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015 

New Square's ban on technology for parents

The Journal News recently wrote about how the Haredi enclave of New Square, specially named for the Skverer clan that overlords it, has been imposing special bans against technology for parents enrolling their children in their one school:
Each year, when registering their children for private school, parents in the all-Hasidic village of New Square must agree in writing to follow a detailed list of very specific rules — or risk the expulsion of their children from the only school in town.

For example, mothers are banned from driving, and they must shave their heads and wear only clothing that extends at least 5 or 6 inches below the knee. The far more abbreviated list of rules for fathers requires them to pray regularly with a quorum and refrain from cutting their beards.
But this year, the overlords introduced at least 3 more rules:
Mothers are prohibited from using smartphones — even for business purposes.
Mothers and fathers must cease using WhatsApp, a popular smartphone messaging application.
As announced last month on a large flier taped to the village's synagogue wall — no one may use cellphones without web filters.
This doesn't surprise me. It figures Haredi clans like these would decide in time to forbid the use of internet tech, and even newspapers that don't belong to them.
Authorities posted the notice after it was discovered that some adults were keeping second, unfiltered phones in addition to their approved "kosher" ones.

The rules are the ultra-Orthodox sect's latest attempt to keep the Internet out of the hands and minds of its followers for fear that exposure to the secular world will lead to moral decay and community disintegration. Radios, televisions, Internet connections and newspapers are also banned in the small Rockland County village. Guided by the community's spiritual leader, Rebbe David Twersky, followers, known as Skverers, strive toward the Hasidic ideal of living a hallowed life, in which even the most mundane action is sanctified.
No, it's the latest attempt to destroy the minds of so many people and turn their lives into pure waste. In fact, it's their way of destroying all meaning the Torah has.
Though the community is small, it is growing very fast and contributes thousands of private-school students to the cash-strapped East Ramapo school district, which has struggled to balance the needs of public and private schools. And New Square's extremism —- particularly when it comes to cutting off women's access to information and transportation —- is troubling to defenders of civil liberties.

"If private citizens are asking people to voluntarily pledge to this kind of commitment, it would, in my opinion, be antithetical to principles and values of America," said Norman Siegel, the former executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union. "There should be an open, robust debate about whether this approach is consistent with what America and New York state are supposed to be about."
Indeed, it's throughly contemptuous of everything the Constitution was meant to stand for. All the Skverer have done is make clear they have no gratitude for the freedoms and protections America offers for human rights and such. IMO, there should be a legal motion filed to demand the overlords cease this mental abuse of their flock, and public condemnations of the Skverer would be of great help too.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015 

After 30 years, Pollard finally released from prison

I've only gotten around to writing about this a couple days afterwards, but Jonathan Pollard was finally released from prison for his spy scandal.

And I think it'll be appreciated that conservatives in the USA show no misgivings over this, and concentrate on more pressing issues like Islamofascists who could've spied on the USA for autocracies. Pollard for now should be allowed to rest after his release, and we should all put this whole affair behind us.

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Monday, November 23, 2015 

A failure of intelligence, and willingness to act

A writer at the Rubin Center explains why the bloodbath in Paris was able to take place, and why ISIS remains far from defeated:
...Iranian-backed forces — including Lebanese Hezbollah and Syrian President Bashar Assad’s army, backed by Russian airstrikes, were able to break the long-standing ISIS siege of Kweiris airbase to the east of Aleppo city despite ISIS mobilization calls in Aleppo province to counter the offensive. On a more general level, internal documents suggest that ISIS is facing problems of cohesion in its military ranks, as the General Supervisory Committee issued an amnesty for deserters last month, whereas the normal ruling for fleeing from battle without appropriate justification is execution.

While it certainly is valid to point to these developments as setbacks for ISIS, they are too ephemeral in nature to tie them to the Paris attacks in particular. The sophisticated nature of the Paris attacks would have required planning and procurement of provisions predating ISIS’s latest setbacks. Though it will still take time for more precise details to emerge, nothing so far definitely shows that the Paris attacks differ significantly from prior failed plots involving sleeper cells operating in Europe — including returned foreign fighters in their ranks — with suspected links to low to mid-level ISIS operatives in Iraq and Syria.

In fact, Abdelhamid Abbaoud, a key figure in the Paris attacks, was openly flaunting his role in establishing cells to conduct attacks in Europe in an interview with ISIS’s magazine Dabiq in February. If he was assigned a general role by the highest echelons of ISIS to conduct attacks in Europe, this assignment apparently took place almost a year ago.
It doesn't take a genius to point out that the bloodbath came as a result of the upper echelons' refusal to act and arrest anybody threatening religious violence and bar them entry to their country. If the French government wanted to, they could've prevented it long ago. Instead, they acted negligently, and now mass murder has resulted from that staggering failure and cowardice.

