Monday, May 29, 2023 

Avi Maoz rejoins government

So now Maoz is back with the Israeli government in his special deputy position:
Noam's MK Avi Maoz will return to the government as a deputy minister in the Prime Minister's Office and lead a body called the "Jewish National Identity Authority," the government is set to decide in its weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday morning.

[...] The Authority's four purposes, according to the government decision, are to "strengthen Jewish identity via a number of projects, includes research, financial support, grants, joint initiatives and actions amongst different population groups, including youth and adults, people with special needs, and other populations"; to develop and found a "transparency system for parents" about external educational programs that are taught in schools, and publish and provide the public access to it, on the condition that this does not harm any of the education ministry's authorities; to "assist and support educational institutions in the field of national Jewish identity, in coordination with the education minister and with his approval"; and publish information to that public on topics of "deepening national Jewish identity and strengthening it".

Maoz's Noam ultra-conservative party opposes homosexuality and the LGBTQ+ community in general. Maoz acted during the government's tenure to force government forms to include "father" and "mother" instead of "parent one" and "parent two", and defines his party's purpose as "waging war against progressive values," which he views are the source of moral decay in the West in general, and in Israel in particular.
Notice how even the Post wasted no time making it sound like "father and mother" are a bad thing when they say "force". That's Orwellian at worst, and an example of how leftist press sources in Israel are taking up the offensive belief in censoring words over peanuts.

Such tactics by the MSM are exactly why I'm in favor of Maoz returning to the position. Because we can't have Orwellian leftists destroying all that makes families work well.

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Yediot Achronot's only too happy to take the side of one of Abigail Shrier's enemies

Abigail Shrier's held her press conference to launch the Hebrew edition of her book Irreversible Damage, and Yediot Achronot wasted no time lionizing a LGBT infiltrator who came in, and had to be dragged out:
A transgender youth was violently removed from a book launch in Ramat Gan on Sunday, as participants shouted at him that he was diseased.

The right-wing publishing house launched a book titled "Irreparable Damage – How transgenders are a Danger to Girls." The youth who was present inside the hall while demonstrators protested outside, shouted out at the author, "We are not a disease," when others present dragged him across the floor.
He was up front by the speaker's desk, posed a potential physical threat, and they're surprised he'd be hauled out when he was practically carrying on, yelling non-stop? Tell us about it. Even the left-wing Times of Israel is unsympathetic to Shrier, and look what kind of distortion comes up:
Amy Roseman, a protest organizer in Israel who underwent a gender-affirming process, said it was important to demonstrate against the book because it aims “to convince parents to not accept their transgender children.”
Through the gall of illogic, whoever this character is distorts the real picture. We love our children, but we do not accept all "lifestyles" they're influenced into taking up, and that can include disfiguring surgeries and the sickening process of mastectomies that's being advocated now for girls. Why, if our children wanted to take up a lifestyle of drug abuse, would that be acceptable? Absolutely not, and drugs and other chemicals are something these same moonbats are now advocating too for the sake of body castration. Suffice it to say that even the punk subculture of the 1980s that preceded this horror isn't something parents should approve of either.

Shrier did the right thing to raise the issue here as much as anywhere else where this repulsive contagion's plaguing society. And that troublemaker should be absolutely ashamed of himself for being such a loudmouth.

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Sunday, May 28, 2023 

Gun control hypocrisy at its worst

A revival of the flagship Law & Order TV series continues its demonstration of why the whole series franchise was a blight upon the earth to start with (via Breitbart):
Thursday night's season finale of NBC's Law & Order pushed gun-control ideology in an episode about a U.S. senator's assassination. The fictional senator voted in favor of gun rights.

On Thursday's episode, "Open Wounds," a gun control activist named Derek Quinn (Dennis Flanagan) kills a U.S. senator for changing his vote on gun control legislation. Quinn is a teacher who survived a school shooting that left 16 of his students dead.

The episode begins at a wedding for the daughter of Senator Alan Chandler (Brian Haley). The senator is dancing with the bride when Quinn, wearing a Covid mask, runs up and shoots him.

Detectives hunt Quinn down and corner him on a boardwalk. Quinn points his gun at his own head as he cries out about Chandler's gun control vote.

"But that bastard Chandler got what he deserved," Quinn said. "He should have never changed his vote! We need to stop all this gun craziness. How many more people have to die?"

Detective Jalen Shaw (Mehcad Brooks) agrees with Quinn's opinion and convinces him to put down his weapon and surrender.

"I agree with you," Shaw responded. "And nobody needs to die right here tonight, right?"

