Sunday, May 15, 2022 

New documentary appears to be a fishy apology for Islam, involving 1973 incident from NYC

There's a new documentary out called "Hold Your Fire", focused on an incident involving a hostage situation in 1973 and the following gushy review suggests it may be a whitewash of Islam:
“Hold Your Fire” uncovers the untold story behind the longest hostage siege in New York Police Department history that also became the origin story of modern hostage negotiation. Director Stefan Forbes’ “Rashomon”-esque examination of policing in America, told from a triad of conflicting perspectives, arrives as the country finds itself amid a relitigating of the historically volatile relationship between police and African American communities.

In January 1973, a fatal 47 hours at John and Al’s Sporting Goods store in Brooklyn began when four young Black men — Shuaib Raheem, Salih Abdullah, Dawud Rahman, and Yusef Almussidig — were cornered by the NYPD after they attempted to steal guns and ammunition. The four men took hostages, a gun battle ensued, and soon police officer Stephen Gilroy lay dead on the sidewalk.

[...] Journalists did misreport that the young Muslim men were members of the Black Liberation Army, an anarchist organization with a goal of armed war against the United States government. In truth, they were comprised of a transit worker (Raheem); a college student (Rahman); a TV repairman (Abdullah); and a carpenter (Almussidig). “Four squares,” as Raheem says in the film.

Forbes’ documentary reveals a more complex background. Earlier that month, seven Muslims were brutally executed in a Washington, DC home owned by former professional basketball player Kareem Abdul Jabbar. The target was Hamaas Abdul Khaalis, leader of the Sunni Islamist Hanafi Movement, who wrote letters highly critical of Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad. The murders brought attention to the armed conflict between Sunni Muslims and NOI Muslims.

Raheem, a Sunni who also challenged NOI ideology, was convinced that he was also a target and an assault was imminent. That led him, along with his Muslim brothers, to John and Al’s Sports for a gun and ammunitions heist to protect themselves.
And I'm wondering why it's made to sound as though robbing firearms from a store was acceptable, rather than seek police protection and testify against NOI? So, it's troubling there seems to be an apologist lens this history is being told through by the press. Yet that's long been par for the course over the past 20 years and more. And for all we know, this documentary could also be an insult to law enforcement too. One more reason why it'd be better for realists to avoid this production.

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Saturday, May 14, 2022 

UTJ member causes embarrassment and outrage with his irrational fantasy about supreme court

Yitzhak Pindrus, a Haredi Knesset member of the UTJ party, caused offense by stating he'd like to blow up the Israeli surpreme court:
United Torah Judaism MK Yitzhak Pindrus caused a political storm when the Walla news site revealed a recording of him saying he would like to blow up the Supreme Court.

“You know what my dream is? To bring a D9 [bulldozer] and blow up the building,” Pindrus said last week on Independence Day during a panel discussion at the Nehora high-school yeshiva in the Mevo Horon settlement north of Jerusalem.

Pindrus was debating Religious Zionist Party MK Simcha Rothman. Rothman is on the Judicial Selection Committee and spoke in favor of changing Israel’s legal establishment democratically.
This is exactly why we've reached the point where Bennett/Lapid hijacked the government. Because people like Pindrus, who tried to disguise his comments as "humor" are acting irresponsibly, proving to be some of the worst "loose cannons" in politics. What Pindrus has done draws attention away from more pressing issues like Islamofascism, and also obscures serious issues in Haredi society itself where there's sex offenses being committed behind closed doors. Just because Pindrus put a bulldozer into the conversation doesn't make his statement any less offensive.

This is exactly why the Likud should distance themselves from the Haredi parties, if they're going to keep allowing this kind of irrationality continue within their ranks.

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Friday, May 13, 2022 

UK government willing to allow boat migrants claiming transsexuality status to remain in country

The government of Boris Johnson continues with its unfunny woke joke as the home office announced they're willing to make exceptions for any illegal immigrants who claim they're transsexual:
The UK Home Office has hinted that illegal boat migrants who claim to be transgender could avoid being sent to Rwanda for processing.

Migrants who illegally cross the English Channel by boat may be able to avoid being sent on a one way trip to Rwanda by claiming that they are transgender.

This is according to a recently published document by the UK’s Home Office, which also clarified that women and children will also be sent to Rwanda because the illegal migration deterrent scheme could not be limited to affecting only migrant men for gender equality reasons.

