Saturday, May 18, 2024 

Modern "romance novels" depict men and masculinity in a most degrading context

Author Kammie C. Rose talks about how the modern novel publishing industry now stands for little more than depicting masculine men more like emasculated, and without a doubt, women are demeaned as well simultaneously:
In a world of man buns and declining sperm counts, the last thing we needed was four men gracing this year’s red carpet at the Met Gala in flowing gowns. But like it or not, this is our culture. So as a conservative author of romantic comedy books, how do I develop likable characters that today’s female readers want to root for?

I can do it and believe I have, but have I lost touch with today’s mores? Is there anyone left who still wants to read about two seemingly normal potential lovers caught in funny or interesting scenarios? My job is to create entertaining plots that don’t betray my core values. Such a task for a conservative author in the romance genre feels as futile as trying to sell a fire extinguisher to an arsonist during a BLM riot.

An author striving for success does not dare depict the leading male character as a normal, grounded, masculine man. That won’t fly in today’s leftist publishing world. I know this truth well enough that I didn’t exert an ounce of energy seeking a traditional publisher for my latest book. Conservative publishers do exist, but they are few and far between. They tend to publish nonfiction books by movers and shakers on topics such as culture and politics.

The trend in romance books is to either emasculate or demonize the male characters. Too often, in this leftist book world, the one-dimensional male character’s only discernible traits are those needed to successfully abuse, objectify, and degrade the lead female character. This is surprising, especially when over 80 percent of romance or romantic comedy readers are white women buying books published by mostly white liberal women. So much for the triumphant matriarchy.
Well that sounds just as demeaning to women as it does to men. 15 years ago, there was a British movie made called "An Education" (allegedly based on a "memoir" by Lynn Barber), where the male lead was depicted degradingly in ways not all that different from what the modern novel industry's turning out. Oh, did I mention the movie built on antisemitism in its depiction of the male lead? One could wonder if such films led to the kind of sad situation we're seeing now with alleged romance tales, and it won't be the least bit shocking if there's any out there laced with antisemitism to boot.

While it's admirable Rose is arranging for a conservative-leaning publisher to work on her book, this still demonstrates the hugely disappointing conduct of conservative publishers in the past, if they refused to represent novelists working on romance, comedy or otherwise, among other genres. No doubt, even here in Israel, this has been a severe problem for years. If politics is all they care about, that's dismaying, and did nothing to improve the image of right-wingers or prove they weren't narrow minded. It'll remain to be seen if conservative publishers are willing to reevaluate their conduct and make sure that, if a novelist, right-wing or not, wants to arrange for a romance book to be published by them, they'll do so unreservedly. That way, they can make much needed improvements in their MO.

And what's described about today's novels produced by leftists and the audiences reading them certainly is cause for alarm.

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Friday, May 17, 2024 

Geert Wilders now premier of the Netherlands

Finally, Dutch populist Geert Wilders has been able to form a government, and become prime minister of Holland:
The Netherlands will finally get the right wing government its people voted for, and some of the toughest border control in the Western World after veteran populist and Islam sceptic Geert Wilders got the agreement of coalition partners to form a cabinet.

Geert Wilders, who has lived under strict round-the-clock police protection since 2004 over threats to his life by Islamists hailed the success of months-long negotiations between four right wing parties in the Netherlands to form a new government. “The sun will shine again in the Netherlands… The Netherlands will be ours again” he said in celebration of the development. The documents were presented to the Dutch King on Thursday afternoon.
After all the horrible experiences Wilders has been through in over 2 decades, he absolutely deserves this job, and let's hope he proves capable working in it. Europe very badly needs politicians who can turn around a bad situation that Islam's caused, and which led to the murder of Theo Van Gogh in the early 2000s.

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A play based on October 7, 2023 in New York City is the only one requiring police security

A theater play has been produced in New York City based on accounts from the October 7, 2023 Hamas bloodbath, and sadly needs security to ensure it'll go on properly:
A play telling the harrowing stories of victims, and heroes, of the October 7 attacks on Israel opened in New York this week — described by playwrights Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney as “a cultural moment” and “a story of resilience.”

