Thursday, June 13, 2024 

NYC continues to allow anti-Israel protestors to openly support terrorism

Seriously, what municipal authorities are allowing in NYC is practically illegal, based on what the pro-Hamas crowds are chanting (Hat tip: Breitbart):
A mob of anti-Israel protesters chanted “Long live the Intifada” during a depraved celebration Monday night outside a downtown Manhattan exhibit that memorializes the murder and rape victims of the Oct. 7 Nova Music Festival, where 364 people were killed by Hamas terrorists.

The deranged pro-terror crowd lit flares and waved a flag associated with the Iran-backed Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah in front of the Nova Music Festival Exhibition on Wall Street during what was billed by organizers as a “citywide day of rage for Gaza,”
according to video from the scene.

The protesters also yelled “Israel go to hell” and clashed with police during the gathering that drew swift backlash from Israel supporters.

The demonstration, organized by pro-Palestinian group Within Our Lifetime, began in Union Square, where some protesters unfurled a “Long live October 7th” banner, according to social media footage.

One of the exhibit’s organizers, music mogul Scooter Braun, condemned the demonstration in front of the venue late Monday in a social media post.

“I don’t understand why protesting a memorial for innocent music lovers who were raped and butchered and kidnapped helps,”
he said in an Instagram Story. “Go see the @novaexhibition and see the truth instead of standing outside listening to yourself.”

Others offered sharper words for the protesters.

“How utterly evil do you have to be to protest outside a site that memorializes the 1,200 victims of October 7?” former speechwriter for the Israeli government Aviva Klompas tweeted.

“Tonight’s vicious targeting of the exhibition is not pro-peace. It is repulsive and vile,” added Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine in a post on X. “I condemn it in the strongest possible terms.”

US Rep. Michael Lawler (R-NY) also called the actions of the protesters “disgusting.”
And they most definitely are. Worst, they're probably socialists living on welfare, giving them all the time needed to participate in making faustian pacts. A news writer was also antagonized by the monsters at the area:
During the demonstration, protesters accosted Free Press reporter Olivia Reingold, who filmed the harassment she endured.

The Free Press stated that "while shouting 'blood on your hands' and 'genocide supporter,' they restricted her movement and blew air horns in her ears. One even grabbed her notebook and tore it apart, stomping on the pages—but she refused to leave."

Reingold was shoved by one of the protesters and was only able to leave after an hour when the protest had moved on.

She stated afterward, "An anti-Israel mob surrounded me for nearly an hour, tearing up my notebook, pushing me, calling me names, blowing an air horn in my ear, boxing me in to restrict my movement, but I refused to leave."

Reingold filed a complaint with the NYPD over the harassment and assault she endured at the protest.
So long as these forms of protest aren't prevented, and no clear laws drafted to prevent what was more or less calls for murder and terrorism by people who don't belong in the country, the people in charge of New York have failed miserably in keeping the area safe. This is hugely disappointing as it's obscene.

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Anti-Israel demonstrators in London damage a florist's business

One of the worst things about the repulsive anti-Israeli bigots in the UK is how they're willing to trample other's people's businesses to make their loathsome, illogical points (Hat tip: Front Page):
Anti-Israel protesters in north London have wreaked havoc on a flower stall, damaging equipment and forcing the shop to close.

Florist Natasha Boon faces costly repairs and lost income after her shop was forced to shut down amidst the chaos.

Demonstrators from “Gaza Week Camden” allegedly destroyed flower boxes, damaged the stall’s equipment, stole its electrical supply, and on Thursday forced the shop to shut entirely.

Boon, 32, said she has lost at least £500 in income and will have to spend a significant sum repairing the damage done to her stall’s awning….

The problems began on Wednesday when a planned demonstration surrounded Boon’s stall. The florist asked protesters to move away but was told by the group that the council had approved the protest and they refused to move.

“Then it escalated within minutes and there were hundreds if not thousands of people all surrounding my stall, shouting,”
Boon said.

She lost multiple customers throughout Wednesday and had to decline phone orders….
The way they acted was predictably disgusting, costing her, among others considerable income. One can easily argue that not only are certain foreign governments discriminating against Israel, they're even willing to let these monsters trample their own citizens in the process.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2024 

Rescued hostages were starved and assaulted almost every day

Doctors providing medical treatment to Israeli hostages saved from Hamas say the hostages were tortured much of the time in captivity (H/T: Pamela Geller):
The four Israeli hostages rescued during a daring military operation over the weekend were starved and beaten “almost every day” by Hamas terrorists during their eight months in captivity, their doctor has revealed.