According to an “Equality Impact Statement” published by the Home Office on Wednesday, those who claim to be “transgender” — and especially those who claim to be “transgender women” — may be deemed ineligible to be sent to Rwanda under a new scheme aimed at discouraging would-be migrants from illegally crossing the English Channel.
And how many of the menfolk crossing the English Channel will claim such status if it enables them to remain in Britain? Johnson's government has done it again, and proven they're not serious about protecting their country from Islamofascism any more than most other European governments who've been just as dreadful.

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Thursday, May 12, 2022 

Democrats could rig special election in Alaska

For a special Congressional election being held in Alaska, we're seeing the return of mail-in ballots almost entirely, and that's bound to create very bad news:
Next month, Alaskans will vote in a special primary election for the state’s single congressional seat, left vacant by the death of Republican Rep. Don Young in March. Young, the longest-serving Republican in the history of the U.S. House, was Alaska’s sole congressman for 49 years, so the election to replace him is in some ways an historic event for the state.

But it’s also historic in another way: it will be Alaska’s first ever statewide mail-in primary election. That is, there will be no in-person voting at all. Every single voter on the state’s bloated and error-riddled voter rolls was automatically mailed a blank ballot.

What’s more, there will be no verification requirements for these mail-in ballots. Voters will simply need to fill out their ballot and have a witness observe them sign the envelope. The state’s Division of Election has explicitly said it will not verify the authenticity of the signatures on the ballots.

Normally, to vote by mail in Alaska you have to submit an absentee ballot application ahead of time, which includes a signature that can be used to verify the signature on the completed ballot. But not for this special mail-in election, which is already a chaotic and confusing mess, with 48 names on the primary ballot and a new ranked-choice voting process in place that will send the top four vote-getters from the primary to the in-person general special election in August (which is on the same day as the regular statewide primary election for the November midterms).

By any measure, Alaska’s special election is a mess. But why should the rest of the country care? Because Alaska’s insane statewide mail-in election is a template for how the left wants to run elections nationwide. Democrats and left-wing activists would love nothing more than to hold elections entirely by mail with as few safeguards in place to prevent ballot fraud.
For a state that's been perceived as mainly Republican-voting, this is a serious warning things are deteriorating over there, as the warnings of LGBT indoctrination in the Homer district of the state additionally make clear. Will anybody take steps to challenge this situation? Sadly, if state officials won't guard against the fraud that's bound to occur, then this could be just one example of a catastrophe in the making.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2022 

European publishers self-censor and capitulate on Islam

Giulio Meotti's written about the terrible state of modern censorship on the issues of Islam, much worse than it was when Salman Rushdie wrote the Satanic Verses:
When Salman Rushdie published The Satanic Verses in 1989, Viking Penguin, the British and American publisher of the novel, was subjected to daily threats from Islamists. As Daniel Pipes wrote, the London office resembled "a battlefield", with police on guard, metal detectors and an escort for visitors. At the New York office, trained dogs sniffed mail packages and the offices were called a "sensitive place."

Many bookstores were attacked and many others refused to sell the book. Viking spent three million dollars on security measures, but it never faltered. Today, Western publishers all self-censor. And London capitulates to intimidation.

A popular children's book from the Biff, Chip, and Kipper series has just been retired following complaints that its portrayal of the Muslim people was racist, the Telegraph said. Oxford University Press is the publisher of The Blue Eye, in which young characters are transported to a foreign land with the help of a magic key. Children gather at a busy street market, which appears to be somewhere in the Middle East, where men are wearing white turbans and a woman is dressed in a niqab. The publisher said: "The book has been completely withdrawn from print and we have destroyed our remaining stock of the book, although a small number of copies may still remain in the supply chain. Some older titles may still be available in bookstores or as second-hand copies."

"And it doesn't matter, as the Times recalls, that" millions of children were trained in England on the books of Biff, Chip and Kipper". Turbans and niqabs are not appropriate, says the BBC.

Islam is treated in white gloves in so-called multiculturalism.

[...] Today the ancient fear of Islam has been welded to the new Woke hegemony. “Wokism has just begun” Pascal Bruckner writes this week in Le Figaro. “It is introduced as a product imported from the United States, especially on campuses (synthesis of asylums and re-education camps) with all the seduction of novelty and chic. It is a passing fad that is turning into a leftist ideology and is destined to consolidate itself for many years in the media, at school and in business. It will disappear only when public opinion gets tired of the nonsense or professed abominations of gender, identity, race. It will take a whole generation”.
Sadly, it makes sense that wokism's come from leftist USA institutions, and now, it's resulted over the years in a tragedy where only so many challenging issues are shunned by publishers and even film studios and such because it doesn't meet their modern standards of political correctness. It's one of the leading reasons why modern literature and entertainment is in such a dire, bankrupt state. That aside, any publisher who doesn't have the courage any more than the resources to deal with all these issues has no business working in book publishing. The query now is, will conservatives be willing to show the courage to work on what leftist outfits aren't?

