Sunday, September 25, 2022 

What distinctions regarding anti-religious discrimination are not understood by this man?

Mitchell Silk, an ultra-Orthodox writer who once worked for the US Treasury, warns that the attacks occurring against Jews in NYC could also happen to other faiths, but made a most absurd mistake that won't help in dealing with the war against Islamic terrorism either, nor in defending Jews from Muslim antisemitism. First:
My Chassidic Jewish community in Brooklyn is confronted with an unprecedented level of hostility. Hate crimes abound. Chassidic Jews have been shot at, punched, kicked, violently shoved, or almost run over. During Covid, politicians prohibited our community from coming together to pray, celebrate, and mourn — even when masked and distanced — while permitting and even joining public protests. And now they are coming for our children.

The latest attack comes from The New York Times. On Sept. 11, the Times published a report of its year-long “investigation” into the crown jewel of our community, our education system. Despite the report’s thin trappings of investigative journalism, the charge — plainly stated — was that Chassidic-Americans are too corrupt, abusive of children, and illiterate to be treated as equal members of society.

The Times fired another salvo on Sept. 16, arguing essentially for vesting extraordinary authority in state government and local school boards to “protect” our children from our “failing” schools and better prepare them for the future. Oy!

I fear they have a very different vision for my children’s future than my wife and I do.

[...] Rather than feature even one story of success within our system, the Times chose to push a dehumanizing narrative of ethnic stereotyping. Its 275 interviews over more than a year did not yield even one single voice among the tens of thousands of families touched by our yeshivas in profoundly positive ways.

It is relatively simple to dismantle the Times’ house-of-cards case against our yeshiva school system. First, it claims our schools provide a poor education. Test scores, graduate success, and the parents of roughly 100,000 students in more than 250 schools say differently. Unlike most public schools, where grade inflation runs rampant and roughly 25 percent of graduates are functionally illiterate, our system delivers a high rate of academic success, with most alumni committed to life-long learning.
While I'm aware there are plenty of communities who're providing their children with proper education for topics like mathematics and the accompanying science-based exams, I find it galling the guy won't acknowledge it's insular tribes like Satmar who're guilty of dumbing down education while mooching socialist welfare, and a terrible shame people like him won't lament how Neturei Karta taint their overall image to boot. I've noticed there's Haredi representatives who point to what they see as positives, but refuse to condemn the most insular tribes who give the lifestyle a bad name for any particular reason. Such a failure of vigilance and refusal to question whether the Haredi lifestyle as a whole isn't a good influence is exactly why they'll never manage to combat this image issue properly. Of course, it's no shock if the NYT won't make distinctions either, and that's just as bad.

But now, look where Silk really bungles the impact of his defense for Haredi schools in the USA, when at the end, he adds a certain religion's house of worship to the issue:
But I won’t hold my breath because this campaign isn’t about improving the education in Chassidic schools. It’s about promoting a narrative that casts people of faith as intolerant, ignorant, and uncivilized. In service of this anti-religion narrative, facts will be invented, statistics massaged, and enemies of the people conjured out of whole cloth. The Chassidic-American community is the target today, but expect these attacks to come soon to a church, mosque, synagogue, or meditation retreat near you.
And here's where the guy really screws up royally. Why does he think sources steeped in anti-semitism would actually have any issue with the Religion of Peace, which is built upon koranic verses like 5:60, which describes Jews as apes and pigs. If Silk's really concerned about antisemitism, wouldn't he rather mosques not operate in the USA, based on what they could teach about Jews, and doesn't he realize a lot of the recent antisemitic attacks in the New York region could've been committed by Muslims too? How does Silk expect to combat antisemitism effectively if he won't acknowledge Muslim antisemitism is a serious issue? Talk about dampening the whole subject.

