Tuesday, April 20, 2021 

Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah brigade threatens the life of an Arab activist

Fadi Elsalameen, an activist in the US, says he fears Mahmoud Abbas and his army of darkness are plotting his death:
Prominent Palestinian American activist and political commentator Fadi Elsalameen on Monday expressed fear for his life after receiving a death threat from Fatah’s armed wing, Al-Aqsa Martrys Brigades.

Elsalameen, who is a US citizen, told The Jerusalem Post he has contacted the US State Department, the US Embassy in Israel, the White House and members of Congress to notify them about the threat.

“It is a known secret that al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades is a front for the Palestinian Authority’s intelligence agencies, and therefore I see the threat coming directly from [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas and his intelligence services,” Elsalameen told the Post.

Elsalameen was born in Hebron. He is an adjunct senior fellow at the American Security Project, a Washington-based think tank.

His criticism of Abbas and of corruption in the PA has earned him many followers on various social-media platforms, including Facebook.

The threat was published in a March 20 leaflet issued by Fatah, one day after Elsalameen arrived to visit his family in the West Bank.

Denouncing Elsalameen as a “traitor, spy and one of the most prominent US and Israeli agents,” the leaflet said the rifles of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades will be directed against him.

“I am very worried for my life,” Elsalameen said. “President Abbas has refused to condemn the death threat, essentially green-lighting it. This is not the first time that the PA uses violence or threatens to use violence against me.

“In October 2016, they shot live bullets at my family’s home in Samua village, near Hebron. We collected 60 cases of live ammunition. They almost killed my entire family. Even then, the Palestinian Authority refused to condemn the attack or launch an investigation. There is a pattern here of encouraging violence against me by the Palestinian Authority, and it should stop.”
Well with Biden now in charge of the US government, there's no chance Abbas and his gang will stop. But a good way for this man to send a message would be to stop identifying as a "palestinian", because otherwise, he'll only be furthering the propaganda that came back and hurt him.

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Haredi extremists continue to provide the left with ammunition for anti-conservative propaganda

The Mea Shearim thugs kept being the gift that keeps on giving to the left:
Police ran into violent clashes Monday night in Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox Mea She’arim neighborhood, with three officers suffering mild injuries.

During an initial arrest raid, a group of officers was trapped in a building after local residents barricaded them inside with chains. A suspect wanted by police tried to evade arrest the next day by dressing as a woman.
Notice how there's an example there who sees nothing wrong with violating religious prohibitions on cross-dressing as the opposite sex, if that's what it takes to evade authorities? A classic example of the hypocrisy of such extremists.
Police arrived with court-ordered arrest warrants for several suspects as part of an ongoing investigation, the force said in a statement Tuesday. The suspects were wanted for a spate of recent violent protests against a new route of the Jerusalem Light Rail that passes through an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood, Hebrew media reported.

As officers moved in to make the arrests, they were met with violent opposition by local residents who pelted them with various objects and attacked them, the statement said.

Additional police units deployed as backup were also attacked and damage was caused to police vehicles. Police used riot dispersal means to clear the protesters.

In one location, residents locked doorways using chains, preventing entry or exit from a building. Officers operating in the area needed to be rescued by other police units.

Returning on Tuesday to follow up on the arrests, police detained one of the wanted suspects who tried to evade capture by wearing women’s clothes and a face mask, the statement said.

No further arrests were apparently made, though police said they were working on tracking down additional suspects.

The three injured officers required medical treatment, police said.
Honestly, if that's how they're going to behave over petty issues, then imposing a curfew on their neighborhoods would be recommended. Yet in the past, the leftists who'd dominated the police would only go after Zionists, which these Haredi extremists are definitely not. Yet the MSM won't say anything about that, because if this helps the left with their anti-religious propaganda, they'll run the narrative accordingly.

This wasn't the only atrocity occurring in such a community this week. There was also a brawl between rival factions at a Bnei Brak yeshiva:
A long-simmering feud between two factions at one of Israel's most prestigious yeshivas (religious seminaries) erupted into physical violence Tuesday, with police being called to separate the brawlers.

At least two people were hospitalized at Sheba Medical Center after members of the two factions at the Ponevezh Yeshiva in Bnei Brak, known as the "terrorists" and the "haters," came to blows.

The row began after evening prayers Monday and descended into violence after afternoon prayers Tuesday.

One of those who required medical treatment for minor injuries was Rabbi Aryeh Leib Kahaneman, the son of yeshiva dean Rabbi Eliezer Kahaneman. The other was a student who required treatment after he was hit by pepper spray.

