Monday, December 05, 2022 

Police in charge of communications failed to respond to calls for help at Mount Meron

Newly discovered recordings reveal even main police contacting centers had blame to shoulder for the Mount Meron disaster over a year ago:
In the recordings, which were published for the first time Monday evening, police officers in the field can be heard recognizing the danger of the packed crowd. For half an hour they repeatedly asked for reinforcements, but received no response before the deadly disaster occurred.

The recordings were made during the Lag B'Omer bonfire at the Toldot Aharon compound, the exit of which was Gesher Dov. The policemen at Geshet Dov realized that a potential mass casualty incident may be beginning and called for help.

The communications network used by the police at Meron was operated by the Ha'amakim Regional Division. Deputy Superintendent Shalom Avitan, who was the commander of the area and in charge of the entire operation to secure the event, was also supposed to be listening to the police communications. However, the division was pre-occupied with flying a drone over the event and did not respond to the urgent requests of the policemen at the scene.

About three minutes before the disaster, the head of the main command center realized that something was wrong and attempted to contact the Ha'amakim command center. The police in the field realized that the officers were not responding.
As bad as the spiritual gurus of the Haredi tribes at the event can be, given how they failed for many years to teach about safety importance, even the police clearly have accountability here, which they may not be willing to accept.

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Lapid incites rebellion on his way out of office

Benjamin Netanyahu took issue with how Yair Lapid, on his way out of office, has been calling for disobedience of a right-wing government:
Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday castigated outgoing prime minister Yair Lapid for “attempting to incite rebellion among military officers and local authorities against the elected government.”

His comments came after Lapid urged local authority leaders not to cooperate with an extremist far-right member of the incoming government on educational issues, and after he was reported to warn a military general earlier this week against allowing the far-right “to gain control over the military.”

“Lapid’s conduct is dangerous and hurts democracy,” Netanyahu said in a statement. “We must leave the IDF out of any political debate. Senior officers certainly must not be incited to rebellion against a government that was elected by the people. It crosses a red line.”

He added that when Likud was in the opposition “we never incited against the government.”

Netanyahu vowed to protect citizens’ rights and to “lead the Israeli government according to the national and democratic values that have guided me my entire life.”
At the same time this is going on, there seems to be an obsession with LGBT ideology translating into boycotting Avi Maoz's policies among a number of cities:
More than 50 local authorities announced on Saturday that they will not cooperate with the policies of far-right MK Avi Maoz’s Noam Party.

The heads of a large number of the “rebellious” authorities have announced that they will self-fund the plans that will be affected as a result of an Education Ministry department’s transition to external programs in the hands of Maoz.

According to the coalition agreement between Likud and Noam, the unit for external programs and promoting partnerships in the ministry will be transferred to the Prime Minister’s Office and then handed over to Maoz’s authority. The Noam chairman has often expressed extreme positions regarding the LGBTQ community and women’s rights.
Look how they combine 2 accusations against him, that he leads what could be called contradictory positions. Now, if Maoz doesn't think women should serve in combat units in the IDF, that itself isn't a bad thing, if most women wouldn't want to risk being taken POWs by jihadists. It's the LGBT propaganda that's the problem, and how these movements are indoctrinating subjects to reject the opposite sex, or worse, could be indoctrinating them into getting operations to look like the opposite sex at the expense of their physical health.

It should be noted Yesh Atid for one hasn't said anything about the Arab parties' hostilities to LGBT practitioners (and neither have the advocates for the same):
The Knesset Regulatory Committee headed by Likud MK Yoav Kish convened on Monday in order to discuss the appointments of temporary deputy Knesset speakers. At the start of the committee's discussion, Kish noted that he had "not succeeded in reaching agreements with the opposition. I suggested increasing the number of deputy speakers from nine to eleven, with six from the coalition and five from the opposition, in order to enable all parties to have representation. But it appears that there is overriding opposition to anything we suggest. I appeal to the opposition parties and ask them to discuss this right now, here in the committee."

Responding, MK Boaz Toporovsky (Yesh Atid) said, "We oppose the appointment of people whose views were correct two thousand years ago."

