Thursday, November 15, 2018 

Macron insults America, no doubt to deliberately cause needless division, and even villifies nationalism

French president Emmanuel Macron's continued his blunder streak with a weird moral equivalence of the US to Russia and China:
French President Emmanuel Macron has reiterated calls for a European Union army, this time saying that it is needed to protect the bloc from China, Russia, and even the United States.

The progressive leader, a proponent of greater EU federalisation which will result in the reduction in sovereignty for European nations, told Europe 1 Monday night that the bloc needs a “real European army”.

“We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America,” Macron said, according to Agence France-Presse.

“When I see President Trump announcing that he’s quitting a major disarmament treaty which was formed after the 1980s euro-missile crisis that hit Europe, who is the main victim? Europe and its security,” he said.
Oh, tell us about it. What I do know is that Trump wants to quit a "climate treaty", which is a good idea because it's just so petty compared to the far more real crisis Europe's facing today with jihadism from practically within. And all he's worried about aside from the US, is Russia and China? Please. This is his most pathetic yet.

Donald Trump's already slammed Macron's idiocy, which he surely came up with deliberately to embarrass France and complicate US-French relations:
President Donald Trump shot back at French President Emmanuel Macron over Macron’s call for an EU Army to protect against countries including the United States this week.

“President Macron of France has just suggested that Europe build its own military in order to protect itself from the U.S., China, and Russia,” Trump said Friday. “Very insulting, but perhaps Europe should first pay its fair share of NATO, which the U.S. subsidizes greatly!”
A contributor to Fox News has spoken about why Trump was right to condemn Macron for blurting out entirely avoidable disgust at the expense of practically all Europe:
President Trump was right to tweet an outraged response Saturday to remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron after Macron said in a radio interview that France and Europe need an army to defend against America, Russia and China.

By saying that “we have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America,” Macron naively paints America as a potential enemy. In so doing, he ignores the hundreds of thousands of American lives sacrificed on French and European soil to save the free world during World War I and World War II.
I can't help but wonder if it was entirely deliberate, to embarrass many of the public and make it difficult to explain how this is considered acceptable.
As many have pointed out before, without the United States the people of France would all be speaking German today.
And without the USA, they could be speaking Arabic/Urdu in the future and forced to convert to Islam. The scariest thing is, what if that's what Macron wants?

Clearly, Macron also can't stomach Trump's growing popularity in France, and he's still blundering horribly by separating between patriotism and nationalism, or refusing to distinguish between how certain countries made use of it:
French President Emmanuel Macron denounced nationalism during an Armistice Day centennial observance in Paris on Sunday.

“Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism: Nationalism is treason,” Macron said, according to a Euronews translator.

Macron spoke in front of world leaders including President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“If we think our interests may only come first and we don’t care for others, it is a treason of our values, a betrayal of all moral values,” he said. “We must remember this.”

Macron said that the moral values of France helped them fight for the future of their country.
Who is he to speak of moral values when he's otherwise participating in their destruction? A man who, to my knowledge, hasn't even publicly apologized for wanting to honor traitorous Petain? The real curse is totalitarianism, which is the opposite of nationalism, and that what the Germans were going by in the past century, not nationalism. I'll bet Merkel must've been quite pleased with Macron's act, seeing how awful she's been doing lately.

And he does all this monstrously divisive stuff right on Armistice Day, while failing to recognize the real threats of Islamofascism coming about, or stressing what needs to be done to prevent that kind of disaster from happening. The man's only further demonstrated why he's a total failure of a politician. What next, will he say France was wrong to build the Statue of Liberty and donate it to the US? Sigh.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018 

Did Facebook can an employee for being a Trump supporter?

If the following news from the Wall Street Journal (via Hot Air) is any indication, they did:
Facebook Inc. FB -2.61% executive and virtual-reality wunderkind Palmer Luckey was a rising star of Silicon Valley when, at the height of the 2016 presidential contest, he donated $10,000 to an anti-Hillary Clinton group.

His donation sparked a backlash from his colleagues. Six months later, he was out. Neither Facebook nor Mr. Luckey has ever said why he left the social-media giant. When testifying before Congress about data privacy earlier this year, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg denied the departure had anything to do with politics.