The show, which is being put on in Midtown Manhattan beginning this week through June 16, relays the blood-curdling accounts of the worst attack in Israel’s history, in the exact words of those who experienced it, collected in a series of interviews conducted by McAleer and McElhinney. The venue is under permanent police protection.

“What we have in this theatre is a piece of magic, a piece of history,” McAleer told Breitbart News Daily on Wednesday. “We’re journalists, our background is journalism, and we thought about journalism being the first draft of history, and here it is and its history that people need to see. They need to know.”

“This is a cultural moment in New York,” he continued. “It’s the only play opening in New York that needs permanent police protection. The world has changed, let me tell you.”
That's one of the worst things about the modern situation and atmosphere seen today. Islam was imported to areas like the USA and Canada as much as Europe, and now, unless law enforcement actually does its job, you have a situation where violent maniacs are willing to commit obscene behavior for the sake of suppressing facts.

The journalists who developed the play deserve much credit, certainly if they don't censor anything involving the Religion of Peace's role in last year's horror.

Update: Paramount Plus is also airing a documentary about the tragedy.

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IDF discovers loaded rocket launchers in Rafah

More weapons used by the Hamas have been captured by IDF:
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has found loaded rocket launchers during its operation in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, now in its second week.

Rocket fire from Gaza into Israel, which was nearly constant in the days following the October 7 terror attack, has largely subsided. However, in recent weeks, Hamas terrorists have fired rockets at the Keren Shalom crossing, where humanitarian aid enters Gaza near Rafah, and at the city of Sderot, near northern Gaza. [...]

The fact that the IDF is discovering and destroying rocket launchers provides further justification for the ongoing Rafah operation, to which the Biden administration and much of the international community has objected. Israel maintains that the last four intact Hamas battalions are located in the town, which is along the Egyptian border.
Many of those foreign sources likely won't have any comment to make about this, and certainly not favorable to Israel.

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French police kill armed man who tried to arsonize synagogue

An armed man in Rouen who was most likely Muslim was killed while trying to set fire to a synagogue:
Police have killed an armed man who was trying to set fire to a synagogue in France.

The suspect was shot and killed in the northern city of Rouen on Friday, said Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

“National police in Rouen neutralised early this morning an armed individual who clearly wanted to set fire to the city’s synagogue,” Mr Darmanin said.

“I congratulate them for their reactivity and their courage,” he said.

A source close to the case told AFP the man was wielding a knife and an iron bar when he was shot by police.

Firefighters have been pictured at the scene.

Rouen’s mayor said the Normandy town was “battered and shocked”.

Against the backdrop of tensions in Middle East and Israel’s ground offensive in the Gaza strip, France recently raised its alert level to the highest level.

Tensions and anger have grown in France over the Israel-Hamas war.

Antisemitic acts have surged in the country, which has the largest Jewish and Muslim populations in western Europe.
This is a very fortunate situation, where potential disaster was thankfully averted. But it's still just one of the reasons why Europe must expel the Muslims.

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Thursday, May 16, 2024 

Muslim who murdered Paul Kessler in LA will stand trial

The California court overseeing the case of a Muslim professor who murdered a Jewish man by hitting him with a megaphone has ruled the defendant will stand trial:
The anti-Israel protester who caused the death of an elderly Jewish man by striking him in the head with a megaphone will stand trial, a judge ruled yesterday (Wednesday).

Loay Abdelfattah Alnaji, 5i, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and battery causing serious bodily injury for striking 69-year-old Paul Kessler in Los Angeles on November 5, resulting in his death.

Kessler fell back and hit his head after Alnaji struck him, resulting in fatal injuries

Superior Court Judge Ryan Wright ruled that there was enough evidence for Alnaji to stand trial.
Well let's hope he receives a serious sentence. This is very grave, has only added to much of the physical/moral damage that's affected much of the world as the result of irresponsibility when it comes to the Religion of Peace that's gone on for decades, and now, justice must be done.

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CBS sides with Hamas

Newsbusters discovered one of the worst of the USA's main TV networks parroting Islamic propaganda hostile to Israel:
As pertains to the ongoing war in Gaza, CBS News continues to solidify its reputation as the most pro-Hamas among the networks. A brief report on the Biden administration’s request for new military assistance for Israel quickly turned into an opportunity to echo pro-Palestinian points and observe “al-Nakba”, which loosely translates to “Catastrophe Day”.

