Sunday, April 22, 2018 

300 French personalities write a manifesto condemning anti-semitism

The only thing is, if Muslims aren't removed/distanced from areas where they can prove a threat, what good will the manifesto do? Anyway, here's the story:
More than 300 French dignitaries and stars have signed a manifesto denouncing a “new anti-Semitism” marked by “Islamist radicalisation” after a string of killings of Jews, to be published in Le Figaro newspaper Sunday.

The country’s half-a-million-plus Jewish community is the largest in Europe but has been hit by a wave of emigration to Israel in the past two decades, partly due to the emergence of virulent anti-Semitism in predominantly immigrant neighbourhoods.

“We demand that the fight against this democratic failure that is anti-Semitism becomes a national cause before it’s too late. Before France is no longer France,” reads the manifesto co-signed by politicians from the left and right including ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy and celebrities like actor Gerard Depardieu.

The signatories condemned what they called an “quiet ethnic purging” driven by rising Islamist radicalism particularly in working-class neighbourhoods. They also accused the media of remaining silent on the matter.
It should be remembered Sarkozy did little or nothing about that himself, and in fact, as noted earlier, he practically validated anti-semitism by rewarding Charles Enderlin with a journalist's prize when it could've been avoided. If Sarkozy wants to prove he's against antisemitism, he'll have to publicly apologize to Phillipe Karsenty, condemn Enderlin for concocting blood libels and distance himself from the journo-monster.

And if the signatories want to make a point, they should emphasize throwing the offending Islamofascists out of the banlieues and schools they're littering up. Otherwise, how do they expect to make the neighborhoods safer again for anyone?

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Saturday, April 21, 2018 

An ultra-Orthodox candidate in Antwerp elections won't shake hands with women. Big mistake, and he had to withdraw

A Haredi working with a Belgian political party embarrassed the Jewish community as a whole because he wouldn't shake hands with women - just what some Muslims won't do either - and had to withdraw his candidacy:
An Ultra-Orthodox Jew in Antwerp, who was on the list of the Christian-Democrat CD&V Flemish party for the communal elections in October, withdrew his candidacy this week after causing a turmoil by saying that if elected he would respect a certain number of religious principles and that he would in particular refuse to shake hands with women.

During a press conference in the port city, home of a large ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, Aaron Berger said he understands the ‘’sensitivity of society’’ regarding shaking hands with women which his community considers instead as a mark of respect.

However, Berger said that while he withdrew his candidacy, he continues to support the CD & V party which, in his view, remains “the most favorable party” to the Jewish community. “They are open to dialogue with all communities and this dialogue will continue,” he said.
I hope so, but he didn't do them any favors by keeping such antiquated visions in place, and making himself look almost as scummy as the Islamofascists you'd think he was against. How does he expect to oppose Islam effectively if he won't avoid "customs" that look almost as reprehensible?
At the same press conference, Kris Peeters, leader of CD&V and Deputy Prime Minister in the Belgian federal government, declared : “Nobody, and certainly not Mr. Berger, is questioning the respect between man and woman.”

He added: “It has been said that Antwerp is a city where there is a form of apartheid between communities. It cannot be a city in which different communities do not meet, so we think it is very important to make efforts and to look for people from these communities willing to break this so-called apartheid.”
My advice is not to look for a Haredi candidate. An Orthodox adherent, yes, but not one who holds the kind of insulting "customs" that jerk does, and has no self-confidence in his ability to manage good interactions with the fairer sex. In fact, that's probably not even the worst thing about him. No, what is, if the following is true:
Another sensitive element around Berger’s candidacy mentioned by the media was the fact that he has been recently found guilty of theft by the Antwerp Criminal Court. He would have stolen 28,500 euros from an old sick man. This information may have influenced the withdrawal of his candidacy. “The fact that his criminal record is blank is in his favor, it’s now up to him to explain the nature of the theft, when it was dated, and how important the case was,” commented Michael Freilich, editor of the Antwerp Jewish magazine media “Joods Actueel”.

Around 18,000 Jews live in Antwerp, a city of 500,000 inhabitants.
If he really did that, he has only dealt all the more damage to the image of the community he comes from, by fleecing a guy who in the hospital. There have been Haredi rabbis in Israel like Yona Metzger who were charged with fraud, and that does no favors for anybody. In any case, the Belgian candidate's only proven why he's not fit to shine shoes.

