Thursday, August 17, 2017 

13 dead in van attack in Barcelona

There may have been a car attack by a jihadist in Spain a few months earlier, but now it's happened again, and in an area where there's a kosher restaurant (Hat tip: Hot Air):
A terrorist-driven van plowed through a crowded pedestrian plaza in the heart of Barcelona on Thursday afternoon, killing at least 13 people dead and injuring dozens, the latest in a series of low-tech attacks in European cities.

Catalan authorities said they had arrested one man for the attack in Las Ramblas during the height of the tourist season. They said they expected the number of deaths to rise.

"My most serious condemnation to the terrorist attack in Barcelona," Catalan's Interior Minister Joaquim Forn tweeted just before night fell on the city. "We can confirm 13 deaths and more than 50 wounded."
Will this convince Spain in turn that their own willingness to allow Muslim migrants into the country along with those they already got? They're going to have to start doing some serious thinking, and also expel many from their country. As Geert Wilders has said, the west has to de-Islamize their societies.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017 

Young girl dies from car crashing into pizza restaurant in France

The authorities, unsurprisingly, are withholding exact details here, but it doesn't take much to guess who could've caused this truly awful attack in Sept-Sorts that left an infant injured as well:
Police say they have arrested one man in connection with the incident but have so far not identified the individual or made any claims as to the motivation of the suspect. A young eight-year-old girl has been confirmed dead at the scene and a further five people are in critical condition French broadcaster BFMTV reports.

Several unconfirmed pictures have been published on Twitter which appears to show a car that matches the description of the BMW involved in the incident.
Ah, another somebody who's loaded enough to buy an expensive vehicle, I see. And that's telling something.
According to French broadcaster RTL police are saying the man wanted to commit suicide, had weapons in his vehicle and is 31-years-old. Authorities are saying the motive for the act is not terrorism according to early investigations. Five of those injured in the attack remain in critical condition.
I think the authorities owe an apology for claiming a car attack isn't terrorism. After all, that's what happened at the clash between two equally loathsome movements in Charlottesville a few days ago - white supremacists on the one hand and Antifa activists on the other - when one crackpot rammed people with a Dodge Challenger, which, as a sport model, is pretty expensive too.

And whether the culprit wanted to commit suicide, he didn't have to attack other people to do so. That's why it's clear there's more than meets the eye to this terrible case that's left a poor girl murdered.

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A Haredi black marketeer does illegal work with infants and the army

Here's a disturbing story about a Haredi crook who's worked in both illegal activity involving infant trafficking and military exemptions:
Haim Aharon Yosefi, a leading ultra-Orthodox businessman and a member of the Lithuanian faction Degel HaTorah, was caught by a Yedioth Ahronoth journalist on Sunday. This after already being exposed Sunday in an investigation into his trafficking in newborn babies.

This is not the first time Yosefi was detained over suspicions that he provided psychiatric exemptions from IDF service: six months ago, he was arrested and interrogated on suspicion of helping to exempt young Haredi men from military service for a fee.
Wow, what a disgrace. A black marketeer who makes it his life's mission to undermine the country with his illegal business ventures. And that he's a member of the UTJ party speaks volumes about what kind of people's support they rely on. He should by all means be jailed for what he's been up to.

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Monday, August 14, 2017 

Ever since the Bataclan bloodbath, there's been a 60 percent rise in Islamic extremism in France

This is what's been happening for 2 years now, ever since the bloodbath in Paris at the Bataclan:
In less than two years since the Islamist Bataclan terror attack, France has seen a 60 per cent rise in the number of people on the Terrorist Prevention and Radicalisation Reporting File (FSPRT).

At the time of the November 2015 coordinated assaults at the French national stadium and the Bataclan theatre, resulting in the deaths of 130 and nearly 400 injuries, the FSPRT contained 11,400 cases. Less than two years later, the file contains 18,550 cases with Le Figaro commenting: “The file is constantly growing.”

The newspaper reports that along with personal details such as name, address, and criminal records, the file contains details of relationships with other radical Islamists.