[...] There is a lot of actual information that was omitted from the report so that Norah O’Donnell could have the time to read the pro-Hamas talking points off of the teleprompter. For example, it is unclear when the billion-dollar military assistance package will actually arrive to Israel. But O’Donnell made sure to juxtapose that assistance with humanitarian aid due to arrive for displaced Palestinians.
The moral equivalence employed is also sickening. As noted in the post, Rashida Tlaib used similar language. To which the writer makes a point:
That is certainly one reading of history. The other is that when the British partitioned Mandatory Palestine, they created both a Jewish state and an Arab state, with the Jews accepting statehood and the Arabs refusing to live alongside the Jews. And that the real catastrophe (or nakba) happened when five Arab countries failed to expel Israel after they declared their independence a day before the start of what is now known as the Arab-Israeli War of 1948.

Whatever displacement happened, happened as the result of an eliminationist war waged against the Jewish state. Hamas’ barbaric October 7th attack has, unfortunately, triggered further needless displacement and death. This, unfortunately, is more nuance than can be crammed into a 30-second brief intended to elicit empathy for Palestine rather than to report facts.
But it should be made clear nobody in the right frame of mind should tune in to CBS news. It's time to boycott them seriously for a change.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2024 

The Hamas had their own mutawa force

New reports reveal the Hamas had its own "morality police" operating against people in Gaza who even dared dream of opposing them:
Yahya Sinwar the leader of the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip, created and oversaw a secret police force that monitored and created files on ordinary Gazan civilians, the New York Times reported.

Documents seized from Gaza indicate that this secret force, which is called the General Security Service, targeted journalists, young people, and others who questioned the Hamas government in Gaza.

Anyone who attended a protest against a Hamas official or any aspect of Hamas's rule, as well as anyone who publically criticized Hamas, was investigated by the General Security Service

The secret force was used to quash any and all dissent in Gaza, the Times reported. Journalists were often followed, criticism of Hamas was removed from social media, and all efforts were made to suppress anti-Hamas protests.

The General Security Service created files on at least 10,000 people in Gaza from 2016-2023.

The secret force consisted of 856 people and had a monthly budget of $120,000.

One Gaza journalist who was targeted said that he had his phone seized and searched while on his way to a protest. According to the journalist, the officers wrote messages of a flirtatious nature to a female journalist on his phone to plant evidence of immoral behavior against him.

Michael Milshtein, a former Israeli military intelligence officer, compared the Gaza General Security Service to the East German Stasi secret police organization.
Without a doubt, they were similar to the Stasi, but they're also much like the mutawas of other Islamic regimes like Saudi Arabia in the past. All this explains why the Hamas must be taken down.

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Monday, May 13, 2024 

From Memorial Day to Independence Day, 2024

For Memorial Day, police in Israel put on display several armored vehicles that were destroyed when the Hamas attacked on October 7, 2023:
The Israeli police commander inspected the twisted pieces of metal and shards of broken glass in two charred armored vehicles.

“It is like an arrow to the heart,”
Eyal Reon, head of the Israel Police Operations Unit, told JNS at the Israeli police academy in the central Israeli city of Beit Shemesh. “It brings me right back to the hours of that horrible day.”

The demolished vehicles, which police officers used to try to repel the Hamas attack on a borderline Israeli kibbutz during the Oct. 7 massacre, arrived at the police academy on Sunday, ahead of Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Memorial Day.

Some of the hundreds of Hamas terrorists, who burst into Kibbutz Be’eri on Oct. 7, shot the armored vehicles with gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades, killing nine of the 10 people who were inside the vehicles. That included eight police officers and a kibbutz member.

The bodies in the vehicles were so badly destroyed that they could not be identified initially
, according to Nadav Salame, the deputy commander of the Israel Police unit who was charged with overseeing the force as it went into the kibbutz.

In 33 years on the police force, including 18 in the police’s national enforcement unit, Salame had never seen anything like what he saw on Oct. 7.

“This brings me back to the images of that day,”
he told JNS. “Each time you get another blow. It is hard to grasp the enormity of the loss.” [...]

