Sunday, July 23, 2017 

An Islamofascist who murdered 3 people in Halamish should get the death sentence

A jihadist broke into Halamish and murdered 3 people before being neutralized by a soldier passing by:
Several ministers in the Security Cabinet called for the terrorist who massacred a family Halamish Friday night to be executed ahead of Sunday’s cabinet meeting.

Military courts can sentence someone to death, though the option has not been used since 1962, when senior Nazi Adolf Eichmann was hanged after being convicted of genocide and crimes against humanity.

The ministers called for the death penalty after 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist Omar al-Abed entered a home in Halamish, in Samaria, and began stabbing members of the Salomon family, who were having Shabbat dinner. He murdered Yosef Salomon, 70, and his children Chaya, 46, and Elad, 36, who was celebrating the birth of his fifth child. He also severely injured Yosef’s wife Tovah, who remains hospitalized. Elad’s wife was able to hide together with her five children, saving their lives. An IDF soldier who lives nearby shot al-Abed before he was able to continue the massacre.

“The option of the death penalty exists in military courts,” Education Minister Naftali Bennett said. “There is no need for legislation; just to ask. I call on the military prosecution to demand the death penalty for the terrorist that killed the Salomon family.”
I fully agree. The monster should be put to death for what he did to innocent people.

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Friday, July 21, 2017 

Gazan jihadists are threatening chaos over Temple Mount security

The Islamofascists have made clear they won't cease with their greed for the Temple Mount:
The leaders of Palestinian jihadist factions in the Gaza Strip held a press conference threatening that if Israel continues an “assault” against the Al Aqsa Mosque, “this will result in a response that will change the entire region.”

The terrorist groups were referring to the Israeli government’s decision to install metal detectors at the entrances to the Mount, the holiest site in Judaism and holy to Islam as well.

Protest leaders, including top Palestinian officials, claim the metal detectors are part of an Israeli conspiracy to hamper Muslim worship at the Temple Mount.

The activists, jihadists and Palestinian officials seemingly failed to note that Israel’s new security measures were put into place in direct response to the murderous Palestinian terrorist attack at the Mount last Friday in which three assailants somehow smuggled weapons onto the site. The metal detectors will protect all visitors to the Mount, including Muslim worshipers.
Of course they'd fail to note any vital details. For them, even their own are sacrifices in the jihad against Israel and the rest of the free world.

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Britain's major cities lose their white majority as immigrants take higher percentages

Over in England, it looks like multiculturalism has already long seen to it that native Brits would be replaced by immigrants, many of whom today are Muslims:
Migration had already rendered London a so-called “plural city” by the time the 2011 census was taken, with White British residents not a majority in 23 of London’s 33 boroughs.

Outside the capital, White British have also lost their majority status in Leicester, Luton and Slough.
From what I know, there's at least a few other British cities besides London with Muslim mayors, and if the above don't have them yet, there's every sad chance they will. And one can only figure what comes with those.

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The Juice is going to be turned loose

He may be facing considerable debt when he's released, but all the same, it's very sad he will be let out:
O.J. Simpson is set to be released from prison in October after serving nine years behind bars for a botched robbery attempt, but he will soon be shackled by multi-million dollar civil judgement.

A court order requires that Simpson pay millions pertaining to the wrongful deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman, Reuters reports. The families of Brown and Goldman are also entitled to some portion of Simpson’s future earnings.
Certainly it's good he's being punished financially, but he should still remain in prison for his vile crime. If he is let go, he should wind up in the gutter as a hobo. Those who murder defenseless women should not even have so much as social security.

Update: another reason why his release is bad news: there's certain scummy people out there who want to hire him for TV reality shows. And we wonder how morale's sunk so low.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017 

Will Lev Tahor finally be shut down?

That's what we have to hope, now that their guru's gone to face divine prosecution. This article talks about how everything stands now:
The saga of a cult of ultra-Orthodox fundamentalist Jews whose controversial practices have led them to wander the world – from Israel to the U.S., Canada, Guatemala and finally to Mexico – could be heading into a dramatic final chapter.

Mexican media outlets are reporting that the charismatic leader of the Lev Tahor sect, Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans, drowned in a river.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman told Haaretz that an official from the Israeli consulate in Mexico is headed to the country’s southern region to confirm the death and identify Helbrans’ body. According to Mexican media reports, Helbrans, 55, was overtaken by river currents in the southeastern state of Chiapas while taking part in a ritual immersion.

