Monday, July 21, 2014 

The French Intifada is the most terrifying non-fiction book currently on the market

Harold Goldmeier reviewed Andrew Hussey's new book, The French Intifada, which tells the history of how Islamofascism ended up in France's backyard; surely one of the scariest non-fiction books you can read. It also tells how, when the French colonialists came to Africa:
The Europeans brought their ancient religious hatred of the Jews to North Africa. ‎It was, inter alia, French anti-Semitism that gave gravitas to Jew-hatred among ‎Arabs. Hussey illustrates this with a fascinating, little-known story on the heels of ‎the Dreyfus Affair. Doctor Mauchamp was murdered by an Arab mob in ‎Marrakesh. The Arabs labeled him an agent of the French there to control the local ‎population through the use of new technology. Rather than confront the ‎Moroccans directly, the French Foreign Ministry blamed the murder on a German ‎Jew, Judah Holzmann, an employee of the local pasha. A convenient scapegoat, ‎since everybody hates the Jews.‎
So the same government that turned Dreyfus into a scapegoat at the time also saw fit to use a similar tactic over in north Africa. Later politicians then proceeded to take what they first used with Jews and victimize their own community with it by bringing those same Islamofascists over to European soil. Describe it like this: "first they foisted abominations on the Jews..."

But it's not entirely accurate to say French anti-semitism influenced Arabs - what it did was jumpstart what was already written in the Koran. And that's one of the biggest sins anti-semites from allegedly western backgrounds could commit: re-encouraging more violence in what they see as the most ideal tools.

Here's a related op-ed from Robert Wistrich.

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Hamas built a vast tunnel network in Gaza

The IDF found long tunnels in its incursion back to Gaza:
Israeli infantry soldiers operating in the Gaza Strip unearthed at least 22 tunnels and killed 40 terrorists in the first day of the IDF's ground incursion into the Hamas-ruled enclave, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit said on Friday.

The military released pictures of the tunnels on its Twitter account. Israel has stated that it seeks to destroy Hamas' network of tunnels that are used to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip.
More at the link. This is what the "disengagement" enabled. And unless these tunnels are destroyed, the operation will be a failure, as an expert explains:
Unless the Hamas tunnel threat is eliminated Operation Protective Edge will be a failure and Israeli citizens on the front lines will remain in mortal danger, the head of the Eshkol Regional Council said Sunday.

"This is not a matter of if you're on the right or left, this is a situation that was forced upon them [Eshkol region residents]. They see no joy in the attacks in Gaza but they were forced into this," Eshkol Regional Council head Chaim Yellin said Sunday.

On Thursday over a dozen gunmen infiltrated into Israel near Sufa in the Eshkol region, and on Saturday, another infiltration was foiled near the Eshkol town of Ein Hashlosha. On Sunday, the IDF announced that they had found another tunnel, this one dug deep into Israel underneath Nativ Haasarah in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council.

The threat has become so instilled in the minds of residents that many report hearing the sound of digging underneath their houses late at night. Yellin said when these complaints are made, the IDF is called to investigate and the sound usually turns out to be from an animal or local infrastructure, if it is found at all. Yellin said that at the moment the residents of the council's 15 kibbutzim and 13 moshavim are facing different levels of danger based on their location. In the communities closest to Gaza as much as 75% of the residents have relocated to areas farther from the Gaza Strip and the rockets, mortars, and tunnel threat, while those farther from Gaza for the most part remain. He said in some of those communities farthest from Gaza as much as 85% of people remain.
The IDF has now taken to demolishing the tunnels, and they must ensure that every last one of them collapses, or they could even be used for smuggling weapons in from Sinai.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014 

AP Wire conceals identity of rioters in Sarcelles, and villifies Jews

The AP Wire covered up the identity of the anti-Israelists who defied a ban on protesting in France, and to make matters worse, they even make Jews out to look bad:
SARCELLES, France – French youth defying a ban on a protest against Israel's Gaza offensive have set fire to cars and garbage cans in a Paris suburb after a calm demonstration.