The yeshiva has been at the center of a power struggle for many years between the two factions of the same Lithuanian non-Hassidic ultra-Orthodox sector.

The yeshiva is essentially two seminaries in one, with each faction living in separate quarters but studying and dining together.
And clashing with each other, in what's clearly a case of failure to teach the students not to solve problems with violence. Yet another example what's wrong with insular communities.

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Monday, April 19, 2021 

Emmanuel Macron calls for changing laws after the Halimi murder court debacle

French president Macron is making a call for something that must be done with the legal system:
French President Emmanuel Macron has called for a change in the law after the highest French court of appeals last week ruled the murderer of Sarah Halimi could not be held criminally accountable for his actions since he took cannabis before he committed the crime.

“Deciding to take drugs and then ‘becoming mad’ should not in my eyes remove your criminal responsibility,” Macron told Le Figaro in an interview published Sunday.

“On this topic, I would like the minister of justice to submit a change to the law as soon as possible,” he said.

“It is not for me to comment on a court decision, but I would like to tell the family, relatives of the victim and all fellow citizens of the Jewish faith who were awaiting this trial of my warm support and the determination of the Republic to protect them,” Macron said.

The French Jewish community was angered by the Court of Cassation’s ruling.
Parliamentarian Meyer Habib says, however, that's it's coming too late:
French MP Meyer Habib responded to President Emmanuel Macron's call to change the law following the decision of the Court of Cassation’s Supreme Court of Appeals upholding rulings by lower tribunals that Kobili Traore cannot stand trial in the 2017 killing of Sarah Halimi because he was too high on marijuana to be criminally responsible for his actions.

"We feel great frustration, disbelief and simply anger following the court's decision not to prosecute the killer of the late Sarah Halimi. President Emmanuel Macron's remarks are important, but come too late. This is an immoral decision and a dangerous ruling that will leave a stain on the French legal system. The law will likely be changed, but it will not be retroactive and the killer will sooner or later be free," Habib said.

"Just because the anti-Semitic and barbaric killer took a puff of cannabis before the murder, they determined that he was not responsible for his actions and thus indirectly gave permission to kill. The court's decision is outrageous because instead of aggravating the killer's sentence due to the fact that he smoked drugs before the murder, they relied on that fact to let him evade the sentence," he added.

Following the court's decision, Jewish organizations in France are planning a demonstration this coming Sunday. "We call on all citizens for whom struggle for truth and against anti-Semitism are important to come and express our astonishment in light of the decision ... which does not does justice," the organizers of the protest wrote.
If this is the case, then a serious call must be made for ensuing the law will be retroactively applied too, to many valid cases. But indeed, it is awfully late to be addressing an issue that should've been brought up in a major way long ago.

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Saturday, April 17, 2021 

Iran's still continuing their nuclear warfare development

This brief on Ynet confirms Iran's still keeping on with their plans for a horror story:
Iran has started the process of enriching uranium to 60% fissile purity at an above-ground nuclear plant at Natanz, the U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Saturday, confirming earlier statements by Iranian officials.

The move has complicated talks aimed at reviving Iran's nuclear deal with major powers as it is a big step towards producing weapons-grade uranium.

Iran had previously only reached 20% purity, and that was already a breach of the deal, which says Iran can only enrich to 3.67%.
Of course they were going to violate every request made by phonies like the UN and EU, and even the US under Biden. Now, the stage could be set in the future for pure horror in the making.

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Friday, April 16, 2021 

Malka Leifer is back in court, Down Under

The Australian Jewish News reported that the Haredi sex offender Leifer is now continuing to appear in court, this time in Oz:
THE “home life” of three of Malka Leifer’s alleged victims might be probed as her lawyers seek to test evidence against her, it was revealed when the former Adass Israel School principal made her second appearance in an Australian court to face charges of child sexual abuse.

Leifer, 54, who was extradited to Australia from Israel in January following a battle of more than six years, faces 74 charges relating to three alleged victims – Dassi Erlich, Nicole Meyer and Elly Sapper – during her time as principal of the Adass Israel School between 2001 and 2008.
I hope the attorneys are going to mind their manners when questioning the sisters, because the Israeli lawyers for Leifer didn't. It was an absolutely shoddy abomination how those defense lawyers behaved.
At an April 9 committal mention, the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court heard 10 witnesses would be called to test evidence against Leifer. Tony Hargreaves, Leifer’s lawyer, told the court, “Clearly the relationship that the three complainants had with their parents, in particular their mother, it would seem is the genesis for the relationship between the accused and the complainants,” adding Leifer’s counsel might wish to ask the witnesses about “what was happening at home with the complainants”. But he stated that such questions “will be limited and it may be that counsel chooses not to pursue that avenue”.
As one of the news columnists I'd linked to earlier said, the bizarre approach these insular ultra-Orthodox families operate, it's unlikely the parents would have believed what their daughters told them about the monster. Thankfully, Leifer's now already paying a heavy price for her deviations, and let's hope she gets a long sentence, and that it's in an overseas prison, where she belongs.