The armored vehicles are the latest to testify to Israel’s past battles. Others from the 1948 War of Independence line the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway.

“Our task is to preserve the stories of heroism and dedication of our fallen officer and comrades,”
according to Israel Police chief Shlomi Chetrit, who heads the history and heritage branch.
Now, with Independence Day taking place, Ruthie Blum's written about lessons that should've been learned:
One lesson Israelis should have internalized by now is that things can always get worse. As we moved on Monday night from mourning to celebration—when Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism abruptly transitioned into Independence Day—we’d have done well to remember what we were complaining about last year at this time.

In the wake of the Oct. 7 massacre, it’s impossible to believe that Israelis of all walks of life were treating judicial reform like a matter of life and death. Though it’s an issue that warrants serious debate under normal circumstances (whatever that means in the ever-besieged Jewish state), retrospect has a way of rendering previous concerns ridiculous.

While duking it out over the selection of judges and the power of the Supreme Court, Hamas was deep in the throes of the genocidal plan it would carry out a mere few months later. Breaking down the border fence, the Iranian-backed terrorists, joined by gleeful Gazan civilians, committed atrocities impossible for any human being with half a soul to fathom

Initially, the shock and horror of the that Black Sabbath—families snuffed out; babies burned; women and girls raped; young men beheaded; bodies left mutilated beyond recognition; and 250 people of all ages violently abducted to tunnel dungeons in Gaza—brought the nation together in grief and anger.

How, we asked, could the authorities have allowed this to happen? Where was the attention of the security services and government while Hamas was carefully plotting and training for its mass assault? Why did it take the Israel Defense Forces hours upon hours to come to the rescue of the victims, so many of whom perished while waiting

Our shared pain at the carnage, and common conviction that Hamas had to be defeated once and for all, soon became the source of a split. Given the degree of the trauma and character of Israeli discourse, the schism was inevitable.

This is literally and figuratively a crying shame. We’re a country at war on multiple fronts, desperate to secure the release of the remaining 132 hostages in the hands of Hamas

That we can’t afford the luxury of political discord at this juncture should be as obvious to us as it is to the Oct. 7 massacre mastermind, Yahya Sinwar, and his patrons in Tehran. But we’re the same stiff-necked people we’ve always been; and even more anxiety-ridden.

Such a state of affairs makes marking Israel’s 76th birthday with any gusto especially difficult. After all, cheering while our friends and family members are in Gaza—either wasting away as hostages or risking their lives in uniform—doesn’t seem appropriate.

On the other hand, despondency isn’t conducive to victory. Nor is pessimism about the future beneficial.
Well we will have to prove we can hold certain figures in history responsible for laying the groundswork for such a horror story to occur. Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin, Ariel Sharon, Yossi Sarid, Shulamit Aloni, in example. And let's not forget terrorist figures like Yasir Arafat, who was allowed via the Oslo accords to enter and lay jihadist framework for destroying the country. Those are topics that can't be overlooked in the long run.

And of course, there's the refusal of certain recent figures in the army to take the warnings of observers seriously, with the worst part being the nasty way a senior figure spoke to the Cassandra who tried to warn what was seen brewing in the distance. Some of the IDF officials who turned deaf ears and blind eyes have announced their resignations. But no doubt, there are victims and witnesses who'll say they should be in prison and definitely ostracized for what they enabled.

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UN reduces number of casualties in Gaza

It appears the UN is - decidedly quite belatedly - reducing the number of casualties in Gaza by half:
The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has revised its figures for the number of women and children who have been killed in Gaza since the beginning of the war down by nearly half, Fox News reported.

On May 8, OCHA's daily report on casualties in Gaza stated that 9,500 women and 14,500 children had been killed in Gaza since October 7, 2023. The report relied on the figures provided by the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry.

On May 8, two days later, OCHA's daily report slashed the number of women down to 4,959, while the number of children killed fell to 7,797 children.

The revised figures show 4,541 fewer deaths among women and 6,703 fewer deaths among children.

The OCHA report stated that 24,686 people had been killed as of the end of April, more than 10,000 less than the 35,000 figure Hamas has claimed.

10,006 adult males and 1,924 elderly people have been killed according to the OCHA statistics.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres spokesman Farhan Aziz Haq told Fox News Digital that "the United Nations teams on the ground in Gaza are unable to independently verify those figures given the prevailing situation on the ground and the sheer volume of fatalities."