Noa Argamani, 26, Almog Meir Jan, 22, Andrey Kozlov and Shlomi Ziv, 41, suffered the horrific abuse after they were all kidnapped from the Supernova desert rave during the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks.

“It was a harsh, harsh experience, with a lot of abuse, almost every day,”
Dr. Itai Pessach, who has been treating the freed hostages at the Tel Hashomer Hospital in central Israel, told CNN.

“Every hour, both physical, mental, and other types, and that is something that is beyond comprehension.”

The hostages opened up about the months-long torture they endured after being saved by Israeli forces during Saturday’s daring rescue in Nuseirat in central Gaza.

The doctor said they revealed they had been moved by their Hamas captors several times while in captivity and the harm inflicted on them had “left a significant mark on their health.”

“They had no protein, so their muscles are extremely wasted, there is damage to some other systems because of that,”
Pessach said, adding that the food and water supply was at times non-existent.
It's repulsive they had to go through all this, and made worse by all the anti-Israel criminals running rampant around the USA and in universities.

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Oregonian teacher's union creates antisemitic education program

While antisemitic indoctrination on college campuses is already well known, there's also antisemitism on the younger school level to beware of, and in Portland, the teacher's union is already brewing a repulsive program for K-12 (Hat tip: The American Thinker):
The Portland Association of Teachers (PAT) promoted and collaborated in the creation of an anti-Israel lesson plan for pre-kindergarten to high school that teaches about Israel as an illegitimate settler-colonial state, anti-Zionism, and participation in protests.

At an information session last Tuesday, PAT and Oregon Educators for Palestine (OEP) presented their document “Know Your Rights: Teaching and Organizing for Palestine Within Portland Public Schools” and their companion “Teach Palestine! Resources for Portland Public Schools” lesson guide.

The Know Your Rights document was created in response to alleged censorship by the Portland Public School District of “teachers and other education workers who are teaching about Palestine, posting pro-Palestine sentiments in schools, and even those wearing pro-Palestine messages.”

Examples of alleged censorship included banning student work on settler colonialism and Zionism, presentations about Palestinians, and wearing clothing with the phrase “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

In addition to explaining legal and contractional protections and rights for educators seeking to teach pro-Palestinian perspectives, the document provides definitions for key terms. Antisemitism is described as a European Christian phenomenon, and Zionism as a “settler colonial political ideology and movement.”

[...] Jewish Federation of Greater Portland CEO and founder Marc Blattner wrote in a blog post last Friday that PAT, which represents over 4,500 Portland educators, handed out documents claiming that the October 7 massacre was justified “resistance” and that Israeli intelligence was homophobic because it blackmailed gay Palestinians with threats of outing.

“This is an effort by the teachers’ union to promote what many feel is a biased and historically revisionist curriculum,”
said Blattner. “The Jewish Federation of Greater Portland received numerous complaints from Jewish PPS teachers, parents, and even elected officials about the meeting and the materials. Sadly, the PAT continues to engage in and lead anti-Israel activism.”

Blattner said the Jewish community was meeting to create “K-12 parent advocacy groups.”

South Carolinian Sen. Tim Scott decried the guides as “indoctrination” in a social media post on Thursday.

“The antisemitic hate that is being permitted, and often promoted, at schools across the country is a disgrace,” said Scott. “No Jewish student should ever feel threatened in any classroom or on any campus!”
So Oregon continues to demonstrate why I never want to visit there anymore. Last month, Mosaic brought up similar news. This is just absolutely horrific, and it'll take forever to mend the damage this has already undoubtably led to.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2024 

More about a Turkish painter's conversion to Judaism

Here's another article about Turkish painter Lea Gul's journey to Judaism:
Artist Lea Gol's living room in her Jerusalem home is also her studio. The evidence is scattered all over: brushes, paints, and artwork from all periods of her life. The ZOA House (Beit Ziyonei America) in Tel Aviv is currently displaying an exhibition of her paintings "Exposed to the Forces of Nature": 23 large canvases, full of emotions, reflecting the spiritual journey she encountered, documenting her life history and femininity, and also magically touching stories of Jewish tradition. Two men, one with wings, struggle in a surrealistic landscape full of color – a symbol of the struggle between Jacob and the angel, between good and evil; or the painting of "Eshet Chayil" – "I drew the seven Sefirot, and it is quite clear," Gol claims, mentioning the Kabbalistic term in passing. "There are also many different codes in the colors I chose: crimson and light blue are the colors of the Temple. I generally do not need to explain the painting; people understand on their own, but I enjoy hearing what they have to say about my paintings. Sometimes we see the same things, and sometimes I discover new things through what I hear from them."