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NBC does not let go of their political sledgehammering in fictional TV shows

And boy, are the following ever fictional, more so than realistic, depending how you see it. Newsbusters has the latest on the insufferable Law & Order: SVU and the newest sledgehammering political propaganda it's shoveling onto the small screen:
Anyone who thought Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was finished with kowtowing to Black Lives Matter will be severely disappointed. The latest episode of the NBC drama reminds that there’s always time to scold the police, just like there’s always time to call new voting laws racist.

The April 15 episode “Our Words Will Not Be Heard” kicks things off with a flashback to November’s terrible BLM episode as if to warn us about this week. Sure enough, we’re back five months later to follow up on those alleged systemic issues.

[...] So requiring people to show I.D. when they vote is now “pushing back”? The bar for racism is so low that ants couldn’t find them. Unfortunately for us, this means liberals will now be pushing that lie on primetime television along with every other news broadcast and the rest of Hollywood and corporate America. 2021 is already looking worse than the year before.
And the bar for this series couldn't be lower. When will this show ever be cancelled, so we don't have to endure such garbage anymore? Tragically, I get the feeling we're going to discover soon that money's not the driving force behind its continued broadcast, but rather, ideology. Or, they're not letting affordability get in the way of pushing propaganda onto the airwaves, but rather, going a considerable socialist route similar to the communists in eastern Europe. That's what really makes this awful TV franchise so sickening.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2021 

France's supreme court compounds the damage already done in Sarah Halimi's murder

The French supreme court's ruled they won't overturn the previous ruling refusing to recognize the responsibility of the Muslim who murdered Sarah Halimi:
On 4 April 2017, Traoré, a jobless drug dealer and addict, had violently beaten his 64-year-old Jewish neighbour, shouting “Allah Akbar” and reciting verses from the Quran. The 27-year-old then threw her into the courtyard of their apartment building in Belleville, in eastern Paris. The psychiatric experts who worked on the case all agree that he was suffering from a “delusional state” at the time of the murder of the 60-year-old.

The Court last December considered that the discernment of the murderer had been abolished at the time of the facts.

Lawyers for Sarah Halimi’s relatives have announced their intention to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

“It is a great disappointment, a great sorrow,” Julie Buk Lament, lawyer for Sarah Halimi’s relatives told French radio. Traoré’s lawyer, Patrice Spinosi, described the decision as “a reasonable one, in line with its usual jurisprudence.’’
Already, this is turning out to be one of the most antisemitic-laced trials in modern history, and in addition, demonstrates how the legal system in France is collapsing. Now, to mend this damage and seek proper justice is going to be very difficult going forward, along with how to repair a seriously injured justice system in Europe that's equally demeaning to women.

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2021's War Memorial Day

The Jerusalem Post has pictures from this year's War Memorial Day (I call it that to help make distinctions between that and Holocaust Memorial Day). And the Times of Israel has the following report:
Israel came to a standstill on Wednesday morning with a two-minute memorial siren at 11 a.m. commemorating 23,928 fallen soldiers and terror victims, including 43 soldiers and civilians killed since last Memorial Day.

During the siren, traffic around the country came to an abrupt halt, as Israelis stopped driving to stand beside their cars and people at home bowed their heads in somber silence. [...]

The Wednesday morning official ceremony was joined by families of the fallen, soldiers from across the army’s units and divisions, as well as the nation’s leaders, President Reuven Rivlin, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, chief rabbis Yitzhak Yosef and David Lau, IDF chief of staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi, Supreme Court chief justice Esther Hayut, Shin Bet chief Nadav Argaman and Mossad head Yossi Cohen.

The prime minister delivered his main Memorial Day address at the ceremony.

“Together we stand, united and hurting, alongside all of Israel’s citizens,” said Netanyahu. “We have raised excellent sons and daughters, who for 73 years have been risking their lives to protect Israel’s independence. Seventy-three years of grief, 73 years of revival.”