"It is for this reason that all figures used by the UN clearly cite the Health Ministry in Gaza as the source,"
Haq said.

An Israeli official told Fox that "Israel has repeatedly said the numbers coming out of Gaza and which are being echoed by U.N. agencies are being manipulated by Hamas, are not accurate, and do not reflect the reality on the ground."
What's offensive about the UN's conduct is that, if the Israeli side were able to provide more accurate figures, the UN obviously refuses to make of those. All they've done is make clear who's side they're actually on, and only now are willing to revise things.

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Muslim school board president in NJ charged with sexual abuse admits to polygamy

Over in New Jersey, which has a considerable Muslim population in places like Patterson, the president of a Muslim school board was accused of sexual abuse, and it even turns out he's a polygamist (Hat tip: Pamela Geller):
A 56-year-old New Jersey school board president told a civil sexual abuse trial jury Wednesday that he met four of his six “religious wives” when they were 18 as he denied accusations he groomed one whom he taught in middle school.

Camden School Advisory Board President Wasim Muhammad delved into his multiple marital relationships on the stand, which he admitted is “an exception and not the rule” and “very controversial,” according to a Philadelphia Inquirer report.

A 45-year-old woman is suing Muhammad, who is a minister and community activist in the Garden State city, for allegedly sexually abusing her when she was a minor. The alleged abuse began when he was her 7th-grade social studies middle school teacher in 1994 and carried on for multiple years, she claims.

The 2021 lawsuit accuses Muhammad, a father of 17, of dragging his ex-student to a porn theater where he made her have sex with a stranger as he creepily watched after she returned to Camden following a few years out of state.

“I ask myself why did this happen?” the plaintiff testified last week, according to the outlet. “Why did he do this to me? Who would do this to a 13-year-old girl? There are no answers for me.’”
None that even the papers like those reporting the issue have the honesty to raise, that being the Religion of Peace. Good luck to the woman on her lawsuit, and let's hope the creep gets put in prison. But this is another instance in over many years where any part the Religion of Peace could have in such terrible incidents is otherwise given a pass and harder questions avoided.

And whatever one may think of polygamy, it's offensive when Muslims are allowed to practice it for producing children to outnumber those of their host country, while non-Muslims are held to entirely different standards.

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Sunday, May 12, 2024 

Eden Golan wins 5th spot in Eurovision, but a "non-binary" singer sadly wins 1st

Israeli singer Golan won 5th place at Eurovision, mainly because there were a lot of people supporting her after the repulsive hostility by anti-Israel activists, but the one to win 1st was, most unfortunately, an "identity politician":
Switzerland’s self-described “non-binary” rapper Nemo has won the 68th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song “The Code”.

Held in Malmö, this year’s Eurovision contest was marred by anti-Israel demonstrations in the multicultural Swedish city over the participation of 20-year-old Russian-Israeli singer Eden Golan.

While Golan received large support from the public, receiving a surprising 338 points from the audience vote — temporarily putting Israel in the lead — Golan ultimately ended up in fifth place
. Meanwhile, Britain’s Olly Alexander received an embarrassing zero votes from the public, many of whom cast their votes in favour of Golan, in an apparent protest against the large-scale anti-Israel demonstrations.

It was Swiss rapper Nemo who came out on top at the end with a total of 591 votes from the public and Eurovision judges, becoming the first so-called “non-binary” performer — demanding to be addressed by they/them pronouns — to win the contest and the third contestant to win the contest, following Lys Assia in the first edition of the contest in 1956 and Celine Dion in 1988. [...]

Nemo was not the only “non-binary” contestant this year, with Ireland’s entry, Bambie Thug, who claims to practice “neo-pagan blood magic” also identifying as such and demanding “they/them” pronouns.
It wouldn't be shocking if this was rigged, and it's quite appalling regardless, because artists like Nemo milk these moments for all they're worth to virtue-signal.