This is her first exhibition in Israel, but certainly not the first in her life – she has held dozens of exhibitions in Turkey. "Painting and art are an inseparable part of who I am. This is the world I was born into. My mother studied art at the Academy of Art in Istanbul, and I grew up in a house of artists. My mother's uncle was a famous director who won international awards, and after spending a long time in the United States, he returned to Turkey and moved in with us, so I got to know this world from a close-up. When I was young, I wanted to be a ballerina, but pursuing this career wasn't possible in Turkey. I started drawing, and I was good at it, so my parents took it seriously and I became an artist.
Anyone aware of how much influence Islam has in Turkey won't be shocked by that. As further explained:
Conversion is impossible in Turkey. According to an old, but valid, Ottoman agreement between the Turkish state and the Jewish community, a Jewish court in Turkey is not allowed to convert to Judaism. The agreement is rooted in the sources of Judaism in the Ottoman Empire: in 1492, after the expulsion from Spain, Sultan Bayezid II invited the Jewish refugees to come to his country, and about 40,000 people responded to his call, settling mainly in Istanbul and Thessaloniki. According to Islam, a Muslim is, of course, forbidden to convert his religion, so already at the time of establishing the institutions of the Jewish community, the Ottomans strictly forbade the courts from holding any conversions. What does a Muslim woman who wants to convert do? She must travel to another country and find a court that is willing to accept her.
That's assuming she'll be allowed without danger threating her life. Even in Turkey, there's the horrifying threat of honor murders committed against women - and men - who take any actions that Muslims view as slighting their ideology. She's lucky she didn't encounter that. And Gul's aware of what a disaster Turkey's bound to sink into again under the Religion of Peace:
An impressive painting of the Istanbul shores looking from the sea, the Bosphorus straits, and the mosques behind them, their columns and domes hanging on the wall of her home. She did not paint this picture, Gol reveals, but rather her mother. In her voice, you can hear her longing for her native surroundings. If you ask her, she has not cut her ties with the life and culture in Turkey, and her "blood" is still Turkish.

But, she explains to me and her face expresses deep pain, the beautiful, good country she grew up in no longer exists. She believes that the Atatürk Reforms, initiated by the founder of modern Turkey, are going to disappear. Turkey is moving away from the progressive and secular country it used to be. Most of Gol's non-Jewish friends, who are not Erdoğan supporters, have already purchased homes for themselves outside of Turkey, ready for the day when the situation becomes unbearable.

As strange as it may sound, Leah's Jewish friends actually believe that the situation will improve. But she doesn't think like them. "I am happy that my parents did not live long enough to see what Turkey has become today," says Gol. "I am very proud that my children, despite the fear they experienced when the war broke out, never asked to return to Turkey. This is my greatest success."
Well what's happening in Turkey today shouldn't go unopposed. Nor should Azerbaijan be allowed to do what Turkey failed over a century ago to Armenia. Somebody's got to speak up and out about the continuing crisis of Islamic influence the world over.

In the meantime, let's wish Gul good luck with her painting career, and it's good that as a convert to Judaism, she doesn't follow any absurd dress codes.

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Monday, June 10, 2024 

Scholastic books have become a disaster

The children's literature company embraced the LGBT agenda sight unseen:
The Scholastic Bookfair used to be an exciting time for kids and a place where parents could feel safe knowing their kids would have a world of interesting, educational, and enlightening reading experiences. Unfortunately, like so many innocent joys of childhood, LGBT activists have taken that safety away. Scholastic has fully embraced not only gay and transgender education and fiction for kids at preschool age and above but the full spectrum of extreme transgender and sexual ideology of the left.

Just in time for “pride” month, the children’s publishing company released its “Read With Pride” resource guide. The guide, associated website, and list of books and resources all, as the left loves to boast, unapologetically send parents, educators, and kids toward the most extreme left-wing sources on LGBT ideology.

