Friday, July 30, 2021 

Jackie Mason, RIP

John Podhoretz wrote about the passing of comedian Jackie Mason at age 93, who wisely didn't succumb to the demands of the politically correct:
He was different because he wasn’t warm and cuddly. In fact, he brought to the often-corny Jewish comedy of the Borscht Belt a kind of fearless coldness. He was kicked out of a Catskills hotel in 1955 for being too harsh on the audience.

Mason was also unusual for his time in that he wrote all his own material; other comics bought jokes from desperate young funnymen. He had to: He saw things in a way no one else could. He had, after all, come from a long line of rabbis, born in, of all places, Sheboygan, Wis., where his father had a pulpit.

This Jew from Sheboygan always spoke from the perspective of an outside observer, an undisguisable member of a minority group who saw the ludicrousness both in the majority and the way his own community responded to the majority.
Joel Pollak also pointed out how Mason was a survivor of cancel culture:
Mason passed away this weekend at the age of 93, but remained active and outspoken despite his age. He had, after all, been “rediscovered” at the end of a career that was presumed to have died in the era of black-and-white television.

By then, he was too hardened by experience to care what people thought. That made his comedy subversive, and hilarious.
Mason was certainly a very talented comedian, and wisely didn't let PC get in his way. Guys like him are those we should view as best examples for standup comedy going forward, and not allow PC mentality to get in the way.

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Thursday, July 29, 2021 

Arab teen indicted for participation in Akko riots

A young Islamic criminal's now facing consequence for taking part in the jihadist riots during Operation Guardian of the Walls: The Prosecutor's Office on Thursday will submit an indictment against an 18-year-old Arab from the northern city of Akko (Acre), charging him with involvement in the violent riots which occurred in the city earlier this year.

The suspect was arrested two months ago as part of an investigation by the Israel Security Agency (Shabak) and the Asher Region's unit for fighting crime.

According to the indictment, the rioters, including the suspect, caused great damage to a large number of businesses in Akko's Old City. During the interrogation by police and Shabak, it became clear that the suspect committed these crimes due to racist motives.

Alongside the indictment, a request was submitted to keep the suspect under arrest until the completion of legal proceedings against him.

"The Israel Security Agency and Israel Police take very seriously the involvement of Israeli citizens in terror," a joint statement by Israel Police and Shabak read. "Therefore, they will continue to use every means available to them in order to thwart the threat and bring all those involved to severe justice." It's time to revoke citizenship from anybody obsessed with violence. Such behavior is sickening by now.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2021 

Another example of Bennett capitulating

The government under Naftali Bennett may destroy 2 Jewish-owned homes in Eli:
Two settler buildings – located on land that could be private Palestinian property situated within the West Bank settlement of Eli – will be razed, the Attorney-General’s Office told the High Court of Justice on Wednesday.

The eviction of the four families living in the two-unit structures would take place at the end of a three-year mark, the state explained.

This is the first statement of its kind to the court since the High Court in 2020 nullified the settlement regulation law, which would have retroactively legalized some 4,000 settler homes illegally built on private Palestinian property.

The pledge was made in response to a petition first filed in 2011 by Palestinians against 20 structures in the Eli settlement which they claimed were built on private Palestinian property. The two currently in question were built in 2010.
The Yesha council says they'll fight against any implementation of the unfolding atrocity, and let's hope they do. But for now, it's clear that a chisel effect is being set into motion, and is already proving the government as it stands with Bennett at the helm is turning out to be a disaster for Israel.

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Kashrut services not affiliated with chief rabbinate are fine, so long as their talents are good

Over the past few years, quite a few Israeli restaurants now employ the services of Tzohar, rather than the Haredi-controlled chief rabbinate, for kosher certification on their food products:
The Eucalyptus, a restaurant just outside Jerusalem’s Old City, draws in diners by offering “authentic biblical cuisine” — made from ingredients and dishes found in the Bible.

The chef, Moshe Basson, has an unusual way of sourcing his food, foraging for some of the biblical-era herbs in forests and fields around Jerusalem. So when he decided to certify the restaurant as kosher in 1997, he made special arrangements with Israel’s Chief Rabbinate that would allow him to keep finding the herbs for himself rather than buying them from a certified merchant.

“I use all of the ‘Sheva Minim,’ the seven species mentioned in the Bible, as well as all kinds of wild herbs,” Basson told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “I had a written agreement with the Rabbinate that I could continue to do that, as long as I checked them for bugs the way they instructed me to.”

But other chefs began to complain that they were not allowed to use products that Basson was allowed to use. Eventually, three years ago, the Chief Rabbinate suspended his kashrut certificate, and Basson began to look for other options.

