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Thursday, November 03, 2005 

Riots in Paris show that the situation in Europe is deteriorating

And all because jelly-spined leaders cannot bring themselves to stand up and take a hard-lined position against these Muslim monsters who're committing the crimes. Even Denmark is now having problems with Arab/Muslim immigrants rioting and causing only so much devastation and vandalism.

As La Shawn Barber warns, what's happening in France and Denmark could also end up happening in the US as well:
Paris is reaping what it’s sown, and if we don’t heed the warnings (as if the murder of thousands and destruction of two buildings in New York City weren’t enough), we can expect the same.

Lax immigration policies, prostration to the god of multiculturalism, and the refusal to fight fire with fire are three reasons why Muslim “youths” in Paris are rioting in the streets.
The ultra-establishment Reuters published an ambiguous report recently that said that "French" youths are rioting. It's just like a biased news source from the UK, which has a major problem with prejudice even now, to blur the details in favor of the hoodlums who're ruining a once pleasant country like France. The Sundries Shack's got more on how Reuters and other such members of the MSM are blurring up the news.

If hard-lined measures aren't taken, and world leaders unable to crack down on Islamofascism by making it clear to Islamists that they must reeducate youth and by issuing tougher laws against these Islamohoodlums, then all that's going to come of this is a totally unpleasant wasteland in the world.

Update: an elderly woman was set on fire on a bus in Sevran.

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I'm afraid you are correct. I am getting more and more worried. I didn't think that was possible but with Iran ratcheting up it's hatred and fascism...

is WWIII around the corner? Is it already here?


thanx for the trackback.

ya gotta get in on this contest!

What do you mean "even Denmark"? Denmark have quite often have had street riots, with or without immigrant particiation. To think the current problems are something special shows a lack of knowledge about Denmark.

Also, let me point out that the riots (as you call them) in Denmark is a street gang making trouble for a housing company that have kicked some families out becuase their children were making trouble (as part of the beforementioned gang).

In regards to taking a hard line against immigrations, Denmark don't allow any immigrants as such (and hasn't since 1972).
Only refugees are allowed to come to Denmark, so unless you are arguing for keeping people in danger out of the country, then there is no real way for Denmark to make harsher laws.
Funny it doesn't seem to work - rather it seems like the more immigrants, and children of immigrants, are marginalized, the more trouble it causes.

All these problems seem to have social roots rather than religous roots, but that would of course not make the same kind of point, would it?

Let a bunch of Canadians try "troublemaking" like this in say Egypt.

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