Tuesday, December 11, 2018 

Pregnant woman attacked at Ofra

A jihad attack near Ofra left a young pregnant woman injured, and her baby's been delivered early (via Breitbart):
Doctors successfully delivered the baby being carried by a 21-year-old Israeli woman late Sunday night, shortly after she was shot and critically hurt in a terrorist attack outside the West Bank settlement of Ofra.

The baby, who was delivered by Cesarean section in the 30th week of the pregnancy, was immediately transferred to the ward for premature babies at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center, the hospital said, and was said to be in “stable” condition.

The woman was undergoing surgery late Sunday and was “fighting for her life,” the hospital said.
So is her child, and we'll have to pray for both of them.

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The sad life a woman went through in a north London Haredi community

The UK Mail's got a story about a formerly Haredi woman who grew up - brainwashed, as she puts it - in the Stamford Hill borough of London, and later finally gained the courage to flee, though at the price of losing her children, whom the community offensively spared no expense in brainwashing as well to turn against her:
It was only when Miriam Kliers won a High Court dispute over the rights to the £1.4 million property last month that her disturbing story reached the wider world – and shone a spotlight into one of Britain’s most isolated communities.

Miriam, it emerged, had fled the home and the ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jewish community in Stamford Hill where she grew up, taking nothing but the clothes she was wearing. It was a rejection of the abuse, she says, that she and women like her suffer routinely.

Following a three-year legal battle, Miriam, 46, who has four children with her ex- husband Shlomo, was awarded 75 per cent of the property’s worth – £810,000 once debts are paid. But victory has come at a price.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, Miriam provides a troubling insight into the conservative sect. She reveals she often went hungry while living in distressing levels of poverty. She was effectively forced into marriage with a husband who, according to the tenets of their faith, had to devote himself to religious study rather than work while she provided for their family.

Miriam endured a rigidly controlled existence policed by influential rabbis peddling ideologies which, in her view, bordered on brainwashing. This was a world in which she had to ask for permission to sit GCSE exams, let alone use the internet.

She was even, she says, coerced into fraud. Deputy judge Murray Rosen QC heard that the couple’s home was bought in the name of Miriam’s brother, Mordechai Schmerler, so the family could claim housing benefit.

This led Rosen to conclude that tax evasion and housing benefit fraud were ‘on the evidence, common practice’ within the community and a ‘disgraceful illegality’.

Fighting the case has cost Miriam everything: her family, her parents, and most devastatingly, the affection of her children, two boys, 23 and 21, and two girls, 19 and 11.

‘I was driven out and they took my family from me,’ she says. ‘It was made clear to me at meetings and through abusive phone calls, that I was not going to be able to have a relationship with my kids, and they succeeded in turning them against me.’ Her life, she adds, was made a ‘living hell’.
What are the chances the court will grant her custody of the youngest, who's under legal age? They'd do well to see to it the cultish community doesn't continue to hold a grip on her.

Interestingly enough, they do tell where the outfits commonplace with the dress code originally came from:
It is an irony that Hasidic Judaism was designed as a joyful sect. The unusual clothing has its origins in 17th Century Polish-Lithuanian nobility, reflecting a determination to be part of a respectable, land-owning class but also to emphasise the importance of individual character.
If that was the intention of the eastern European societies that wore them, it's additionally ironic how opposite the ultra-Orthodox clans are from the societies they drew the dress from. And even mind-boggling whose books she was allowed to read from outside the community:
Books were strictly policed – the chaste tales of Enid Blyton were allowed, while the romantic idealism of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women was not.
Wow...Blyton, a poet and children's writer who was notoriously pro-nazi and racist/antisemitic, was an author on their approved list? Something's clearly wrong here when they're that ignorant.
Home life was a constant battle – her father carried out searches for contraband. ‘I felt under constant surveillance,’ she says. ‘There was no privacy.’ Miriam’s most daring book was about beauty because such things were ‘immodest’. Young Hasidic girls wear their hair strictly short, with long skirts and thick tights, even in oppressive heat.

‘I was taught from an early age I was a danger to men because I could lead them into sin, so it was my responsibility to be modest,’ she says. ‘I was told if I slipped it could have devastating ramifications for me, but especially the men, and it would be my fault.’
This sounds even more hateful and revolting than before - blaming the women as the root cause for everything, in effect insulting the very God they supposedly worship through monotheism. Except that their worship of a flesh and blood spiritual leader contradicts the whole alleged monotheism they claim to go by. And when it came to arranged marriage:
This came when, aged 23 in 1995, a cousin arranged a match with Shlomo Kliers, an unemployed Talmudic student, from Israel. Like most men in the sect, he was not expected to work before marriage.

‘I wasn’t attracted to him but I was lonely and he seemed OK, so I said yes,’ Miriam recalls. ‘He couldn’t even read English and knew very little about the world when we met.