During a press conference following Quinn's arrest, District Attorney Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) gives a lecture on the importance of gun control.
For a TV show claiming to be "realistic", it's entirely the opposite that a district attorney would be giving a political lecture like the above. Though for all we know, that could change in NYC with the way they're circling the drain in terms of cohesion. It's also quite disturbing how the police officials involved run the gauntlet of agreeing with a man who committed a violent crime, and additionally so how the teleplay twists and turns like a pretzel to justify the notion of a gun control-supporting teacher using a firearm himself. Whatever logic this TV show's trying to get at here is entirely lost.

Let's also consider this was a series whose stars included an actor who's since seen his career take a downfall following sexual assault allegations. What's the use of reviving the flagship series of a franchise that's been tainted as a result?

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Saturday, May 27, 2023 

Jewish leadership in USA is an atrocity of failures

Dr. Alex Grobman's written about the colossal failures of USA Jewish leaderships to deal properly with antisemitism in the country, now the discussion of a new book by Charles Jacobs and Avi Goldwasser:
“This book is long overdue,” assert Charles Jacobs and Avi Goldwasser, the editors of this very significant and timely work (Betrayal: The Failure of American Jewish Leadership,New York: Post Hill Press, 2023 ISBN: 978-1-63758-878-9). Why? Because of “The failure of the American Jewish establishment to counter the growing hostility toward the Jewish community,” which “is endangering Jews across the country. This failure is scandalous.”

How did the American Jewish community come to be in such a precarious position? The Jacobs and Goldwasser claim “It is due to a lack of understanding of why Jews are hated and face growing hostility, along with the leaders’ obvious lack of courage. At this time, when strong leadership is urgently needed, we have weak, politicized bureaucrats too often more concerned with their social status, the perks of power, and their organizations’ financial success than with their responsibility to defend the community. As can be seen in their priorities, staffing, and programs, they seem more loyal to a progressive ideology than to the safety of Jews. Refusing to acknowledge the current ugly realities, they double down on failed strategies, hoping foolishly that increased effort will result in success.”

While acknowledging “Jews cannot control the forces arrayed against us, but one thing we should be able to do is influence our own leadership,” Jacobs and Goldwasser declare. And “It is clear that the establishment Jewish organizations —the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Jewish Committee, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, regional Federations, Jewish Community Relations Councils across the country, Union for Reform Judaism, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, and most rabbis—have failed to respond effectively to these mounting assaults.”
I can't say I'm shocked the Reform movement for one would be such a failure. They're so detached from reality and disrespectful of the Israeli homeland, it's no wonder they can't prove effective. Another of the most disturbing examples of wokeism can be found in Philadelphia, where quite a few similar movements have been taking up extreme ideologies:
The “God is Trans” exhibit is yet further proof that the ultimate goal of the cult of woke is the erosion of the boundaries between the secular and sacred, so that the values of the latter always reflect the former, the net result being the birth of a new religion that stands with the culture every step of the way.

The cult, of course, has also infected Judaism, Christianity’s ancient mother.

In Judaism, the secular strain has been alive and well for decades, snaking its way through the consciousness of American Jews in order to distance them from the synagogues of their ancestors, in effect dismissing these ancestral blessings as un-cool curses to be discarded.

The war between the secular and the sacred in Judaism became very evident to me personally when a local researcher, Beila Rabinowitz, Director of a website called Militant Islam Monitor, alerted me to a talk at the Kaiserman Jewish Community Center in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

The event is sponsored by The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia together with three other groups, Keshet, The Mazzoni Center and Moving Traditions which promote LGBTQ and ‘gender neutral’ lifestyles for young people.
One can only wonder if they also condone destroying women's reproductive systems, which the German National Socialists would celebrate if they knew it was going on today. For now, here's but a sample of the conferences they're holding:
Together with the Jewish Federation, Kaiserman JCC is hosting a June 4 lecture, “Building a New Home in Our Minds: Embracing the Entire Family Through Gender Transition.” The event will be led by Kohenet Dr. Harriette E, Wimms, a clinical psychologist and contract trainer for Keshet, an organization that works for LGTBQIA+ equality in Jewish life.

Wimms describes herself this way:

“A community connector, Dr. Wimms is a proud Black, Disabled, Queer, Fat, Jew by Choice, and is most proud of being mother to her 17-year-old son.”

“Fat, Jew by Choice, Queer.” This is woke psychobabble, the current rhetoric of the Left. Language like this is common enough on random flyers distributed on street corners, yet to strictly Orthodox Jewish eyes, the concept is absurd.

“It’s ridiculous. The Jewish Federation and Kaiserman JCC are supposed to be promoting Jewish values,” Rabinowitz says.