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Friday, April 20, 2018 

Ultra-Orthodox moonbats tried to disrupt Israeli Memorial service

During Memorial Day - and possibly Independence Day - some Haredi extremists unshockingly tried to hurt morale, and police had to take action:
Police on Wednesday in Jerusalem dispersed dozens of extremist ultra-Orthodox demonstrators who they said were planning to disrupt the moment of silence held nationwide during the Memorial Day siren in honor of Israel’s fallen.

Officers deployed at the Kikar Hashabbat intersection moved the protesters out of the road and seized placards they were carrying, police said in a statement.

There were no reports of injuries or arrests.

Hebrew slogans on the signs declared, “A Zionist is not a Jew and a Jew is not a Zionist” as well as the phrase “and Mordechai would not kneel or show respect,” a reference to the biblical Book of Esther, in which Mordechai would not bow down to arch-villain Haman. The phrase is taken as an assertion by anti-Zionist ultra-Orthodox that they will not accept the state’s authority.

Israel’s annual Memorial Day includes the sounding of air-raid sirens across the country, for a minute on the eve of the memorial day, and again for two minutes on the following morning.

Hadashot TV news reported that ultra-Orthodox activists also circulated a video clip showing a dummy dressed in IDF fatigues being barbecued on a grill.

Scrolling text on the screen declares, “In honor of Memorial Day the ultra-Orthodox remember the Hardakim [a pejorative term for ultra-Orthodox soldiers] who betrayed the Jewish people and sold their souls to Satan.”

There was no indication who had produced the video clip, which also seemed to ridicule Israelis’ traditional Independence Day barbecues.
The dummy placed on a barbecue stinks of some of the worst nazi-like propaganda around. It only demonstrates why Haredis are no more "moral" than anybody else, and their analogy of non-Haredi Israelis to Haman is just as repellent.

Update: Nathan Slifkin at Rationalist Judaism also has some more disturbing notes about how extremists behaved in Beit Shemesh.

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Haredi traitors give backing to illegal immigrants in Israel

And the one and only Haaretz thought it the perfect story to fawn over, beginning with some sob-story elements:
For months, Faigy Lifshitz parked her car at the supermarket near her Bnei Brak home, completely unaware that, just steps away, thousands of African asylum seekers stood for hours in the sun and rain to apply for refugee status or obtain work visas.

Hidden from Lifshitz and her fellow shoppers’ view were the long lines of Africans waiting to enter the Population, Immigration and Border Authority offices in a dirty, isolated holding area without shelter, access to toilets, water or seating.

Once Lifshitz discovered that a scene of Third World desperation was playing out on the outskirts of this predominantly ultra-Orthodox (or Haredi) city near Tel Aviv, she determined to do something about it. Along with like-minded advocates, she formed Ultra-Orthodox Against the Deportation to tackle the task.

“For me, this is the ‘Compound of Shame,’” Lifshitz tells Haaretz, surveying the scene on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day. (To protect her family’s standing in the community and her other activist work, she requested that she be interviewed using a pseudonym and that her face not be photographed.)

“This is supposedly a government facility,” she continues, “but the government has failed to provide the most basic and elementary conditions for human beings here. The conditions for animals in the zoo of a Third World country are better than what you see here.

“It is terrible what we are putting these people through,” she adds. “I don’t think this place should exist at all. But as long as it is here, we need to make it suitable for human beings.”

It is, indeed, a depressing sight. As the African asylum seekers wait endlessly for a guard to gesture them to come inside, the sun beats down. When it rains, deep muddy puddles form in the former parking lot.

The vast majority of those waiting are men: Women and families with children show up, too, but they are given priority and head to the front of the line.
Look for starters at how they whine about conditions at the holding area, which I won't be shocked are not what they make them out to be. And why do I get the vibe they're worried about the menfolk, they who're the real cause of crime in the southern Tel Aviv area?
The ground is strewn with garbage and angry messages are graffitied on the sheeting fencing the area: “Down with deportation” and “It’s time for Bibi to leave, too.” There is also a slogan scrawled in English: “Fuck the system.”

Filling a niche

“This place sends them a message that they aren’t welcome here,” says Talia (also not her real name), a secular veteran volunteer at the site. She is one of a group of women wearing T-shirts and hats to protect themselves from the sun; some have name tags featuring the slogan “Human rights for refugees.”

Every few minutes, African men shyly approach them, usually holding out a document for them to translate and explain their situation before or after they have been allowed to enter the offices.

