Thursday, October 17, 2019 

Liberman could always turn to the left entirely

Dr. Eitan Orkibi warns that Avigdor Lieberman's fully capable of veering left, if that's what it takes to bring down Netanyahu:
It seems to me that a person needs a certain basic amount of integrity to admit that the term "paranoia" is a little exaggerated to describe the worry over various political scenarios that the prime minister's associates are warning against.

But after Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Lieberman's astonishing and uncompromising conduct over the past year, any other attitude toward possible plans of action in which he could be involved should be considered complacence. In effect, when we're talking about the Yisrael Beytenu leader, experience teaches us that, unfortunately, the most unlikely possibilities should be taken as realistic. After the April election, he proved that he is not afraid of coming off as a loose cannon, and the Sept. 17 do-over election proved that the national camp – which used to be his home – again has no reason to put its trust in him.

The thing is, in times of political polarization and intra-bloc power struggles, it's impossible for anyone to be on their own. When you intentionally harm group A, you automatically operate in favor of group B. Some laughed when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned about that, but in the next few days we might discover that his diagnosis was correct: Lieberman really has proved that he is on the Left. If not in terms of ideology, then certainly in terms of bloc politics.
Liberman's caused more than enough trouble for the Israeli political scene, and that anybody would continue supporting such an embarrassment of a politician is shameful. He's nothing but a troublemaker, and now it's really come to the fore. For all we know, he could really wind up spelling disaster for Israel.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019 

Ambassador Friedman says uprooting is inhumane

USA ambassador David Friedman's made an important statement in an interview with Israel National News that Benny Gantz and even the Meretz party would do well to ponder, as it happens to be in the favor of everyone who believes in Israel's safety and not in segregation:
What can you tell us about the future of the settlements in Judea and Samaria under the plan?

“That is a very important part of the plan. I don’t want to get too into it, but I’ll tell you something which I’ve said on numerous occasions: Having seen the experience of the evacuation of Gaza, I don’t believe that there is a realistic plan that can be implemented that will require anyone, Jew or Arab, to be forced to leave their home. That would be recipe for disaster It almost caused a civil war on much, much less aggressive circumstances in Gaza, compared to Judea and Samaria. So we are not of the view that any forced evacuations are achievable. And I say that for both Jewish and Arab perspectives."

And how about construction? Is there still discussion and coordination over the years or are we only waiting for this deal?

We have discussion and coordination, but the facts speak for themselves. We have not been critical of settlements in any absolute sense. We've expressed our views in the past and have been consistent in those views. But the surest way to resolve all these issues is to come up with a structure that the state of Israel can agree to, where everybody knows, and we don't have these quarterly or monthly issues about settlements.

No uprooting?

No. It's frankly an inhumane process - speaking about Jews or Arabs. It failed in 2006, produced an extreme adverse reaction among Israelis. I think it's a failed policy, and not something that we would advance.
And if Gantz and other leftists like him are smart, they won't do it either if they're chosen to form a government, mainly because they will not have the support of the USA for any such vile steps, and unlike times past, this time can lead to trouble for them. It's also vital to note that the State Department recently dropped "palestinian territories" from its website listings, and for good reason. There's no need to keep perpetuating lies that have practically come at the USA's expense as much as Israel's and many other countries around the globe.

Friedman's willingness to speak up on a crucial subject like this is commendable, and very helpful to all in Israel who support historical birthright and unity.

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Monday, October 14, 2019 

Media profiteers sensationalize violent shootings

Here's an eyebrow raising article on Ammo's website about how the mainstream media's been profiteering from mass shootings, which it portrays in an otherwise sensationalized way, and it goes without saying that's extremely offensive, and does a terrible disfavor to victims of violent crimes.

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Sunday, October 13, 2019 

Britain's birthrate plummets

For the first time of recent, Britain's on its way to developing a birthrate almost as low as Germany's, while the Islamic birthrate rises:
Deaths of British-born people outstripped deaths to British born mothers for only the third time since records began in 1838.

There were only 471,476 live births to British-born mothers in England and Wales in 2018, compared to 487,618 deaths of British-born people, according to Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures reported by The Telegraph.

Deaths of British-born people have only outnumbered births to British-born people twice before, according to the ONS, in years of signifanctly greater economic turmoil than the country faces today — namely 1976 and 1977.

Fertility rates for British-born women have been declining year on year, having fallen from 1.71 children per woman in 2017 to 1.63 per woman in in 2018; a nadir since statistics began being tracked officially in 2004.