He landed on Tzohar, a group of relatively liberal Orthodox rabbis who offer an alternative kosher certification service. When Basson asked older Orthodox diners if they would accept Tzohar’s certification, he said, “half said yes and half said no.” The response from younger patrons was more enthusiastic.

“I went to each table that had someone wearing a kippah and asked them if they would accept the Tzohar kashrut,” he said. “And almost all of them between the ages of 20 and 50 said yes.”

The Eucalyptus is one of more than 200 Israeli restaurants that has eschewed the Chief Rabbinate’s kosher certification in favor of Tzohar’s. It’s the latest sign that Jewish Israelis, who had been divided into the two broad camps of “religious” and “secular,” are now seeking a greater range of ways to practice their religion — many of them outside the Chief Rabbinate’s control.
Let's be clear: if the services are authentically kosher-based, there should be no issue with a source unaffiliated with the chief rabbinate managing chores, period. Tzohar is a fine service. It's just a shame that we have such an otherwise awful government being the one to make the approvals for ensuring private businesses can deal with these restaurants.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021 

First delegation of Iranian dissidents visits Israel

At least 6 dissidents from Iran visited Israel as part of a delegation:
Billed as the first Iranian delegation to Israel since the fall of the shah 42 years earlier, the group was accompanied by four former Trump administration officials, including Ellie Cohanim, former US deputy special envoy to monitor and combat antisemitism at the US State Department. Cohanim, who was born in Tehran and escaped with her family shortly after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, called the visit "historic."

Delegation members "know that Hamas, which rained down these rockets on Israel, is an Iranian proxy, and they know that Hezbollah on the Lebanese border is an Iranian proxy," Cohanim told JNS. "They wanted to show the Israeli people, but also the world, that they support Israel in its right to a country and its right to self-defense, and they really just stand against the Iranian regime."

The mission was organized by the Institute for Voices of Liberty, a US-based nonprofit that seeks to "counter the false narratives propagated by the Islamic Republic and its apologists" and act as a voice for the "freedom-seeking people of Iran."
I get the feeling Naftali Bennett didn't exactly welcome this delegation, but that's okay. He wouldn't be very helpful at all, nor would the equally bad Yair Lapid. This delegation's visit in itself is impressive.

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Sunday, July 25, 2021 

Gideon Saar's bill to bar indicted MKs from forming government can be exploited by bad lawmakers

The former Likud member who betrayed them for bizarre political gain wants to propose a bill that's merely intended for use against Benjamin Netanyahu:
Ministers in Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s government clashed over the weekend over bills that would prevent former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu from forming a government.

Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar (New Hope) told the Yediot Aharonot newspaper on Friday that in the Knesset’s winter session, he would pass bills preventing a candidate under criminal indictment from forming a government and limiting a prime minister to eight years or two terms in office.
What makes this reprehensible is the danger it runs for enabling corrupt officials in the legal system to just manufacture a case against any politician they don't like, and thus prevent him/her from forming a government at all. If this bill passes, it'll be a disaster.

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Friday, July 23, 2021 

Ice cream without flavor, because politics took precedence over customers

Ben & Jerry's ice cream manufacturer in the US has angered Israelis again, because they decided to side with the BDS movement and declare Judea/Samaria "occupied territory":
Less than 24 hours after receiving the news that Ben & Jerry's announced they would not allow their ice cream to be sold in Judea & Samaria, what they called "occupied Palestinian territory," there has been a grassroots backlash against this company.

Both the Israeli TV and social media channels are reporting that Israelis are boycotting the ice cream giant's products. The trending images on Israeli social media are photographs of cartons of Ben & Jerry's in trash cans, thrown out by protesting Israelis.

"You boycott us. We boycott you," is the new Israeli motto

This ice cream company achieved something that Israelis thought impossible following the recent fractious national election. Ben and Jerry succeeded in uniting Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu with his political rivals Naftali Bennett of Yamina and Yair Lapid of Yesh Atid in a coalition against this ice cream brand.

Following the announcement that they would remove their products from the territories, Netanyahu tweeted, "Now we Israelis know which ice cream NOT to buy."
The backlash includes an Australian kashrut management delisting their products, and several other sources Down Under decided to avoid B&J's output as well. It certainly looks like this time, the Israel-bashing management really bought themselves trouble and a pickle. Of course, I myself have rarely tried their products, and there's far better brands out there anyway. Most offensive about this is that it gives the impression such businesses are run by people desensitized to violence and terrorism, and that's not healthy for business at all.