‘After the wedding he told me that his father was in debt and he only married me because it meant he could move to London.’

They settled in a rented flat in Stamford Hill, paid for by Miriam’s parents.

She was pregnant within six months, and had three children in three years.

She was also the main breadwinner.

‘It was hard because I was doing different jobs but my husband contributed little to the household expenses. When I complained to the rabbi, I was told it was my job to turn him into a man.

‘I paid all the bills with the help of benefits and took care of the children. I knew that I couldn’t have another child so quickly. But I had to go to the rabbi to ask permission to take contraception.’
Socialism staring us right in the face. And how could she make him a man when their ideology makes it almost impossible?
Then, in 2008, Miriam met Peter, who is Jewish but not Hasidic, when she worked for a local charity. For the first time she felt the stirring of sexual attraction. ‘It was so good to have someone with whom I could share my thoughts,’ she says. ‘It was not a physical relationship then, but it spurred me to think about making changes in my life.’

Miriam asked Shlomo for a divorce many times but he refused – according to Jewish law, only a man can divorce a woman. All he would agree to is counseling, so she made the decision to flee with her daughters, then aged 14 and five. All hell broke loose.
I can't claim to be an expert on everything in Judaism, but it sounds like this disgusting "community" took up tactics in marriage similar to Islam, if they think only a man can agree to divorce.
The community cut her off and began a campaign of intimidation.

‘My parents abandoned me and supported him,’ she says. ‘My father said he was ashamed of me and told my siblings not to offer me help. My mother has not spoken to me and my sons cut me dead.’

Miriam moved into a rented flat, and tried to hold on to her girls but both ended up returning to their father and the community.

Meanwhile, Peter found his car tyres slashed, and spyware was discovered on Miriam’s laptop. The couple often felt followed.

Horrifyingly, they were also visited by police following accusations they had sexually abused the girls – claims which came to nothing. ‘It was a nightmare,’ she says. ‘Even the school, part of the community, joined in by telling social services I was not a good mother. Everyone believed they had to punish me and harass Peter because in their eyes I had sinned.’

Losing her children was, without doubt, the hardest part.
And all the blood libels her former community launched against were practically criminal. She may have won a divorce, but it's tragic it had to come with a price, and if any courts then granted custody simply because of the kind of background she originally came from, that too was wrong. The community she came from owes an apology for resorting to blood libel tactics that only tarnish the whole Orthodox Judaist religion, and I hope the lady can succeed in the future in helping other women to leave what I'm betting is one of the worst Satmar sects around.

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Monday, December 10, 2018 

The dangers of no-go zones in the west

The Ammo website's got a special guide to the crisis of no-go zones run by Islamofascists in Europe and elsewhere in the west, and the negative impact they've had everywhere. This is very important for reading.

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Sunday, December 09, 2018 

Haifa's mayor disgraces herself by validating terror-supporting deputy

The mayor of Haifa, Einat Kalisch Rotem, refused Netanyahu's request not to appoint a deputy who's supported terrorists:
Channel 10 quoted officials as saying that she rejected Netanyahu's demand not to appoint a member of Haifa's city council from the Hadash party as a paid deputy mayor, after the candidate publicly expressed support for terrorist organizations.

According to the officials, Kalisch explained to Netanyahu that the agreements were coalition agreements and that she did not intend to violate them. "Za'tara will take office only in two and a half years, according to the agreement with his faction."

Earlier this morning, Netanyahu addressed the issue of appointing Haifa City Councilor Raja Za'tara as a paid deputy mayor amid reports that he had expressed support for terrorist organizations.
I'm not sure what her ridiculous defense is, but it sounds laughable to me. She's only made herself an embarrassment by associating with such awful people.

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Saturday, December 08, 2018 

A mixed blessing at the UN

For once, in a way, a victory was scored at the UN as a majority voted in favor of the USA's resolution for condemning Hamas, but it was one that required two thirds to fully adopt:
A U.S.-sponsored draft resolution that condemned the Palestinian Islamic terror group Hamas, which rules Gaza with an iron fist, garnered unprecedented support at the U.N. General Assembly on Thursday, while ultimately falling short of the two-thirds majority needed to pass.

Before the vote on the resolution, the 193-member world body had narrowly voted to require a two-thirds majority for approval as sought by Arab nations, rather than the simple majority urged by the United States.

In the end, the vote on the resolution to condemn Hamas was 87 in favor against 57 opposed, with 33 abstentions — a plurality but below the two-thirds requirement to adopt it. The vote to require a two-thirds majority was much closer, 75-72, with 26 abstentions and several countries changing their votes to “yes” at the last minute.

The U.S. attempted to condemn Hamas for firing hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians and using airborne incendiary devices to commit millions of dollars of damage in arson terror.
It sure sounds like the two third requirement was deliberately taken up so they wouldn't have to adopt the resolution. Still, the result is significant, as it shows some countries are starting to recognize the importance of not being lenient on terrorist movements, and let's hope they'll be willing to vote for condemning the PLO as well in the forseeable future.