Mr. Luckey, it turns out, was put on leave, then fired, according to people familiar with the matter. More recently, he has told people the reason was his support for Donald Trump and the furor that his political beliefs sparked within Facebook and Silicon Valley, some of those people say.

Internal Facebook emails suggest the matter was discussed at the highest levels of the company. In the fall of 2016, as unhappiness over the donation simmered, Facebook executives including Mr. Zuckerberg pressured Mr. Luckey to publicly voice support for libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, despite Mr. Luckey’s yearslong support of Mr. Trump, according to people familiar with the conversations and internal emails viewed by The Wall Street Journal.
So here's another reason why, if you need a social media page, Facebook just isn't the place to get one. There is competition out there, and it'd be best to seek said competition instead for where to manage a profile.

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Sunday, November 11, 2018 

It's not enough for Milano and Messing to apologize. They should've known better

Actresses Alyssa Milano and Debra Messing have distanced themselves from the Women's March because of their associations with Nation of Islam overlord Louis Farrakhan, who's kept on with his anti-semitic rhetoric. And, a German NGO's withdrawn an award to the movement too:
The think tank for the German social democratic party withdrew its Human Rights Award to the Women’s March USA in Washington, DC, on Thursday because doctoral students associated with the foundation accused the organizers of the march of hardcore antisemitism and support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign targeting the Jewish state.

“We believe that the Women’s March USA does not meet the criteria of this award, as its organizers have repeatedly attracted attention through antisemitic statements, the trivialization of antisemitism and the exclusion of Zionists and Jews since Women’s March USA’s establishment in 2017. Women’s March USA does not constitute an inclusive alliance,” wrote members of the scholarship working group, called Critique of Anti-Semitism and Jewish Studies, from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in a public letter.
While this is good they moved away from them, it's still coming awfully late, as Linda Sarsour, for example, was voicing repulsive language against Israelis and even against women like Brigitte Gabriel. How didn't they notice till now? Didn't they realize there was something most disturbing about that before? Why only now did they finally get at least half a brain and distance themselves from such awful people? Even now, the Women's March has been trying to avoid the hard issues and ignore the seriousness of Sarsour's hostility to Israel.

Because of Milano's initial support for a movement tied with antisemitism, to say nothing of her civil disobedience acts, that's why I'm discouraged from watching a lot of her past notable TV roles anymore, like Who's the Boss (1984-92) and Charmed (1998-2006). If she's really repentant, she'll at least just return to work in the film industry, as will Messing, and not waste time in political movements anymore. It's not doing any good.

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Saturday, November 10, 2018 

UK government refuses sancturary to Pakistani Christian

The British government, that longtime appeaser of Islam, and whose country's had Muslims living there for quite a long time, has shunned a Pakistani Christian for the sake of the Islamofascists who now comprise large numbers there:
The British government has turned away a Pakistani Christian who faces mob justice after a death sentence for blasphemy against Islam was overturned, allegedly to appease “certain sections of the community” at home and Islamist terrorists who might be inclined to attack British embassies abroad.

Asia Bibi languished on death row for years after a blasphemy conviction for drinking from the same vessel as two Muslim women, recently quashed by Pakistan’s supreme court.

Huge mobs of Islamic hardliners have taken to the streets since the ruling, however, demanding her execution and threatening to kill her themselves — prompting the woman, her family, and her lawyer to seek refuge abroad. [...]

The British government has reportedly rejected this plea, despite having previously signed up to take large numbers of migrants claiming to be children from France, as well as from refugee camps near Syria — although these were 100 percent Muslim in the early part of 2018, with all Christians rejected.
So they'll take tons of Islamic "refugees", but not a single Christian. That's the British government's "logic" for you. Italy's Matteo Salvini, luckily, is offering to take Bibi in, and they'll hopefully get around to it fast. As for Britain, this only compounds the evil image they've wound up crafting for themselves all these years, and puts the lie to the notion they're real "fighters for justice". After all, they did all they could circa WW2 to lock Jews out of their own homeland in Israel, and this refusal to take in Christian refugees is basically an extension of that repellent position.