I'm hugely disappointed with Silk for obscuring the serious danger of Muslim antisemitism anywhere in the world, which only suggests that, despite his effort to present himself as a well-learned man, he remains oblivious to the threat of Islamic terrorism, and is failing to recognize that the leftist system is lenient on Islamic bigotry. Worse, it suggests he's not willing to take up the cause of people like Salman Rushdie, who paid terrible prices for speaking out agains the very belief system Silk downplayed in his article. If the leftist dominated systems haven't done what to defend against Islamofascism, why should we assume they'd actually put a stop to what's taught in mosques and madrassas? Silk's only suggested he's no different.

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Giorgia Meloni wins Italian elections for premier

Reports are in that conservative Italian politician Giorgia Meloni has won the country's election:
Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader and conservative firebrand Giorgia Meloni has said that the establishment left is afraid of her right-populist coalition winning the Italian national election this weekend, promising a new era of freedom for Italians.

Meloni made her comments this week during a rally in the Piazza del Popolo in Rome, saying: “Italy is better than the left-wing governments it has had in recent years. The left is there to blather that everyone is afraid, but the only ones who are afraid are them because they have understood that their system of power is about to end.” “We are ready, until the last vote, to restore freedom and pride to this nation. They say the markets, Europe, TikTok singers, actors, and influencers are worried about a centre-right victory. We don’t care what they say. We care what the Italians think,” Meloni continued, in comments reported by the newspaper Il Giornale.

“We are scary. But to whom? We only scare those who fear losing power, certainly not the Italians. We have shown that we are not as naïve as the mainstream hoped we were. Thank you for showing that in our part of Italy politics is love and not hate, it is not a crusade against one’s opponents but is made up of concrete proposals,” she said.
What's regrettable is when leftists are only so greedy for power, and it's all they care about. They could do a lot better by proving political power isn't the most important thing in the world to them. Meloni may be Italy's first female premier, and if she develops some good policies, including how to boost more child-birth, that'll be a good start.

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Saturday, September 24, 2022 

PLO dictator turned to hatemongering and glorifying terrorism at UN

The PLO's autocrat resorted to his usual routine at the UN assembly:
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas incited hatred and glorified terrorism when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly, Israel charged as security forces braced for violence during the Jewish New Year holiday that begins on Sunday.

"In a lie-filled rant completely detached from reality, he further proved his absolute irrelevance," Israel's Ambassador to the UN in New York Gilad Erdan said after Friday's speech.

"Abbas uses the UN as a platform to incite hatred against Israel while glorifying the terrorists that he himself funds."

He took issue in particular with the PA's renewed drive to receive unilateral membership from the UN, a move which would need UN Security Council approval and which the United States has the power to veto.

"The Palestinians’ campaign to gain unjustified full membership status at the UN is doomed to fail," Erdan said adding that "their unilateral campaign to force full membership won't pass in the Security Council."
Unfortunately, what if it does? The UN is so corrupt and full of bigots, you cannot be shocked if sooner or later, they'll go along with it, full steam ahead. This is practically the reason why Abbas was allowed to incite on their worthless platforms.

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Armenian premier speaks at UN about Azerbaijan's atrocities

Nikol Pashinyan gave a speech at the UN about the horror story Azerbaijan's written up over the past 2 years:
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s remarks to the U.N. General Assembly on Thursday focused on what he described as “the latest Azerbaijani unprovoked aggression.”

[...] Pashinyan accused Azerbaijan of launching “an unprovoked and unjustified military aggression against Armenia” on September 13, attacking 36 Armenian towns with “heavy artillery, multiple rocket launchers, and combat UAVs.”

“This was not a border clash,” Pashinyan said, rejecting a term commonly applied to the hostilities by international media. “It was a direct, undeniable attack against the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Armenia, which was condemned and addressed during the latest U.N. Security Council meetings and beyond.”

The Armenian prime minister accused Azerbaijan of deliberately targeting civilians, and said there was evidence of “torture, mutilation of captured or already dead servicemen, numerous instances of extra-judicial killings, and ill-treatment of Armenian prisoners of war.”