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Monday, May 09, 2022 

Two jihadists who committed murders at Elad arrested in nearby forest

The pair of jihadists who committed the violent axe murders at the ultra-Orthodox township of Elad were captured at a nearby forest:
Two Palestinians accused of carrying out a deadly terror attack in Elad last week were arrested Sunday by Israeli forces in a forested area near the central city, security officials said.

A joint statement from the Israel Defense Forces, Shin Bet security agency and Israel Police announced the arrests of As’ad Yousef As’ad al-Rifa’i, 19, and Subhi Emad Sbeihat, 20, who allegedly killed three people and severely wounded several others in the ultra-Orthodox city on Thursday.

“A joint team spotted the two suspicious figures near a quarry,” the statement said.

Footage from the scene — about one kilometer, less than a mile, from where the attack took place — showed security forces shouting at the men in a forested area, then arresting them. In another video, al-Rifa’i is seen admitting to security forces that he committed the attack with Sbeihat.

“What did you do here?” an officer asks al-Rifa’i. “An attack… an attack in Elad,” al-Rifa’i responded. The officer then asked him what he did in the attack. “[We] hit people… [me and] my friend, Subhi,” al-Rifa’i said.

An axe apparently used in the attack was located nearby

The two — from a town near Jenin in the West Bank — are accused of hacking three Israelis to death with an axe in Elad, a majority ultra-Orthodox city in central Israel on Thursday. A knife was also believed to have been used in the attack.

Police launched a massive manhunt for them, which ended with their arrest nearby some 60 hours after the attack.
But will the terrorists be given death sentences? Tragically, they likely won't be.

And even after this, still more terrorist attacks have taken place:
Later Sunday evening, a security officer in the Tekoa settlement thwarted a terror attack, killing one of four Palestinians who briefly infiltrated the Gush Etzion community, according to the Judea and Samaria Call Center.

At around 8:30, the officer’s son told his father he saw some suspicious movement outside their home. The officer went out into the yard and saw four people trying to climb the fence to enter their yard, according to the call center.

The officer shot and killed one of the four Palestinians and the others fled. A knife was found on the terrorist’s body. The settlement is now in lockdown and the IDF is searching the area, the call center said.

[...] An hour earlier, an assailant stabbed a Border Police officer at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate after the suspect was approached for questioning after raising suspicion with the officers. The attacker was shot by security forces at the scene. The officer was evacuated to Hadassah-University Medical Center on Mount Scopus in moderate condition.
Bennett, Lapid and company really screwed up royally, and this is the result.

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Saturday, May 07, 2022 

Somali immigrant to USA runs on Republican ticket in response to Biden's disasters

A woman who immigrated to the USA from Somalia is running for Congress in Maryland to address all the disasters fraud-in-chief Biden's led to:
A Somali-born immigrant and Air Force veteran is running for office as a Republican in the Baltimore area, explaining that the "Defund Police" movement and the Biden administration's withdrawal from Afghanistan motivated her to run for Congress.

"The military service and government service brought me to Maryland," Amal Torres told Fox News Digital.

The House Republican hopeful in Maryland's third congressional district told Fox News she was working in the defense industry at Fort Meade as an intelligence analyst before she decided to run for office. Torres explained that she changed course after the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, believing she could no longer serve "apolitically."

"You have to be apolitical when you're in the Department of Defense and you have to work under the president who's the commander-in-chief, and you have to obey all orders above you. And that was up until Afghanistan. The fall of Afghanistan and watching the catastrophe that that was. I couldn't serve apolitically in that organization anymore. I couldn't fulfill the oath of service in true faith with what the president was doing," she said, deciding to instead run for political office.

"I knew I had to be a part of the solution and that's why I switched to fulfilling a more political role and running for office at the congressional level. So that we could hold the executive branch accountable and be a part of that solution."

The former Air Force cryptologic intelligence analyst referred to the botched U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan during the Taliban’s swift takeover of the country. The Taliban had moved quickly through the country ahead of the planned U.S. withdrawal last summer, catching the U.S. off guard and leading to chaotic scenes at Kabul airport including a suicide bombing that killed 13 American soldiers.
Well I wish her good luck on her campaign for Congress. She's right; the cowardly withdrawal from Afghanistan was one of the hugest embarrassments the government has on its resume now. And it's only getting worse with the way fraud-in-chief Biden and his staff have practically abandoned all responsibilities along the way.

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