Sunday's unrest in Sarcelles, north of Paris, was the second time in two days that pro-Palestinian demonstrations turned violent. The demonstration, like the one in Paris on Saturday, had been banned to ensure peace.

Tension mounted as scores of Jewish youth, some armed with iron bars, encircled a synagogue to "protect" it.

The rampage came hours after France honored some 13,000 Jews rounded up 72 years ago, most kept in a cycling stadium before being sent to Auschwitz.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls denounced a "new form of anti-Semitism" on the Internet and spreading among youth in working class neighborhoods.
This is one of the most disgusting briefs I've seen from the AP, written in a manner that makes the Jewish worshipers at the synagogue look like fiends, and censors the word "Muslim" in it. I think the managers of the synagogue should sue the AP for this.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014 

Israel's enemies might be losing ground in PR battle

Tom Wilson at Commentary says there are signs that anti-Israelists are beginning to lose ground in their own propaganda war against Israel. Let's hope so.

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Friday, July 18, 2014 

Anti-Israel riots erupt in Turkey

The Israeli foreign ministry withdrew its staff in Turkey because of anti-Israel rioting:
Violent protests erupted at the Israeli embassies in Istanbul and Ankara on Thursday night, with throngs of shrieking Turkish demonstrators hurling rocks at the embassy and at staff, screaming hate slurs, and waving pro-Palestinian flags and banners.

Hundreds of protesters attacked the Israeli consulate in Istanbul while similar numbers sought to break into the residence of the ambassador in Ankara.

Riot police fired tear gas and water cannon to halt the protests in Istanbul in the early hours of the morning but in Ankara they stood on the sidelines.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman announced Friday that he would be retracting much of the Israeli embassy staff in Turkey following the senseless riots, citing safety concerns and growing anti-Israel incitement from the Turkish leadership.
Which, you can be sure, was encouraged by Recep Erdogan, also mentioned in the article:
The move follows a number of inflammatory and anti-Semitic hate slurs from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has become increasingly vocal against Israel after the IDF moved to protect millions of Israelis from Hamas rocket fire.

Erdogan has threatened to end the normalization process with Israel over "state terrorism" before, and also accused Israel of "lies" because "not enough" Israeli Jews have died in the conflict.

"They say (Hamas) is firing rockets. But is there anybody who died?" he asked. "The number of Palestinians that you (Israel) killed is now 100. Their (Israel's) life is based on lies."

"You will first stop this oppression. If not, it is not possible to realize normalization between Turkey and Israel," Erdogan said, on a separate occasion.

On Thursday night, he claimed Israel had a long history of "genocide" against Muslims, in a series of confused and violent slurs relating to the Ramadan fast.

"This is not the first time we have been confronted by such situations," Erdogan told a meeting of Islamic scholars gathered in Istanbul for Ramadan, a holy month of fasting for Muslims. "Since (the creation of the state of Israel) in 1948 we have been witnessing this attempt at systematic genocide every day and every month. But above all we are witnessing this attempt at systematic genocide every Ramadan."

Erdogan himself has also had a long public record of anti-Semitic statements, including several recently despite efforts to normalize relations.
If he keeps that up, he's obviously not trying to mend fences and "normalize". What's so normal about a man saying such ugly things? Update: Michael Rubin at Commentary has more about what Erdogan is like.

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Terrorist who bombed bus in Sofia, Bulgaria was duel French/Lebanese citizen

The Bulgarian authorities have revealed the name of the jihadist who committed murder in Sofia:
Bulgarian prosecutors revealed for the first time Friday the identity of the bomber in a deadly attack on Israeli tourists in the Bulgarian sea resort of Burgas in 2012. Five Israeli tourists were killed in the attack as well as the driver of the bus and the bomber, while more than 30 other Israelis were injured.