What’s even more absurd is the fact that Wimms calls herself a ‘Kohenet.’
Of course. Such a position didn't exist in ancient eras. There may have been and certainly are rebbetzins now, but not female priestesses in ancient Israel. Though what's certainly horrific is the thought that these woke movements could be promoting Mengele experiments similar to what took place during the Holocaust. And if this is what the Reform movement now condones, that's why I'm starting to ponder whether such a movement has any business showing up at the Western Wall.

I should hope all Orthodox movements who're realists will distance themseles from these horror-meisters. They truly are abominations.

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Thursday, May 25, 2023 

If the religious right became deluded enough to convert to Islam, they'd only be rewarding the left

The following Daily Caller op-ed by one of their editors may just reflect his views, and it may not reflect what all conservatives in the USA think, but it does serve as a vital warning and lesson about dangers that could come from suddenly taking a lenient position on Islam, and even converting to it because rightists are convinced they'd be immune to leftist condemnation as a result:
In C.S. Lewis’ 1945 science-fiction novel “That Hideous Strength,” a group of Christian dissidents join forces with the resurrected wizard Merlin to fight a techno-satanist conspiracy that threatens to engulf Britain and then the world.

After learning that Christianity has been “torn in pieces” and “speaks with a divided voice,” Merlin makes a bold suggestion:

“If all this west part of the world is apostate, might it not be lawful, in our great need, to look further … beyond Christendom?” he asks.

Today, in a country where progressives are rapidly mainstreaming satanism and the Oval Office is occupied by a “devout Catholic” who praises the chemical castration of children, many American Christians are asking themselves the same question.

Christians and Muslims disagree on whether Christ was divine, whether pork is haram and whether Muhammad was a prophet. They agree, however, that there are two genders, that euthanasia is an abomination and that first graders shouldn’t learn about gay sex. They agree that mankind’s purpose is to glorify God and obey His commands, not (as Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy put it) to “define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.”

Six years ago, conservative Christians marched against Shar’ia law. Today, many would rather live under the Islamic Crescent than under the Pride Flag. And that may turn out to be the choice on offer. Christians are slowly, painfully learning that neutrality is a myth. There’s only Christian hegemony or your choice of dhimmitudes.
This is ludicrous and offensive for many reasons. Islam is based on barbarism, which doesn't coincide with what the Christian faith does. Besides, Orthodox Judaism agrees with Christianity there's only 2 genders, that suicide is bad, and I'm sure some far-eastern religions like Hinduism and Shintoism agree on this too. We can only guess: some alleged rightists are so lacking in courage they believe they must embrace Islam in order to avoid villification of the left? Disgusting. All they'd be doing is exactly what the left wants, which is to validate barbarism even worse than what the most extreme transsexuality advocates are condoning. This article does, however, point out a certain fringe atrocity who seems to have no genuine issue with the Religion of Peace:
Traditional adherents of the two faiths are already making common cause in resisting progressive tyranny. When Kabul fell to the Taliban, American conservatives were more likely to post memes mocking NGO-led efforts to turn Afghan hijabis into liberated girlbosses than they were to lament the expulsion of women from the country’s universities. Far-right Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes, noting the Taliban’s opposition to homosexuality and abortion, suggested that American right-wingers had been rooting for the wrong side.

Anti-feminist and anti-trans commentary from conservative Christian pundits like Matt Walsh and Candace Owens has “circulated widely among traditional Muslims,” journalist Rasha Al Aqeedi reported in a piece for New Lines Magazine.

In Dearborn, Michigan, Muslim parents shut down a school board meeting after learning that the school library included, among other titles, a guidebook explaining the “ins and outs of gay sex.”

Some figures on the right and its fringes are praising or even embracing Islam.
See, this is a very worrisome danger, and confirms something's terribly wrong with Fuentes, whom both Michelle Malkin and rapper Kanye West were involved with. Even fringe elements can pose a considerable danger and bad influence. And something else not dwelled upon here is that most Muslims couldn't care less if "infidels" subjected themselves to Frankenstein experiments of transsexuality, since they despise them regardless. It's vital to consider that, despite suggestions to the contrary as per the incident in Dearborn, the left otherwise isn't forcing Islamists to accept transsexuality, since it's more intended to serve as a 5th column in standard society at the cost of innocent women and children. Much like Islamic no-go zones in Europe. And euthanasia? Most realists know that the worst jihadists couldn't care less if westerners committed suicide that way. It's disturbing how this article implies conservatives didn't care if Afghani women were expelled from universities by the Taliban, because the writer's actually obscuring many much worse things women are now suffering from under their tyranny, as are any of the other Islam apologists quoted. The list of would-be conservatives highlighted includes, disturbingly enough:
Andrew Tate, a British kickboxer and masculinity influencer currently under investigation for sex trafficking, announced in October 2022 that he had converted to Islam.