It's great Golan won the rank she did, but if the matter involving Nemo is any indication, Eurovision is deteriorating, and that Bambie Thug singer is also a bad lot, though her attempts to get Israel barred from the event only had the opposite effect, including in Ireland itself:
The Irish public may not be as on board with the anti-Israel antics of occultist Eurovision contestant Bambie Thug as the woke establishment would have believed, with Jewish singer Eden Golan receiving the second-most viewer votes of any contestant from the Emerald Isle.

Despite the pop music competition’s supposed commitment to political neutrality, the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö was dominated this year by the conflict between Israel and Hamas, with thousands pouring out onto the streets of the heavily Islamic Swedish city and anti-Israel contestants such as Ireland’s “non-binary” Bambie Thug attempting to have Israel barred from the contest.

However, while the pro-Hamas contingent was loud — frequently booing Israel’s Golan during her performances — the viewing public largely backed the 20-year-old Jewish singer, who received 323 votes from the television audience, more than any other performer besides Croatia’s Baby Lasagna. The Russian-Israeli singer also won the “rest of the world” vote. However, Eden Golan ultimately wound up in fifth place, having been largely snubbed by the jury members, who only awarded her 52 points.

Meanwhile, Ireland’s Bambie Thug was carried to a sixth-place finish by the jury vote, receiving 142 votes from the jurors after only gaining 136 votes from the public. In a further embarrassment for the London-based “non-binary” singer and self-described “witch”, voters in her native Ireland awarded 10 points to Israel, the second most for any performer.

This came despite public attempts from the anti-Israel performer to have the Jewish delegation barred
over alleged violations of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) rules — apparently for pointing out the Satanic elements in her performances — and filing official complaints in the hopes of disqualifying Israel from next year’s competition.

Bambie Thug went on to claim that she “cried with her team” after it was revealed Israel had reached the Eurovision finals.
Keep sobbing, please. All people like her did was prove how anti-semitic LGBT practitioners can be, and even demeaning to the fairer sex, or in Thug's case, self-hating. It'll take ages to mend the damage all this LGBT indoctrination caused.

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Northwestern university's Orwellian view of Israel

Some faculty members of Northwestern university declared Israel a "terror" state instead of Hamas (via the Daily Wire):
Northwestern University administration officials and faculty members signed a resolution demanding that the school cut ties with Israel, calling the Jewish country a "terror" state and accusing it of "one of the most atrocious and monstrous sieges in modern history."

The resolution—which also defended the eliminationist slogan "From the River to the Sea" and criticized the administration for creating a task force to combat anti-Semitism—was signed by over 1,000 students, alumni, and faculty members, as well as officials from Northwestern's admissions and civil rights compliance offices. [...]

A spokesman for Northwestern told the Washington Free Beacon that the university "has no tolerance for discrimination or harassment. We are reviewing the document. To be clear, Northwestern has not committed to divestment from Israel."

The resolution—which didn't mention Hamas's mass terrorist attack that incited the war—comes as Northwestern and universities around the country have been upended by anti-Israel demonstrations that have veered into open anti-Semitism.
It makes little difference whether the university divested, that they even brought up something like this is already causing more than enough severe damage that could've been avoided. Horrors like these are exactly why universities can't have politics on campus. It's totally ruining them.

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Saturday, May 11, 2024 

Transsexual man in Houston commits murder and necrophilia

A most horrifying case where a transsexual-identifying man in Texas committed murder and then raped the body of the victim, after which he also used a knife on the body:
A transgender-identifying male reportedly murdered a man in Houston, Texas, late last week, running him over with a car before kissing him and then repeatedly stabbing him.

The suspect, 20-year-old Karon Fisher, allegedly mowed down 64-year-old Steven Anderson as he was on his way to the mailbox.

Video of the incident appeared to show the car driving at a high rate of speed for a residential neighborhood and intentionally swerving to hit Anderson. After hitting him, Fisher allegedly hit him again, backing over him with the car.

The New York Post reported that Fisher allegedly “flipped Anderson’s body over, straddled him, and kissed him before stabbing him nine times.”

Harris County records showed that Fisher was charged with murder, evading arrest with a vehicle, and assaulting hospital personnel.

Fisher was previously charged with prostitution and has been on community supervision for evading a prior arrest.
Once again, the tragedy of one of the worst forms of punk subculture has struck, all as a result of all the "protected class" statuses leftist ideology's enabled.

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