The fact that members of the group, ruled a “dangerous cult” by an Israeli court, were living in Mexico was little-known. Oded Twik, an activist for the families of Lev Tahor members, said that Helbrans had quietly led his followers out of Guatemala several months ago, crossing the border into the Chiapas, where they were seeking asylum status, without alerting the media. The Mexican government, he said, had allowed Helbrans and his followers to temporarily remain in the country for 180 days, and the group had already begun a campaign to convince the Mexicans to let them stay longer.

When the news of Helbrans’ drowning first broke on Saturday, Twik thought perhaps they weren’t true and it was some kind of a ruse. “I suspected that he staged it” in order to evade authorities who were chasing him, he said. But over the course day on Sunday, he checked with his contacts in the region and the reports appeared increasingly credible.

Twik was told that Helbrans was not yet been buried and that his body was in refrigeration, awaiting official identification, but his family members would not permit an autopsy. The activist, who extracted his own family members from Lev Tahor in Guatemala two years ago, said he was concerned about ensuing actions by the group’s leadership following Helbrans’ death. He also worried that distressed members could harm themselves: “These are people in a cult who have lost their spiritual leader. The reaction could be extreme.”

There is little that isn’t extreme about Lev Tahor, comprised of an estimated 250 members (though the precise number of adherents is unknown).

The group is known as the “Jewish Taliban” in the Israeli press because the women wear head-to-toe black robes, reminiscent of what women in Afghanistan had to wear during Taliban rule. The group’s name means “Pure Heart” and reflects the philosophy of Helbrans, who preached that members must purify themselves from the corrupting influences that defile the rest of the world – including other ultra-Orthodox groups, from which many of his followers came. He dictated a closely supervised, spartan way of life and rejected modern technology, going beyond the decrees of even the strictest ultra-Orthodox streams. He did share with them an anti-Zionist philosophy and a belief that the State of Israel is an evil and illegitimate entity.

Twik and other relatives of Lev Tahor members charge that the cult keeps its members in line with cruel and extreme methods, including physical violence, psychiatric drugs, the removal of children from their parents and forcing underage girls to marry older men.

Helbrans was born into a secular Israeli family. As a teenager, he became religious and joined the anti-Zionist Satmar Hassidic sect. In the late 1980s, Helbrans developed his own following, preaching the future apocalyptic destruction of the State of Israel and basing his predictions on biblical prophecies. In 1990 he moved his followers to the United States, and founded a yeshiva in Brooklyn. Four years later, he was convicted of kidnapping a 13-year-old who was sent to the yeshiva to study for his bar mitzvah by convincing him to become ultra-Orthodox, sever ties with his family and join Lev Tahor.

After serving two years in prison for the crime, he was granted parole and moved with his followers to Monsey, New York, where he again ran a yeshiva, but the local ultra-Orthodox community became hostile toward the group. In 2000, the United States deported Helbrans back to Israel, but he and his followers soon moved to Quebec, Canada, seeking – and receiving – refugee status from the Canadian government. Helbrans claimed he was persecuted by Israel for his anti-Zionist views. The group remained in Canada for a decade, but their troubles with authorities followed them, with allegations of child abuse mounting over the years. In 2013 the scrutiny of the Quebec child protection services drove them out of that province and to Ontario, but they remained on the radar of Canadian authorities – and the Canadian media, which reported on their severe practices extensively.

After several of the sect’s children were placed in foster care and it appeared that group's leaders would face criminal charges, members fled Canada in 2014, heading for Guatemala.

After an initial stay in Guatemala City, the group moved to the village of San Juan La Laguna on the shores of Lake Atitlan, but they were soon forcibly driven out after clashing with the villages’ Council of Indigenous Elders. The town’s former mayor ended up with a year-long prison sentence for forcing them out of the town.

After the expulsion, Lev Tahor members moved back to Guatemala City, but after authorities there raided the sect’s compound amid allegations of physical and mental abuse of their children in 2016, they moved once again, this time to Oratorio, a village 50 miles southeast of Guatemala City.

On April 25, 2017 a ruling by an Israeli court declared that the sect was a “dangerous cult” that abused children. The court was petitioned by families of Lev Tahor devotees to increase pressure on the government to repatriate Israeli children living with the sect abroad and try to prevent others from being taken out of the country.

Evidence showed “the Lev Tahor community treats the children of the community ... with severe physical punishment, with underage marriage ... with spouses who sometimes have age differences of up to 20 years," wrote Judge Rivka Makayes wrote in her decision. She added that “there is a punitive policy toward members of the community that includes the separation of children from their parents – even in infancy – and the transfer of children to be raised in another family; the prevention of formal education and isolation from the outside world and all external sources of information.”

According to the Foreign Ministry, the mandate of the diplomat headed to Chiapas is strictly to confirm Helbrans' death, not to investigate the state of the Israeli Lev Tahor members there.