MK Galit Distal Atbarian (Likud) then interjected, telling Toporovsky that it was "deplorable that the left-wing bloc is using LGBT people against us. Don't you have anything to say about the fact that MK Walid Taha thinks that homos are depraved?" She then turned to Taha himself, asking him, "Are homos depraved?" to which Taha replied that it was not the subject of the current discussion.
This just demonstrates a serious double-standard at work. I think Maoz should make clear it's a badge of honor to be labeled a homophobe, if this is how the leftists are going to go about with this BS of theirs. It should be noted that there's many USA citizens who find this LGBT propaganda abhorrent, and Florida governor Ron deSantis took action against indoctrination in schools, so if it's not wrong for conservatives in the USA to oppose LGBT indoctrination, even Likud officials who're said to be against Maoz's position shouldn't act like it's wrong for him to oppose it either. This backlash primarily by the right against Maoz was sadly predictable. But that doesn't mean we should allow it them to trod all over local opposition to SJWs infiltrating local Israeli public schools either.

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Sunday, December 04, 2022 

Will Iran's autocracy stop forcing women to wear Islamic head coverings?

Following the outburst of protests in the past few months, Iran's autocracy appears to have made a step towards abandoning the offensive practice of forcing women to wear burkas and other modest outfits:
Iran's attorney general has said the morality police, the force which detained Mahsa Amini and enforces the country's dress code has been "closed".

Mohammad Jafar Montazeri was cited by the Iranian Labour News Agency saying that the force had been disbanded.
Let's hope that's true, because for all we know, it could just as well be taqqiya they're spouting. We can't let down our guard.
Iran's Interior Ministry, which is the authority in charge of the morality police, has yet to comment on the status of the force.

Mr Montazeri was quoted saying: "The same authority which has established this police has shut it down", adding that the morality police was not under the judiciary's authority, which "continues to monitor behavioural actions at the community level".

The morality police was sanctioned by the UK following the death of Ms Amini, 22, who died in police custody after she was detained for allegedly not properly covering her hair with a headscarf - known as the hijab - which is mandatory for Iranian women.

The force has also gained criticism for its violent crackdown on the subsequent nationwide protests following Ms Amini's death.
What's been the status quo for over 4 decades already, ever since the ayatollah took over in 1979, has got to cease. The protests shouldn't stop until the whole regime is brought down.

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Leftist Israeli filmmaker causes outrage by attacking film about Kashmir massacre in India

Nadav Lapid is an Israeli moviemaker who's now caused an entirely unnecessary outrage after he attacked an Indian film about the history of the jihadists who caused tragedy in Kashmir around 1989:
Few films have raised a storm as strong as The Kashmir Files in recent times. A film made nearly thirty years after the original events that unfolded in Kashmir since 1989 has gained attention of everyone alike for its provocative, bold and in your face portrayal of the plight of Kashmiri Hindus. India’s youngsters have been shocked by the film with many resorting to the Internet to check if the gory details are indeed true, only to learn that all this took place with real people in real time in the place known as heaven on earth — Kashmir.

While we have a large section of people who want to know and understand how an entire community was tortured, raped and threatened to leave the Valley because of their religion with just three choices facing them — Ralib, Galib, Chalib (Convert, Die or Leave) — we have a huge army of Left-Islamists who are even going to the extent of calling this film a piece of propaganda. The latest one to do this is an Israeli filmmaker, Nadav Lapid who used the platform of IFFI, a film festival organised by the government of India to call this movie a “vulgar propaganda”.

The ambassador of Israel to India immediately got into a firefighting mode by posting a Twitter thread slamming Lapid’s views but the filmmaker remained unapologetic. He is rather proud of calling a film made on the plight of Kashmiri Hindus as propagandistic. In his defence, he said that the film justifies the policy of the Indian government in Kashmir and has “fascist features”. This is the first time in the history of a genocide being documented that a film is being called fascist!