The report noted a strong presence of radicals in the departments of Île-de-France (Paris region), the North, the Bouches-du-Rhône, the Rhône, and the Alpes-Maritimes (home to the city of Nice, where the Bastille Day terror attack occurred).
Well if they want to prevent another horror story from occurring, they're going to have to put a lot of these vile scum in detention as part of preventive measures, and most importantly, deport and exile them. Otherwise, another terrorist attack is bound to happen, and it'll probably be very soon.

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The Haredi political support for destroying Jewish villages

Haredi MK Moshe Gafni gave an example of his party's past support for damaging the Land of Israel as far back as the late 1970s:
Although haredi parties tend to be in rightwing governments, Rabbi Elazar Menachem Man Shach firmly supported evacuating settlements, United Torah Judaism MK Moshe Gafni reminded yeshiva students in an address this week.

Gafni showed Walla a copy of a letter to then-prime minister Menachem Begin from Shach, the former dean of the Ponevezh Yeshiva and the spiritual head of the non-hassidic haredi (“Lithuanian”) community and the Degel Hatorah Party, who died in 2001.

The letter is dated April 18, 1978, when Begin was negotiating peace with Egypt, which involved returning Sinai to Egypt and evacuating Yamit.

“I want your honor to know that concessions made only for peace are not concessions, and when God will have mercy on us and the time comes, everything will be returned to us,” Shach wrote. “According to Halacha, there is nothing preventing concessions of parts of the Land of Israel for peace, and according to history, we suffered more from European countries than from Arab countries.”

Shach said he understood it is difficult to give up territory in opposition to what one feels, especially if the feeling is religious, “but it is the responsibility of a responsible main who makes decisions relating to life and death to rise above feelings and take actions only according to logic, and this is logic based on the view of the Torah.”
Man, what a cowardly disgrace Shach was, and so too is Gafni. Yes, antisemitism by European countries is bad. But to say Islamic antisemitism is less of a problem is taking a naive approach and minimizing the harm they've caused, past and present. Yet it's no shock that a man who led such a mostly insular life would do such a thing, all without even communicating with the people whose lived were damaged by the evacuation and lost their homes. That's absolutely shameful, and for that Shach deserves to be remembered in an archive for the research of traitors. And he did it all under the guise of religion, while distorting the meaning of "pikuach nefesh". Just where it is written that land concessions are perfectly acceptable? Only in his interpretation.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017 

Britain's conspiracy of silence on Muslim rape gangs

From what this report tells, it looks like the crisis of Muslim rape gangs targeting white girls was able to keep going because of the silence of many authority representatives, and it's still going on:
Newcastle has joined a list of British cities where grooming gangs, made up of predominantly Pakistani Muslim men, systematically rape and abuse vulnerable, white girls.

A nationwide pattern emerged after the first prosecutions in Rotherham, and then Rochdale, where a “culture of silence” and political correctness led to inaction by authorities who feared being called “racist”.

Thousands of girls were raped and abused by Muslim grooming gangs since the late 1980s with cases largely going ignored until 2001.

One Rotherham rape survivor said that authorities did nothing and made her feel like she was a racist, being told specifically not to comment on the ethnicity of the perpetrators.

A former police detective who helped prosecute a Rochdale grooming gang claimed a conspiracy of cover-ups “goes right to the top of Government”, and said there were still paedophiles at large in the town.
In that case, they're not truly serious about putting an end to the tragedy they've caused, which is modern day slavery. It's just more failure to prove their devotion to justice for many girls who fell victim to the Religion of Rape.

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Friday, August 11, 2017 

PLO cannot be allowed to use tax money to pay terrorists

Abraham Miller wrote for the Cleveland Plain Dealer why politicians must put an end to the PLO's receiving tax dollars, by passing the Taylor Force act:
Had he survived the intifada of the knives, Taylor Force would have been a father, a loving husband, and well on his way to an outstanding career.

But Taylor Force will be none of these. The young U.S. Army captain, combat veteran, and West Point graduate -- in Israel to study entrepreneurship with his Vanderbilt University Graduate School of Management classmates -- had his life stolen from him on the night of March 8, 2016 while walking on a Jaffa pier.

The perpetrator was a knife-wielding terrorist in a scene that is now all too common. Ten others were wounded in the same attack that night.

Taylor Force was murdered not only by a single assailant but also by a cultural, political, and perverted theological belief system that inculcates hatred from childhood and promises rewards, both earthly and heavenly, for the random murder of innocents.

