Friday, October 09, 2015 

French parliament adopts bill to prevent minors from leaving the country to participate in jihad

The French parliament approved a draft law for keeping youngsters from joining jihad in Syria and Iraq:
French lawmakers adopted a draft law Thursday that will require minors to have permission from their parents or legal guardians before leaving the country in a bid to curb departures for jihad in Iraq or Syria.

At the moment, children in France only need their identity card or passport to travel, making it easy for them to fly to Turkey and make their way to Syria to join the ranks of the Islamic State group (IS).

The bill notes that the law, in place only since 2013, is "inadequate" in the face of "a large number of French minors who have gone to combat zones in Iraq and Syria."

Parents can currently request that their children be blocked from leaving the country, but this is of no use if they are unaware of their plans.

In June a French mother tried to sue the state for not preventing her minor son from leaving to Syria, but lost the case as she had not requested he be stopped.

Lawmaker Meyer Habib noted that jihadism had become "a sort of fashion for directionless youth", making the law all the more urgent.

Government's parliamentary secretary Jean-Marie Le Guen welcomed the bill but said it would be difficult to implement in Europe's passport-free Schengen zone and could create complications for children of divorced or separated parents.

Lawmakers also adopted a measure to allow prosecutors, who have been alerted by police, social services or education officials, to declare a ban on leaving the country.

According to recent government figures, more than 1,800 French citizens or residents of France have been involved in jihadist networks. Around 500 nationals are thought to be in Syria or Iraq, 133 of which have died.

A hotline set up for families to report radicalisation in April 2014 has drawn more than 3,000 alerts, 23 percent of which concern minors -- most of them girls.

This week France also launched a series of television, Internet and newspaper adverts in which parents and siblings of those who have lost children to the jihad recount their tales.
It's very awful when girls get drawn into these nightmares, no doubt because they're directionless and want to find people who'll supposedly "care" for them. This is just the problem with today's society everywhere, that they aren't finding ways to satisfy their children.

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Haredi rabbi from Ofakim charged with sexual assault

Another disturbing case has come up of a so-called guru who betrayed the trust of his followers:
A haredi rabbi from Ofakim in southern Israel has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting woman who came to him for guidance.

The rabbi was charged specifically with sexual offenses, sodomy, and manipulating his leadership position. He will be brought for a remand hearing on Thursday at the Magistrate's Court in Beersheva.

Police learned of the case, Channel 10 reports, after a private citizen filed a complaint, claiming that one of the alleged victims had spoken to him about the rabbi's actions.

So far, two women have filed complaints against the rabbi for indecent acts carried out several years ago.

More women are expected to come forward and local detectives believe the rabbi's crimes could be far more widespread.

A similar case took place in Israel over the summer, when a prominent rabbi from northern Israel was accused of sexually assaulting at least ten different women.
Whether the victims were part of an insular community, they shouldn't be part of one that could maintain an insular lifestyle. If the rabbi's guilty, I hope he gets thrown in the slammer for a long time.

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Flames of Islamofascism are reaching Israel

Netanyahu gave a press conference in which he made the point that what's been happening in much of the rest of the region is now taking place here:
Netanyahu criticized the wave of violence as “the result of wild and mendacious incitement by Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, several countries in the region and – no less and frequently much more – the Islamic Movement in Israel, which is igniting the ground with lies regarding our policy on the Temple Mount and the purported changes that we want to make to the status quo. This is an absolute lie.”
Nevertheless, the Temple Mount is a Jewish-built structure, and to say it's forbidden for Jews to pray there is reprehensible. And it's just what the Hamas has been inciting against:
Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas’ deputy political bureau chief in Gaza, said on Friday that the "Al-Aksa intifada has been revived and we intend to join," according to Channel 10.

In a sermon delivered on Friday, the Hamas leader said that "Jews are trying to take over the Al-Aksa mosque but they will not succeed."

The claim that Jews are attempting to take control of the Temple Mount where the Al-Aksa mosque sits has been a common refrain that has stoked tensions in Israel and the West Bank.