What exactly are the compulsions of Nadav Lapid and his fellow leftists and Islamists to declare this film as propaganda? Well, the Kashmir conflict is a long drawn one where this tribe of Left-Islamists masquerading as intellectuals typically picks the Indian state as the perpetrator and the Muslim-majority population of Kashmir as the victim. In their hustle to call the Indian state as fascist and a budding Hindutva project, they forget that the Valley had a Muslim majority before 1989 as well and the state’s iron-fisted response was to the militancy that arose in Kashmir and not to the average Kashmiri people. The militancy which actually was an elaborate terror conspiracy made the Kashmiri Hindus its first victim. The Islamists with clear logistical support from the Pakistani deep state terrorised an entire population that was living in Kashmir for many centuries and forced them to leave the Valley.
What Lapid did was despicable, and is also an insult to the Jews who were massacred in Hebron in the early 1920s. By the twisted logic he follows, anybody who dares to make a film about that historical tragedy is an Islamophobic criminal as well. He should be absolutely ashamed of himself, and nobody should watch his film productions after the damage he's caused.

This columnist says:
While both Israel and India are working to further their common interests in the fight against international terrorism, Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid’s words could have created a rift between the two countries.

[...] It all came to a head when India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting invited Paris-based Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid to be chair of the jury at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa.

It is here that Lapid lashed out at an award-winning box office hit in India, The Kashmir Files, which is the story of the expulsion of nearly 500,000 Hindus from their aboriginal homeland of Kashmir by Pakistan-armed terrorist jihadis who had been withdrawn from war-torn Afghanistan and were on the loose in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and northern Pakistan.

As if the expulsion from their ancestral homeland was not tragic enough, in stepped 47-year-old Lapid, who made a scathing attack on the film produced by director Vivek Agnihotri, who began his research work four years before the film was screened in March 2022.

Lapid slammed The Kashmir Files during his closing speech at the International Film Festival of India in Goa. As the jury head for this year’s IFFI edition, he questioned the screening of the film in the competition. Not stopping there, he called it “disturbing” and “vulgar.” He even called it “propaganda.”

Producer Agnihotri’s film was made after research that included interviews with 700 people from the Hindu community hailing from Kashmir, living across India and across the world.

The Hindustan Times quoted Lapid in a report: “All of us (the jurists) were disturbed and shocked by the The Kashmir Files.”

Lapid’s remarks were immediately repudiated by Israel’s ambassador in New Delhi, who asked the woke film critic to apologize to his hosts and be ashamed of himself.

[...] Recalling the tragedy of the 1990s that was mocked by Lapid, Tikkoo told me:

“I was a 12 years old when we, Kashmiri Pandits, were targeted by Pakistan-sponsored Islamist terrorists in Kashmir in 1990. I remember family members talking about Pakistani, Afghan and other foreign mercenaries infiltrating Kashmir. But already in 1989, I saw Kalashnikov carrying Kashmiri Muslim men on the streets of Kashmir, attacking civilians and Indian security forces. The Islamists selectively killed our relatives, friends and acquaintances, destroyed our livelihood and asked us to leave our homes and land. Most of the community was poor and middle class. So most of us fled to Jammu, the Hindu-dominated southern part of Jammu & Kashmir. Part of my family lived in a refugee camp set up by the clueless government in New Delhi, and part of my family lived in rented hovels in poor neighbourhoods. We struggled to survive for over a decade. Many died in destitution and displacement.”

The fact the Muslim majority in Kashmir expelled nearly half a million Kashmiri Hindus should serve as a notice to the entire world that there is more to it than meets the eye when we tolerate the hidden agenda of some under cover of ‘multiculturalism,’ or when we cower as cowards at the threat of being labelled ‘Islamophobic.’
What happened over 3 decades ago was repulsive, and again, Lapid should apologize for his assault on the movie when he didn't have to say anything, period. The embarrassment he's caused is bound to cause a ripple effect we could all do without.