Tate, as far as anyone can tell, remains a notorious womanizer who frequently poses with tumblers of whiskey. For men like him, the appeal is not the asceticism or the theology, but the cultural politics of Islam. Christianity, the argument goes, has evaporated into a series of namby-pamby clichés that lead inevitably to open borders, puberty blockers and lawless streets. Only Islam offers an escape from the feminized dystopia that some call “the longhouse.”
Well if he was involved in anything like sex slavery, that's something going hand in glove with Islam, and the Rotherham scandal is already one of the most notorious of that sort. Is the op-ed writer at the Daily Caller downplaying that? Shameful. Some of the commentors saw through this embarrassment, and one said:
I feel like I just read an article on HuffPost. Full of BS from a person who’s entire knowledge of both religions would fill, well, this short article.
Not going to happen. Christians do not believe in violence, random killing, sex slavery, female genital mutilation and other forms of extreme misogyny. Many muslims do.
Yes, how come that's not considered by the columnist? Here's another:
This guy is delusional if he thinks Christians are going to drop Jesus and start embracing Islam. Islam is the religious equivalent of Leftism; it's extreme, it's intolerant, and it doesn't make much sense.

And I love how he just completely bashes Christians, our beliefs, and somehow thinks this is going persuade anyone to convert. What a tone-deaf buffoon.
Yup. Here's another:
Islam is the devils religion. Christianity is about God. Islam is a government AND a religion. Christianity is only a religion and not a government. Islam says to kill the unbelievers while Christianity tells you to love thy neighbor.

Just with these simple statements one should be able to decide which is a real religion of peace and which is not.
And one more:
Sure as hell better hope not. If it is this country is dead.
If right-wingers converted to Islam, they'd be doing exactly what the left would be pleased with, including the LGBT advocates. Also, if the right became foolish enough to do that, they'd end up betraying the thousands of victims of 9-11 at the World Trade Center over 2 decades ago.

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Avi Maoz returning to government position

The Noam party representative in the Knesset will be resuming a deputy ministerial position he had before resigning a few months prior:
Three months after resigning from his post, the chairman of the Noam Party, MK Avi Maoz, is returning to the government, and will be appointed to the position of deputy minister.

On Sunday, the government will vote on Maoz's reappointment, as well as on the establishment of the Jewish National Identity Authority, which was a demand of the Noam Party in the coalition negotiations.
What's crucial is if he can help on his part in curbing LBGT propaganda, in example. That's one of the reasons the aforementioned Abigail Shrier's come to Israel as well to discuss, and again, the authorities better do a good job protecting her free speech rights from the creeps who've threatened her. Why, the same can be said regarding Maoz as well. They better protect him too.

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Shmuley Boteach's 2005 book is laughable viewed through today's lens

While there are a lot of impressive things rabbi Boteach's said or done over the years, this 2005 book he wrote, titled "Hating Women" is not one of them, and it makes little difference what religious background he comes from; viewed through today's woke atmosphere, that's why it's an utter embarrassment, even if it reflects what some "well-meaning" conservatives thought at the time. The synopsis says:
From the author of the internationally bestselling Kosher Sex. A wake-up call about the growing trend of misogyny in our culture-as evidenced by the flood of reality TV shows, ads, and lyrics that portray women as brainless bimbos, or worse

Shmuley Boteach, the social commentator and outspoken relationship guru, shares his grave concerns about our society's growing contempt for women. Turn on the television: Reality TV shows such as The Bachelor, For Love or Money, and Average Joe boost their ratings by showing attractive women in competition for one man, one man's money, or both. On a "quest for true love," these women quickly devolve into a pit of vipers-and millions of Americans tune in each week for more. During commercial breaks, women are objectified to sell beer, cars, and every other product under the sun. Flip on the radio: Women are bitches, hos, and gold diggers, at least if you listen to the rap lyrics pumping out into our mass consciousness. And female pop stars like Britney and Madonna, says Boteach, have pushed the envelope past provocative and into the downright pornographic. 'Tween girls across the country follow their lead, and standards for how women should be treated plummet.

Perhaps one of the most troubling aspects of this trend, he says, is women's complicity in their own degradation. Either they've become resigned to base stereotypes, or worse, they've bought into these mass market values (hence the deluge of shows like The Swan and Extreme Makeover, on which female contestants insist they need a new nose, teeth, or boobs to feel a positive sense of self-esteem). "There are strong consequences," writes Boteach, "in a world where men have no respect for women and women have no respect for themselves."