The facility, located in an isolated, tent-like structure behind Bnei Brak train station, is currently the only population authority office outside of the southern city of Eilat where interviews are conducted and applications for legal status and work visas are processed. As a result, those waiting in line have come from around the country.

Nearly every night, a group camps out on the ground in order to secure a good place for the next morning, or because they were unable to gain access and have nowhere else to spend the night.

In a long skirt, blond wig and glasses, Lifshitz stands out from the other volunteers. She comes from a Haredi rabbinical family.

Last December, when the government plan to deport these Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers en masse was first announced, Lifshitz created a Facebook page that she called “Haredim Legirush” – a play on words. The literal meaning of “Haredi” (the Hebrew word that identifies ultra-Orthodox Jews) is “fearful,” and so the name technically translates as “Fearful of the Deportation.”

She looked for an aspect of the refugee crisis that wasn’t being addressed – and decided that improving conditions at the compound was a niche she and her group could fill.

“These people are in my city: right here in Bnei Brak,” she says. “Is there a better way to practice mitzvot and uphold the values of the Torah than helping them? I can’t think of one.”
If the migrants are applying legally, then the only issue is whether they recognize the differences between good and evil. But if any migrants in question are criminals lacking an understanding of what it means to be civilized, then her pity is misplaced and suggests she's doing it out of spite for the non-Haredi public.
Lifshitz says that, from the outset, she and her ultra-Orthodox friends knew they wanted to form a separate organization rather than simply become members of existing advocacy groups – which are often associated with the secular left.

She says it’s important to send a message that their community cares and that they are taking action because they are ultra-Orthodox Jews, not in spite of it.

“We are very specific that we are doing this in the name of our faith and in the name of the Torah and in the name of our Judaism and the will of God, who calls on us to be human and humane toward each other. The Torah is very precise in what it tells us: Thirty-six times in the Torah it is mentioned that we have to remember the “ger” – the stranger – because we were strangers in Egypt. Every human being is made in God’s image and if people are in need, we must help them. Jews are people who have suffered so much. We were the ‘black people’ of the world for thousands of years.”
I wonder, would they have the same feelings if these were decent Europeans coming about here? I'm not sure why Europeans - and even Africans from civilized and prosperous countries like Kenya - are considered worthless, but migrants from uncivilized societies aren't.
The group is led by a steering committee of three men and three women, supported by a wider circle of friends and volunteers.

Well-intentioned but amateurish, the group’s first major project to improve the Bnei Brak space literally fell apart. With great fanfare, on the eve of Passover in March, they erected a shelter to protect the asylum seekers from the elements. The photogenic effort – ultra-Orthodox and secular Israeli volunteers, along with the asylum seekers themselves – was featured on TV news shows. However, the shelter was so hastily constructed that the first serious spell of wind and rain flattened it, and the wooden stakes and black netting were soon resting in the dirt.

In the meantime, though, the publicity sparked what Lifshitz calls “a miracle.”

Biblical Studies lecturer Diana Lipton, who immigrated to Israel from Great Britain seven years ago, was so inspired by the group that she contacted Lifshitz and offered to donate a substantial sum of money toward making the Bnei Brak compound “a place we aren’t ashamed of.”

Lipton, herself an Orthodox Jew, says that since moving to Israel, she “found it depressing that the religious community in Israel has been so uninvolved in things I care about – especially things that involve compassion for others.”

Regarding the issue of the asylum seekers, she admits to being “very depressed when I’ve gone to demonstrations on their behalf to see so few people with kippot.”
Some of whom, as hinted, are leftists, so while they may have formed their own movement, it figures they'd align themselves with more leftist outfits to boot.
So when she saw the video of Lifshitz’s efforts to build the shelter, it moved her. “There was something powerfully symbolic, encouraging and inspiring to see this positive, strong image of religious Jews from this insular community taking this action,” she explains. “Here were people not only with kippot and women with head coverings, but representatives of the far end of the religious spectrum stepping in. I was really happy to see this powerful visual representation of their concern. Why should this only be a leftist, secular cause?”
What, is that supposed to imply they're "right-wing"? Because I highly doubt they are, or that they support the Likud-led government in every way. The "far end" would indicate they're not only Haredi, but also of extremist backgrounds like the Satmar and Neturei Karta, and they're doing it out of anti-Zionist leanings.
Both cursed and praised

On Sunday evening, five days after we first spoke at the site, Lifshitz is standing beside Talia and the two women look on excitedly as the Bnei Brak space is transformed as a result of Lipton’s $5,000 donation. Professionals have erected white tents with metal rods and sturdy shades, drilling them into the ground.