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Saturday, December 03, 2022 

Abusive daycare provider may have been given light sentence because she used Haredi lifestyle as shield

The following miscarriage of justice may have been because the court accepted a "priviledged class" status the offender is going by now:
The Jerusalem Magistrates Court this week sentenced a daycare provider in the city's Kiryat Moshe neighborhood to community service, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

According to the ruling, when the children fought over a toy, the provider took the hand of one child and dragged him towards the outer walls of the daycare center, before throwing him roughly and with great force.

During the hearing, it became clear that the daycare provider, who now identifies as haredi but who did not always lead a religious lifestyle, has a criminal background and has committed crimes twice in the past.

The prosecution petitioned for penal labor, while the woman's lawyer claimed that, "There is no one who will argue about the difficulty in caring for young children." He added that, "This is a demanding job. And no one disagrees that enforcing order in a daycare is an integral part of the routine in the daycare. At the end of the day, she made a mistake in judgement." Thereafter, the court sentenced the woman to 250 hours of community service.
That definitely is too lenient. And one can only wonder if the woman's current lifestyle has anything to do with it. If the criminal had been of Islamic background, it's chilling to think what the court's decision would be too. This is another terrible example an Israeli court is setting here.

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Friday, December 02, 2022 

Kanye West continues to be an embarrassment

Rapper/entertainer West has kept up his antisemitic act at the expense of his career and reputation, and now it's costing him further:
Twitter owner, Elon Musk, said he had blocked rapper Kanye West's Twitter account after it reopened following Musk's purchase of the social media platform.

Musk said the move was made due to West's violation of Twitter rules that prohibit calls for violence against other individuals or groups.

"Just clarifying that his account is being suspended for incitement to violence - not an unflattering pic of me being hosed by Ari," wrote Musk.
That is very serious, and if West claims to be conservative-leaning, he's humiliated many on the right with all his horrific drivel. And it gets worse:
On Thursday, rapper-turned-fashion designer Kanye West sparked controversy yet again, when the embattled fashion mogul and 2024 presidential hopeful appeared on Alex Jones’ “InfoWars,” responding to criticism of his numerous outbursts – online and in person – regarding Jews.

Speaking with Jones even as his face remained completely covered with a zipped-up mask while on air, West said he “loves everyone,” including Jews, as well as Nazis.

When Jones defended West from his critics and accusations of antisemitism, saying “You’re not Hitler, you’re not a Nazi,” the rapper said he found some things about the late Nazi leader to be admirable.

“I see some good things about Hitler also,”
Kanye said. “I love everyone. The Jewish people are not going to tell me 'you can love us and or you can love what we're doing to your contracts, but this guy [Adolf Hitler] that invented highways and invented the very microphone that I use as a musician - you cannot say out loud that he ever did anything good.' I'm done with that.”

“I'm done with the classifications. Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler."
This is just so disgusting to the point of vomit. Thankfully, he won't be buying into social media networks like Parler, as he was previously said to be doing, and what he's been up to lately would make it awfully embarrassing for the management of Parler anyway.

Is he doing this deliberately? Some could wonder if that's the case. For now, what's clear is that he's totally left his reputation in tatters when he could've avoided it, and Donald Trump did not have to invite him to his estate for a conference of any kind. A terrible shame it's come down to this situation.

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Thursday, December 01, 2022 

Jewish Holocaust memorials exploited by BLM

A sad example of how Holocaust Memorials in the USA are bound to be destroyed someday, as the country begins its slow march to Orwellianism:
The Auschwitz Institute’s staff is notable for being largely non-Jewish, but does include Duaa Randhawa, a program officer for online education, who is a veteran of the violently antisemitic Council on American-Islamic Relations: whose associates have supported the murder of Jews.

Some have even praised Hitler and called for another Holocaust

Dina Bailey, the head of U.S. programs for the Institute, is an African-American diversity trainer.

The Auschwitz Institute has employed, coordinated and cited materials from George Soros’ Open Society networks. Soros had collaborated in the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust, has blamed Jews for antisemitism and funded antisemitic activities since then.

And while the Auschwitz Institute takes no particular anti-Israel position, nor is it particularly concerned with the threatened genocide aimed at a nation with millions of Jews.

