Thursday, March 21, 2019 

It looks like the Trump administration will recognize Israel's sovereignty over Golan Heights

More justice done from the White House for Israel's sake, as they're coming closer to recognizing the right to the Golan Heights:
US President Donald Trump announced Thursday that the time has come to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, a move that is considered a huge gift to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just three weeks before the election.

“After 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which is of critical strategic and security importance to the State of Israel and Regional Stability!,” Trump posted in a tweet.

Netanyahu phoned Trump – whom he will be meeting next Monday and Tuesday in Washington – and thanked him for “making history.”

Before a dinner with visiting US Secretary Mike Pompeo, Netanyahu called the move a “Purim miracle.”

“We have Purim miracle here, President trump made history, he recognized Israel's sovereignty on the Golan at a time when Iran is trying to use the Golan as a platform to destroy Israel,” he said.
Indeed. But it's not just a gift for Netanyahu. It's a gift for the whole Israeli nation. And it'll be even better if Trump recognizes Hebron as Israeli birthright territory too. For now, Trump deserves many thanks for this bold, important step.

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French judicial system once again betrays Sarah Halimi

It looks like the French judicial system is continuing to deliberately avoid recognizing that the Muslim who murdered Sarah Halimi is not mentally insane as they're trying to make him out to be:
Lawyers representing the family of the Jewish doctor murdered during a frenzied antisemitic assault inside her Paris apartment in 2017 have expressed angry frustration at the news that the accused killer may yet escape a criminal trial.

“We are told that [the accused] Kobili Traore is not criminally responsible for his acts at the time of the event, and therefore cannot be incarcerated, but it is [also] suggested that he is not sick, or at least not [formally diagnosed as] insane,” Oudy Bloch — a lawyer for the family of Sarah Halimi, who was beaten and tortured before being thrown from a third-floor window by in the early hours of April 4, 2017 — told French news outlet L’Express on Tuesday.

Bloch was responding to widespread reports in the French media that accused killer Traore, now 29, had been deemed mentally unfit to stand trial for his crime in a new psychiatrist’s report commissioned by the investigating judge in the case.

[...] After expressing skepticism at the claim that Traore’s use of cannabis had diminished his mental state to the point that he could not be held responsible for Halimi’s murder, Bloch asked pointedly: “What are we going to do now, are we going to release him?”

Bloch continued: “How will we explain to the family of the victim that the [murder of] Sarah Halimi was the act of a madman…who could be freed by means of a psychiatric follow-up?”

Halimi’s brother had earlier expressed despair at the latest development. “We want to see this crime punished, we want to see justice done, and we are very far from that outcome,” said William Attal.

Attal told Israeli broadcaster i24‘s French language channel on Monday that the new psychiatric report on Traore had caused a great deal of anguish to Halimi’s relatives.

“It brings pain, because for the children, grandchildren, for the family, this is a very difficult business,” Attal said.

Both Halimi’s murder and its immediate aftermath appeared to confirm fears among French Jews that wider French society remained largely indifferent toward rising antisemitism.

[...] The Halimi family’s legal team is now waiting to establish whether the new psychiatric report will lead the investigating judge to rule against prosecuting Traore. Should that happen, they are certain to challenge that decision in the Paris Court of Appeal. In the event that the judge does decide to proceed, however, Traore’s lawyers have said that they would launch their own appeal, further delaying any prospective trial date.
I think the Israeli government should speak out about this again. It's getting very disgusting and irritating how the judicial system and people involved are obviously trying everything they can to avoid doing real justice.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019 

Sweden welcomes Uyghur Muslims from China to their country

As if Sweden didn't already have enough elements for war waiting to consume their country, now they've decided to allow China's "persecuted" Muslims into their border parameters:
The Swedish government will be opening the doors to China’s persecuted Uyghur Muslims and allow them to claim asylum in the country.
"Persecuted"? And what does the Swedish government think they're bound to do once fully inside their society? Just make wheat cakes?
The decision was made this week by the Swedish Migration Board to ease up the regulations for Uyghur Muslims claiming asylum in Sweden saying that they, along with other persecuted Muslims, would be welcome, Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports.