The second major step Lifshitz has taken to improve the area is visible in a corner: two portable toilets. The first month’s rental costs were covered by donations, Lifshitz says, adding that she will raise the rest of the money – by crowdfunding, if necessary. “This place used to smell terribly of urine,” she says. “Not anymore.”

Beyond providing shelter and toilet facilities, Lifshitz says her priorities at the site are cleaning and installing some sort of seating. She would also like to find a way for the asylum seekers to access water without having to buy it in bottles from the supermarket or a vendor. The volunteers even dream of a small play area for the children who must wait there with their parents.

“If we succeed in making this place decent and nice, it will send a message to the world that there are Israelis who care. And also, hopefully it will shame the government into shutting it down and providing something better,” says Talia.
And that's a confession they don't support the Likud-led government.
Lifshitz admits that reactions to her efforts have been mixed within her own community. She has been both cursed and praised on her Facebook page, she reveals.

Her family, whom she describes as “totally removed from Israeli politics and the media,” were surprised when she first described the scene at the compound. “They are so shocked,” she says. “They ask me, ‘How can the State of Israel treat people that way?’”

She and her fellow advocates believe the Sudanese and Eritreans are refugees and deserve humane protection in Israel.

“We don’t share any other brand of politics. We don’t call ourselves left wing; we don’t call ourselves right wing. We are human beings who love other human beings – and we are here to say that what has been done to us as Jews in the past, we refuse to perpetrate on others.”

Jews, she concludes, must always “remember the feeling of foreignness, of being alone.”
This sounds little different from say, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who didn't claim to be either left or right, but neither did he deny or have any real objections to being described as "far-right", which was undoubtably his strategy of damaging France (and he also basically implied being French meant being a monster, which was just as offensive). The Haredis in Bnei Brak, living in their own little bubble, ignore the crime rates that illegal migrants have brought about in south Tel Aviv, some surely deliberately. For collaborating in efforts to undermine the country, those involved in providing services for potential criminals should be fined and jailed. Above all, they should be scorned for the damage they're doing to the country they supposedly care about.

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Europe's in the process of self-Islamization

A writer for the Algemeiner warns how European politicians are practically enabling Islamization of the continent:
Forget the beheading videos, the ISIS propaganda on social media, and even the terrorist attacks themselves. Europe, says counterterrorism expert Afshin Ellian, is Islamizing itself. In the process, the Western values on which its democracies are built are increasingly put at risk.

Take, for instance, Belgium’s ISLAM Party, which now hopes to participate in the country’s October local elections in 28 regions. (Its name serves as an acronym for “Integrité, Solidarité, Liberté, Authenticité, Moralité.”)

The party’s ultimate aim: transforming Belgium into an Islamic state. According to the party’s founder Redouane Ahrouch, items high on its agenda include separating men and women on public transportation and the incorporation of sharia law, supposedly as long as it does not conflict with current laws. Ahrouch’s own behavior, however, suggests that his respect for “current laws” and mores has its bounds. He reportedly refuses to shake hands with women. In 2003, he received a six-month sentence for beating and threatening his wife. Currently, the Islam Party has two elected representatives in office — one in Anderlecht, the other in Molenbeek — both regions known to be hotbeds of extremism.

Or consider DENK, Holland’s pro-Islam party founded in 2015 by Turkish-Dutch politicians Selçuk Ozturk and Tunahan Kuzu. The party platform, which supports boycotts and sanctions against Israel, also discourages assimilation, calling instead for “mutual acceptance” of multiple cultures. Non-Muslims, for instance, would apparently be required to “accept” the Muslim extremist father who beats his daughter for refusing an arranged marriage or for becoming too “Westernized” for his taste. It’s his culture, after all.

DENK also calls for a “racism police force” to monitor allegedly racist comments and actions. Those found guilty would be placed on a government “racism register” and banned from government jobs and other employment.