Haniyeh added that his terrorist organization intends to join the so called Palestinian uprising taking place that has seen a string of escalating violence over the past several days, Channel 10 added.
It's clear already they intend to pose a serious threat and danger. As a result, security is going to have to be boosted very seriously.

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Thursday, October 08, 2015 

It's a new intifada

This week's just seen a most alarming rise in jihadist attacks, mainly with knives, around Israel. You can find notes on terrorist attacks that occurred today here for starters. And here's more.

It's clear that Mahmoud Abbas has really done it this time with his incitement. And sooner or later, he'll have to pay a heavy price for all the damage he's caused.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2015 

Muslims wished ill upon injured widow in stabbing attack

The widow of one of the men murdered in the stabbing attack at the Old City recounted how Muslims in an area she ran through refused to help, and worse, condoned the assault:
“I ran several meters with a knife stuck in my shoulder, covered in blood,” newly widowed Adele (Benita) Bennett told Israel’s Channel 2 on Sunday, from her hospital bed in Hadassah-Ein Kerem. “And the Arabs watching applauded and spit at me, calling out, ‘You should die, too.'”
It's enough to vomit. She was lucky to survive, and if the murder supporters were filmed on security cameras, they should be tracked and charged with failure to prevent a crime or assist a victim in distress.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2015 

Houses of savages demolished

The Israeli government's set a good example by destroying 2 houses belonging to the families of jihadists, and a third one's been sealed up:
The homes of two Palestinian terrorists were demolished by Israel, the IDF confirmed Tuesday morning, following a government crackdown on the latest wave of terrorism to hit the nation.

The homes belonged to terrorists who carried out attacks against Israel over the last year, with a room in the home of a third terrorist sealed off for possible demolition. The three terrorists were killed during or after they carried out their attacks, which left six people dead.

“Overnight, and in accordance with the directive of the Minister of Defense, Moshe Ya’alon, security personnel demolished the residences of Abu Jamil Ghassan Ben Muhammad and Muhammed Naif El-Jaabis and sealed off a room in the residence of Mu’taz Ibrahim Halil Hijazi in Jerusalem,” the IDF said in a statement.

[...] The demolitions come amid Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s vow to harshen measures against terrorists. On Monday, Netanyahu tasked Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked with expediting measures to shorten the legal process to demolish homes of Palestinian terrorists, a controversial policy that was first introduced during the Second Intifada.

“We are not prepared to give immunity to anybody, not to any rioters…or any terrorist, anywhere, and therefore there are no limits on the activities of the security forces,” he stated.

In addition to reenacting the policy of home demolitions, the prime minister has ordered the deployment of thousands of extra police and soldiers into Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to restore security. He also ordered a more expansive use of administrative detentions for terror suspects and banning people who incite terrorism against Israel from the Old City of Jerusalem.
Some more on the topic over here. In a related subject, it's been discovered the PLO pays tons of money to terrorists:
Newly-revealed documents on Tuesday showed that the Palestinian Authority has been paying Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails hundreds of thousands of shekels over the past several years.

According to the documents obtained by Israel Radio, most of those receiving PA money are members of Hamas who were behind some of the bloodiest terror attacks in Israeli history, from the second intifada.

Those receiving these PA "salaries" are all serving time in maximum-security prisons for the crimes they committed.

One of the documents showed that Abdullah Barghouti, a Hamas bomb maker serving 67 life sentences, has so far received more than NIS 250,000 (almost $66,000).

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Hamad, who served as the head of Hamas's military wing in the West Bank and is currently serving 54 life sentences, was shown in the documents to have already received NIS 200,000 (almost $53,000).

Both Bargouti and Hamad were involved in some of the worst suicide bombings of the second intifada, including the bombings at a cafeteria at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem on July 31, 2002, the Sbarro restaurant bombing in Jerusalem on August 9, 2001 and a nightclub bombing in Rishon Lezion on May 7, 2002.
And that's one of the reasons why there's so much poverty under the PLO's regime. They pay all that money to cannibals while refusing to make any improvements in the living conditions for many people who're in bad situations.

And on another note, this one most disgusting too, some Muslim parents named their newborn son after one of the stabbers in the Old City. That just shows how evil they are.