“The dead bodies of Armenian female military personnel were mutilated and then ‘proudly’ video-recorded with particular cruelty by the Azerbaijani servicemen,”
he added.

Pashinyan said Azerbaijan “intends to occupy more territories of Armenia,” especially if there is an “inappropriate reaction to this situation by the regional security organizations.”

Pashinyan clearly felt current efforts to broker a peace treaty were inappropriate. He said the Azerbaijanis have evinced no real desire for peace and challenged them to take the minimal step of at least drawing a map of Armenia they would be willing to accept.
It's all part of taqqiya, alas. This is all horrifying, but hardly shocking, news. But anybody who thinks the UN would be willing to condemn Azerbaijan for their atrocities would have to be mistaken in the long run, as chances such dhimmis would do so are unfortunately miminal.

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Friday, September 23, 2022 

Virginia governor takes steps to clear away LGBT propaganda from state schools, but FBI appears to be abandoning children's welfare

Virginia's Republican governor, Glenn Youngkin, is making considerable efforts to rid state schools of LGBT indoctrination ideology:
Last week, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin further delivered on his gubernatorial campaign promise to give parents more control over their children’s education. The Virginia Department of Education issued new model policies specifically directed at resisting the radical gender ideology that has become commonplace even in the Commonwealth’s elementary schools.

The New Model Policies

Virginia’s new model policies explicitly state that students’ participation in school programming and use of school facilities such as bathrooms or locker rooms should be based on their biological sex and that modifications should be offered only to the extent required under federal law. They also assert that students who are minors must be referred to by the name and pronouns in their official records unless there is explicit parental approval for the use of something else. And they also declare that schools may not conceal information about a student’s so-called gender identity from his or her parents and that parents must be given the opportunity to object before any gender-related counseling services are offered.
While Youngkin is doing admirable work, the FBI, by contrast, appears to sadly be abandoning defense of children who'd fallen victim to sexual abuse for the sake of a January 6 narrative:
The FBI is reportedly moving its agents off of child sexual abuse cases to instead pursue Jan. 6 investigations. An agency whistleblower recounted being “told that child sexual abuse material investigations were no longer an FBI priority and should be referred to local law enforcement agencies.”

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, sent a letter Monday to FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding to know why the bureau is allegedly shifting focus away from child sex abuse cases. “Such a posture is not only a dereliction of the FBI’s mission to investigate violations of federal laws,” the letter says, “but it is a grave disservice to the victims of child sexual abuse and other crimes that do not advance the FBI leadership’s political agenda.”
Needless to say, this is truly reprehensible how the FBI is going along with the leftist narrative being used to tear down Donald Trump, rather than proving they're dedicated to children's safety. And that just demonstrates the further erosion of coherency in the USA.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022 

Qatar remains a dangerous funder of jihadism

Cynthia Farahat's written up a vital reminder that Qatar's neck-deep in funding terrorism, and they've even bankrolled think-tanks that employ Democrat supporters:
The looming threat of the revival of 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) should compel the examination of American think tanks’ relationships with subversive regimes, such as Iran. Among the leading think tanks pushing for reinstating the JCPOA is the Qatari-funded Brookings Institution. Brookings is a top incubator of staffers for Democrat presidential administrations, including the current Biden administration.

Concerns about U.S. think tanks’ foreign ties are not new. In September 2014, The New York Times published an investigative report titled, “Foreign Powers Buy Influence At Think Tanks.” The report states that funding sources are often undisclosed and listed European and Arab countries that fund American think tanks. The donations that present the greatest concerns are provided by Qatar, a country ruled by an Islamic monarchy with ties to Iran’s mullahs and the Muslim Brotherhood.