Greedy gold diggers, brainless bimbos, publicity prostitutes, and backstabbing bitches-are these the stereotypes we want our sons and daughters bombarded by as they grow up? Hating Women offers a vision of how we can correct this downward spiral-along with a strong argument for why we absolutely must.
Now there is a valid argument to make in regards to Hollywood depicting women as gold diggers and backstabbers, but that claim women are "objectified" for selling beer and cars is extremely ludicrous and insulting, especially in an era where something far worse is happening - leftists in the USA are indoctrinating women to desecrate their gifts through transsexuality. What's galling is that Boteach made it sound like having a woman sell various products commercially is almost literally a bad thing. It's absolutely not, nor is if they're scantily dressed, period. Yet this has been a form of hysteria commonplace in many religions for a long time, and has caused only so much damage to women's rights and dignity everywhere, which is exactly why even Judaists like Boteach have to cease this idiocy.

One of the reviewers on Amazon, interestingly enough, said:
Unfortunately, when it comes to prescriptions, the author still falls back onto the old conservative recipes. In fact, some of his suggestions seem to come from late 1800s and contradict the rest of the book written from a surprisingly modern, even feminist perspective (author is an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi).
Now depending how you view this, it's weird that an Orthodox Judaist would condone a feminist perspective, if the negative viewpoint on sex appeal, if anything, stems from a left-liberal feminist position, What good does that do, when most left-wing feminists won't even thank him, and it certainly doesn't look that way in the years since. And it goes without saying that, as the recent Bud Light fiasco, where they hired a male transvestite mocking women on Tik Tok to represent their advertising campaign, makes even the most questionable female representation for selling drinks and cars in the past look tame by comparison. Is Boteach okay with what's transpired since?

If people like Boteach really wanted to raise a valid complaint about something, what's really a problem is alcohol itself. Should anybody be encouraged to chug that crap? The brand of alcohol I most absolutely find repulsive is whiskey and vodka, which are painful to swallow. I should know, because I had the misfortune of downing the latter when I was little more than 5 years old at an outdoor event in Montgomery County, PA. Terrible stuff like that belongs in the sewer. How come nobody complains how this form of liquid clouds the brain considerably, even if only for a brief amount of time? Is it even healthy? Nope. Maybe Boteach should consider that.

More recently, Miller Lite published a woke feminist advertisement in which the following propaganda was delivered:
Miller Lite’s video features a cultural stereotype — the frumpily dressed, arrogant, angry feminist — who tells us:

Here’s a little-known fact: women were among the very first to brew beer, ever. From Mesopotamia, to the Middle Ages, to Colonial America, women were the ones doing the brewing. Centuries later, how did the industry pay homage to the founding mothers of beer? They put us in bikinis. Wow. Look at this sh*t! Wild! It’s time beer made it up to women, so today Miller Lite is on a mission to clean up not just their sh*t, but the whole beer industry’s sh*t. Miller Lite has been scouring the Internet for all this sh*t and buying it back, so we can turn it into good sh*t for women brewers. Literally, The Good $#!T.

“The Good $#!T,” written just that way, is actually the name of this Miller Lite campaign. The ad goes on to feature various female brewers explaining what Miller Lite is planning to do, and making repeated reference to the “sh*t” that they’re going to turn into beer. Gee, that’s really going to make people want to drink Miller Lite. They’re asking people to scour their attics and basements to find old magazines containing Miller Lite ads and other beer ads that feature bikini-clad women; such ads are what they’re calling “sh*t.” They want woke fascists to send these ads to them, so that they can be shredded and used as fertilizer (“the good sh*t”) to grow hops to make more woke beer. Yes, really.

The Miller Lite ad, however, is full of — well, you know. It’s not actually a “little-known fact” that women were among the very first people to brew beer. It’s striking to grievance-obsessed victimhood-mongers in women’s studies departments, but in the nation’s few remaining pockets of sanity, it’s widely known.

Also, the wokester in the ad sneers that the industry “put us in bikinis” as if it were tantamount to putting women in chains, and I suppose that to her, it’s all the same thing. But it’s not actually true that women are generally forced to wear bikinis, or that bikini-wearing is some sort of act of shaming women. Those women who wear bikinis generally do so because they think they look good in them and are proud of the fact. Since the dawn of time, women have tried to make themselves look attractive and are happy to do so; it’s only modern feminism that considers this effort to be some kind of act of subjugation and humiliation, and rejects it accordingly.
Unfortunately, even western religious advocates also believe bikinis are abominable, yet the feminists never thank them, unless they're Islamofascists. For now, this only compounds how disgusted I am with any Haredis who believe it's inherently wrong for women to dress in skimpy outfits like bikinis, because they only perpetuated a bad situation while never receiving any actual thanks from the leftist feminists whose view they were mirroring. Though at the same time, it wouldn't be shocking if many liberal feminists did actually condone the lifestyle of clans like Satmar, along with the anti-feminine ideologies they uphold.