So far, such pro-Islamist views have served the party well. In local Dutch elections last month, DENK (which means “think” in Dutch) gained three seats in Rotterdam, totaling four seats among 45 total and edging out Geert Wilders’ far-right Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV), which fell from three seats to one. In Amsterdam, which also has 45 seats, a full 50 percent of Dutch-Moroccans and about two-thirds of Dutch-Turks gave the party a three-seat win in its first election. Many of these voters, according to post-election analyses, moved to DENK from the center-left Labor Party (PvdA), clearly feeling more at home with a more overtly pro-Muslim politics.

Similarly, France’s Union of Muslim Democrats (UDMF) has taken a number of voters from the Green Party by promising to defend Muslims. UDMF’s online program statement condemns burqa and headscarf bans. What’s more, in its pretense of supporting what it calls the “sweet dream of Democracy, Union, and Human Rights,” the party loudly (though rightly) condemns “anti-Muslim speeches” that “lead the most psychologically fragile people to commit acts of unprecedented violence.” Examples of such “unprecedented violence” follow: a German white supremacist who killed an Egyptian woman wearing a veil in 2009 and the stabbing of a French Muslim in Vaucluse.

What the party statement does not mention anywhere are the attacks by Muslims in Paris and Nice that together killed 240 people between January 2015 and July 2016; the attack by a Muslim extremist on a Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012; and the kidnapping and heinous torture of Ilan Halimi, a 23-year-old Jew, in 2006. These are among other acts of “unprecedented violence” committed by Islamists.

UDMF also calls for protection of the family and its “essential role in the education of children,” while citing Article 14 of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, which calls for respecting “the right of the child to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.” From here, the party demands the “right and duty of parents … to guide the child in the exercise of the above-mentioned right.” Implied here is the demand that parents be allowed to treat their children as they see fit according to their religious beliefs — including to beat daughters who refuse an arranged marriage, become “too Westernized,” and so on.

Most disturbing are the large numbers of Muslims who have flocked to parties like DENK and UDMF throughout Europe. Rather than moving towards more secular, traditionally democratic political movements, Europe’s Muslims are appear to increasingly distance themselves from the “European” side of their identity, and identify more with Islam and the Muslim community. And this too is part of Europe’s “self-Islamizing,” the result of taking too unsure a hand, too ambivalent a position, on the issue of assimilation.
The worst part, as you'll notice in the rest of the article, is how local politicians are precipitating this as well, practically associating with them to celebrate Iftar. The same outfits who won't celebrate Passover, Hanuka, Easter and Christmas with Judeo-Christian sources. What are they trying to prove anyway? All they're doing is making it look like they're self-haters, and no doubt, some of them are.

This also makes clear that, for Muslims in Europe, the left-wing parties themselves aren't enough for them anymore. Now they're switching to parties meant to represent their own ideology. And that's something that has to be opposed.

I'd also like to note that reading the above also reminded me why I'm offended by Haredis and such who go by the superfluous "custom" of "shomer negiah" and won't shake hands with the opposite sex, or won't sit next to them on a public transportation vehicle. Whether it was an indirect influence from Islam, I have no idea, but I do know that if any Haredis keep upholding it, they'll be providing encouragement and influence for Islamofascists like the aforementioned to keep advocating it in their own approach. Worse, it can provide anti-semites with ammunition, with the biggest irony being it's unlikely those anti-semites are against Islam in any way. If today's advocates of Orthodox Judaism don't want to make the sect look bad, then they've got to do what they can to have anybody advocating "shomer negiah" to cut it out, and also stop advocating gender segregation as extreme ultra-Orthodox/Haredis are doing. We cannot afford at times like this to give anybody the impression Orthodox Judaism is bad in that sense.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018 

At least 6 more countries may move their embassies to Jerusalem

The government's announced 6 more countries that may relocate their embassies to Jerusalem, following America's move:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that “at least half a dozen” countries were considering moving their embassies to Jerusalem following the US decision to do so.

US President Donald Trump announced in December that America recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The US Embassy is due to relocate to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv on May 14, the date on which Israel declared its independence in 1948.

“In order to promote peace … move your embassies here,” Netanyahu told foreign diplomats at a reception in Jerusalem celebrating the 70th anniversary of that declaration.

[...] The first ten embassies to relocate to Jerusalem would receive “preferential treatment,” he said without explaining what that might entail.
Well I sure hope they'll get around to it soon. The time's come to put the disrespect of the past for Jerusalem's history behind us and start embracing it instead. Those countries - including in Europe - that prove their ability to do so will be helping their own status as well.