[...] The move could have real consequences for Sweden, a country of 10.2 million people by 2018 estimates, due to the fact that the Uyghur population in China is estimated to be up to 11 million people, according to Chinese state statistics.
In another few decades, the ethnic Swedes could be replaced by Islamofascists from China, who could precipitate the jihad already taking place in Sweden. Of all the countries in Europe who made monstrous efforts to clog their arteries with as many followers of the Religion of Peace as possible, Sweden certainly tops the list in their own way.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019 

IDF puts an end to the terrorist at Ariel

The IDF has wiped out the jihadist who murdered 2 people at Ariel:
The IDF has reportedly closed in on the Palestinian terrorist who carried out the shooting spree near the West Bank city of Ariel on Sunday, killing two Israelis and severely injuring one.

There was an exchange of fire in the Palestinian village of Abwain, near Ramallah, between IDF soldiers and villagers.

Palestinians and at least one soldier were reportedly injured. There were also reports that the terrorist had been killed.

The shootout in Abwain comes after an intense two day manhunt for the Palestinian terrorist, identified as Omar Abu Lila. On Sunday he shot at Israelis at both the Ariel Junction and the Gitai Avishar junction and fled the scene.

The terrorist, identified as Omar Abu Lila, stole a vehicle and drove to the nearby Gitai Avishar junction on Sunday, where he started shooting.
It's good they slew the terrorist. But so long as Islam remains, this form of evil will continue.

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Army specialists refute the UN's latest anti-Israel demonization

Some military officials past and present have refuted the UN's latest anti-Israelism:
In testimony delivered at the United Nations on Monday morning, retired U.S. Lt. Col. Geoffrey S. Corn and renowned retired British commander Col. Richard Kemp refuted a U.N. Human Rights Council report that accuses Israeli soldiers of "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity" on Israel's border with the Gaza Strip.

Joining a panel of four experts hosted by independent human rights group U.N. Watch, Corn and Kemp accused the Commission of Inquiry of promoting false claims in its report, and warned diplomats and member states that the biased report will only further incentivize Hamas' exploitation of Gazans and increase the chance of other illicit armed groups enlisting against Israel, the United States and its allies in the future.

Simultaneously in the morning plenary session, the U.N. Human Rights Council called on the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights "to manage the dossiers on alleged perpetrators [IDF soldiers], to be provided to … the International Criminal Court."

Several member states welcomed the UNHRC report, including some of the most serious human rights abusers – Saudi Arabia, Syria, Venezuela, Iraq, Russia and Pakistan.

Providing testimony on the report, Corn – a former U.S. Army senior law of war adviser, author and research professor – presented findings from a Jewish Institute for National Security of America report, written by top former commanders of the U.S. Army, and responded to structural, legal and operational fallacies in the UNHRC hearing.

"By omitting from the UNHRC inquiry reports the use of human shields by Hamas, the report incentivizes these terror tactics in the future, and the risk posed to the civilian population of Gaza is exacerbated. If we are really concerned about mitigating harm done to civilians, we should be condemning Hamas's actions and this report," he said.

Kemp, a national security expert, author and former commander of British forces in Afghanistan who testified before the UNHRC investigation in December and has visited the Gaza border himself, agreed.

"The United Nations has played directly into Hamas's hand, and the UNHRC is but an instrument of Hamas terrorism. This report, as well as countries that vote for it, encourage Hamas towards further terrorism in the future," he said, adding that his personal testimony to the commission of inquiry had been completely ignored in the production of the report.
Unfortunately, the UN's validation of Hamas was entirely deliberate. It would be far better to call the UN what they are - an enemy of Israel and the US.

For now, the army officials who came to Israel's defense should be congratulated for their bold efforts.

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French convert to Islam arrested for trying to obtain machine gun through postal service

A French convert to Islam in prison tried to order a machine gun through the mail, and was arrested for it:
A French former prisoner who had converted to Islam while incarcerated was arrested after trying to have a sub-machine gun delivered to him by post.

The 30-year-old, who was not identified by name, was arrested last week in the city of Angers in Western France at a local post office while attempting to pick up the firearm that had originally come from the United States, Le Parisien reports.