Twik says Israel has turned a deaf ear to the appeals of families of Lev Tahor members over the years, and has not done enough to help the children he believes they have abused. He said that he “took the matter into my own hands” two years ago and “rescued” his family members by force from Guatemala himself after concluding that “the state wasn’t going to do anything.” Twik’s sister and her children now live in New Jersey. He said they were in “complete shock” at the news of Helbrans' death.

He said he was not at all certain that the death of the group's founder would mark the end of Lev Tahor. Although the loss of the spiritual leader will cause “cracks,” Twik believes that overall, the organization is a “well-oiled machine,” and that other powerful members of the group, including Helbrans’ son Nahman, are capable of taking over the leadership role. He noted that during the times Helbrans was detained or imprisoned, the sect – made up mainly of Israeli and American Jews – continued to function.

Israeli officials “should go there now, talk to the people, calm them down, check up on them. There are Israeli children there,” said Twik. “It’s a crazy group with crazy practices. I look at my family and they were abused badly – not just by Helbrans, but by powerful families in the group.”
Who deserve to be punished themselves too. Testimonies have come out about the abuse inflicted in the cult, and these too are chilling:
One 14-year-old boy, who belongs to the Sadigora hasidic court, spoke to Kikar Hashabbat about violence towards himself and his friends.

In a video taken two weeks ago - before Rabbi Shlomo Halberantz drowned - by a delegate who infiltrated the group and was sent by the boy's relatives, the boy can be heard speaking about the difficult life he and the other children in the community face.

The boy's parents are still part of "Lev Tahor," were mesmerized by Halberantz and joined his community.

"I've lived with Lev Tahor for twelve and a half years, and I want to tell them everything," the boy said, stuttering and with a low grade vocabulary. "I live there. This hell that everyone says isn't real? It's real. I want to tell you... I want to tell you about all the things that happened in Lev Tahor."

"I wrote this note, it talks about all the things I want to tell you. A lot of bad things happened here. First of all I want to tell you about A. He's a bad teacher. He did a lot of bad things with the children. He punched the children, kicked the children, and did a lot of bad things."

The boy then listed more of the group's leaders, explaining that one of them "killed a baby and another person, he punches and kicks the children." Later, he spoke about some of the group's more known personalities, who violently undressed the children and brutally hit them.

The boy also described horrific things which were done by one of the leaders to one of the children, but at some point he stopped himself and said, "I can't tell you more things that B did to C... He did a lot of very bad things."

About himself, he said, "They undressed me, beat me and kicked me many times, and they did a lot of bad things to me. At first I thought they were good Jews, but afterwards I saw that they are bad people, especially what D did to E."
If the part about an infant/child being murdered are correct, then the cult is guilty of - what else? - murder in the first degree. That's all the more reason why, one way or another, they have to be shut down.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017 

Court documents on PLO torture released

An Israeli court's released research on the PLO's graphic torture of "collaborators" with Israel since the 1990s:
The Jerusalem District Court cleared for publication an unprecedented ruling stating that the Palestinian Authority was responsible for the unlawful detention and torture of collaborators with Israel since the 1990s.

In the precedent-setting ruling of Jerusalem District Court Judge Moshe Drori which covers over two thousand pages, the Judge details the legal considerations that led him to his decision, as well as the torture that collaborators have experienced in the cellars of the Palestinian Authority over the years. [...]

In this case, however, we are dealing with a sequence of dozens of plaintiffs, attesting, individually, to events, with the detailed picture written in the individual chapters. After this detailed writing, it is inevitable to say that this is an accumulation of evidence, which shows that the PA - with all its branches and mechanisms detailed in the individual chapters - used severe violence, including harsh torture, against the Plaintiffs,” the Judge said.

Deliberations, which have been going on for more than a decade before the court, gave a picture of harsh torture over the years. “Most of the plaintiffs describe similar descriptions of torture (torture by the “Shabaah” method - hanging the prisoner in different ways, exposure to freezing cold or heat, preventing drinking or forced drinking from the toilet, beatings, forced sitting on a broken and sharp bottle). It’s hard to assume that similar torture methods did not stem from a single method, which was acceptable at the time in jails,” the Judge wrote.
It's enough to make one vomit. This is exactly why the PLO cannot be recognized as legitimate.

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Simone Veil did a terrible disfavor to France, and the Jewish community

I think it's time I had a word on the passing of Simone Veil, a Holocaust survivor and the former health minister of France at the time Valery Giscard d'Estaing was president.

For somebody who's now being lauded following her death at age 89, it's devastating that somebody who experienced terror at the hands of the nazis would later approve of abortion, which is practically what the nazis favored themselves when it came to non-Aryan races they wanted to subjugate and destroy.