The guide directs to websites like Everyday Feminism, Teen Vogue, Rainbow Book List, and The Washington Post and provides a long list of other LGBT activist organizations and references. It presents a series of scare statistics provided by The Trevor Project to justify the need for such expansive and dedicated resources. All indicate a child’s home and their families are a danger requiring outside intervention and support.

The main purpose, of course, is the list of books available for kids from ages 0-8 up to 12-plus. The books are identified by which specific group they focus on, ranging from gay and lesbian to so-called queer, nonbinary, transgender, and asexual.
This is utterly creepy at this point. There used to be a time when book publishers like them could be relied upon to deliver simple stories that didn't indoctrinate. Now, tragically, that's no longer the case, and hasn't been for a long time. Any parent who continues to buy their books is out of their minds.

And Teen Vogue's also long proven repulsive in this regard. No sane teenage girl should spend even half a penny on such a rag.

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Sunday, June 09, 2024 

Noa Argamani was held hostage in house of al-Jazeera photographer

According to this information, the now thankfully rescued Argamani was held prisoner in a house run by an al-Jazeera journalist:
According to a report by the Arab media, former Israeli hostage Noa Argamni, who was rescued in a daring raid by the National Counter-Terrorism Unit on Saturday, was apparently held captive for 8 months in an Al-Jazeera cameraman's house. "26-Year-Old Noa Argamani was being held Captive in the Home of Abdallah Aljamal, a Photojournalist and Writer/Editor for both Al-Jazeera and the Palestinian Chronicle, " Open Source Intelligence Monitor said in a recent post on the social media platform X.

Amid escalating tensions with Qatar over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet voted unanimously to close Qatari television network Al-Jazeera's operations in Israel, after Israel's parliament recently passed a law allowing the temporary closure of foreign broadcasters considered a threat to national security during the ongoing war against Hamas.
This continues to speak volumes about what even news "journalists" can be like, and do. If the monster who enslaved Argamani and others was killed in the raid, he's no loss.

In related news, while Almog Meir was rescued, it's sad to learn that his father died before he may have heard the thankful news of his son's rescue:
In a tragic turn of events, Yossi Meir, 59, father of hostage Almog Meir Jan, died just hours before his son was rescued in the daring Israeli raid in the Nuseirat Refugee Camp in the Gaza Strip. Almog's parents were divorced, and his father lived in Kfar Saba.

Family members tried to reach him when they learned of Almog's release from Hamas captivity but were unable to make contact. When IDF representatives arrived at his home to deliver the joyful news, they discovered his body.

Family members arrived at his Kfar Saba home after learning of his death. His sister Dina shared, "He died of cardiac arrest, he died from grief. He didn't get to know that his son was released from captivity." His sister-in-law Yaffit added, "He constantly sat by the television to stay updated on what's happening with his son, but sadly he didn't make it. His sister visited him on Thursday, and he probably passed away at night, and we didn't know."
Very sad. And we have Islam and its apologists to blame for all this. On which note, Argamani and the other hostages were forced to read the koran while in captivity:
The hostages who were freed from captivity during Saturday’s rescue operation in Nuseirat told the medical teams that they were emotionally abused while in captivity and that the terrorists forced them to read the Quran and learn Islamic rulings.
It's to be hoped they'll describe all that without reservations in future interviews, because everyone needs to know what the koran says about non-Muslims, sexual violence and jihadism, in example.

Update: a memorial was held for Arnon Zamora, the IDF soldier sadly murdered in the battle to rescue the hostages, and the army provided further confirmation Aljamli was a Hamas member.

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Saturday, June 08, 2024 

Prayer service and marathon in memory of victims of jihadism

In this article, news of a women's prayer service at the site of the October 7, 2023 bloodbath:
Dozens of women gathered on Friday for a special Rosh Chodesh (the first of the Jewish month) prayer service at the site of the Nova music festival massacre. Among the worshipers were Environmental Protection Minister Idit Silman, public figures, and female religious leaders.
Next, in this article, news of a special marathon in memory of more victims of jihadism like Esther Horgen:
The annual race in memory of Esther Horgan of blessed memory was held in the town of Reihan in the Samaria Regional Council. Hundreds of runners from all over the country participated in the race, who came to pay respect and commemorate the memory of Esther, who was brutally murdered while out running in the Reihan Forest three and a half years ago.

The race, called 'Esterun,' is held every year and organized by the sports department of the Samaria Regional Council's community center. Among the hundreds of runners were also Esther's six children and her husband, Benjamin.