Overall, however, the number of births in the United Kingdom is still ahead of the number of deaths by some 115,487 — thanks to births to foreign-born mothers.
Some of whom come from Pakistani Muslim backgrounds, something the UK's establishment isn't particularly interested in noting clearly. That aside, the worst part is that:
Britain’s opposition Labour Party, led by far leftist Jeremy Corbyn, has pledged to not only maintain Free Movement with the European Union if it attains office, but to also to allow free movement from the wider world, as well — and to allow all non-citizen migrants to vote in British elections.
Yup, that's how they plan to do a "great replacement" in Britain. And it figures Israel-hating Corbyn would be one to represent this disturbing path.

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Saturday, October 12, 2019 

4 people stabbed at Manchester shopping mall

And no word of the culprit's identity here either. Israel National News reports:
A shopping center in Manchester, England, was evacuated Friday morning following reports of "multiple stabbings," Metro reported.

Footage shared on social media showed police vehicles arriving at the scene, and the North West Ambulance Service confirmed that four people are being treated.

One reporter said that witnesses claimed two people were "randomly stabbing people," The Sun said.

A spokesperson for Manchester Arndale confirmed to Metro that the incident is "ongoing," the site added.

It is not yet known if the attack resulted in any fatalities.
France 24 says 5 people were attacked, and that:
A man wielding a large knife who allegedly lunged at shoppers and chased unarmed police in a northwestern England mall was arrested Friday on suspicion of terrorism. [...]

Jackson said the incident was "bound to bring back memories of the awful events of 2017," when 22 people were killed after a suicide bomber targeted a concert by pop star Ariana Grande at Manchester Arena, a venue only few hundred meters away.
It should also raise feelings of offense at how no details are given as to the culprit's identity.

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A jihadist in Berlin was released after threatening a synagogue

In contrast to the case of a German gunman who tried to attack a synagogue in Halle, a Syrian immigrant who yelled phrases typical of jihadists was released in Berlin after posting a threat at a local synagogue:
Berliners have expressed disbelief after a Syrian migrant who stormed a synagogue with a knife yelling “Allah hu Akbar!” was freed from jail only a day later.

The incident occurred at a synagogue in the middle of Berlin on a Friday. Syrian migrant Mohammed M., 23, climbed over a security fence armed with an eight-inch-long knife and stormed the building while yelling “Fuck Israel!” and “Allah hu Akbar!” before security guards pepper-sprayed him, Bild reports.

Police subsequently arrested the 23-year-old, but he was released the next day. According to a police spokesman, the local prosecutor did not consider the man was sincerely trying to hurt anyone, just trying to threaten them.
It's really no shock that a government and authorities who consider "right-wingers" more of a threat than Islamofascists would do such a thing. There's really no point in expressing disbelief. Nor is it shocking they would think that somebody carrying a sharp weapon doesn't pose any kind of felony violation. That's just why Europe is so overrun now with jihadism and antisemitism.

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Friday, October 11, 2019 

Malka Leifer will remain in prison during proceedings

Justice has thankfully prevailed on Haredi child molestor Leifer's status, and she will remain behind bars:
The Supreme Court overturned on Thursday a lower court order that a former Australian school principal suspected of sexual assault, and whom Australia is seeking to extradite, be released from prison to house arrest.

Malka Leifer poses a flight risk and should remain behind bars until extradition proceedings conclude, Justice Anat Baron ruled, finding in favor of prosecutors’ appeal against the Jerusalem District Court’s Oct. 2 order.

[...] In August, the Israel Police recommended indicting Deputy Health Minister Yakov Litzman on suspicion he tried to pressure court-appointed psychiatrists to support Leifer’s mental illness claims.

It will be up to state prosecutors to decide whether to accept the police findings and charge Litzman, who has denied any wrongdoing.
I should hope the prosecution opens an official case against Litzman too, for all the harm he's caused to the justice system on his part. This whole case has practically damaged the image of Israel's justice system as much as the leftists in charge for many years did.

Update: the sisters who were victims of the witch are glad she's being kept behind bars:
A senior Israeli judge has declared accused pedophile Malka Leifer a flight risk as she overturned the granting of bail to the woman wanted on 74 counts of child sex abuse in Melbourne.

Her alleged victims applauded the decision, saying it had restored their faith in Israel’s justice system and hope that Ms Leifer would ­finally answer to an Australian court. “It’s been hanging over our heads like a thunder cloud for the last week,” said Nicole Meyer, 34, the eldest of three sisters who say they were abused by Leifer when she was principal of Melbourne’s ultra-Orthodox Adass Israel ­Jewish school.