On Friday, the man was indicted on charges of importing category A weapons, according to public prosecutor Yves Gambert.

Local media also added that the suspect had served a seven-year prison sentence in 2010 for violence with a weapon and targeted a police officer. While in prison, he converted to Islam and was examined by security services in 2016 following the Bataclan massacre in November of 2015.

He also is alleged to have met and had become well acquainted with Islamist David Pagerie who had previously been convicted of consulting Islamist jihadi sites in 2016.
Presumably, security at the post office spotted the weapon, and saw to it he was taken into custody. This is exactly why inmates cannot be housed with the most extremely dangerous of Islamofascists. But which arms maker in the US approved of this sale? This is what the Democrats who condone gun control refuse to consider.

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Gantz zigzags about sitting in a coalition with the Likud and Netanyahu

A recording was obtained where Benny Gantz speaks of sitting in a coalition with the Likud and/or Netanyahu, which Gantz is now trying to change his stance on:
Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz responded Tuesday to the leaking of a recording in which he told close confidants that he would not rule out a unity government with Benjamin Netanyahu, saying in a statement that the situation has changed and that he will not now be willing to form a coalition with the prime minister.

On the night after Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced on February 28 he intended to indict Netanyahu in three corruption cases, Gantz convened a press conference, in which he announced that “given the circumstances,” his party would not sit with a Netanyahu-led Likud after the election. Blue and White officials clarified at the time that they would not rule out a coalition with Likud, but not if Netanyahu remained party leader.

But in a recording broadcast Monday evening by Channel 13, Gantz appeared to walk back that declaration — at least in a scenario where he, and not Netanyahu, becomes prime minister.

“I chose the words ‘given the circumstances’ [an apparent reference to his February 28 statement] in order not to completely close the door [on a coalition with Likud] and lock it. The door is closed, but not locked,” he told a group of close advisers in the recording, which the report said was made at a meeting sometime in March.

On Tuesday morning, Gantz released a statement saying that “the remarks in the recording were made before the full details of the grave indictment charges against Netanyahu were revealed [in the three corruption cases in which the prime minister is to be prosecuted, pending a hearing], and definitely before it turned out he received NIS 16 million in a round-trip trade on the submarines and lied to the public on serious security matters. (The Gantz recording appeared to have been made after Gantz’s February 28 statement, which itself was issued hours after the attorney general published his charge sheet against Netanyahu.)

“I am saying, not in an anonymous recording but openly and in my voice: I won’t sit with Netanyahu in the government!” he concluded Tuesday.
Even if he can't form a coalition? Hmm, that remains to be seen. Something tells me Gantz would rather be part of a coalition no matter the turnout, because power is just so important to him. Actually, what's really disturbing is the possibility he'd be willing to uproot more than 90,000 people from Judea/Samaria to fulfill his obsession with "peace" with the PLO that won't be reciprocated. In any event, Gantz is just full of hot air and nothing more than a clumsy oaf who can't posit a firm position or policy on anything. A totally pointless man who is, quite simply, a leftist who doesn't have the courage to admit it clearly. And he's not fit to be a politician.

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Monday, March 18, 2019 

Knesset needs to remove court's ability to perform biased removals of candidates based on their politics

Bezalel Smotrich's called for an urgent meeting on the high court's politicized disqualification of Michael Ben-Ari from being able to run for Knesset:
National Union Chairman MK Bezalel Smotrich on Monday called a Knesset meeting to cancel Section 7a, on which the Supreme Court based its decision to disqualify Otzma Yehudit candidate Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, but which the Court ignored with regards to the terror-supporting Arab parties.

"We heard a lot of condemnations of the Supreme Court's decision yesterday, but words are not enough - it's time to act," Smotrich said. "For the first time in the State of Israel's history, a 'council of wise men' is deciding who Israel's citizens are allowed to vote for, instead of the voters deciding."