Through all this, one good thing is that Unilever, which owns the company, said they were committed to Israel:
Unilever's chief executive on Thursday said the company was "fully committed" to Israel, days after coming under Israeli pressure over a decision by its subsidiary Ben & Jerry's to end ice cream sales in the Palestinian territories.

[...] "I think if there's one message I want to underscore ... it's that Unilever remains fully committed to our business in Israel," CEO Alan Jope told investors during an earnings call.

He said the group had invested 1 billion shekels ($306 million) in Israel over the past decade and was invested in its startup culture and social programs.

"This was a decision taken by Ben & Jerry's and its independent board ... and we always recognize the importance of that agreement," he said.
In some cases, it can pay to give companies under your ownership free reign to make their decisions. But here, it's for the worse, and the B&J management will have to be reined in if they want to avoid causing more alienation they presumably want to avoid. Or maybe they should just sell it off and then see how the company fares on its own, now that it's becoming viewed as toxically political.

Update: Susanna Levin, a graphics designer who'd worked at B&J for 2 decades, has resigned her job there, and made a point that anti-Zionism is the same as anti-semitism.

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The year's Olympics is clearly headed for disaster

The Hill says the 2021 Olympics in Japan should be cancelled, as do much of the public:
Sports are fun to play and watch. But this year’s Olympics in Tokyo, which begin July 23 without spectators, has become mired in COVID-19 politics and health concerns as daily reports emerge of players testing positive for the disease. Maybe it’s time to re-visit the premise that these games are vital for world peace.

[...] Competition among nations happens on many levels — political, economic and social. To have competition in sports is remarkable because there is no real warfare, no cyber competition, no military troops actually fighting. There is pageantry, pride and play.

But COVID has changed everything. At first, it was just a few cases. Many of us watched for news of our local teams. When Washington Wizards basketball player Bradley Beal was told he would not play in the Olympics, I cried. It was Beal’s childhood dream to be part of the Games and he trained hard.

As a tennis player, I was heartbroken when news then broke that tennis star Coco Gauff would not be going to Tokyo due to a positive COVID test.

Many of us thought it would just be a few isolated cases and that Japan had a good handle on the situation.

Then over the weekend two athletes living inside the Tokyo bubble tested positive for the coronavirus, and on Sunday the South African Football Association announced that three members of its soccer delegation had tested positive, calling into question whether even the best health measures are enough protection from the virus.

The rise of the Delta variant has complicated Olympic planning, leaving many athletes afraid. Amid heightened concerns over COVID-19, the U.S. women’s gymnastics team has elected to stay in a hotel rather than board in Tokyo’s Olympic Village.

Adding to pandemic fear is extreme heat. This year’s games could be the hottest on record, leaving players vulnerable to sickness and injuries.
Locally, there've been people demonstrating in favor of cancelling the competition altogether, and it's clear at this point the fanfare is considerably less than previous years. And of course, there's the problem with divisive politics flooding into the proceedings, no thanks to athletes and instructors who're stunningly left-wing in their outlook, and at this point in time have brought down the quality of pastimes considerably. Japan themselves had a scandal when a former comedian hired to host the Olympics was discovered having made an insulting joke about the Holocaust nearly a quarter century ago. It's clear at this point hardly anyone is going to care about a fiasco in the making. It's too bad, of course, but let's not forget that so much liberal irresponsibility practically led to the situation, and now, the reap what they sow.

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Thursday, July 22, 2021 

It's vital to defend the honor of women and children

As made clear by sportsman Stephen Davis:
Davis laid out what he said are five things it takes to be a man but prefaced his points by saying that men have to push back against the anti-male messaging by the left and the media.

“Masculinity is not toxic,”
Davis said. “Let’s make America masculine again.”

[...] “Number two, you want to be protective,” Davis said, explaining that means being willing to fight for our country and standing up for women and children.

“If you don’t stand up for our women and children, you are not a man,”
Davis said.

“Transgenderism is tearing apart the very fabric of reality and says that a woman is nothing more than a wig and some cosmetic surgery,” Davis said. “They’re tearing apart womanhood.”

“They’re coming after our children,”
Davis said. “They’re absolutely doing an all-out assault when it comes to our children. That is absolutely disgusting and despicable and we are meant to be on the front line, we are the first line of defense.”
It's time to put a serious stop to this indoctrination, and one way to do that is to encourage love between boys and girls for romance. That's something to consider, as it can help if we teach children why it's good to appreciate the concepts of love between adults, and even why drama in showbiz is important to appreciate too. Mainly because there's too much violence in modern entertainment, and it's something that has to be moved away from.

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