In 2013, Qatar’s mediation between the Taliban and the United States resulted in the release of Taliban mass murderers and war criminals from prison and led to the opening of the Taliban’s “political” office in Doha. Negotiations with the Taliban ultimately resulted in handing Afghanistan to the Taliban to run it as a jihadist base for transnational terrorism.
This was during the time of the Obama administration, and will remain one of the most notorious errors ever made when he was leading the US government. And back to Qatar, as mentioned, they've also got ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt:
Qatar’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood are clear. Author Muhammad al-Honi is a personal advisor to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. In his book, “Saif al-Gaddafi,” al-Honi wrote that former emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani “stated that he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.”
Now that's equally disturbing, proving Qatar's just as serious a threat in that sense too, so long as they continue funding the MB as much as any other terror-supporting movement. But who can possibly expect anything proper to be done so long as Biden remains fraud-in-chief?

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Left-wing commentator thinks Meretz and Labor should retire from Knesset

Now here's a most intriguing viewpoint of an apparent leftist, Moshe Mizrachi, who believes it's time for the Meretz and Labor parties to both bow out of the Knesset, and even regrets he voted for the former:
Full disclosure: I am unfortunately one of those who voted for Meretz in the most recent election.

There are only two left-wing parties in Israel that have remained: Labor - which founded the state and led it during difficult times; and Meretz, which has sparked the progress toward more human rights and civil liberties in Israel.

When the so-called "Change Government" was formed in 2021, I feared that the Left was willing to commit political suicide just so this patchwork coalition survive. Now that a year has passed, it has become clear how right I was, regrettably.

Labor, which was supposed to be the flagship part of the liberals and social activists, has failed to create a viable alternative to the Right ever since it lost power.
It's because all they cared about was political power. Something that should've been obvious for a long time.
Meretz - the party that was led by giants such as Yossi Sarid and Shulamit Alon - shrunk to a small interest group that seeks to bolster LGBT rights under former leader Nitzan Horowitz.
This anti-Israeli party certainly does take up some very lazy paths in their efforts to undermine society. But their support for the PLO is what they're really notorious for.
Perhaps it is best that both parties fade away, as both have dismal poll numbers that could leave them out of the Knesset. Prime Minister Yair Lapid knows better than both how to drive home the "Anyone But Netanyahu" message. The political vacuum created by both parties would hopefully be filled by a newly sprouted left-wing party that truly represents Arabs and Jews - a party that is not nationally driven and discrimination-free.
On the matter of Netanyahu, this is where the op-ed writer is pathetic. That's a very petty issue in itself, mainly because no clear reasons are given beyond that. But how amazing Mizrachi is comfortable with both Meretz/Labor fading out, even if he favors Yesh Atid in their stead. Maybe this does suggest what more than a few leftists in Israel are thinking now. So, we'll see where that goes in the future.

Update: but that said, as Lapid is now making clear, he supports the already insufferable "2-state solution" cliche:
Israel remains committed to a two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Prime Minister Yair Lapid is expected to tell the United Nations General Assembly when he delivers his first ever address to that global body on Thursday morning.

[...] In his address, Lapid will explain that “separating from the Palestinians has to be part of the nation’s vision.”
Because he says so. This is just more virtue-signaling, and that's exactly why it'll be terrible if he's elected to lead the nation in November. All this propaganda does is lead to more embarrassment and division, to say nothing of serious danger.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022 

Elderly woman murdered by jihadist in Holon

As we near the next Israeli election, another casualty of the Islamist terrorism Naftali Bennett enabled to occur took place in Holon:
Israel Police chief Kobi Shabtai said on Tuesday night that the murder of an 84-year-old woman in Holon who was found dead with signs of trauma appears to be a terrorist attack.

The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and Special Patrol Unit are involved in the investigation and Israel Police are searching the area for the suspect.

Security camera footage obtained by police shows a man dressed in dark clothing attacking the woman with an object in his hand.

"We're after a difficult attack. It appears at the moment that this was likely a terrorist incident," said Shabtai. "The suspect is known to us and we are currently searching near and far in order to locate the suspect."