We could also point to how Judy Blume, regrettably a pretentious author decades before she really went downhill of recent, associated with Mulvaney for doing an advertisement for an adaptation of "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret", that was a serious box office fiasco:
Many prepubescent girls dread the day their breasts develop. That feeling was once a common rite of passage but has more recently been swept up in the transgender movement by girls seeking to suppress their blossoming bosoms via masculinizing hormones to stifle their estrogen production before puberty occurs. Others are too late to stop puberty and decide to get their breasts cut off through top surgery, procedurally referred to as a double mastectomy.

For more than 50 years, Blume’s 1970 novel has been devoured by young girls needing some relatable direction as their bodies changed. The story is narrated by Margaret, an 11-year-old, who must navigate the adversity of adolescence after moving to a suburban New Jersey school from New York. The self-conscious sixth grader befriends her neighbor, Nancy, and the two form a secret club — the Preteen Sensations — with new friends Gretchen and Janie to explore their newfound maturation.

Surprisingly, the new film adaptation of Blume’s contribution to pre-teen culture was not guaranteed the same acclaim as the book. The movie underperformed at the box office with a $6.8 million opening. Only 6 percent of ticket-buyers were teenage girls.

After building her career embracing womanhood and the biology that accompanies it, Judy Blume recently rejected that reality by backing the transgender movement.

Trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney posted a five-minute TikTok video interview on Saturday with Blume. Rather than employing an actual young girl for the paid promotion, the adept author chose a man masquerading as a young girl to appeal to potential theatergoers.

The politicized advertisement follows an April 16 Twitter post by Blume, declaring her affirmation of transgenderism. Blume blatantly states her “support [for] the trans community,” claiming that she “stand[s] with the trans community and vehemently disagree[s] with anyone who does not fully support equality and acceptance for LGBTQIA+ people.”

Responsible for a film about traditional girlhood released in an era of gender confusion, Blume knew she had to align herself with dysphoric deviants to allure today’s ideological youth. Margaret’s story may not resonate with modern teenage girls, but Mulvaney’s might.

[...] Gaining favor with today’s teenage girls is not as simple as making a mockery of the exclusive female experience. They seek escapism from the inescapable changes that come with becoming a woman.

Transgenderism is a social contagion among teenage girls who no longer embrace the chant that they must increase their bust. In past decades, other dangerous afflictions like anorexia served the same emotional purpose as adopting a transgender identity. Uncomfortable with their changing bodies, teenage girls seek to distance themselves from their womanhood. They outright reject it, fearful of both growing up and unwanted attention.
Does this sit well with Judaists like Boteach? Because when you say women/girls should "dress modestly", it's another way of saying their bodies are ugly and disgusting. Has this ever occurred to religious advocates of the past? And how do they feel about it now? More to the point, how do they even feel about girls who're desecrating their God-given gifts, turning themselves into horrific Frankenstein-ish figures because they're taught to be literally ashamed of their bodies?

And on that note, what the religious advocates of Boteach's standings never considered before is that by body-shaming women from a religious perspective, they were insulting God, the one who gave women their components and gifts of beauty. And now, it could be too late to reverse much of the serious damage occurring in the USA and elsewhere, because even Judaists like Boteach would rather take a sex-negative viewpoint than one offering encouragement and self-confidence to assure girls/women there's nothing inherently wrong with their bodies, and nothing wrong with sexy dress either. Let's also consider there's women who've been subject to horror stories in Islamic countries for even less, and anybody who's goint to lecture women how to dress, no matter their political standings, has only done exactly what the Islamofascists would want.

Thinking about this now, I'm very disappointed with people like Boteach for being so hysterical and petty in the past, and I'd appreciate if they'll reevaluate now, seeing what mental damage has resulted from the transsexual propaganda that's even led to men and women destroying their ability to procreate. It's not enough to simply say you're against destroying physical organs. You also have to say it's not inherently wrong for women to dress skimpy, and make sure you provide them with the confidence they need to be proud of their bodies as they grow older.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2023 

Transsexual activists get Abigail Shrier event canceled at Tel Aviv location

Whether or not influence of transsexual propaganda is as severe here as it is in the USA, there's still serious problems with them, and now, it's led to brave Abigail Shrier, the author of Permanent Damage, having an event canceled at a Tel Aviv center, even if another venue was arranged:
When journalist and author Abigail Shrier’s book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, positing that transgenderism in teen girls is a social contagion, was released in 2020, Amazon would not allow her to advertise it, and employees of the book-selling giant petitioned for it not to be sold at all. It was twice removed from Target’s shelves, and even a lawyer from the American Civil Liberties Union called for “stopping the circulation of this book.”