"The Supreme Court justices disqualified a candidate due to his views regarding Israel's enemies, but approved parties which openly identify with Israel's enemies. This distortion of justice must be corrected today."
Dror Eydar's commented further:
The Supreme Court's ruling on Sunday hampers the right to freedom of expression, the life's blood of any democracy. Disqualifying a candidate from the Right, while approving candidates from the Left, also severely damages the public's trust in the fairness of the legal process. These matters are so simple, that one is left with the impression that the Supreme Court justices aren't interested in critical thought which although isn't complex is certainly vital for the implementation of justice. What we saw on Sunday was the politicization of the legal system.

The judges' power stems from the citizens who designated them as their arbiters. But the public didn't ask them to determine the nature of our political discourse nor to shield gentle souls from harsh words. Israeli democracy is strong and vibrant and if it can handle the extremists from the Left it can certainly handle Michael Ben-Ari.

Clause 7a of Basic Law: The Knesset, according to which Ben-Ari was barred and the extremists from the Left were approved, stipulates that candidates or Knesset lists should be disqualified "if the objects or actions of the list or the actions of the person, expressly or by implication, include one of the following: negation of the existence of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state; incitement to racism; support of armed struggle, by a hostile state or a terrorist organization, against the State of Israel."

In my view, this clause is entirely problematic aside from the last part. A democracy has to permit the expression of harsh, even extreme sentiments. The more we allow free discourse, the less violence we will encounter on the fringes. The only exception is "support of armed struggle." But when did we start being afraid of words? The Jewish nation is a nation of texts, and some of these texts are severe and extreme. We've never been afraid of contending with harsh expressions and we never silenced opinions in places of Torah study. Prohibiting the opinions (not including calls to violence) of political rivals is a denial of our people's own polemic traditions.
The 7a clause must be modified if real justice is to be had in our legal system. And the court authorities who pulled this disturbing stunt should be ashamed of themselves, and owe the public an apology.

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2 people murdered by jihadist near Ariel

More murders by jihadists took place at the town of Ariel in Judea/Samaria, with two at least 2 people's lives lost:
A manhunt is underway in the West Bank for a Palestinian who killed an IDF soldier and critically injured two other Israelis in two attacks outside the West Bank settlement of Ariel on Sunday morning.

Additional troops, including special forces and officers from the Shin Bet and Israel police, were deployed to search for the attacker who fled in the direction of the Palestinian village of Burqin. [...]

According to IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis, at around 9:45 a.m., a Palestinian terrorist stabbed 19 year-old Sgt. Gal Keidan at the Ariel junction and stole his weapon and shot him before he shot toward civilians at the junction, hitting three cars passing through.

An Israeli civilian, 47 year-old Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger from the settlement of Eli was critically injured after he was struck by bullets while driving through the junction. Ettinger, has 12 children and heads Oz and Emunah Yeshiva in south Tel Aviv.

Keidan, from Beersheba was a combat soldier in the Artillery Corps’ 334th “Fire” brigade and who was posthumously promoted to the rank of St.-Sargent. The youngest of three siblings born to parents who immigrated to Israel in the 1970s from the former Soviet Union, he will be buried Monday at 11 AM in the military cemetery in Beersheba.

According to the military, after carrying out the attack in Ariel the attacker stole a car from a civilian who fled the attack and escaped the scene. The terrorist then drove toward the Gitai Avishar junction, where he carried out a drive-by shooting injuring another soldier who was guarding a hitchhiking station.
The soldier's now also dead from the stabbing. Here's more about him over here.

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Sunday, March 17, 2019 

Supreme court disqualifies right-wing Knesset candidate while allowing pro-terrorist Arabic communist party to run

The Israeli supreme court - and even the attorney general himself - made a stunningly biased decision to disqualify Michael Ben-Ari, even though he'd once served in the Knesset before, while the Hadash party, run by Arabic communists and even a shady Israeli character, are allowed to run by contrast:
A maximum nine justice panel of the High Court disqualified Otzma candidate Michael Ben-Ari from running in the upcoming elections due to racism, while permitting his Otzma colleague Itamar Ben-Gvir as well as all of the Arab parties to run on Sunday night.

With its decision, the High Court essentially followed the recommendations of Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit, while overruling several decisions of the Central Elections Committee.

The Central Elections Committee had disqualified the Balad-United Arab List parties and Hadash candidate Dr. Ofer Kassif, the Arab party's only Jewish candidate, from running.