The Palestinian Authority financially rewards each Palestinian terrorist (or his/her family) based on a logarithm involving the notoriety, body count, and (when applicable) jail sentence resulting from an attack.
The best way to deal with the PLO is to stop recognizing them as any kind of legitimate entity, political or otherwise. And Europe needs to be called upon to stop abusing the public's tax money too.

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Sebastien Jallamion: victim of socialist/Islamofascist persecution

Gates of Vienna (via Diana West) has the following horror story of a French policeman who was targeted for speaking out against ISIS on Facebook:
We’ve posted previously about Sébastien Jallamion, a French policeman who was drummed out of the force for an anti-ISIS post on Facebook that was considered “hate speech”.

After he was cashiered, Mr. Jallamion was attacked by several “youths” and beaten very badly. Later he was prosecuted for his “crime”. Then, when his attackers were finally taken to court, they walked free after receiving the lightest possible slap on the wrist.

After his first prosecution, the judge refused to impose jail time. However, the prosecution appealed the leniency of the lower court, and the appeals court eventually imposed a fine that was engineered to ensure that Mr. Jallamion would go to prison — where Muslim criminals dominate, as they do throughout the prisons of Western Europe.

To avoid such a fate, Sébastien Jallamion chose exile in Switzerland. The following video was recorded from Swiss soil, timed to accompany the publication of his book.
So now he's been forced to flee his own country. He was one of the biggest victims of the socialist structure in France, to say nothing of Hollande's disaster of a government. In fact, it sounds like they practically plotted to murder him, if they'd put him in prison where Muslims number many. What they did is enough to make one wonder if the people involved are pro-terrorist.

Mr. Jallamion should be given a pardon and exonerated. Assuming that Emmanuel Macron wants to prove himself a capable politician, he should ensure Jallamion will be able to return to France unpersecuted, and even see to it that the district attorneys who did this will be disbarred. And above all, that the laws are modified so that atrocities like this won't happen again.

In fact, Jallamion should be invited to speak before Congress in the USA to tell them about the horrors Europe's come to embody all these years.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017 

The murderer of Sarah Halimi has been transferred to prison

Some positive news came out, that the Islamofascist who murdered Sarah Halimi was moved from the psychiatric ward where he never qualified for in the first place, to a prison cell, where he belongs:
The Islamist assailant who murdered Paris Jewish pensioner Sarah Halimi in April has been moved from a psychiatric hospital to a prison near the French capital — suggesting that he is likely to face trial for his crime, a French Jewish newspaper reported on Thursday.

The report published by Actualite Juive said that Kobili Traore — the 27-year-old Malian immigrant who broke into Halimi’s apartment on April 4, beat her brutally while shouting Islamist slogans and then threw her from a third-floor window — had been moved from the hospital to Fresnes prison, south of Paris, on July 11. [...]

Alex Buchinger, a lawyer for the Halimi family, expressed surprise that Traore had been moved to prison before the publication of his psychiatric assessment — which will be a key determinant of whether he stands trial in a case that has raised disturbing questions about France’s attitude to antisemitic violence. Buchinger said that he expected the assessment would be made available by August 22.
So apparently, the authorities realized that people had caught onto them, and so far, it looks like they've corrected their mistake. But they're also going to have to apologize for the failure of the officers who came to the scene to act immediately, and also for trying to come up with the pathetic excuse of "mental illness" in the first place, all to cover for the ideological motivations they clearly condone. That's practically why all these years, the press in France acted hostile to many opponents of Islam, even if they didn't take the same offensive approaches as Jean-Marie Le Pen, who later proved he was pro-Islam all along.

Traore should receive the death sentence for what he did, and it's regrettable Europe doesn't have the death sentence today. That's why a campaign should be made to restore it.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2017 

18 people associated with Muslim rape gang in Britain convicted

Note: whenever I write about many of the terrible cases going on in Britain now, I'm going to use that picture I posted with its caption, because IMO, the Big Ben clock tower in Westminster has always sounded more like a doom signal; maybe even the Cassandra nobody listened to.

The authorities in Britain have convicted at least 18 culprits involved in a Muslim rape gang, something that was going on as far back as the late 80s, and even now, unfortunately, hasn't been stopped completely:
Seventeen South Asian men and one Caucasian woman have been convicted of involvement in a mostly Muslim sex grooming gang operating in Newcastle, in the largest case of its kind since Rotherham and Rochdale.