With the book’s recent release in Hebrew by Sella Meir, a publisher that specializes in bringing heterodox and conservative voices to light, the debate over whether Shrier’s ideas should even be available in the public square has reached Tel Aviv’s public square: Kikar Atarim, to be precise.

Sella Meir and the Tel Aviv International Salon (TAIS) planned a book launch for Shrier for her to advise parents on what to do if their teen daughters say they are transgender. The event was planned to take place at the glass-windowed strip club-turned-event space overlooking the beach, run by the organization Social Space, for next Sunday, until the publishing house’s owner. Rotem Sella, and TAIS founder Jay Shultz were told it was canceled.

Cancellation of the book's launch in Israel

“We do not host such events,” a woman named Omer wrote. Sella said she called the event “homophobic” in a phone call.

The Social Space, which repurposes unused buildings for social projects, did not respond to numerous emails or calls from The Jerusalem Post. But it told Haaretz it would not have signed with Sella Meir in the first place had it known about the book’s content, adding that it “will not allow for any incitement.”

Sella and Shultz plan to hold the event, which has more than 150 registered attendees, on the same date at the nearby Carlton Hotel’s beach lounge.
Now let's hope the hotel stands firm on this, and that the authorities will keep it safe if needed. But this Social Space movement is clearly a disgrace if they're following a far-left belief system, and shouldn't be buying up any properties if this is how they're going to go about their business. The building where this was supposed to take place may have once housed the Pussycat Club, which was a strip bar. To think, that it was closed down for this?
Controversy surrounding the cancellation

“Nothing is more important than vibrant civil discourse and debate,” Shultz said. “Bad things happen in darkness, and sunlight is the best medicine. More speech, more insight, more conversation and more dialogue is always the only solution for tensions in society. This is the nonpartisan honest broker mission of the Tel Aviv International Salon.”

Sella said Irreversible Damage is a “book full of compassion meant to defend teens… It does not criticize lifestyles, and the attempts to prevent the conversation about it comes from ignorance and incitement. We will not give in to bullying and narrow-mindedness.”

Meanwhile, Sella Meir has begun marketing it as “the book and event that they are trying to censor.”

Steimatzky, Israel’s largest bookseller, initially declined to carry the book but said on Tuesday night that it would order copies. Tzomet Sfarim, Israel’s second-largest bookstore chain, has a small number of copies of the book around the country, but not in Tel Aviv or its liberal suburbs. The two chains hold 80% of the book market in Israel.

The Jerusalem Post was able to order a copy from a Tzomet Sfarim store in Tel Aviv upon inquiry.

“What [the booksellers] are saying is that the Israel public cannot decide for itself what to read,” Shrier said Tuesday.

“These are the same activist forces we’re seeing in America, which is a very intolerant minority that says we can’t get a message out about girls’ health,” she said. “A bunch of adults, mostly biological men, decide what we’re allowed to talk about when it comes to the health of teenage girls… It’s a very intolerant group of people that push the censorship.”
It's also disgraceful if Steimatzky and Tzomet Sefarim initially balked at selling the book, because that compounds how politicized these 2 are as a result. As for lifestyles, let's be clear. That's a form of ideology, and there's nothing inherent wrong with taking issue with that any more than Islamofascism.
Shrier said she has had many Israeli parents contact her to say they are seeing girls in their daughters’ classes decide they’re transgender.

“We’re talking about a peer contagion that has caused harm to thousands of American girls, and the peer contagion is now in Israel,” she said. “Unless parents are aware of the risks, they have no way to protect their families.”

The transgender experience in Israel

In contrast to Shrier’s experience of opposition to the book in the US, one of the leading figures in the battle to ban and banish Shrier in Israel is a “trans-non-binary” 16-year-old named Reut from Petah Tikva, who asked that her last name not be shared. She, together with other transgender youth, run a WhatsApp group with more than 200 members that is called “Anti-transphobic demonstration,” which the Post was able to view.

The effort is grassroots and not part of an organization, Reut said, though when asked if adults are involved, she said to contact Ma’avarim, an NGO that provides support for transgender Israelis.

After the Social Space canceled Shrier’s event, Reut wrote: “Following inquiries to the place… it canceled the event (which is totally a victory as far as we’re concerned)!”

Reut told the group she would send an update of the protest location when she knows where the book launch will be held.

In between classes on Tuesday, the trans activist said she and her fellow teens from different cities in Israel had commented against the book on the social media accounts for the venue and Sella Meir, and they plan to put similar pressure on any stores that carry it.