It had ruled Ben-Ari and Ben-Gvir, as well as the Hadash-Ta'al Arab parties (other than Kassif) eligible.

Mandelblit had said that while Balad-UAL and Kassif's statements about the State of Israel and the IDF were highly problematic, that they did not meet a "critical mass" of supporting armed conflict with Israel under the law for disqualification.

The court's 8-1 decision, with only Justice David Mintz dissenting and voting to disqualify Balad-UAL and Kassif, signaled that it accepted this reasoning, though its full reasoned decision will be published at a later date.

Likewise with Ben-Ari, the court's 8-1 decision, with only Justice Noam Sohlberg dissenting and voting for Ben Ari to remain eligible, signaled support for Mandelblit's contention that the candidate's statements violated racism against Arabs both in terms of incitement and in terms of him taking some concrete actions to further racism.

Mandelblit had said that Ben-Gvir's statements were problematic, but that he had been more careful than Ben-Ari to avoid explicit support or actions backing racism, which appeared to be why the court declared him eligible though he is also from the far-right Otzma party.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, who in the past has said her conservative appointments accomplished a revolution swinging the court from left-leaning to right-leaning, slammed the decisions.

She said, “It’s the last straw for the High Court’s justices and they have changed themselves into political actors. The High Court decision to disqualify Ben-Ari, and on the other hand, to approve the eligibility of [Arab political] parties which support terror is a massive and mistaken intervention going to the heart of Israeli democracy.”

She added that the decision, “tramples on the decisions of the Central Elections Committee.”
This is already causing a lot of outrage in the public, proving additionally that Mandelblit's not suited to his job, and should just resign already for his cowardice. Here's an analysis of the emerging case:
The Central Elections Committee hearings on whether to disqualify candidates has long been little more than political theater. The politicians on each side argue how bad the opposite side’s extremes are, and whichever side has a majority wins.

The real arena has always been the High Court of Justice, to which the committee’s decisions are always inevitably appealed.

That’s why the cries about racism and the end of Israeli democracy – after the committee vote two weeks ago to keep Otzma Yehudit candidates Michael Ben-Ari and Itamar Ben-Gvir in the running, while banning UAL-Balad and Hadash candidate Ofer Kassif – were overblown. They were generally the result of cynicism from those who would speak like that about Israel or the Right no matter what; or of ignorance, especially from foreign outlets whose reporters are only in Israel for a few years and may not have gone through these motions before.

And then there are those who are both ignorant and cynical, like American anti-Israel agitator Linda Sarsour who tweeted “Democracy?” with a link to a Reuters article about the committee vote two weeks ago. Don’t expect her to confirm the robustness of Israel’s democracy now that the situation is more to her liking.

Now we have the Right questioning Israeli democracy, albeit for an entirely different reason.

No one has been banned from running from the Knesset since 1992, when the Kach and Kahane Chai parties were not allowed to run, on grounds of racist incitement. Those parties, like Otzma Yehudit, were inspired by Rabbi Meir Kahane, whose own Kach Party had been banned in 1986.

Ben-Ari’s disqualification, as an individual whose candidacy was upheld by the Central Elections Committee, is wholly unprecedented. It’s unclear why he can’t run now when he could in 2009 – after which he was a member of Knesset for nearly four years – except that he’s posted on Facebook a lot in the interim that helped Meretz gather a “critical mass” of evidence against him. It’s not like Ben-Ari’s ideology has changed, or that it’s any different from that of Ben-Gvir, who is allowed to run.

Taken together with the court allowing Kassif, who is an open anti-Zionist, and UAL-Balad, whose candidates have repeatedly sided with terrorist groups against Israel (to the point of Balad’s founder having spied for Hezbollah and an ex-MK from the party going to prison for aiding terrorists), to run for the Knesset despite their apparent violation of the conditions stipulated in the law, the outrage has to come from even more moderate sectors of the Right, like Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein and Likud candidate Gideon Sa’ar.

[...] In the end, the High Court may have hurt itself more than any one person or party, by applying the law unevenly and more broadly than before.

