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Thursday, February 08, 2024 

Haredi extremists have resumed efforts to take attention away from more serious issues

Haredi extremists in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh have boomeranged back to causing riots most inappropriately, and no doubt, they fully intend to take everyone's minds off of the crisis with Hamas and the bloodbath they caused on October 7, 2023:
Hundreds of haredim associated with extreme congregations in haredi society staged violent protests this morning over a Supreme Court verdict on the autopsy of a 13-year-old boy found dead in his home.

Yesterday, a magistrate allowed the autopsy, in light of a request by police due to suspicious evidence was found on the body. The family appealed, and today the Supreme Court will hear the appeal.

Since this morning, protesters have blocked Yechezkel Street in Jerusalem. The protest has included throwing eggs, bottles, and sacks of trash at police station in the area. A second protest has been staged in Beit Shemesh.

Some of the protesters in Jerusalem cursed and insulted the police, calling them Nazis and telling them to go to Gaza. Police forces are working to restore order in the area, including removing the protesters by force and preventing further violent incidents from breaking out.

Yechezkel Street remains blocked from Hashabbat Square to Shmuel Hanavi Junction by police order, as part of the efforts to restore order in the area.

Yesterday, throughout the day, hundreds joined violent protests at several points throughout the country, and some protesters even attempted to break into the forensic medicine institute in Abu Kabir to seize the body of the deceased teen.

Rabbi Shraga Brand, a prominent figure in the Edah HaChareidis sect, explained the issue to Kol Barama. “We are protesting against the court. We cannot permit an autopsy, the teen did not feel well in the police know that, and the court is ignoring the rights of the deceased.”

He furthermore criticized the police's conduct. “The police trampled protesters with horses yesterday. They did not do so on Kaplan Street, but when they see haredim they do so frequently. If the Supreme Court allows the autopsy, we will set the entire state on fire.”
That last line there is what makes this affair monumentally obscene. That's what the Hamas wants to do too, not to mention Hezbollah in Lebanon, and more than insult, this adds injury to injury. That the rioters would even try to trespass at an institute also speaks volumes. This reminds me of a case several years ago, where Haredi extremists didn't want to allow an autopsy on an infant that may have been victim of child abuse, and even stole the body from an ambulance. If this latest case also involves child abuse, they've effectively desecrated victims of abuse within their own community.

And this isn't the only recent embarrassment that's occurred. A few days ago, some more Haredi youth spat at Christian representatives again:
Two ultra-Orthodox youths were placed under house arrest Saturday evening, accused of spitting at and cursing a Catholic priest on Mount Zion.

The alleged assault, which was caught on video, came on the same day that a letter from Pope Francis to the Jewish population of Israel condemning all forms of anti-Judaism and antisemitism was made public.

“If we have gained any steps forward with Pope Francis and his amazing words denouncing antisemitism, [it has been offset by] having Jews spitting [on Catholic clergy] that very day and saying horrible words that are recorded. They should be seriously punished. But it doesn’t work that way,” said Yisca Harani, activist and founder of the Religious Freedom Data Center and Hotline.
As some surely realize, the same youths who did this would never act the same way towards Muslims. They only go after easy targets, which actually proves they know what they did was wrong.
Orthodox community hatred that hurts Israeli society in return

“Now, when we are being demonized all over the world, this is another ‘nail in the coffin.’ It should be explained in all the ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox communities that this is the worst way at this moment to hurt Israeli society. If incidents like this were harming us before, at this moment, this is 100 percent harming us.”
Tragic but true. Many antisemites use every trick in the book to justify their repulsive beliefs, and this is bound to be another that'll end up being exploited, even if the antisemites who do so aren't Christian themselves. I'm convinced the youths who did this had every intention of giving pro-Hamas movements a weapon to use against Israel. Exactly why house arrest is too good for them, and doesn't remove the youths from the bad influence the Haredi society they're part of had on their brains.

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