The troubling hijacking of the Holocaust to promote Black Lives Matter
, issue ‘land acknowledgements’ and other woke virtue signaling is all too typical of the appropriation of the Holocaust for leftist causes.

Holocaust museums have been clearing out exhibits about the mass murder of Jews to make way for Black Lives Matter propaganda.

The Holocaust Museum of Houston promotes Ibram X. Kendi’s “How To Be An Antiracist” and “When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir” by Patrisse Kahn-Cullor. The Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center of Florida triggered a massive backlash with its George Floyd exhibit. But the Auschwitz Institute is a particularly graphic example of not only a growing trend of woke Holocaust exploitation, but also Holocaust expropriation.

The Claims Conference acts as the official trustee for Holocaust victims, claiming and negotiating over property and compensation in their name, and then dispensing it. These funds are supposed to be allocated to organizations that provide support for survivors.

It’s difficult to see how the Auschwitz Institute fits that criteria

The Auschwitz Institute actually represents the troubling intersection of Holocaust universalization and state-sponsored wokeness. The role of foreign governments, including some of those involved in perpetrating the Holocaust, which now support an institute that smears the country that ended the Holocaust, is obscene. Especially when that institution also appears to be funded with money that was meant to be used to help Holocaust survivors.
It's devastating this is what's happening today in the USA. But it was sadly possible, due to all the lack of interest by supposedly concerned in remaining vigilant. Now, we're seeing another domino fall in the collapse of the USA to political correctness, as antisemitic sources take over what they shouldn't have anything to do with.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2022 

England and Wales no longer Christian, while Islam and atheism make gains

A recent census report reveals both England and Wales no longer follow Christianity, yet Islam and atheism are gaining ground in the UK:
Less than half of people in England and Wales are Christian, the census has revealed, with both atheism and Islam making major gains.

The majority of people in both England and Wales are not Christian for the first time probably since the 7th century AD, data from the 2021 census published on Tuesday has revealed.

According to the information released by Britain’s Office of National Statistics, both England and Wales have lost their status as majority-Christian nations, with only 46.3 per cent of the population of England reporting themselves as being Christian, while only 43.6 per cent of the Welsh population now describe themselves as being adherents to a denomination of Christianity.

While the faith still remains the plurality religion in both countries, it is the first time the total percentage of the population who are Christian has dropped below the 50 per cent mark in modern history, and most likely since the British isles were converted and moved away from Paganism 1,300 years ago. The change is even more pronounced when viewed over longer periods, with today’s 46 per cent of those in England professing to be Christian comparing to 71 per cent in 2001, just 20 years ago.

Meanwhile, the percentage of people saying that they have “no religion” in both nations has spiked significantly, growing from around a quarter of the population of both countries in 2011 to over 37 per cent by the time of recording the census last year.

Islam saw the next largest overall increase, growing in number from 2.7 million to 3.9 million in the decade, a rise of 44 per cent in ten years. In all, Muslims now account for 6.5 per cent of ordinary residents of England and Wales, and in 2001 they were 2.9 per cent.
With all the illegal immigration penetrating the UK (which the "conservative" government did nothing genuine to prevent), chances are the the Muslim percentage is much higher. And all this time, no Judaist advocates ever made any attempt to promote Judaism as a possible alternative, or convince anybody why it's worth it to try.

In addition to the bleak news above, it's also been revealed at least 2 more British cities besides London no longer have an indigenous majority:
Britain’s second-largest city Birmingham and the multicultural hub of Leicester have joined the ranks of minority-majority cities in England, according to last year’s census results.

Figures from the once-in-a-decade census showed that 59.1 per cent of people living in Leicester identify as having an ethnic minority background in 2021, a radical shift from just twenty years ago when 63.9 per cent of people in the East Midlands city identified as white. The shift is even starker when looking at the 1991 Census, which recorded the white population as being 96.6 per cent of inhabitants.