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Sunday, October 04, 2015 

What's the point of a TV show based on Lethal Weapon?

There's an adaptation of the film series starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in the works:
Just when you thought you were too old for this shit, Fox goes ahead and continues the trend of making shows based on once-popular franchises. This time, it's the mismatched cop magic of the Lethal Weapon franchise that turned Mel Gibson into a movie superstar.

Fox and Warner Bros. TV are in the early stages of developing an hour-long drama based on the films, Deadline reports. So far, there's a put pilot commitment in place, so the project has a long way to go before we're wondering who should play Riggs and Murtaugh.

If you aren't familiar with the Lethal Weapon films, then who are you? Gibson and Danny Glover starred as a pair of Los Angeles cops, one who worked by the book and the other who probably never even read a book. Four Lethal Weapon movies made it to theaters between 1987 and 1998, and all were hits.
Yeah, but would that be the same today after Gibson turned out to be such an embarrassment, and Glover too? Probably not. Plus, I've been thinking maybe I am getting too old for...okay, you get it. Simply put, I haven't cared for those movies in years, and Gibson's own scandal only made me feel more discouraged to revisit them. Sure, I know he could probably redeem himself of his nasty attitude towards Jews, and Glover too, but to date, they haven't shown any sign of relenting, and so I have no idea if they've come to their senses.

And even if they do, I still just don't feel up to watching the 4 movies anymore, let alone a TV series based on them.

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Volkswagen's diesel engine cheat may have caused deaths by pollution over the past several years

By now, Volkswagen's diesel scandal is widely known everywhere, and it's cost the company plenty. But what's now worrisome is the discovery that their pollution's led to many deaths from illness:
Volkswagen's pollution-control chicanery has not just been victimless tinkering, killing between five and 20 people in the United States annually in recent years, according to an Associated Press statistical and computer analysis.

The software that the company admitted using to get around government emissions limits allowed VWs to spew enough pollution to cause somewhere between 16 and 94 deaths over seven years, with the annual count increasing more recently as more of the diesels were on the road. The total cost has been well over $100 million.

That's just in the United States. It's likely far deadlier and costlier in Europe, where more VW diesels were sold, engineers said. Scientists and experts said the death toll in Europe could be as high as hundreds each year, though they caution that it is hard to take American health and air quality computer models and translate them to a more densely populated Europe.

"Statistically, we can't point out who died because of this policy, but some people have died or likely died as a result of this," said Carnegie Mellon environmental engineer professor Peter Adams. He calculates the cost of air pollution with a sophisticated computer model that he and the AP used in its analysis.

Computer software allowed VW diesel cars to spew between 10 to 40 times more nitrogen oxides (NOx) than allowed by regulation, making this "clearly a concern for air quality and public health," said Janet McCabe, acting air quality chief for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Nitrogen oxides mostly form smog — that murky, dirty air that makes it hard to see and for some people to breathe — but also amplify a deadlier, larger problem: tiny particles of soot. Numerous medical studies show those tiny particles cause about 50,000 deaths a year in the United States, mostly from heart problems.

Nitrogen oxides can travel hundreds of miles, so pollution spewed in Pittsburgh can be felt on the East Coast, Adams said.

Experts calculate how much pollution costs society by looking at the value of lost lives. In this case, Adams and other said the lost lives — valued at $8.6 million apiece — overwhelm other costs such as lost work days or hospital costs. The overall annual cost of the extra pollutants from the VW diesels ranged from $40 million to $170 million, environmental engineering professors calculated.

"Even the small increase in NOx from VW diesel emissions is likely to have worsened pollution along the roadways where they have traveled, and affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of people," said Dan Greenbaum, president of the Health Effects Institute in Boston.

"To say millions of people of people are breathing poor air as the result of that is not off the mark," said Greenbaum, who runs the institute that is funded by both the EPA and the auto industry to serve as an independent arbiter of the science.