“So it was really positive to have a result like this. It gives us hope in the process again.” [...]

Marking the 60th court hearing in the marathon case, Justice Baron took aim at the defence, saying: “The doubt itself regarding the credibility of the defendant in everything relating to her mental status creates the concern that this is an attempt by her to escape justice and to disrupt the legal proceedings.”

Issuing a hurry-up to the lower court, she noted that the extradition proceedings had been under way for five years.

On the decision last month by the Jerusalem District Court to appoint another panel of psychiatrists to assess Ms Leifer’s fitness for court, Justice Baron said: “It would be fitting … for the panel of experts to be appointed without delay, and after … the conclusions of the panel are received that a ruling be made within a reasonable time.”
Better still would be if a judgement would be issued that mental illness should not be an obstacle to extradition. Because even mentally ill aren't above punishment.

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Thursday, October 10, 2019 

Arab women in PLO-controlled areas endangered by Islam's acceptance of anti-female violence

Some horrific news on what kind of religious decrees take place within the PLO's dark streets:
The preacher of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and head of the Supreme Muslim Council Sheikh Ikrima Sabri recently issued a life-endangering religious ruling (fatwa) prohibiting Palestinian Muslim women from submitting complaints to the Israeli police over their husbands’ behavior.

Upon hearing this prohibition, the Mufti of the Palestinian Authority (PA), Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, confirmed his support for the ruling:

“It is better to leave the matter to the good people and reliable figures [in our society] in order to deal with the issue.”
[Donia Al-Watan, independent Palestinian news agency, Aug. 3, 2019]

Palestinian women’s rights groups and others have repeatedly complained about violence against women in Palestinian society and have demanded that the PA enact laws to protect the women from domestic violence.

This ruling by two top Palestinian religious figures prohibiting Palestinian women from approaching Israeli police is indeed life endangering for some Palestinian women as it may remove a major deterrent against violence that women need for protection.
None of this means anything to awful Knesset members like Ayman Odeh, obviously and unfortunately, who'd rather attack the Israeli government than the very ideology leading to these repulsive behaviors.

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A terrorist in Germany murdered 2 people on Yom Kippur at a synagogue

In Germany, main headquarters of the National Socialist dictatorship during WW2, a terrorist murdered at least 2 people at a synagogue on Yom Kippur, and the worst part is that he ostensibly "represented" opponents of Islamic immigration and left-wing feminism:
A gunman killed two people in a synagogue and a nearby kebab shop on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year, in an attack in the German city of Halle that he livestreamed on a video-gaming platform.

Before he began shooting on Wednesday, the attacker also broadcast an antisemitic manifesto online.

Several German media outlets said the perpetrator acted alone in the attacks, in which a woman was killed outside the synagogue and a man in the kebab shop. Police said they had detained one person.

Regional broadcaster MDR said the lives of two people who were seriously injured were no longer in danger.

The video circulating online showed a young man with a shaven head reciting a short statement in broken English to a camera while sitting in a parked car.

"I think the Holocaust never happened,"
he began, before adding "feminism is the cause of decline in birth rates in the West," mentioning mass immigration and concluding: "The root of all these problems is the Jew."

A spokeswoman for Amazon's video streaming subsidiary Twitch said footage of the shooting attack was livestreamed on the service.

"We worked with urgency to remove this content and will permanently suspend any accounts found to be posting or reposting content of this abhorrent act," she said.

In the video, the man drove to the synagogue, found the gates shut, swore, and after failing to force the gates open, shot several rounds into a woman passer-by.

German magazines Spiegel and Focus Online reported that the suspect was a 27-year old German.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said the shooting was anti-Semitic, adding: "According to the federal prosecutors' office, there are enough indications that it was possibly a right-wing extremist motive."
Frankly, even if it wasn't an Islamic jihadist who committed the repulsive act, it's offensive to pin the blame on right-wingers at convenience. But, if anything's chilling here, it's how a certain somebody chose to pin the blame on Islam's very target - Jews. Suggesting he's not opposed to Islamic anti-semitism, and I wouldn't be shocked if, despite his accusations against feminism, he doesn't have a problem with feminism either, or Muslim immigration. In other words, what if he was a "plant"?

All the filthy culprit did was provide ammunition to supporters of Islam and feminism as a result of his actions, which sought the cowardly route of attacking one of the biggest victims of the same. Neither of which, you can be sure, have any genuine concerns about anti-semitism.

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