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Friday, December 07, 2018 

The Yellow Vests aren't done yet

The French Yellow Vests movement may have succeeded in getting Emmanuel Macron to cancel his planned fuel tax hike, but they've still got more issues to bring up, and this weekend looks set to see more protests of the awful president's politics:
The French government expects the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) protests in Paris this weekend could be more violent than ever, despite President Emmanuel Macron buckling on fuel tax hikes.

The Élysée Palace, seat of President Emmanuel Macron, announced to French media they are expecting “great violence” on Saturday as Yellow Vest protestors have announced “Act IV” of their nearly four-week-long protest against the Macron regime that was initially sparked by a rise in fuel taxes, franceinfo reports.

[...] While police have been called on to help quell the expected violence in the French capital, many are showing signs of sympathy to the Yellow Vests and their demands.

The Police Union Vigi Ministère de l’Intérieur has not only expressed support for the Yellow Vest movement but has called on members to go on an indefinite strike starting on Saturday, and join the Yellow Vests.
Interesting. Sounds like Macron's losing the support of many important outfits, including some of his own government officials. Based on this, he'd do better to just resign and admit he made huge mistakes. Especially when it comes to dealing with the far more serious problems the country's facing like Islamofascism.

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Thursday, December 06, 2018 

Macron's government once again bestows awards on evil sources

No sooner did Emmanuel Macron's goverment make a terrible example of themselves by trying to honor traitor Phillipe Petain, now they want to award 2 anti-Israeli "watchdog" groups:
France decided to award its prestigious Human Rights Prize for 2018 to the controversial Israeli watchdog group B'Tselem and to Palestinian group Al-Haq, which supports total boycott and isolation of Israel internationally, drawing broad condemnation and outrage.

Several members of Al-Haq are reportedly linked to the Palestinian terrorist group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. B'Tselem, meanwhile, states that its goal is document Israeli misdeeds and crimes against Palestinians and expose these globally. Many in Israel accuse the group of being anti-Israel and fabricating claims.

[...] French parliament member Meir Habib criticized the decision.

"I am once again astonished at France's obsession with what it defines as the 'occupation.' We French are once again opting to see a perverted version of reality. How is it possible to give a 'human rights' prize to organizations that treat terrorists like freedom fighters?" Habib said.

"Why is there no reference to the human rights of Israelis, who suffer from unceasing terrorism? This prize pushes peace further off and is a mark of Cain on the forehead of the French Republic," Habib said.

Israel's Culture Minister Miri Regev remarked that "This is not a prize; it's a mark of Cain and it officially characterizes B'Tselem's activity as anti-Israeli."
Dror Eydar's also addressed this latest obsession atrocity that does nothing to improve the situation in France and seems more like an attempt to ignore all the issues that have angered the new Yellow Vests movement, which recently had a victory in getting the fuel tax plan cancelled. Nigel Farage already rightly condemned Macron, making a point that he was only virtue-signaling, and that's more or less the case here too. It's just another example of how he's writing himself down in history as one of the worst politicians around.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2018 

Merkel tried to stop embassy transfers to Jerusalem for the sake of the obscene Iran deal

More disturbing information's come out demonstrating how Germany is still leaning towards evil:
The founding director of the European Coalition for Israel in Brussels, Tomas Sandell, announced in a shocking video message on Thursday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel waged a campaign to prevent central and eastern European countries from moving their capitals to Jerusalem to preserve the Iran nuclear deal.

Sandell said a Jerusalem Post exclusive report in November that Merkel called Romanian president, Klaus Iohannis, to convince him to not relocate his country’s embassy to Jerusalem, prompted Sandell to go public.

Speaking from the European parliament, Sandell said, “What we have found out, something I heard for quite some time already, from central and eastern European countries that would have an inclination to move their embassy to Jerusalem, this is the natural thing for them to do, is that they have received phone calls from Berlin, from Angela Merkel, the chancellor. Basically, this cannot happen under any circumstances.”

“I have spoken to many Germans these last few days in Brussels,” he said. “They are not aware of this, and all of them would be shocked that all of the countries in the European Union today would want to block an embassy move to Jerusalem, not only for your own country, but for other countries that have the conviction [that] this is the right thing to do, the only country to do would be Germany. This is a big shock.”

He added “This is something unprecedented. This is not the Germany we once knew. This is not even the Angela Merkel we once knew when she was elected.”
Honestly, I don't think anybody really knew her at all. Nor should it be a shock. It's just an example of a country that's done little or nothing to prove they could redeem themselves properly after all damage they caused the world. Even Japan did far better in redeeming themselves after WW2. Germany, by contrast, is not proving their ability to show they understand the difference between good and evil, seeing how they've already long stuffed the country with Islamofascists and now it's taking its toll very heavily.

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