In a response Saturday night to an earlier request for comment, Volkswagen said the EPA has noted that the affected vehicles do not present a safety hazard and are legal to drive. "General allegations regarding links between NOX emissions from these affected vehicles and specific health effects are unverified. We have received no confirmed reports that the emissions from such vehicles caused any actual health problem," the company said in a statement.

The calculations should be put in context of air that is getting dramatically cleaner in the United States, experts said. Also, the deaths from extra pollution are dwarfed by the 35,000 people in the U.S. a year who die in auto accidents and are closer to the annual U.S. death toll of spider or snake bites.

The AP calculated how much pollution was spewed year by year, starting with that broad 10 times to 40 times emissions level estimate from the EPA, then factoring in mileage and car number totals from EPA, the car company and Kelley Blue Book.

The results show an upper and lower limit of extra nitrogen oxides pollution allowed by VW's subterfuge. The AP took those figures to scientists who previously created a sophisticated computer program that looks at air movement and numerous epidemiological studies on the health effects of pollutants. The result was a rough estimate on deaths and costs to society based on a certain amount of pollution triggering each death.

The EPA has its own open source computer model that calculates death and social costs of emissions, roughly finding it takes nearly 1,300 tons of nitrogen oxides to cause one death. Using that calculation and AP's emission totals, the total death figures over the past seven years range from 12 to 69, slightly lower than the AP calculations.

The AP ran its calculations and results by more than a dozen experts in emissions, risk and public health. They all confirmed the calculations and results seemed right. One scientist had even done a statistical analysis on his own and came independently to the same conclusion. The experts were mostly university professors or from research institutes. They were not environmental advocates or representatives of auto companies.

But engineers caution that these figures come with many caveats and are ballpark estimates. They rely on many assumptions and a range of potential emissions per car. Air pollution impacts on people are usually calculated on a local level because that's where it is felt, and it changes from place to place. But these calculations were broadened to a national level, which adds more uncertainty.

The computer simulation that made the death calculations use conservative medical studies as their baseline. Other epidemiological studies would more than double the deaths and health costs, said Adams and model co-creator Jinhyok Heo of Cornell University.

Chris Frey, an engineering professor at North Carolina State University, has been testing the VW diesels in real world conditions, driving more than 100 miles with monitors in the car tailpipes. He found pollution 10 times higher than the federal standard, and noticed that the worst pollution came as he got on to highways and in stop-and-go traffic. Those less desirable areas are where poorer people live, Greenbaum and other experts said.

Since 2008, VW sold more than 10 million VW diesel cars in Europe, compared with less than half a million in the United States. In Europe, the population is more densely packed in urban areas, making them more vulnerable to added air pollution, several experts said.

"Assuming most of the cars are in Europe, it's pretty simple to estimate that it could go as high as hundreds," said Robert Rohde, a physicist and lead scientist at the Berkeley Earth team that has estimated death tolls of air pollution in the past.
Sick. If this makes any sense, what VW's officials involved in the deception did is like stealth murder, endangering lives all for the sake of money at the expense of the common pedestrian on the roads.

I've never liked Volkswagen products any more than Fords because the founder was nazi collaborator Ferdinand Porsche (that's why I don't like that company's sports cars either). That's a leading reason why I won't shed any tears over whatever trouble they're finding now. They're asking for some serious punishment for all the health hazards they led to on the highways of many countries.

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2 men murdered in stabbing at Old City

No sooner did the murder of two parents take place, now a jihad stabbing took place yesterday in the Jerusalem Old City that cost two lives:
The two Israeli men who were killed Saturday evening in a terror attack in Jerusalem’s Old City were named by police as Nehemia Lavi, 41, and Aharon Benet, 22.

The two died of their wounds shortly after being stabbed in Jerusalem’s Old City by a Palestinian terrorist.

Benet’s wife was in serious condition and their two-year-old baby was lightly wounded. She was taken to Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem and was undergoing surgery. The toddler was taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center for treatment where he remained in stable condition.

Lavi, a Jerusalem resident, leaves behind a wife and seven children. A rabbi at the Old City’s Ateret Cohanim yeshiva who lived nearby, he had rushed to the scene when he heard screaming in the street.