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Friday, November 09, 2018 

A new Baywatch TV series would only work if it avoided political correctness

Deadline Hollywood spoke some time ago about plans the studio in charge of the original Baywatch TV series have had for reviving it in a new series (Hat tip: TV Series Finale). The reason it hasn't gone ahead all at once is because of the failure of last year's movie starring Dwayne Johnson in the role David Hasselhoff originally made his own during 1989-2001 (and there was also a 2-season spinoff, Baywatch Nights, which ran 1995-97, plus a reunion TV film in 2003).

I'd be in favor of trying it again as a series, but, if they really want it to work, and run for at least half the length of the original, there's things they'll have to consider if they want it to really click with an audience. For example:
  • Don't tool it to appease social justice advocates and feminists, leftist or otherwise, and that includes the phonies behind the MeToo movement.
  • Don't try to downplay sexuality for the same reasons, or be afraid to tackle such topics.
  • Don't pander to LGBT and "fat acceptance" mindsets. It'd only serve to be a turnoff for many viewers.
  • Make sure there's room for comedy and humor, another vital asset for enjoyability.
  • If it's possible to market the series in syndication again, much like with the original and its spinoff, then do it there, as it'd make a far better place for these escapist fares, IMO.
  • A good location to make use of, if possible, would be Florida, maybe at Miami Beach, Palm Beach County or even somewhere near Cape Canaveral! If only because Los Angeles, while it does have its uses, is still a bit too easy a choice. In the end, it all comes down to how easy the financing would be.
  • I'd think a continuation of some sort would be better than a reboot, as they put it. Either way, I'd recommend bringing some of the original cast members around for guest roles, including none other than David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson.
  • Don't follow the structure of the movie, what with all its crude, vulgar dialogue and dismal plotting that makes even the weakest moments on the original series look like Shakesperean masterpieces by contrast.
If they could follow all this advice, I think they'd be getting somewhere, and providing audiences with a serviceable new take on an older series, though maybe they should still wait a few more years before finally getting around to producing it. We'll see from here on how things fare.

Here's one more item on Cinema Blend.

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Thursday, November 08, 2018 

Macron's going to honor a man who turned traitor during WW2

Emmanuel Macron's caused much offense and disgust by planning to honor Phillipe Petain, the army general who ostensibly served well during WW1, but became a Vichy traitor during WW2, and was responsible for sending many Jews to their doom in Vel d'Hiv:
French Jews have reacted in horror at reports President Emmanuel Macron will honor Marshal Philippe Pétain, the disgraced Nazi collaborator who authorised the deportation of tens of thousands of Jews to death camps.

Marshal Petain’s name appears alongside seven other military chiefs to be honored Saturday in a ceremony at the Invalides monument, site of Napoleon’s tomb, to mark the centenary of the end of World War 1.

Petain led the French army to victory in Verdun in 1916, but gained lasting infamy and a conviction for treason for his leadership of Nazi-sanctioned Vichy France during World War II.

In 1940, with France under attack from Germany, Pétain was appointed vice-premier. He later asked for an armistice, upon which he was appointed “chief of state”, enjoying almost absolute powers.

The armistice gave the Germans control over the north and west of France, including Paris, but left the remainder as a separate regime under Pétain.

Officially neutral, in practice the regime collaborated closely with Germany, and brought in its own anti-Semitic legislation.

Touring battlefields ahead of a formal commemoration of the Nov. 11, 1918, armistice that ended the war, Macron said Petain was still worthy of the honor for his leading role in the World War I victory despite his later record.
I think this pretty much dissolves all notion Macron's any better than some of his predecessors at understanding history and psychology. It compounds the arrogant persona he's becoming known for, and will only ensure he winds up with his own little niche in history that doesn't remember him fondly either.

Update: following backlash by the Jewish community and Israeli minister Naftali Bennett, it looks like Macron's had to backtrack:
In the wake of the criticism, Macron’s spokesperson confirmed Petain’s name would not be mentioned during the ceremony, adding that the French President would not be attending Saturday’s ceremony.
Well it's not enough to just "stay home". He has to apologize for his incredibly abominable, irresponsible conduct to boot, and so far, that doesn't look like it's the case. He certainly shouldn't be attending any ceremonies of these sorts, now that the mask is off of him. Some more news here.