The bomber was named as Mohamad Hassan El-Husseini, a dual French and Lebanese citizen, born in Lebanon in 1989, prosecutors said in a joint statement with the national security agency DANS.

"He was positively identified thanks to a DNA test and other measures during the course of the investigation," they added.

"Friends and relatives of Husseini also posted messages of praise on social media for his martyr's death," the statement noted.
So here we have another jihadist who lived in France, and who's also got relatives and friends who condone his sadistic behavior. He should go to hell for what he did, along with all those who support him.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014 

The homes of the Islamofascists who murdered 3 yeshiva students will be destroyed

The authorities discovered who the culprits are in the murder of the yeshiva students, and now, they're going to demolish their homes, as is justly deserved:
The Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday ordered the demolition of the homes of Marwan Kawasme and Amar Abu Aysha, the two suspects in the kidnapping and murders of Israeli teens Gil-ad Shaer, Eyal Yifrach, and Naftali Frenkel. A further demolition order for the home of Hussein Kawasame, who is also suspected of involvement in the crime, was also issued.

The homeowners have been given 48 hours to leave their homes or to appeal the orders in court.

Kawasme and Abu Aysha are wanted by Israel's defense establishment and have been missing since the three teens were kidnapped on June 12. Despite the current focus on Gaza and Operation Protective Edge, the IDF Central Command and Judea and Samaria Division are continuing the search for the two suspects.

Since Operation Brother's Keeper began, relatives of the suspects have been arrested in an effort to learn more about their whereabouts. The defense establishment has promised that the search will not end until they are found.
It'll remain to be seen whether the families of these satanic worshipers will cooperate with the authorities to pinpoint the whereabouts of the turds they produced.

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Gaza ground operation begins

Finally, it looks like the army is taking a much needed approach to put an end to the Hamas rocket attacks:
After days of waiting and deliberation, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday night directed the IDF to send ground troops into Gaza to strike the terror tunnels into Israel.

A statement put out by the Prime Minister's Office said that Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon Netanyahu directed the IDF to prepare to expand the ground operation.

The statement said that the security cabinet approved the operation after Israel agreed to the Egyptian cease-fire proposal on Tuesday, which Hamas rejected. In addition, the statement said, Hamas even fired rockets during the Thursday's five-hour humanitarian cease-fire.

“In light of Hamas' continuous criminal aggression, and the dangerous infiltration into Israeli territory, Israel is obligated to act in defense of its citizens,” the statement said.

The statement said that Operation Protective Edge, now in its 10th day, will continue until its goals are reached: restoring quiet for an extended period of time,and delivering a significant blow to Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in Gaza.
It's about time. The citizenry should not have to put up with this at all. One contributor to the Jerusalem Post says that the Hamas particularly likes to fire the rockets at times when parents take their children to school, because terrorists consider that the ideal way to terrify parents. So from here, we'll see what results the operation yields.

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Mosques in Gaza have to be destroyed because of their key role in jihad

Ethel Fenig at the American Thinker makes a good point about the role mosques play in jihadism, and points to a document explaining all this:
Military use of the Al-Farouq Mosque by Hamas is not an exception. Hamas and other terrorist organizations systematically use many mosques in the Gaza Strip for military and political purposes. Mosques in the Gaza Strip are used not only for worship but also for diverse military and political purposes, such as recruiting operatives for terrorist activity, storing weapons, meeting places for terrorist operatives, points of departure for terrorist attacks, training sites, places for firing rockets and mortar bombs and centers for political and ideological activity.