If they truly want to convince now, they will pass laws that allow for proper enforcement, and they'll even abolish laws like the ones Phillippe Karsenty was tried under, and let proof burdens lie upon the plaintiffs in a court trial.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015 

What France feels now that it realizes it's targeted for who they are

One of Israel HaYom's staff wrote some coverage of the week after the bloodbath in Paris, and what people feel now, after Islamofascists attacked them. After the horror of the past week, we can only hope that overall, more people recognize what's gone wrong.

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Intifada continues, and hasn't ended yet

Anyone who thinks the new intifada's ended would be very mistaken at this moment. There was a murder by stabbing committed in Tel Aviv, and the most disturbing problem accompanying this case is that they were even employed at local restaurants:
Initial reports were later confirmed by police on Thursday, proving that the Arab terrorist from the Hevron region in Judea who stabbed to death two Jews at prayer in southern Tel Aviv and moderately wounded a third worked at a local restaurant.

The attacker, a 36-year-old resident of Dura near Hevron, had been given a work permit and was gainfully employed at a restaurant in Yafo, a suburb immediately to the south of Tel Aviv - until he decided to take up a knife and go murder Jews.

Just hours later, another terror attack took place in the Gush Etzion region of Judea, in which two Jews and a Palestinian Arab were murdered and eight other Jews were wounded in a shooting and car attack.

A very troubling trend was highlighted by the stabbing attack in Tel Aviv, as the restaurant worker was far from the first Arab worker to manipulatively capitalize on his place of employment and access to Jewish areas to launch lethal attacks.
It's a very good question: why are employers willing to hire somebody who could be murderously dangerous, who adheres to the Religion of Peace? That's something else they're going to have to start rethinking.

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Friday, November 20, 2015 

How the Koran justifies the attack on Paris

A writer at the Jawa Report explains how the Religion of Rape's book of curses justifies butchery like what we saw this past week in France. For example, there's the belief in "mischief":
What is mischief? Well, the Quran gives several examples of mischief. Verse 16:88 says rejecting Allah is spreading mischief. Unbelief causes mischief according to verse 8:73 and verse 38:28. Jews, by their very existence according to Quran verse 5:64, cause mischief. So, according to the Quran, rejecting Allah is cause enough to punish non-Muslims.
That is truly sick.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015 

Mastermind of Paris jihad killed in raid on hideout

Police stormed the building where the monster in charge of the jihadists was holed up, and he was wiped out during a gunfight:
The suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks was killed Wednesday in a massive pre-dawn raid by French police commandos, two senior European officials said, after investigators followed leads that the fugitive Islamic State militant was holed up north of the French capital and could be plotting another wave of violence.

More than 100 police officers and soldiers stormed an apartment building in Saint-Denis, a bustling suburb home to many immigrants, during a seven-hour siege that left at least two people dead, officials said. The dead ­included the suspected overseer of the Paris bloodshed, Abdel­hamid Abaaoud, according to the two senior European officials. Abaaoud, a Belgian extremist, had once boasted that he could slip easily between Europe and strongholds of the Islamic State militant group in Syria.

Paris prosecutor François Molins, speaking to reporters hours after the siege, said he could not provide the identities of the people killed at the scene. A French security official declined to confirm or deny that Abaaoud had died. U.S. officials said they were awaiting confirmation of the identities of those slain.

The two European officials from different countries, who have followed the case closely, said they had received the information about Abaaoud’s death from French authorities. The two officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.

It was not immediately clear how Abaaoud died — whether in police gunfire, by his own hand or in a suicide blast triggered by a woman in the apartment.
It's possible the suicide bomber he had with him in the apartment was his tool for committing suicide, all so he could supposedly become a martyr. Some reports said the authorities would've preferred to take him alive, which is understandable on the grounds he could provide them with information on other terrorist cells. But at the same time, he fully deserved to die for the crime he plotted against many innocent people.

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Ze'ev Jabotinsky's message remains valid today

The Algemeiner says that some of Jabotinsky's messages of yesteryear remain quite useful in modern times:
The uncomfortable truth is that the current jihad against Israel is based solely on the fact that Israel’s enemies want the country destroyed. Thus, there is no possibility of a “two-state solution,” until the Palestinians decide to accept a Jewish state. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clearly believes this, but he cannot say it, because he is facing too much pressure from the outside world.

Jabotinsky was right when he demanded that there must always be a price to pay for terror. He asked a question in 1938 that is eerily as valid today: “Is a situation moral in which one side can commit any crime or murder and the other is forbidden to react?”

It’s as if nothing has changed, and we have not yet learned from history. In a world where Israel is still blamed, what will Netanyahu say when Abbas demands concessions as the price for stopping terror?
A real friend does not demand, let alone ask, that the opposite end of the table forfeit any part of their country, or limit where they can reside and travel. And Jabotinsky was right. A situation where one side's evil is deemed legitimate is dangerous and causes serious damage, to say nothing of fiasco.

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