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European court of "human rights" is protecting Islamofascists from deportation

The reason any European country could be held in the grip of Islamofascist terror is because the ECHR is giving them backing:
The deportation of notorious radical Islamic Salafist hate preacher Imam El Hadi Doudi from France to his native Algeria was halted at the last minute this week by an intervention from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

The 63-year-old hate preacher was notified that he was to be sent back to his native Algeria on Tuesday and taken into custody at a detention centre. But while there, the ECHR contacted the French Interior Ministry claiming they need a few days to review his case before his deportation, La Croix reports.

Imam El Hadi Doudi is well-known in Marseille for his extremist views and radical sermons and many had called for his expulsion from France in the past.

According to Doudi’s lawyer Nabil Boudi, the ECHR suspended his client’s deportation under article 39 which allows the ECHR to interfere in cases where harm may come to an individual. Mr. Boudi said that he had sent requests claiming that his client may be subjected to torture if sent back to Algeria.

Doudi, who serves as the imam for the As-Sunna mosque in central Marseille, has been accused of stoking up hatred against a number of groups including Jews, Shiites, women, and adulterers.
This is similar to how Islamofascists and their sympathizers operate in Britain too, claiming they'll be facing the grisly fates they want to impose upon infidels. It's another reason why France should leave the EU too, if that's what it takes to get savages out of the country.

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Attempted truck bombing thwarted on Independence Day

The military stopped a potential terrorist attack planned for Israeli Independence Day:
Israeli inspectors arrested a Palestinian truck driver transporting multi-explosion device at the Reihan Crossing in the northern West Bank near Janin, foiling a potential terror plot as Israel caps its Memorial Day and kicks off Independence Day celebrations.

The defense ministry reported that "the powerful explosive device" was found on the roof of the truck, which was also transporting commercial cargo.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman hailed the “vigilance and professionalism” of the Crossings Authority team, which “led to the exposure of an explosive device and to the thwarting of a large-scale terror attack on our 70th Independence Day.”

Liberman vowed to "chase down the bastards who planned to harm our celebration" in a tweet posted shortly before Independence Day ceremonies were set to commence.
And put them in an isolated cell too, or better yet, hard labor.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018 

US Orthodox groups condemn Haredi extremist attacks on IDF soldiers

Some Orthodox movements in the US have spoken out against the ultra-Orthodox who've been assaulting IDF officials in their hostility to the state:
Orthodox Jewish organizations in the United States have condemned attacks by ultra-Orthodox extremists against religious Jews in Israel who join the country’s security forces.

Amid a recent rise in attacks on IDF soldiers and police officers, the leaders of the Orthodox Union, Rabbinical Council of America and National Council of Young Israel issued official statements condemning the violence.

The statements were issued at the request of New York Orthodox activist David Nyer, he said in a news release sent to JTA.

Moishe Bane, president of the Orthodox Union, said in a statement that “violence by one Jew against another, whether physical or otherwise, is an assault on the Torah values that have been passed down through our [tradition], from generation to generation. Any such attack by Jews against soldiers of the IDF, to whom every Jew owes immeasurable respect and gratitude, is an attack against each and every member of the Jewish community, and provokes shame and regret in us all.”
Maybe the most surprising part of all is that rabbi Avi Shafran, who previously downplayed the seriousness of the issues at hand, has suddenly spoken out:
Rabbi Avi Shafran, spokesman for Agudath Israel of America, told Nyer that “such unwarranted violence and abuse against any fellow Jew is beyond outrageous. Assault of Jewish brethren, especially those who have dedicated themselves to the protection of [Israel] such as IDF soldiers and Israeli police, is indefensible, ugly and wrong.”

Shafran added that bystanders are obligated to intervene to help the person under attack.
Well that's getting somewhere for a change! Now maybe he'll also apologize for any pro-Islam and misogynist positions he may have taken? Let's be clear: when a Haredi extremist commits a crime, it only serves as a discredit to their lifestyle and educational upbringing. So if he really believes in what he goes by, he'll have to start admitting it was wrong to take standings that can hurt Israel badly. Otherwise, he's accomplished little or nothing.

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More than a shelter, it's a home

Nadav Shragai's written about what Israel's all about:
In the crawlspace of our national consciousness there lies, almost forgotten, a remark by Zionist visionary Theodor Herzl.

"Zionism is a return to Jewishness even before it is a return to the land of the Jews," he said.