4. Military use of mosques is rooted in the perception of senior Sunni and Shiite clerics, including Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Hamas’s main religious role model that the use of mosques for military purposes as part of jihad (holy war) is legitimate. This perception is based on Islamic tradition (hadith) that states that the Prophet Muhammad himself used a mosque for military and political purposes, in addition to the classic function of the mosque as house of worship for the faithful.
They also use them for indoctrinating children, surely the worst part of preparations for jihad. That's why all those mosques should be turned into rubble, as it'll make it harder for them to run an indoctrination center.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014 

Paris bans a pro-PLO demonstration

It's about time these pathetic excuses for "protests", which are really excuses for violence, were barred:
Paris police are forbidding pro-Palestinian protesters from holding a march, after violence marred a recent protest amid tensions in France around the fighting in Gaza.

France has Western Europe’s largest Muslim and Jewish populations, and unrest in the Mideast sometimes translates into tensions between the communities.
"Tensions between"? It's the Islamofascists who're causing the tensions by turning to violent acts. As usual, the AP/Wash. Post resorts to moral equations. The city's done the right thing to put a halt to this, and should continue to do so for a long, long time. Ditto other cities like Lyon and Lille, among others.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014 

Jewish missionary killed by Hamas mortar fire

As was sadly possible, and now has happened, somebody was murdered by Hamas rockets:
Two Israelis were wounded following a barrage of rocket and mortar fire, one of whom succumbed to his wounds. The victim, Dor Chanin, 37, was at the Erez Crossing delivering food and cheer to soldiers when a barrage of rockets and mortars rained down and critically wounding him.
Absolutely terrible. Condolences for his family.

Update: the government says the Hamas will pay a price for refusing to cease fire, and indeed they should.

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Somali convert to Christianity in Sweden warns a civil war might take place in the future

From Uriaposten, and translated by Jihad Watch, here's some news about Mona Walter, who's almost like Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her own right, who warns what might await Sweden in the near future:
She lives in Gothenburg and came to Sweden from Somalia at age 20 in 1994 … Immediately after her arrival, Mona Walter – that is her name – was visited by local imams, who explained to the young woman that she had cover her body and visit the the mosque more often. There, she heard how the learned men preached hatred of Swedish society and holy war against the infidels. She was disappointed and angry. She wanted to be a Swede, she wanted to be integrated, and she married an ethnic Swede and broke out of the ghetto and converted to Christianity. But today she fears for her daughters’ future. Not in Somalia, but in Sweden.

[...] Friday, she visited Copenhagen during the presentation of Lars Hedegaard’s book Muhammad’s Girls, now published in Swedish, which tells a broader story about women’s low status in Islam and the high levels of violence and rape that follow from this. …

Mona Walter has no doubt that Sweden will be forced into a bloody civil war within a decade or two, if a public debate does not take place, and if it does not become possible to criticize the insane mass immigration to Sweden from Muslim countries. On the one hand, negative sentiments against Muslims will grow; on the other hand, the proponents of Islam and the gangs will get stronger.
Her outspokenness against Islam in a country that's becoming heavily Islamized is very courageous. But with the communists they have running the store in Sweden, it's sadly possible that her estimation could come true, and Scandanavia will be plunged into a civil war.

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Hamas rejects a ceasefire

Israel accepted an Egyptian-brokered truce, but Hamas rejected it:
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon ordered a restart of the attacks on the Gaza Strip Tuesday afternoon after Israel's acceptance of an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire was met with a morning and afternoon of Hamas rockets fired at Israel.

Diplomatic officials said that the IDF actions, which came at 3:00 pm, six hours after Israel held its fire and responded positively to the Egyptian cease-fire proposal, were the result of Hamas and Islamic Jihad rejecting the cease fire.

IAF aircraft began striking targets on Tuesday afternoon following the decision. The IDF stated that it would strike all "elements that are behind terrorist attacks on Israel."

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip claimed on Tuesday that they had been receiving text messages and pre-recorded phone calls from the IDF that blame Hamas for the renewal of Israeli strikes following Hamas's rejection of the ceasefire.

Netanyahu had earlier warned that Israel would widen its offensive in Gaza if the rocket attacks continued.
It's pretty clear for now that Hamas has gone unhinged, as goes the saying. The army would do well to seriously mow them down.

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