His funeral was scheduled for Sunday at noon at Har Hamenuhot in Jerusalem, also known as the Givat Shaul cemetery.

French-born Benet and his family lived in Beitar Illit. He was set to be buried early Sunday morning on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Lavi and Benet were stabbed in the upper body and were unconscious when paramedics arrived at the scene.

Benet was taken to Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus where he died of his wounds shortly after the attack. Lavi was taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center where he also died Saturday night.

When the attack began, Benet’s wife, though badly injured, managed to run and alert a group of Border Police forces nearby who arrived on the scene. The assailant had by this time grabbed a gun from one of those he had stabbed, and he fired at the cops, who shot and killed him.

Hundreds of police officers had been deployed in the Old City, for fear of attacks, but Jerusalem Police Chief Moshe Erdi said there had been no specific information regarding this attacker.
It's not enough to have security on patrol. The Religion of Peace has to be abolished.

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Saturday, October 03, 2015 

Murdered in front of their children

Two parents were murdered by jihadists while driving in their car, with surely the worst part being that their children were witness to the crime:
Four young Jewish children became orphans when their parents were killed after their car came under heavy gunfire from Palestinian terrorists near the Jewish community of Itamar in Samaria.

Two Israeli civilians, identified as Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin from Neria, have been killed in a terror attack which occurred shortly after 9 pm near the Itamar and Elon Moreh communities in Samaria on Thursday night. The Jewish family of six was driving near the Palestinian village of Beit Furik when their vehicle came under heavy gunfire from a moving Palestinian vehicle, killing the parents.

The four children in the car, who witnessed their parents’ shooting, have been safely rescued. The children, ages 4, 7, and 9 and a four-month-old baby were not injured in the attack.

IDF spokesperson has confirmed the tragic event and stated that “IDF forces are currently searching the area for the terrorists.”

Israeli Minister, Uri Ariel had stated in response to the event that “this murderous occurrence which orphaned four little children is the direct result of Abu Mazen’s litany of lies last night at the United Nations. The responsibility is his and he must answer for it.”
That's absolutely correct. Abbas has been long inciting against Israel, and his hatemongering has played its very own part in what leads to anti-Jewish murders by Muslims.

The prime minister's condemned the attack, and here's more commentary by Emily Amrousi about the terrible incident.

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Friday, October 02, 2015 

PM's speech to the UN reflects 90 percent of Israeli electorate

The coalition leader in Israel's Knesset has a good form of support for Netanyahu's speech to the UN:
Following Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, officials in Israel and around the world are responding, with many in Israel feeling that the prime minister addressed the most important issues facing Israelis today.

Most of Netanyahu's 43-minute speech was focused on the threat posed by Iran. Toward the end, he responded to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' U.N. speech on Wednesday, in which Abbas said recent Israeli security actions at Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem could ignite a religious war.

Netanyahu told the General Assembly that Abbas should stop "spreading lies about Israel's alleged intentions on the Temple Mount," and return to direct negotiations to secure peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.
But they won't. They never even respected the Oslo accords to begin with, and Norway didn't want them to either.

Here's a transcript of Netanyahu's speech on The Algemeiner. And, here's another recording on C-Span.

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Jews don't feel safe in Europe anymore

And it's leading to a growing exodus, again:
The current influx of refugees into Europe could be mirrored by a mass exodus of Jews, faith leaders have warned as new figures revealed a rise in anti-Semitic incidents over the past year.

European Jewish Congress President Dr Moshe Kantor told a conference in Brussels: “If hundreds of thousands of Jews leave the EU, which is becoming a very strong possibility, then it too will be judged a failure,” he said. “Over the past few years, tens of thousands of Jews have left to seek a safer home elsewhere, and today, one-third of Europe’s nearly 2.5 million Jews are considering emigration.”

He was echoed by American Jewish Committee director Daniel Schwammenthal, who said the rise of anti-Jewish incidents was, “not only a threat to Jews but an assault on Europe’s core values”.
So how on earth is anyone to convince the EU to cease allowing all these Muslim savages into Europe, or better yet, convince European governments to quit the EU as a way of regaining some self-sovereignty?

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