“Each one of us remembers the moment when they received the news about their fallen loved ones,” added the premier, who lost his brother Yoni in Operation Entebbe in 1976. “When my brother died, I didn’t know whether and how I would get back on my feet. I felt like someone who lost an organ — a hand, a leg, a heart.”

Appearing to hint at recent tensions with Iran and the series of attacks on Tehran’s nuclear facilities and ships that have been blamed on Israel, Netanyahu added: “We should never remain complacent in the face of threats of war and annihilation by those who seek our demise.”
And that too is vital to consider.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021 

Is Biden trying to sabotage Israeli army moves?

Benny Avni at the NY Sun is asking this:
As Iran suffers a host of mysterious mishaps, Israelis are at arms over press leaks of sensitive military information. Are Israeli officials too eager to brag about their battlefield success, or are Americans, in an effort to appease the ayatollahs, trying to sabotage Israel’s military efforts?

At issue is a leak to the New York Times on last week’s attack on an Iranian ship. And even as Israelis debate the consequences of that leak, the headlines were grabbed by a new operation in Iran — at the nuclear facility at Nantaz. Who is whispering to reporters, spilling details that according to Israel’s official policy should remain secret?*

Sunday morning’s damage to the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz, described by Tehran officials as “nuclear terrorism,” was immediately seized-on by the Israeli press. Newspapers described the event in remarkably uniform language, indicating reporters were briefed from on high within the Israeli government.

According to these reports the damage at Natanz was much more extensive than the Iranian officials let on. Several papers — hint-hint, wink, wink — ran sidebars documenting past Israeli operations like the now famous Stuxnet cyber attack on Natanz, widely reported at the time as an America-Israeli joint effort.

If Israeli officials indeed brief their press off the record, as the Sunday coverage indicates, they’re likely using the event as part of psychological war with an Iranian regime. The Islamic Republic is seen by nearly all Israelis as the country’s top threat.

Then again, too, Israeli commentators smell politics, suspecting lieutenants of Prime Minister Netanyahu are taking credit for each mishap in Iran — including events caused by that country’s crumbling infrastructure.
Whether or not Biden's bunch are trying to make things difficult, they certainly aren't doing much to help stop the threat Iran poses. All they are is a disgrace. And that's what the NY Times is too.

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Monday, April 12, 2021 

Turkey's Ottoman empire sought to annihilate Jews as well

Those who study the first world war in 1915 know Turkey's Islamic Ottoman empire was mainly notorious for the Armenian Genocide. But it's crucial Israelis know that Jews were also victims:
A significant but widely unknown fact is that not only Greek and Assyrian Christians of Ottoman Turkey, but many Jews of pre-state Palestine were also targeted, persecuted and deported during the Armenian Genocide.

A thoroughly researched book by Dr. Andrew Bostom, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History, exposes the persecution and mass expulsions that the Jewish population in Palestine endured as a result of the orders of Djemal Pasha, an Ottoman military leader. He was also one of the three Pashas who ruled the Ottoman Empire during World War I and organized the genocide. He writes:

"During World War I in Palestine, between 1915 and 1917, The New York Times published a series of reports on Ottoman-inspired and local Arab Muslim-assisted anti-Semitic persecution that affected Jerusalem and the other major Jewish population centers. For example, by the end of January 1915, seven thousand Palestinian Jewish refugees – men, women and children – had fled to British-controlled Alexandria, Egypt. Three New York Times accounts from January and February 1915 provide these details of the earlier period.

'On Jan. 8, Djemal Pasha ordered the destruction of all Jewish colonization documents within a fortnight under penalty of death. … In many cases land settled by Jews was handed over to Arabs, and wheat collected by the relief committee in Galilee was confiscated in order to feed the army. The Muslim peasantry are being armed with any weapons discovered in Jewish hands. … The United States cruiser Tennessee has been fitted up on the lines of a troop ship for the accommodation of about 1,500 refugees, and is plying regularly between Alexandria and Jaffa. … A proclamation issued by the commander of the Fourth [Turkish] Army Corps describes Zionism as a revolutionary anti-Turkish movement which must be stamped out. Accordingly, the local governing committees have been dissolved and the sternest measures have been taken to insure that all Jews who remain on their holdings shall be Ottoman subjects. … Nearly all the [7,000] Jewish refugees in Alexandria come from Jerusalem and other large towns, among them being over 1,000 young men of the artisan class who refused to become Ottomans.'

