Wednesday, April 01, 2015 

Yachad's spiritual leaders calls for reporting voter fraud

According to this, the spiritual leader of the party that didn't make it into the Knesset wants everyone concerned to report about voter fraud in the Haredi sector:
Rosh Yeshiva of the yeshiva Chair of Mercy (Kisei Rachamim) Hagaon Rabbi Moshe Mazuz, spiritual leader of the Party’ Yahcad, published in Radio Kol Chai on Sunday a letter in which he refers to the loss in the party elections while writing about the allegations that of electoral fraud.

Hagaon Rabbi Moshe writes in his letter: “Since we heard that there were many cases of fraud and intimidation at the polls, and, the party Yachad as a result did not pass the threshold – so I hereby give notice that according to my Torah opinion anyone who has seen or heard of these things that will give testimony to the proper authorities”.

Hagaon Rabbi Moshe added in the letter: “To bring truth and justice and integrity into their proper place – and as it says in the Torah ‘if he does not tell and he will carry the sin.”

In support of Rav Mazuz’ statements, we have to ask if it is intentional revenge or a logistic mistake? At the Yeshiva, Rabbi Meir Mazuz went on to claim that groups affiliated with Shas in the Bnei Brak municipality have been harassing them since the elections, because of their activities for the party Yachad. Among other claims, maintenance personnel from the yeshiva say that for many days the municipality has not bothered to remove the garbage. The sanitation department said in response: “These are fantasies.” Sunday night, after an inquiry by Walla News, a garbage truck arrived and cleared the rubbish of the Yeshiva.

“They usually clear the trash every day,” says Moses, the one responsible for cleaning the yeshiva. “At most, they pick it up every two days. Last week, they did not pick up the trash throughout the week. Only on Thursday, they finally came and took everything. The truck driver asked me: ‘What happened for the city to cut you off?’ Then I finally realized that he had received orders from above“. It would seem that this is a trivial argument, but in the yeshiva they say that it interrupts the orderly conduct of their daily business. “There are smelly bins on the street and it makes a mess”.

According to those responsible for cleaning, this is deliberate harassment. “After they took the garbage on Thursday, they didn’t come back. Even today, in the morning, while we saw passing garbage trucks on the street, workers collected garbage from all the bins from the surrounding buildings, except for the bins belonging to the yeshiva”.

The yeshiva pointed an accusing finger at the municipal sanitation department, as this issue is in their jurisdiction. The head of the division is Nati Nahum, who is affiliated with Shas. “Anyone who says such a claim, he lives in a dream world,” said Nahum in response to Walla News. “There is no reality in which the municipality leaves bins full for five days. Maybe it wouldn’t be cleared for one day after the yeshiva is out on vacation. “He said,” We have great respect for the Yeshiva“.

Meanwhile, Yishai’s party said they were not desperate over the outcome of the election. Rabbi Mazuz issued a ruling today demanding supporters complain of fakes and intimidation at the polls, as he says, “as a result of this, we did not pass the threshold“.
What I find particularly surprising is that the police did nothing to keep proper watch on the polling stations. That's why it was able to happen. They have to start acting more efficiently if they don't want this to continue.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015 

Muslims in Spain arrested before joining jihad in Syria

Spanish police arrested members of a Muslim family whose sons were going to join ISIS:
Police on Tuesday arrested four members of a family, including 16-year-old twin boys who were allegedly about to travel to Syria to become jihadi fighters, the Interior Ministry said.

A ministry statement said the parents and their sons were arrested in the northeastern city of Badalona, near Barcelona. The ministry said the four were Moroccan nationals.

The statement said the boys were suspected of planning to travel to Morocco on Tuesday before going to Turkey and finally Syria.

The ministry said authorities believe an older brother joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Syria and died last year.

The statement said the twins had left school in Spain to study the Quran in Morocco and were in a process of jihadi radicalization.
Those who study the Koran aren't getting education. Otherwise, they wouldn't quit school.

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The disgrace at Fort Hood

A survivor of Nidal Hasan's bloodbath at Fort Hood gave an account of her experience in the Wall Street Journal, and how even now, the military/government's doing little or nothing to fully compensate the victims.

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Monday, March 30, 2015 

An awful Iranian deal brewing

It looks like the Obama administration is determined to go through with Iran dealing no matter what the costs:
Netanyahu predicted that many countries in the region would be immediately affected by a bad deal.