The big winner of this night is not Meretz, despite its great satisfaction at the ruling, it’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The topic can serve to make valid arguments about how politicized the court system's become, and why a serious overhaul is needed. If the rulings against Kassif and company from Hadash had been allowed to stand, there probably would've been less controversy surrounding Ben-Ari, but because the court had to make such hypocritical decisions along with the state attorney, that's why this must all be looked upon gravely.

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Saturday, March 16, 2019 

Mike Pompeo defends Israel's right to self-defense

The US secretary of state came out in Israel's defense at a time when Hamas/Islamic Jihad are trying to endanger innocent lives again:
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday expressed support for Israel’s right to defend itself after the rocket fire on Tel Aviv.

“Once again, Israeli citizens are under attack from terrorists in Gaza, armed and financed by their puppet masters in Tehran,” he tweeted.

“We stand by our ally. Israel has the right to protect its citizens,” added Pompeo.

The IDF retaliated for the rocket attacks on central Israel by attacking approximately 100 military targets belonging to the Hamas terror organization in the Gaza Strip.

While Hamas and the Islamic Jihad both denied being responsible for the attack on central Israel, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed overnight Thursday that Hamas was behind the rocket fire.
It figures both terror cells would deny they were behind any of this, as it's all part of Islamic taqqiya to deny their accountability.

Pompeo's doing the right thing to speak in Israel's defense of its own self-defense rights, and should be thanked for it.

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Friday, March 15, 2019 

The Iranian foothold in Gaza

Prof. Eyal Zisser reminds everyone of Iran's grip in Gaza:
Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired the missiles at central Israel from Gaza on Thursday night. But Iran, which controls the terrorist group and its leaders and which gives it money and provides it with the type of missiles used in Thursday's attack, is directly responsible. Iran doesn't hide its desire to spark a conflagration in Gaza with the aim of sabotaging and even halting Israel's efforts to dislodge the Islamic republic from Syria. The Iranians also want to embarrass Israel and harm it, by exploiting the fact that this is a sensitive period, ahead of the upcoming April 9 general election.

Hamas, however, is also responsible for the missile attack, because it hasn't taken action against Islamic Jihad and other recalcitrant groups in Gaza, which continue targeting Israel. Hamas lends a hand to the escalation along the border as a matter of routine, hoping to improve its negotiating position with Israel and receive aid dollars from Qatar.

In this regard, the missile attack on Gush Dan indicates the collapse of this conception and essentially the illusion – created by Hamas and Israel alike – that it's possible to control the flames Hamas is fanning along the Gaza border and prevent them from spreading. At the end of the day, those who shoot at Israeli communities near Gaza will also shoot at Tel Aviv.
That's exactly why the strip needs to be retaken. It could also help provide the residents with more freedom from such tyrants if bringing down the Hamas and Iran's minions once and for all were to be done.

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What kind of psychiatrist did Yaakov Litzman hire to defend a Haredi felon?

There was a rally supporting the victims of the Haredi child molestor Malka Leifer that took place this week at the court, and some very surprising news came up pertaining to the psychiatrist who'd taken charge of "examining" the criminal:
“We feel angry and betrayed, he [Litzman] has allegedly had a hand in preventing justice and has played around with our lives,” said Erlich.

“We have been waiting for this for such a long time and allegedly some of that is his fault.”

Erlich said insisted that Litzman should step down owing to his “position of influence” as deputy health minister over Leifer’s case and over similar such cases.

“He should absolutely resign,”
she said.

As the hearing was underway, several dozen demonstrators, including, Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, staged a protest outside the court to express support for Erlich and her sisters and to condemn the lengthy delays and alleged corruption in the handling of extradition proceedings to Australia.

“Litzman needs to resign. This is a man who is hugging sex offenders and protecting pedophiles. Why? Because the name of his group is more important than the people of his group. This is a warped situation,” declared Hassan-Nahoum.

Erlich and her sister Nicole Meyer joined the protest after the hearing and spoke out in particular against the psychiatrist who gave testimony supporting Leifer’s claim that she is not mentally fit for extradition.

“A series of Facebook posts was found under his name stating his personal opinions about Malka Leifer and us the victims, that he doesn’t believe us, that we’re not religious enough, and therefore we don’t deserve justice,”
said Meyer.