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Miri Regev may have made history, but if she did the UAE's bidding by dressing modestly, that was wrong

Culture minister Miri Regev may have made history by becoming the first Israeli politician to visit Abu Dhabi and its mosque. But based on what she obeyed there, that's exactly why I don't see this as making a blow for women's rights, which I recognize as an important matter. Here's what's been said:
Israel’s culture and sports minister paid a state visit to the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates on Monday, part of a historic trip that some have seen as signaling a slow rapprochement between Abu Dhabi and Jerusalem.

Miri Regev visited Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque accompanied by officials from the UAE, touring the the Muslim world’s third largest house of worship, after mosques in Mecca and Medina.

World leaders are frequently invited to visit the mosque, thus underlining the official nature of the trip, the first-ever official state visit by an Israeli minister.

Regev is in the country to watch the Israeli judoka team compete at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, which they are doing for the first time ever in an Arabian Gulf state under their national flag, after the UAE acceded to pressure from international sports officials.

“This mosque has a message of brotherhood and peace,” Regev wrote in the visitor’s book, in Hebrew. “I wish a good life and peace for all.”

In a Hebrew-language video posted to social media, Regev extolled the “wonderful opportunity” she had to visit the religious site, which she said sends a message of peace and unity.

Regev dressed modestly for the visit, covering her hair with a scarf and removing her shoes upon entering the building.
There's a few more pictures over here. I'm sorry, but this is atrocious, and Israelis shouldn't be subjecting themselves to such kowtowing any more than anyone else. It does have the potential to send the wrong message, and while being allowed to visit such a country for the first time is significant in itself, that doesn't mean we should speak of a perverse culture positively, even for the sake of diplomacy. Otherwise, how do we expect to change things for the better?

So unfortunately, I think Regev owes an apology for being a sellout. I'm not kidding. She did not have to visit that mosque - certainly not in modest dress - and she knows she didn't.

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Sinead O'Connor converts to Islam, becomes a self-hating white

I knew pretentious singer O'Connor was something of a bad lot already, but now she's made everything worse by converting to Islam, and even going out of her way to attack whites, along with Trump:
In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Irish musician and new Muslim convert Sinead O'Connor posted an openly racist tweet against "disgusting" white people and bashed "f***er" President Donald Trump.

O'Connor said on Twitter that she never wants to associate with non-Muslim people ("white people") ever again "for any reason."

"I'm terribly sorry," she wrote. "What I'm about to say is something so racist I never thought my soul could ever feel it. But truly I never wanna spend time with white people again (if that's what non-muslims are called). Not for one moment, for any reason. They are disgusting."

[...] The 51-year-old announced her conversion to Islam, complete with a name-change to Shuhada' Davitt, late last month.
Wow, and I thought she was white too! Well, if that's the way she wants it, then she might as well go live in isolation over in Saudi Arabia or some other hellhole that's terrible to women. Her records are far less likely to make money now anyway. People like her clearly never wanted success, and that's why they take up such stupefying positions, evidently.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2018 

20,000 armed illegal migrants at Europe's borders

Austrian intel warns there's thousands of jihadists ready to invade at the borders to Europe:
A breakthrough of more than 20,000 migrants preparing to cross the Bosnia-Croatia border and on to European Union (EU) nations is imminent, according to Austrian intelligence, which warns many are “armed”.

Migrant attempts to break into the EU have grown increasingly bold and forceful, with police and illegal immigrants injured in several clashes since the middle of October, when hundreds began camping at the border — reportedly after having been given misinformation that Croatia was set to open its frontiers.

According to Italian news agency ANSA, local media reports the groups send numbers of young people and children towards the police line to chant “open border, open border”, while clashes see mobs of young men charge at police, and throw stones and other projectiles.
All of the continent are going to have to start thinking seriously now whether they want this chaos and hell unleashed upon their countries. Because it's clear there's a horror story in the making, and if so, it'll be due to their ignorance and willingness to allow barbarism to invade.

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