Police identified the suspect as Musa Sarsur, a 28-year-old Arab from Kalkilya. Anyone who knows anything about his whereabouts should contact the police's 100 hotline. Sarsur entered Israel through the Eyal Crossing north of Kfar Saba on Tuesday morning on a work permit. The Shin Bet had not identified him as a security threat.
It's because they wouldn't consider his very likely Islamist adherence a concern in any way. Now an elderly woman has fallen victim to the latest tragedies caused by the Religion of Peace.

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Monday, September 19, 2022 

Racism is still prevalent in modern Australian schools

While leftists in the USA are complaining about "systemic racism" in virtually the whole country structure, yet refusing to admit they're capable of enabling it themselves, they completely ignore more valid concerns occurring in Australia, and last year, there was a disturbing case discovered at a school on the west end of the country, and the article warns there's chilling language contained in the text:
They are terms you might expect to find in the inner circles of a white supremacist group.

Readers are advised this article contains explicit and offensive language.

But words like "n*****" and "gin" are being directed at Aboriginal children by their peers in one regional West Australian high school

The behaviour has spread across the playground and on social media, where videos — including one in which a non-Indigenous boy kicks an Indigenous man — are brazenly shared.

Aboriginal girls say they are routinely barked at by boys as if they were dogs.

Those at the brunt of this behaviour report feeling depressed, angry and reluctant to attend class.

The ABC knows of one student who is exploring alternative schooling options.

The revelations come as education academics and the Human Rights Commission call for better teaching around racism in schools.
Now this is extremely horrifying, yet the extreme left wing of the USA shows no interest in the topic of racism in foreign countries where English is also the common language. Many Aboriginal residents of Australia have Black African ancestry, which explains why those specific slurs were used against them. The report also notes:
It's a pattern of behaviour among one group of boys that has also distressed non-Indigenous student Jessica*.

"I hear them say the N-word all the time and refer to Indigenous people as black c****," she said.

The ABC has obtained screenshots of online conversations where students use the N-word and call their Indigenous classmates "gins".

The word, also spelt in some messages as "jin", is a derogatory colonial-era term used to describe Aboriginal women and is deeply offensive.
This is definitely chilling. One can only wonder, in addition, how many of the male students who did that sick act were Islamists, or how many of them are sympathetic to the Religion of Peace by sharp contrast? Why, how many of the male students who denigrated the Aboriginal girls are homosexual? The drawback with reports like these is that, while they do reveal worrisome issues, they won't delve deeper into the background of the white students committing the racist/sexist behavior, even though people from specific religious/ideological backgrounds are equally capable of being racially/sexually offensive.

All that aside, this subject reminded me of a very reprehensible man who was just 19-20 years old on an entertainment website's forum over 2 decades ago, who lived in the city of Perth, which is located at the west end of Australia, right where these incidents took place, who very strongly hinted he hated Blacks: he defended and saw nothing wrong with stereotypical illustrations depicting Blacks with exaggerated facial features, in example, during political discussions. Although he didn't actually use the N-slur, he did use the word "gin" at least once, which hints in retrospect he hated Aboriginal girls, and he certainly used the B-slur more than a few times, which is considered far worse than another word rhyming with it, "witch". He must've used the word "gin" under the confidence that nobody outside Australia would realize it was a combined racist/sexist slur, and even I had no idea what it meant at the time. Making matters worse, he admitted he was a cannabis addict. His excuse was that he smoked "weed on occasion" and sometimes passed on it "out of personal choice", as though even a single session of "recreational" usage couldn't cause serious mental damage. Truly disgraceful.

What made this particularly offensive is that this Perth resident was anti-American and much like more recent leftists, also believed the USA was "systemically racist", and the bane of all that's wrong with the world, and it goes without saying he also indicated he was anti-Israel. The forum moderators, at least initially, saw nothing wrong with his behavior, but later did tell him to stop. Yet the fact remains that here was one example from Down Under who was clearly raised under the very racist mentality that's led to misfortune for a lot of Aboriginal Australians today.