“No credibility should be given to the report he wrote in 2015 after observing Malka Leifer for a number of hours,” she added.

First reported by the Australian Jewish News, the psychiatrist in question is Dr. Brian Trappler of New York who stated on Facebook in 2017 that he believed Leifer to be innocent and opined that he believed this to be the case because protesters against her did not appear to be religious.

“She never committed the crimes she was accused of,” he stated on Facebook, adding “Just looking at their pictures and listening to their comments should give you an idea that this is not a Heimeshe or haredi crowd.”

In 2004, Trappler had his medical license suspended for one month and was fined $50,000 by New York State for filing false documents to dodge paying parking tickets.

Speaking at the demonstration, Manny Waks – director of the Kol V’Oz organization – said that Trappler’s testimony was tainted and should be dismissed.
From what's told here, it sounds like the offending "doctor" is a Haredi who's bigoted against non-Haredis and non-religious, though I'm sure that even if the victims were still Haredis/religious, he'd still take the offender's side. This is exactly why he should have his license revoked permanently and be charged with obstruction of justice alongside Litzman for what they did.

And Leifer must be extradited back Down Under, and no concerns should be raised about whether she'll be kept with non-Jewish inmates or not. Somebody like her who committed such vile crimes deserves severe punishment.

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Rockets from Gaza reach Tel Aviv area

This may not be the first time it's happened, but it does prove the rockets used by terrorist groups in Gaza can reach as far as Tel Aviv. The air force has already responded:
The IDF response comes after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concluded a security meeting at the IDF’s Tel Aviv headquarters. Israel’s Army Radio reported defense officials took the decision to strike dozens of Gaza Strip terror targets in response to the rocket launchings, which marked the first time Gazan terrorists fired rockets toward Tel Aviv since the 2014 Israel-Gaza War.

It was not immediately clear which terror faction was responsible for the rocket fire toward Tel Aviv.
It makes little difference which gang did it. What matters is that their weaponry was capable of causing horror. So far as I know, there were no casualties, though there was cases nearby pedestrians in the area suffering shock. But if something isn't done to put an end to the Hamas/PLO dictatorships, this will go on, and will lead to tragedy in the future.

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One of Gantz's candidates, Gabi Ashkenazi, tried to undermine Ehud Barak

An eyebrow-raising report reveals that leftist ex-prime minister Ehud Barak once filed a police report against former IDF chief and now Knesset candidate for Benny Gantz's party, Gabi Ashkenazi, for trying to damage him:
Former Israel Defense Forces Chief of General Staff and Blue and White Knesset candidate Gabi Ashkenazi undermined former Defense Minister Ehud Barak to the point that the latter had to file a complaint with the Israel Police, Israel Hayom has learned.

Ashkenazi's tenure as military chief under Barak, between 2007 and 2011, saw the two constantly lock horns. This ultimately led to Barak choosing not to extend Ashkenazi's term, which led to another saga known as the Harpaz Affair, in which a person close to Ashkenazi tried to derail the appointment of his successor.

Ashkenazi was investigated by police after the affair broke as a suspect of a criminal collusion
but prosecutors ultimately decided not to indict him. In recent weeks his actions have come under renewed scrutiny in light of his decision to enter the Knesset race as a prominent figure in Blue and White, which has a realistic shot at becoming the largest faction in the Knesset and possibly even forming a government.

A new document unearthed by Israel Hayom shows that in 2014 Barak sent a letter to the Israel Police's National Fraud Unit containing damning language against Ashkenazi. "In light of the recent reports, I feel that the investigation has not been as comprehensive as it should have been," Barak wrote, and warned that the investigators must not overlook the gravity of the matter. He accused Ashkenazi and his associates of "trying to undermine elected officials in areas that are of paramount importance, including by means of interference with the legal process to appoint a chief of general staff, as well as interference with operational matters that I will not elaborate on due to their sensitive nature."
It sounds like Gantz has quite a felon running on his list for Knesset, undermining any attempt they might've made to put on an "honest" image. Does Barak approve of what's being done now? I don't know, but in any event, it's clear Gantz has some very embarrassingly bad baggage accompanying him in the election.

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