The 2021 Census results have also shown that England’s second-largest city, Birmingham, has recorded a majority in ethnic minorities at 51.4 per cent. The white population in the city has fallen from 71 per cent in 2001 and 58 per cent in 2011 to just 48.6 per cent last year. The 1991 Census — which was the first to ask ethnicity questions and notably the last national record before the mass migration era of Prime Minister Tony Blair — put the white population of Birmingham at 78.5 per cent.
Many of the current inhabitants of these cities are Muslims too. This does not bode well for Britain.

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California "justice system" releases thousands of sex offenders after they barely even served prison time

Gavin Newsom's California state government system has done it again, and demonstrated how undedicated they really are to the cause of justice (via Breitbart):
Pedophiles are getting less than a year prison time after a range of horrific acts, including raping kids under 14, a investigation reveals.

Analysis of a California database of sex offenders shows thousands of child molesters are being let out after just a few months, despite sentencing guidelines.

Current and former sex crime prosecutors said the figures are 'terrifying' and 'shameful'.

More than 7,000 sex offenders were convicted of 'lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age' but were let out of prison the same year they were incarcerated
, data from the California Megan's Law database says.

Others who committed some of the worst child sex crimes on the statute books served similarly short sentences, including 365 pedophiles convicted of continuous sexual abuse of a child who spent less than 12 months in prison, 39 cases of sodomy with a child under 16, and three cases of kidnapping a child under 14 'with intent to commit lewd or lascivious acts', according to the data.

Former Los Angeles sex crimes prosecutor Samuel Dordulian told he was 'shocked' by the statistics and described them as 'frightening for society'.

'Statistics clearly show that pedophiles don't get reformed. They're going to come out and they're going to commit again,'
Dordulian said.

'Letting these people out early, we're allowing for a lot more victimization. And that's terrifying.'
And tragically, Newsom continues to remain governor of California, enabling this obscenity to continue without any serious change. Again, the state of California's future looks very bleak.

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Rampant sexual harassment discovered in Israeli security services

It turns out the recent Gilboa prison scandal was just the tip of the iceberg, as more alarming sexual misconduct scandals were discovered in the security system:
Some 70% of sexual abuse reports from the Israel Police and other security forces were either not handled at all or were not addressed adequately, according to a State Comptroller report on Monday.

State Comptroller Matanyahu Englman said that the Gilboa pimping scandal, which involved incidents of sexual abuse of female soldiers assigned to the prison, was "just the tip of the iceberg" and that the findings of the report revealed a "disturbing organizational reality."

As part of the audit, the team visited seven security prison facilities and spoke with approximately 150 conscription officers stationed there. The State Comptroller's Office also surveyed approximately 13,000 soldiers and those released from conscription.

The report found that 38% of mandatory conscripts serving in the Israel Prison System said that they experienced sexual abuse and that 70% of said abuse was committed by a permanent employee or a commander.
What this means is that quite a few "commanders" must be removed from their positions, along with other prison employees who were involved in these offenses. If prostitution were more legal, and society less frowning upon the topic, maybe there would be less of this problem going around in these various types of businesses and facilities. Although, as some could rightly argue, those who do commit sexual offenses are the least deserving to spend time with hookers.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2022 

United Hatzalah raises plenty of funding in Paris

Some good news for a medical organization in France:
On Sunday night at the Salons Hoche in Paris, over 200 people gathered together to support Israel’s premier fully-volunteer emergency medical service (EMS) organization. In attendance was Israel’s ambassador to France Yael German and Israeli actress Liraz Charhi, star of the hit TV series “Tehran,” who emceed part of the event.

“It’s an honor for me to be a part of this event,” said Israeli actress Liraz Charhi. “United Hatzalah has been accomplishing incredible work for a long time, based on a simple but brilliant idea: reducing response time in order to save as many lives as possible. I have great admiration for Eli Beer and all the volunteers that make it all possible.”

The gathered crowd attended the first annual gala held in the country by United Hatzalah in support of the work done by the organization’s network of 6,200 emergency medical volunteers in Israel. With this event, the organization sought to introduce the French public to its lifesaving activities and engage with the Paris community.
It was sponsored by French Friends of UH and Israel, and they certainly impressed a lot of folks, which is good.

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