Galliawatch has some interesting information about Veil, and what her potential political background could be like:
Unlike feminist Evelyne Sullerot (see below), Simone Veil never expressed regret or alarm over the number of abortions; nor did she ever acknowledge that as the mores of society changed, abortion had become a green light for sexual licence and often led to misery and degradation for many girls. And that, contrary to expectations, abortion did not make relationships between men and women easier, but more problematical. For why should a man be concerned about love and marriage if women are free to “do as they please with their body”, and if there are no consequences to either the act of sex or the act of abortion?

While the Veil Law removed responsibility from both men and women it catapulted Simone Veil to the heights of fame and adulation and she became and remained the most admired woman in France, both on the left and the right. Only Catholics and others with a similar moral code reacted with deep concern, if not horror, at the potential human loss that would not only bring about a decrease in population but would open the floodgates of immigration as a “replacement” for the children who were never born. Madame Veil never spoke out against immigration, no doubt because she regarded such a position as “racist” and too reminiscent of the Nazism under which she had suffered.
But she didn't think abortion was something the nazis would've been proud of? Or the Islamofascists? What she did, with utter irresponsibility, caused a lot of damage to France and other countries that similarly legalized abortion without exercising caution. It goes without saying that, if she had no issues to raise against immigration of Islamists, then it calls into question whether she really had anything against fascism in any form. She insulted the intellect of a lot of people and did serious damage. That's not somebody who deserves to be exalted to high status.

She may never have condemned Islamic anti-semitism in France either, and there's a strong possibility she was a socialist; she had once worked with Francois Mitterand's government. Did I mention the likelihood her steps also encouraged Jewish women to get abortions? It's regrettable that now, she's being elevated to pagan status, and that in a manner of speaking, she's got a mindset vaguely similar to Roman Polanski.

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Moral equivalence by Macron doesn't solve anything

France's president may have supposedly condemned anti-semitism, and even anti-Zionism, when Benjamin Netanyahu came to visit the country this week. But the following news is a strong hint why Macron may not be true to his word:
However, Macron's historic speech contained an especially jarring comparison between the murder of Jews by Muslims and the racism Muslims themselves suffer in France. These are actually two very different phenomena that require different approaches. An attempt to placate the Muslim community and portray it as a victim of modern French society, without calling on this community to combat the radicals within it, is equivalent to the day-to-day silence in the face of racism that Macron himself denounced. Indeed, the modern murderous anti-Semitism in France and Europe is rooted in Islamic circles, and this must be stated clearly, as the president of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions did.

Macron has taken it upon himself to bring about an all-encompassing internal reconciliation so that all the French may find their place. This reconciliation necessitates bravely coping with big problems facing immigrant Muslim communities in France and Europe. But it must be stated that those who wish to see us abandon humanity, democracy and liberty all generally come from a specific religious background. Ignoring this fact or denying it will only exacerbate the problem. Internal reconciliation will be facilitated not just by acknowledging that Muslims are victims of European racism, but also by demanding that Muslims take responsibility for the radicalism in their communities and encouraging them to integrate into European societies rather than trying to change them.
Well they won't do that, because the Koran overrides everything. However, it's a shame that columnist Eldad Beck's failed to distinguish between religion and race, and note that if anything in this case, it's anti-religious sentiment Muslims in Europe are dealing with, because they adhere to such an atrocious, violent belief system.

Macron's commentary only suggests he's little different from Jacques Chirac, one of the most anti-semitic presidents in modern history, and he came from a right-wing background, not unlike George Bush Sr. That's why I don't think Chirac actually recognized France's own role in the Holocaust - if he won't acknowledge modern anti-semitism, then "recognition" of past anti-semitism is symbolic only, and was only done for brownie points. It could be the same with Macron, as we'll probably find out later.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017 

Muslim outrage over new security measures at Temple Mount

The Islamofascists are turning to their usual revolting attitude because they believe Israel is not allowed to maintain security at the site the ummah stole in the middle ages:
Muslims boycotted a Jerusalem holy site for the third day running Tuesday after Israeli authorities installed metal detectors and cameras at entrances to the sensitive compound following an attack that killed two policemen.

As in previous days, dozens of worshippers prayed outside the Haram al-Sharif compound, known to Jews as the Temple Mount, rather than enter through the metal detectors.

The attack and new security measures have increased Israeli-Palestinian tensions.

Protests and scuffles between demonstrators and Israeli police have erupted outside the site, which includes the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa mosque.
Gee, if they don't want to attend the mosque they shamelessly built there, that's actually a good thing. They had no business building it there in the first place, let alone forming such an obscene "religion".