But the opposite is how history wound up shaping reality: First we came back to our land, and built a state and a defense force. We are up to our ears in existential threats and in defending our lives. Building the internal identity of the State of Israel – of which the "Jewishness" Herzl spoke of is an integral part – was sidelined. We often become confused about the Jewish basis that is the foundation and the essence of the state, and its defense, which is only a tool.
You can read the rest, written specially for Israel's 70th independence day. Haim Shine's also given his take:
The proximity between Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism and the celebrations of Independence Day reminds us all that freedom is not handed out for free, but rather bought by blood, fire and pillars of smoke. Avraham "Yair" Stern, who founded the pre-state Lehi paramilitary organization and was killed by the British in 1942, wrote in a poem: "I know a day or night will come when I will fall alone, dying on the battlefield … but the death on the battlefield will be sweetened … when my eyes see the torches of victory."

In the moving commemoration ceremony on Mount Herzl, small flames ignite the bright torches. This passage embodies Jewish history over thousands of years: from enslavement to redemption, from our homeland to dispersion in the Diaspora, from desolation to rebirth.
Read the rest of that too.

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Viktor Orban is right: EU's disastrous migrant policy threatens Jews on the continent

The Hugarian prime minister, who was reelected in a landslide the other week, has made an important statement about the fiasco the EU's led to with their policies on letting Islamofascists into Europe, even as this Reuters article also tries some offensive stunts of its own (Hat tip: Pamela Geller):
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s office said on Monday an “irresponsible” migration policy on the part of the European Union had stoked religious intolerance in western Europe that was threatening Jews there.

His office issued a statement a week after Orban was re-elected by a landslide to a third straight term with a fierce anti-immigrant campaign that vilified Hungarian-born, Jewish-American tycoon George Soros for promoting liberal open-door values in Hungary and elsewhere in central and eastern Europe.
So, is this their attempt to imply color of character doesn't apply here, and that there's no such thing as a self-hater? Because that's pretty much the kind of conduct Soros has been managing for years already.
The right-wing nationalist premier has presented himself as the savior of Hungary’s sovereignty and Christian values against what he calls an “invasion” of Muslim migrants. His office used the occasion of Hungary’s Holocaust Remembrance Day to reiterate its strong criticism of EU migration policies.

“There is only one way to counter worryingly strengthening anti-Semitic phenomema...Europe must return to its values stemming from Judaeo-Christian traditions,” Orban’s office said.

“The religious intolerance that threatens Europe - which is a direct consequence of the irresponsible migration policy of Brussels - has translated into unprecedented violence in the western half of the continent,” it said, alluding to a number of deadly Islamist militant attacks since 2015.
And look how they make use of "militant" instead of "terrorist". Just why Reuters is such a disgrace for a news syndicate and not to be trusted. On this issue, Orban's right; not controlling immigration based on personality and ideology is only endangering Jews, women and everyone else in Europe.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018 

Muslims riot in Toulouse after woman arrested for violating law against veils

Islamofascists in Toulouse led violent clashes after a woman had to be arrested for disobeying the law (Hat tip: Pamela Geller):
A deprived district of Toulouse, France has been rocked by two nights of furious riots, triggered by the arrest of a woman who refused to remove her Islamic full-face veil for police. Some 18 people were arrested.

Hundreds of police units were deployed after young residents threw stones, torched cars and set fire to garbage cans, police told the AFP. The clashes began on Sunday afternoon in the Toulouse district of Bellefontaine after a woman wearing a full-face veil – which is illegal in France – was stopped by the police for an identity check.

She allegedly showed a poor-quality photocopy of her identity card and refused to lift her veil to let police officers see her face. After several futile attempts to have her lift the veil, the woman began to scream for help, France Info reports.

She was placed under arrest and moved into a police vehicle. Soon after, a group of about 30 people circled the police and attacked them. Officers attempted to quell the crowd by discharging their weapons and used tear gas launcher.

Along with the disturbances in Bellefontaine, there were also riots in Mirail and the neighboring district of Reynerie, which also began on Sunday evening. It’s believed the riots are connected to the suicide of a prisoner incarcerated in Seysses near Toulouse, who was found hanged in his cell on Saturday.
Well if that was a jihadist who bought it in a cell, he can go to hell, and so can all the monsters who rioted over the usual petty issues. They burned 15 cars, and for that should be made to pay huge insurance bills. Not to mention should be placed in hard labor for their offensive acts.