A news site for Australian schools followed up on this a few days later, and gave additional information how this was not limited to just one province:
Two weeks ago, Greater Shepparton Secondary College was found to be “complicit” in racism against students, according to an independent report commissioned by the Department of Education and Training.

Just yesterday, students peacefully protesting against racism at a Far North Queensland school were sent home pending an investigation against a substitute teacher who allegedly used a racial slur during class.

There are some state-wide anti-racism programs for schools, such as The Speak Out Against Racism (SOAR) program, which was piloted in Victoria and New South Wale[s] a couple of years ago to support schools, teachers, and students in recognising and rejecting racism.

However, there is no national framework to guide school curricula, and schools vary widely in how (or whether) they teach students about racism in Australian contexts.

As Australian National University Professor Naomi Priest told ABC this week: while “there’s a lot of good intention”, there is also “a lack of explicit curriculum” tackling the issue in schools.

Speaking about the SOAR Program, which was part of a landmark research project surveying student encounters with racism in Australian schools, she said: “We need to ensure schools are free from racism and that all children have the opportunity to thrive without the burden of racism and its harms.”
As this makes clear, even colleges Down Under, much like some universities stateside, have blame to shoulder, along with schools in other provinces around the country. Also for the record, it's crucial to note that just like in the USA, even Oz has seen a rise in violent crime recently this year:
...the homicide rate has risen in Australia over this period by 16%. The homicide rate in 2019–20 was 1.02 incidents per 100,000 people, the highest rate since 2012–13. Within these incidents the rate of domestic and stranger homicides increased, while the rate of acquaintance homicide decreased for 2019-20.

In this period there were 261 homicide incidents, up 35 from the previous period. This is the highest number of murders since 2005-06.

The biggest increase was in homicides in which the relationship between the victim and offender was unknown or not stated. These accounted for 51 incidents, up 64% for 2019-20. Stranger homicides, 46 incidents, rose 35%. Domestic homicides, 81 incidents, rose only 5%.
Obviously, this too is a serious concern, much like the situation in liberal-run cities across the USA. Let's hope both the issue of racism and violent crime can be resolved in the future. And for all we know, if leftists anywhere really cared, the crisis in Oz could've been cleared up long before.

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Saturday, September 17, 2022 

Pro-illegal immigrant leftists get the interlopers delivered to their doorstep in Martha's Vineyard

Florida governor Ron deSantis provided special assistance to Texas authorities by giving illegal border crossers from Latin America free transportation to the Massachussettes island community of Martha's Vineyard:
In response to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sending 50 illegal aliens from Florida to affluent Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, the same leftists who tripped over themselves to brag about providing “sanctuary cities” to illegal immigrants are now having a meltdown about a few new, diverse faces on their own doorsteps.

The largely leftist denizens of Martha’s Vinyard shamed conservative Texas border towns for daring to say they’re overwhelmed by the wave of crime, drugs, and resource drain that illegal immigrants brought. So surely a few dozen extra people won’t be too much of a strain on the Massachusetts island that sees its population grow by 750 percent during peak tourism season.

But just in case the left-wing locals don’t know what to do with their new neighbors, here are 12 beautiful estates on the island with plenty of room for the local community to benevolently offer to their newest residents.
For the list of that, read more on the article itself. The left certainly reveals its hypocrisy here, when so far, only 50 illegal aliens were actually delivered. As deSantis himself points out, their virtue-signaling is phony:
After his transport of illegal immigrants to the posh area of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, elicited widespread approval among conservatives and handwringing among leftists, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) fired a salvo at the hypocrisy of his detractors, snapping, “Their virtue-signaling is a fraud.”
Absolutely. For the left, illegal immigration is acceptable so long as it affects rightists, not leftists. So the leftists at Martha's Vineyard will just have to get used to their new neighbors now. They wanted them, they got them.

Update: more about this topic at the American Thinker.

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