"By April of 1917, conditions deteriorated further for Palestinian Jewry, which faced threats of annihilation from the Ottoman government. Many Jews were in fact deported, expropriated, and starved, in an ominous parallel to the genocidal deportations of the Armenian dhimmi communities throughout Anatolia. Indeed, as related by Yair Auron,

'Fear of the Turkish actions was bound up with alarm that the Turks might do to the Jewish community in Palestine, or at least to the Zionist elements within it, what they had done to the Armenians. This concern was expressed in additional evidence from the early days of the war, from which we can conclude that the Armenian tragedy was known in the Yishuv [Jewish community in Palestine].'

"A mass expulsion of the Jews of Jerusalem, although ordered twice by Djemal Pasha, was averted only through the efforts of the Ottoman Turks' World War I allies, the German government, which sought to avoid international condemnation. The eight thousand Jews of Jaffa, however, were expelled quite brutally, a cruel fate the Arab Muslims and the Christians of the city did not share. Moreover, these deportations took place months before the small pro-British Nili spy ring of Zionist Jews was discovered by the Turks in October 1917 and its leading figures killed. A report by United States consul Garrels (in Alexandria, Egypt) describing the Jaffa deportation of early April 1917 (published in the June 3, 1917 edition of The New York Times), included these details of the Jews' plight:

'The orders of evacuation were aimed chiefly at the Jewish population. Even German, Austro-Hungarian and Bulgarian Jews were ordered to leave the town. Mohammedans and Christians were allowed to remain provided they were holders of individual permits. The Jews who sought the permits were refused. On April 1 the Jews were ordered to leave the country within 48 hours. Those who rode from Jaffa to Petach [sic] Tikvah had to pay from 100 to 200 francs instead of the normal fare of 15 to 25 francs. The Turkish drivers practically refused to receive anything but gold, the Turkish paper note being taken as the equivalent of 17.50 piastres for a note of 100 piastres.

'Already about a week earlier 300 Jews had been deported in a most cruel manner from Jerusalem. Djemal Pasha openly declared that the joy of the Jews on the approach of the British forces would be short-lived, as he would make them share the fate of the Armenians.

'In Jaffa, Djemal Pasha cynically assured the Jews that it was for their own good and 'interests that he drove them out. Those who had not succeeded in leaving on April 1 were graciously accorded permission to remain at Jaffa over the Easter holiday.

'Thus 8,000 were evicted from their houses and not allowed to carry off their belongings or provisions. Their houses were looted and pillaged even before the owners had left. A swarm of pillaging Bedouin women, Arabs with donkeys, camels, etc., came like birds of prey and proceeded to carry off valuables and furniture.

'The Jewish suburbs have been totally sacked under the paternal eye of the authorities. By way of example, two Jews from Yemen were hanged at the entrance of the Jewish suburb of Tel Aviv in order to clearly indicate the fate in store for any Jew who might be so foolish as to oppose the looters. The roads to the Jewish colonies north of Jaffa are lined with thousands of starving Jewish refugees. The most appalling scenes of cruelty and robbery are reported by absolutely reliable eyewitnesses. Dozens of cases are reported of wealthy Jews who were found dead in the sandhills around Tel Aviv. In order to drive off the bands of robbers preying on the refugees on the roads, the young men of the Jewish villages organized a body of guards to watch in turn the roads. These guards have been arrested and maltreated by the authorities.

'The Mohammedan population has also left the town recently, but they are allowed to live in the orchards and country houses surrounding Jaffa and are permitted to enter the town daily to look after their property, but not a single Jew has been allowed to return to Jaffa.

'The same fate awaits all Jews in Palestine. Djemal Pasha is too cunning to order cold-blooded massacres. His method is to drive the population to starvation and to death by thirst, epidemics, etc., which according to himself, are merely calamities sent by God.'
As this makes clear, Islamic antisemitism was quite prevalent during the first world war as much as the second, and it culminated in some very horrifying incidents. Nobody with a half a brain should overlook this when they consider what's wrong with Turkey even today.

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Sudan indicates they recognize Israeli sovereignty of Judea/Samaria

Sudan's displayed more promising signs they recognize the historical Israeli claim to Judea/Samaria, following their annulment of the anti-Israel boycott previously:
Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan met with a Sudanese official over the weekend, in a move signaling that the country’s fledgling normalized ties with Israel would also include the settlements.

“We’re living in historic times,” said Dagan on Saturday night when he spoke with Sudanese Ambassador Omar El-Shaikh in an undisclosed Arab country.

Dagan was there with a delegation from Samaria to discuss economic cooperation between Sudan and the Samaria region of the West Bank.
Now this is very thankful to know, and does a lot of good for the country.

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