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Sunday, July 16, 2017 

Donald and Melania Trump in France for Bastille Day

Here's several pictures and news about president Trump's visit to France for Bastille Day. According to the following:
As U.S. President Donald Trump returned home to the U.S. from France and on the one year anniversary of an Islamic terror attack in Nice, France, Trump pledged, “solidarity with France against terror.”

After two days in Paris to commemorate both Bastille Day and the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entry into WWI, President Trump tweeted, “The United States mourns for the victims of Nice, France. We pledge our solidarity with France against terror.”
The query is whether Macron's dedicated to the cause. On the surface, he may have agreed because he realizes how formidable Trump's proven so far as a voice on the topics. But as time goes by, he could just as well do a volte-face and prove as phony as he truly is.

Recent polls note that nearly 60 percent of the French public approve of Trump's visit to France, so that proves there's more approval for Trump than the MSM wants us to think over there. And with any luck, more approve of Trump than Macron.

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Homosexuality does not make one fit to be a child custodian

The Israeli government objects to homosexual couples adopting children:
The government announced on Sunday that there are no intentions to change the law and allow gay couples to adopt in Israel.

In response to a High Court petition the state said that it was opposed to allowing same-sex couples to adopt because it would place an “additional burden” on the child.

“The professional opinion of the Child Welfare Services supports preserving the existing situation” that the adopting couple be a man and a woman, the government wrote to the court.

This “takes into account the reality of Israeli society and the difficulty it may entail with regard to the child being adopted.”
The reason why they shouldn't approve is because, what if the LGBT advocates exploit this as a means for indoctrinating a child's mind? There's already too much of this kind of propaganda already in the USA, and even in Britain, where PC insanity's taken a serious toll. Another reason to object is because there's homosexuals out there who could exploit approval as a means for assaulting children sexually.

However, the government did approve of the following:
However, for the first time, common-law couples will be permitted to adopt children in Israel.
And IMO, that's okay, so long as they raise the child according to healthy mentality.

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Friday, July 14, 2017 

Jihadists infiltrate Temple Mount and murdered 2 policemen

And the mainstream press told some lies about it too. Ben Shapiro's got what to say:
On Friday, three Palestinian terrorists opened fire on the holiest site in Judaism, the Temple Mount. They were shot dead by police, but not before murdering two Druze police officers, one of whom has a three-week-old child. One of the terrorists reportedly played dead as an emergency medic attempted to help him, then stabbed the medic.

Naturally, the media’s headlines were insanely vague. The AP: “2 Israeli policemen killed in shooting near Jerusalem shrine.” The BBC: “Israelis injured in gun attack near Jerusalem holy site.” Al Jazeera: “BREAKING: At least three Palestinians killed in shooting in Jerusalem’s Old City.” Getty Images: "Israeli Policemen Kill Three Palestinians In Al-Aqsa Mosque."

All of this is in keeping with the mainstream media’s dedication to imposing moral equivalence where none exists. Holy sites in Israel are routinely under assault not from Jews, but from Palestinians. Palestinians have burned Joseph’s Tomb multiple times. They have spent years destroying archaeological evidence of Jewish presence on the Temple Mount itself.

Whenever Palestinians attack Jews, the official response from the supposedly peaceful Palestinian Authority is to continue funding terrorism, then offer a vague statement about stopping violence on all sides; meanwhile, the Israeli government has already announced that it will maintain current policy on the Temple Mount, which favors Muslims to such an extent that Jews are not even allowed to mouth silent prayers on the Temple Mount. In cities like Bethlehem, the number of Christians has dropped from 50% of the population to 12%, and terrorism is still a serious threat; in 2002, Palestinian terrorists actually used the Church of the Nativity as a safe haven.
This is exactly why US funding to the PLO must be cut off completely, ditto European. At the same time, the Israeli government's done a terrible disfavor by forbidding Jewish prayer on the Mount.

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It'll be a bad day if OJ Simpson gets released

It's been reported that OJ Simpson, who murdered his ex-wife Nicole and her new boyfriend in 1994 and was later jailed for robbery, may be paroled:
OJ Simpson will soon be a free man. Well, a paroled man anyway.

That prediction comes from a man perhaps most singularly responsible for putting him behind bars. David Roger, the prosecutor who won a robbery conviction against Simpson in 2008, says he believes the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners will let “The Juice” loose.
After all the harm he did, to see him paroled would be sad news. It doesn't look like he's repentant over what he did to Nicole and her subsequent partner. And that's one more reason why he shouldn't be paroled, let alone released into the public he's lost the privilege to be part of.

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