The gang was found guilty of nearly 100 offences, including the rape and human trafficking of vulnerable women and girls. They preyed upon teenage girls with drugs and alcohol at sex parties known as “sessions”, Chronicle Live reports.

The police have come under strong criticism for paying almost £10,000 to a convicted child rapist to work as an informant in the case.

The victims were aged between 14 and 22 years old. They were passed around by their abusers and were sometimes said to be too intoxicated to even know what was happening to them.

One victim said she had been to 60 such “sessions”, the BBC reports. She spoke of seeing two older men at one of them with a woman who seemed “frightened and scared, like a slave”.

Jim Hope, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “These men systematically groomed and abused vulnerable teenage girls and young women over a number of years for their own sexual gratification.”
And for years, authorities did nothing about it. That they'd even pay money to a criminal who'd committed abuse himself is another serious mistake on their part. I'd say the police and legal system have to shoulder much of the blame, because they could've stopped the horrors if they wanted to, and they didn't.

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It's disgraceful Elor Azaria should have to be in prison for killing a terrorist

The former IDF soldier Azaria's been put in prison for slaying an jihadist:
Former IDF soldier Elor Azaria on Wednesday entered the military prison where he will be serving his 18 month sentence for killing an incapacitated Palestinian terrorist. His imprisonment has been the center of widescale debate in Israel over military ethics.

Azaria was found guilty of manslaughter by a military court in January for killing Palestinian attacker Abdel Fatah al-Sharif in Hebron on March 24, 2016. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison, 12 months’ suspended sentence after serving that term and demoted to private in February. He has since been discharged from the army.

A crowd of supporters saw Azaria off from his home in the city of Ramla. He was taken to the base in the center of the country, where the prison is located, in a car decorated with Israeli flags and plastered with stickers expressing support for him. His parents, his girlfriend and his lawyer Yoram Sheftel.

Speakiing to reporters, Sheftelsaid it was "a sad day for the IDF and a majority of Israel."

A crowd of dozens of people were also waiting for him at the entrance to the base.

[...] By law Eisenkot will only be able to discuss Azaria’s request for clemency after September 7, when the verdict becomes final and cannot be appealed.

On Sunday, Sheftel asked to hold a hearing on delaying his sentence and entry to prison for three weeks, until the chief of staff decided whether to commute it.
He most definitely should receive a pardon, because given this was a savage they were dealing with, it's atrocious they'd railroad him in the first place. The terrorist wasn't as incapacitated as thought, according to some reports, tried to strike, and that's why Azaria shot him. A serious case of injustice.

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Another car ramming jihad attack in Paris

The criminal appears to have been caught, and what's noteworthy here is that he was driving an expensive vehicle, a BMW:
The suspected driver who rammed a vehicle into a crowd of soldiers, injuring six of them, in a Paris suburb was arrested Wednesday after he was wounded during a brief standoff with police, French officials said.

The driver of a BMW was wounded in a gunfight on a highway north of Paris, a judicial official said. Shots were fired when the arrest turned violent. The man was stopped as police were hunting for the vehicle that was involved in an attack French police believe may have had a terror motive.

The condition of the man, who was not immediately identified, is unknown at this time. He was arrested hours after a driver rammed a car into a crowd of soldiers, leaving at least three of the six hit with serious injuries -- though they were believed to be non-life threatening. Two French officials told The Associated Press it was too early to say for certain the man was the driver.

The soldiers were part of the 35th infantry regiment in the suburb of Saint-Mande and were leaving their barracks just after 8 a.m. when the attack occurred. France's Interior Minister Gerard Collomb told reporters the driver targeted the soldiers in a calculated car attack.

[...] The service members were part of Opération Sentinelle, an anti-terrorism operation that was created after the 2015 Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. The mission's aim is to protect civilians.

Collomb said Wednesday's car attack marks the sixth time soldiers with the Sentinelle operation have been targeted.
It most definitely does sound like the attack was planned, and that he drove a luxury brand car only proves common jihadists aren't solely "poverty stricken". Though I will have to note that people who commit acts of violence against even innocent authorities don't deserve any money or fortune at all.

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