Samaria governor Yossi Dagan, who participated in the race, said: "Esther Horgan was an extraordinary woman, full of love for life and her family. She was a symbol of hope and action, and this race is a way to commemorate her memory and continue her legacy. We continue to fight and protect our home, just as Esther would have done."
Horgen is another victim who should be remembered. And this is a project that should be emulated in Europe and USA too.

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4 hostages rescued in Gaza

Some very fortunate news has just come up, as at least 4 hostages were rescued from the Gaza area:
On Saturday morning, in a joint IDF, ISA and Israel Police (Yamam) complex, special, daytime operation in Nuseirat, four Israeli hostages were rescued.

Noa Argamani (25), Almog Meir Jan (21), Andrey Kozlov (27), and Shlomi Ziv (40), were kidnapped by the Hamas terrorist organization from the 'Nova' music festival on October 7th.

The hostages were rescued by the IDF, ISA and Yamam counterterrorism forces from two separate locations in the heart of Nuseirat

They are in good medical condition and have been transferred to the Sheba Tel-Hashomer Medical Center for further medical examinations.

"The security forces will continue to make every effort to bring the hostages home," the statement stressed.
Thank goodness and the Lord for bringing about this rescue. Now, let's hope others will turn up alive and be saved from captivity as well.

Update: more information to consider:
Argamani, has been one of the most widely recognized hostages since she was abducted from a music festival in southern Israel. The video of her abduction was among the first to surface, images of her horrified face widely shared — Argamani detained between two men on a motorcycle, one arm outstretched and the other held down as she screams “Don’t kill me!”

Her mother, Liora, has stage four brain cancer and in April released a video pleading to see her daughter before she dies.
Let's hope that now, she can see her daughter and have a good reunion.

Update 2: video news is available of the saved hostages reuniting with family members.

Update 3: here's another video of Argamani celebrating her father's birthday, and Benjamin Netanyahu also addressed the rescue mission.

Update 4: mother and daughter have been reunited:
Since being rescued, Argamani has been reunited with her family, especially her mother, Liora Argamani, who “is hospitalized” from a “very advanced cancer,” Ronni Gamzu, a professor and doctor confirmed, and the Times of Israel reported, citing Ynet News. Liora, 61, has been diagnosed with stage four brain cancer.

“Noa’s mother is hospitalized here due to a very advanced cancer, the last eight months have been extremely complex and difficult, and her condition has progressed even over the past few days and it’s a serious situation,” Gamzu told the outlet.

Video footage posted to X shows Noa exiting a van after arriving at Ichilov Hospital where her mother is being hospitalized. As she arrives at the hospital and is seen walking toward the entrance, a crowd of people can be heard cheering and welcoming her.
Thank goodness the IDF was able to perform this rescue that's helped the 2 of them.

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Friday, June 07, 2024 

Commentator from The Hill fired for abusive treatment of sister of Hamas hostage

Brianha Joy Gray, a political commentator at The Hill, was fired for offensive treatment of the sister of hostage of Hamas in Gaza:
Political commentator Briahna Joy Gray was fired from The Hill, where she co-hosted the morning news talk show “Rising”, days after rolling her eyes at the sister of a hostage being held by Hamas in Gaza.

Gray came under fire after video of her treatment of Yarden Gonen, the sister of Romi Gonen who was kidnapped by Hamas on October 7, during an interview
on Tuesday.

When Yarden told Gray that she hopes she believes female victims who say they were raped by Hamas terrorists on October 7, Gray rolled her eyes and abruptly ended the interview.

Gray announced on her social media account that she had been dismissed from The Hill, sharing a copy of the dismissal letter she received while claiming the decision was politically motivated.

“It finally happened. The Hill has fired me. There should be no doubt that ‘Rising’ has a clear pattern of suppressing speech -- particularly when it's critical of the state of Israel,” she wrote.

An outlet spokesperson confirmed to The New York Post on Thursday that Gray was no longer employed at The Hill.

Gray had previously been criticized for comments about the war in Gaza, including ones made at a panel last weekend that Hamas was not seeking to kill all of the Jews in Israel.

“When Hamas is talking about eliminating Israel, it’s not about killing all the Jews, it’s about.. eliminating the idea of a Jewish state” and establishing a state like “what we have here in the United States,” she claimed.

Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) expressed outrage at Gray’s comments, writing on social media, “Briahna Joy Gray claims that Hamas has no interest in killing all the Jews in Israel. It only wishes to establish a state ‘like what we have here in the United States.’”

“To Gray, October 7th was not a massacre of Jews. It was simply an attempt at democracy-building by Hamas,” he added.
Some more background for the kidnapped woman is here:
The 23-year-old Romi, a choreographer who Yarden described as someone who loves to paint and work with autistic children, was among those kidnapped from the Nova music festival on October 7. After hiding for hours, Romi was ambushed by terrorists, resulting in her being shot and taken.

“Mommy, I’m afraid. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go,” were the last words she spoke to her mother on the phone amidst the chaos.

Gonen, who is a nurse, described how terrorists, some as young as 18 years old, had dragged her sister by the hair, debated whether to kill her, and pistol whipped her head until she blacked out while kidnapping her to Gaza.

While Gonen insisted that the “entire free world is at risk” because of Hamas, Gray persistently attempted to put the blame for the hostages’ fate on Israel and not Hamas.
Gray has only so much abominable statements to her record, it's horrifying. She's received condemnation, even from Torres, as was noted before:
In response, many expressed outrage on social media over Gray’s callousness.

“The family member of an Israeli hostage pleads with Briahna Joy Gray to believe Jewish women who have been abducted, tortured, and raped by Hamas. Instead of projecting empathy, as a normal person would, Gray rolls her eyes, her mouth dripping with contempt,”
wrote Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY).

“Gray has a hatred for the Jewish State so visceral and fanatical that it renders her cruelly indifferent to the value of Jewish life,” he added.

“This woman, Briahna, is so filled with antisemitic contempt it’s almost unbelievable. I’ve never seen an interviewer display such a disgusting unprofessional and disrespectful attitude towards their own guest,” wrote journalist Emily Schrader.

“Is it really that hard to stand against sexual assault — as a woman no less?!” she added. “I think we should send Briahna to Gaza.”
Naturally, it's chilling when you have women desensitized to violence, which is easily even more disturbing than when men are. Gray has no business working in journalism, and is an embarrassment. She'd do well to just leave the public sphere and not work in the profession anymore.

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Saudi Arabia removing antisemitic teachings from educational textbooks

It looks like some progress and improvement's been made in how Saudi Arabia approaches the subject of Israel/Jews, although there's still serious shortcomings:
A study of Saudi school textbooks has found increased progress on the kingdom’s portrayal of Israel and Zionism, in continuation of a positive trend that has emerged in recent years.

Textbooks for the 2023-2024 school year no longer teach that Zionism is a “racist” European movement, and no longer deny the historical Jewish presence in the region, according to the study, published last week by the nonprofit IMPACT-se, which monitors educational curricula in Middle Eastern and North African countries.

“It’s a small step that shows a change of narrative towards Israel, and showcases more tolerance and openness,” said Nimrod Goren, who heads Mitvim – The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies, to The Times of Israel.
Unfortunately, there's still a ways to go, as the following makes clear:
Designations of Israel as an “enemy state” have been expunged, but references to the “Israeli occupation” can still be found, and the curriculum still underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to the Palestinian cause.

The name “Israel” still does not appear on maps, but the name “Palestine,” which previously covered the entirety of Israeli territory, has now been removed
, the report highlights.
Well that's definitely something they have to improve upon, and there's also something in the following to ponder:
The study on Saudi textbooks found that antisemitism has been practically eradicated from the kingdom’s curriculum. In past years, Saudi students had been exposed to egregious examples of hate and incitement in textbooks, the report noted. “Examples which have since been removed included the characterization of Jews as treacherous individuals, and Qur’anic verses teaching that Jews turned into monkeys.”

Problematic content promoting violent jihad and martyrdom has also been removed in recent years
, the report noted. Instead, a nonviolent interpretation of jihad is promoted as an individual struggle for personal betterment as opposed to armed struggle against non-Muslims.
It sounds here like they're using a PC view of the word "jihad" that was employed over a decade ago in an attempt to pretend it doesn't mean "holy/religious war". Sorry, but that's no more acceptable than when apologists in the west use it. If anything, it's a form of taqqiya (deception), and here, Saudi students are being indoctrinated with it.

So while these first steps in expunging antisemitism from Saudi publications is the right way to go, they still have much more to accomplish, and if they won't abandon the Religion of Peace, nothing will be improved upon.

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