“This is a dangerous book,” Reut said. “It’s meant for parents, and one of the most important things for trans youth is to be accepted by their families.”

Without support from families, she said, “the percentage of suicides rises very sharply.”

Reut also said the book mischaracterized what she called “gender-affirming care.”

Regarding whether Shrier should be free to share her research, just as Reut and her fellow activists are free to protest her, she said: “Freedom of expression is very important, but there has to be some kind of limit.”

“To try to convince parents of trans children not to accept their children and directly harm them is something that, in my opinion, cannot be accepted in our society,” she said.
Now, what are the chances this is actually a male, and an adult man in focus here? One who's practically parroting all the same talking points of USA leftards at that. Whoever it is should be ashamed, and Shrier and company should file a lawsuit for any damages sustained. The alleged teenager sounds obnoxious, and that's one of the biggest problems with these ideologues.
Shrier detailed the argument that she makes in her book, which is that over a 100-year diagnostic history, gender dysphoria was practically never diagnosed in teen girls. Rather, it occurred in boys aged two to four who felt profound psychological discomfort with their biological sex, and most outgrew it, she said.

“When you see it, as we see in US and England and across the West, where teenage girls suddenly say they’re transgender with their friends – that is not classic gender dysphoria,” Shrier said. “That’s something else. That’s part of the social contagion.”

When an adolescent girl tells her parents she is trans, she said, the parents should treat her like the age that she is, like a girl “who doesn’t really know very much about herself or what she’s going to want long term, because that’s the truth… There’s nothing more normal than a young girl feeling really uncomfortable in her body at the onset of puberty.”
On this note, it's exactly why the direction many religious people - certainly Haredis - took with women in the past century, insisting they dress modestly and not sing, was very stupid, ill-advised, and amounted to body shaming before the left took up that whole idea. If we take that as an example, is it any wonder girls could have a bad time during puberty? That's why what the Haredis in particular have wrought must cease. Religious people could do a favor by telling their daughters it's fully acceptable to become supermodels and beauty queens, and even to work as singers. And lest we forget, girls should be told to be proud of their bodies, and not embarrassed by them.
The “irreversible damage” to which Shrier refers to in the book is from hormone treatments or surgical interventions that could lead to infertility, as well as other medical side effects, such as lower bone density, that have come to light in recent years.

“In many cases, they are infertile,” she said. “Their bodies are forever changed, and they are not leading the lives that they would have hoped and their families would have hoped for them.

“If there’s a chance of arresting this in Israel and saying to your daughter, ‘Listen, we love you, but I’m not going to pretend you’re a boy’… that’s a really good place to start.”

Shrier said the way Israel handles this book “will determine the fate of a lot of girls between the ages of eight and 20, their quality of life and whether they can be healthy and whether they’ll be permanent medical patients.”

Asked where she thought the line should be drawn for freedom to disseminate controversial ideas, she said: “Whatever the line is, it shouldn’t be drawn [to prevent] giving information to parents on the very real risks of gender medicine.”

Shrier cited several European countries, including the UK, Sweden, France and Finland, which are reconsidering their policies and curtailing gender-related treatments for minors.
And if they can reconsider, that's why here too, all must be done to put a stop to these extremists who're serving as a 5th column to take attention away from Islamofascism. On which note, you can be sure these LGBT activists here have no issue with Islam, in contrast to Judaism.

Here's more on this at the Jewish Press.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2023 

LA Dodgers should be boycotted

Here's an example of a California sports team that's now bowing to the transsexual movement, much like many other left-wing regions. One more reason nobody should even visit California anymore. They've become such an embarrassment.

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Sunday, May 21, 2023 

Radical Islamofascism is biggest threat to Europe

A French minister wisely made the point:
Gérald Darmanin, France’s Minister of the Interior, has declared that radical Sunni Islam is the single biggest terror threat facing Europe.

The minister made the claim ahead during a visit to the United States to discuss plans for the Paris Olympics next year, emphasising that the sports tournament posed a significant security challenge for his nation.

During an interview with the AFP, Darmanin said that he urged authorities in the U.S. to tighten their security relationship with France, with the minister saying that collaboration between French and American intelligence would be an essential part of keeping people safe.

He also added that the U.S. needed to understand that it was radical Islam, not some sort of far-right ideology, that posed the largest terror risk to the games.

“We have come to remind them that for Europeans and for France, the primary risk is Sunni Islamist terrorism and that anti-terrorist collaboration between intelligence services is absolutely essential,” Darmanin explained.
His observation is accurate, but sadly, with the way things are going in the USA now under leftist influence, there's little chance they'll comprehend, or be willing to combat the issue effectively. That's why they can't rely solely upon the USA to guarantee security for the upcoming olympic sports in Paris.

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