“Moderate, responsible countries in the region, primarily Israel but other countries as well, will be the first to be harmed by this agreement,” he said.
And now the Obama administration wants to make everything harder by keeping on with this. It's going to take some serious protesting to prevent one of the most awful political deals from being made.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015 

Foreign spending in Israeli elections in forseeable future

One of Netanyahu's campaign managers sees a wave of overseas spending in Israeli elections coming in later years:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's campaign manager is predicting a wave of outside spending in future Israeli elections.

"I think in every election campaign from this point onward, you'll see external groups slugging the market. It'll be very interesting," Netanyahu's top strategist, Aron Shaviv, told The Hill.

"This precedent, I think that we're about to see in Israeli elections, is the same effect that Citizens United vs. FEC had in the United States," Shaviv said, referring to the controversial Supreme Court ruling that allowed nonprofit groups to make unlimited independent political expenditures.

In light of the precedent, Shaviv is considering leading a right-wing political action committee in the next election.

During the campaign, Netanyahu allies decried the influence of foreigners, a group that saw a higher profile this year, arguing they found a loophole by not directly supporting a candidate but merely opposing the Israeli leader.

"The campaign slogan was 'Anyone but Bibi,'" Shaviv said. "Of course it was personal."

Shaviv, who is based in Israel but consults in other mostly European countries, said foreign groups took advantage of independent expenditures this cycle, estimating they outspent political parties in Israel at least 2-to-1 on advertising.
The chances foreign sources will continue this effort to influence Israeli elections is still very high, and that's why more efforts will be needed to put a halt to foreign interference. Even European countries and the USA are going to have to work hard if they don't want their own elections influenced for the wrong reasons.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015 

Harvey Weinstein says Jews should fight back against anti-semites

Movie producer Weinstein has suddenly come out in favor of striking back at Jew-haters, though there's one part that warrants suspicion:
Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein told a packed audience at the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s National Tribute Dinner Tuesday night that the way to combat the new wave of anti-Semitism is to “stand up and kick these guys in the ass,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

“It’s like, here we go again, we’re right back where we were [before the Holocaust],” said the 63-year-old Weinstein after accepting the Wiesenthal Center’s Humanitarian Award. “We just can’t take it anymore [from] these crazy bastards.”

“I think it’s time that we, as Jews, get together with the Muslims who are honorable and peaceful, but we also have to go and protect ourselves,” he said. “There’s a quote from Kurt Vonnegut’s book The Sirens of Titan and it always was the motto of Miramax and now the Weinstein Co. It says, 'Good can triumph over evil if the angels are as organized as the mafia.’”
He may be alluding to "moderate" Muslims, but I still don't see why he has to bring that up. What matters is that Jews who really care must fight back against anti-semites the world over. On which note, he's doing the right thing to bring up this issue. But he shouldn't have to dampen the impact by making moot points.

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Friday, March 27, 2015 

Letter writer to Post-Gazette sums it up

A correspondent to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette defends the Israeli leadership:
Poor President Obama feels rebuked by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Well, too bad.

Take a look at what is going on in the Middle East. Does it really look like the Muslims want peace?

Let’s look at Israel. Every time Israel has tried to make peace it has been rebuked. How many wars have been started by Israel and how many by the Arabs? Does Mr. Obama really feel the Israelis should trust the Palestinians?

Remember what happened when the Israelis gave back Gaza? Think again, Mr. President.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015 

3 suspects from Har Nof arrested for throwing firebomb at Yachad rally

Some Shas cultists were nailed for endangering lives at a rally for a failed attempt to set up an alternative to the awful Shas party:
Three male Jewish suspects were arrested early Wednesday morning after allegedly throwing a firebomb shortly before midnight at a large youth rally supporting embattled Yahad party chairman Eli Yishai in Jerusalem’s Har Nof.

According to Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, the firebomb exploded in the middle of a street near Yishai’s home, where the gathering of approximately 200 assembled. No one was injured, he said.

“Police arrived shortly after the petrol bomb was thrown and found the three suspects, two of whom are minors, hiding in Har Nof,” Rosenfeld said.

After spending several hours in jail, the three were arraigned at Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Wednesday afternoon, he said, at which time a judge placed them under house arrest for at least five days.
Whenever I see these kind of hoodlums only get house arrest, that's very disappointing. A serious offense that could've caused terrible injuries requires more than just house arrest. Their age status should not keep them from being put in jail either.
The rally took place in front of Yishai’s home to support the politician following weak election results. Yishai leaders have alleged that Shas activists perpetrated voter fraud, resulting in the poor showing.
It's possible, and they may have tried this at least once before, since their minions seem to have a severe hatred of any rival daring to trod on their turf.

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