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Some Haredis don't recognize Holocaust Memorial and Independence Day

The Jewish Press reported on a survey noting how a lot of Haredis in Israel sadly don't carry much respect for Israel's memorial and independence days:
A large-scale study published by the Guttman Institute on Monday found that most Israeli Haredim do not share the public feeling that Yom Ha’atzmaut—Independence Day—is an occasions for celebration, nor that Holocaust Day is cause for mourning.

The findings are published prior to Israel’s 70th Independence Day and against the background of the lively debate on the issue of the Haredi attitude regarding Holocaust Day and their response to the siren which is sounded across the country on the morning of this day.
Those belonging to the Satmar, Neturei Karta, and possibly even the Jerusalem Faction, are bound to be the worst offenders.
Only about 15-17% of Haredim ages 18-44 celebrate Independence Day in a festive manner. Among adults, the situation is somewhat different: 23-27% identify Independence Day as a holiday. [...]

The study also examined Haredi attitudes regarding the Holocaust Martyrs ‘and Heroes’ Remembrance Day which was held last week: 21% very much agree that it is a day of mourning; 15% quite agree; 24% do not agree so much; and 40% say they do not see Holocaust Remembrance Day as a day of mourning for them.

Among the older generation, age 56 and over, more than half of the Haredim see Holocaust Day as a day of mourning, while among the younger generation, between the ages of 18-24, only a third see Holocaust Remembrance Day as an occasion for mourning.
Again, it's sickening to wonder if the Jerusalem Faction's cultists could comprise a significant sum of the respondents, seeing how opposed they are to army draft. The Satmar and Neturei Karta are already bound to have the worst indoctrination for this callous attitude of the younger generations. Some of this is also the result of the sad failure of the education ministry to monitor and inspect their schools to see how the pupils are being taught.

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2018's Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and terror victims

Israel's begun its current Memorial Day for soldiers and civilians murdered by jihadists:
Israel ushered in Memorial Day Tuesday with a minute-long siren in tribute to 23,645 soldiers and civilians who have fallen in the country’s wars and terror attacks.

Knesset Speaker Yoel (Yuli) Edelstein ushered in the memorial ceremonies by lighting a candle in the Knesset’s Chagall Hall and reciting a chapter from the Book of Psalms, while Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot, President Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and President Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin prepared to address memorial services around the country.

Speaking at the official state ceremony at the Western Wall, Eisenkot told bereaved families that while each individual death leaves a searing mark of pain and longing , Memorial Day is a time for joint mourning for a nation that has sacrificed its sons and daughters in the struggle for freedom.’
You can read more at the link.

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Monday, April 16, 2018 

Tragically, she's insane

The court in charge of the case of the infant from a Haredi family who drowned in an Ashdod hotel tub allowed for details to be published, and it turns out the mother - and possibly the father too - is a crackpot:
The mother of a 1-month-old baby who drowned in a hotel jacuzzi earlier this month is suspected of his murder, it was revealed Sunday, after a magistrates court in the coastal city of Ashdod lifted a gag order.

She is suspected of having submerged the infant at least three times, believing that a divine voice was telling her that if she kept him underwater, he would emerge as a grown man, because he was “the Messiah’s son,” the indictment shows.

The mother was initially suspected of criminal wrongdoing, a significantly lesser charge than that of murder, and the father of obstructing justice.

But the father, whose lawyer claimed he had nothing to do with the baby’s death, was released from detention Sunday, and police are reportedly reconsidering the case against him.
I think it'd be a huge mistake to go easy on him. He was obviously just as awful.
The woman, who has a history of mental problems, is currently hospitalized in a psychiatric ward on court orders.

The indictment comes despite a district psychiatrist ruling last week that she was not mentally fit to stand trial.

The couple, both aged 28, have a 7-year-old son and — according to people involved in the case quoted by Hebrew media — had recently succeeded in having another child after years of trying.
And they destroyed that chance altogether now. There's decidedly a valid argument to be made that their parental custody rights should be taken away from them and the child be transferred to the custody of different guardians - preferably non-Haredis - to ensure he'll be able to grow up in a better, more informed environment.

One of the most disturbing things about this whole subject is what was told at the funeral:
Tens of Orthodox women turned out for the baby’s burial, telling their children that the blame for the baby’s death fell on “the infidels.”
Now that is stunningly sick. If that's accurate, they imitated the approach of Islam, to declare anybody not like them "infidels". Which makes this whole case all the more horrifying.

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