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Friday, July 20, 2018 

Haredi hoodlums in Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet terrorize handful of girls over their dress

As seen in this horrific video recording, another case of ultra-Orthodox extremists intimidating young girls over thoughtcrimes:
Footage taken in Beit Shemesh earlier this week made the headlines in Israel, after a group of teenage girls were forced to flee from a mob of religious extremists.

The incident occurred Monday night on Nahar Yarden Street within the predominantly haredi area of Beit Shemesh known as Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet.

Three teenage girls from Beit Shemesh walking down the street were confronted by a mob of religious extremists from Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet, they say, forcing them to flee.

While two of the girls, Navah and Hadassah, both 18, were able to evade the mob, a 16-year-old, A., was chased down the street, running ahead of the crowd.

“I had to run away, they wanted to kill me,” A. later said.

A recording of the incident taken by a neighborhood was spread via social media networks, including the Whatsapp chat program.

The girls later filed a complaint with local police, who subsequently opened an investigation into the incident.

In an interview with Yediot Ahronot, Navah and Hadassah said the mob had been ‘provoked’ by what some residents considered the girls’ “immodest” clothes.

"There was no good reason for it. [It was] our 'immodest' clothes. We were just hanging around there,” said Hadassah.
The Times of Israel has more:
After running to their apartment building, Hadassah said, “My sister entered with bloated and red eyes. She was sprayed with pepper spray.” “After a while we tried to go out and see if the situation had calmed down, but there was chaos.”

They said police arrived at the scene but were unable to control the ultra-Orthodox men.

Hadassah said she was wearing a dress at the time, while the young women in the video was in shorts and a t-shirt. “For some reason this angered them when they saw us,” she said.
Any barbarians who're going to follow examples of the Islamists, draw attention away from them, to say nothing of desecrating Judaism so horribly, should be forced to dress in ordinary clothing while put in custody of a family that actually cares. This after serving some time in jail, of course. I should hope there'll be arrests made of the perpetrators of this atrocious attack on the girls.

Interestingly, this article says:
According to one of the neighborhood's residents, teens who left Judaism gather every night "to smoke and drink alcohol, acting in a manner which is inappropriate to the neighborhood's character. We've not slept for the past last month."

The resident added that the teens sit demonstratively along the main street— Nehar HaYarden Street— and deliberately draw attention.

"I don't encourage the Haredim's violence. However, every story has two sides," she went on to say.

Some month ago, the modesty squad began operating against those teens, and in particular against those pertaining to families of the Breslov Hasidic movement who abandoned the path of ultra-orthodoxy.

The modesty squads demanded the families whose children had left Judaism to leave the neighborhood, which led to daily confrontations between the youth walking down the streets with "terrifying dogs and tasers" and dozens of Haredim.

The Nehar HaYarden's resident said that the police and Beit Shemesh municipality's City without Violence program activists were called to the scene almost every night. However, they did not do anything to put an end to the matter, according to the resident.
Whether or not these are defects, it's no excuse for the violence, and if the security services are failing to act properly, that's very grave, and they must be held accountable.

Update: this other Ynet article says:
The families being targeted by the protest are newly religious and belong to the Chabad community. Many long-time residents feel that they create an inappropriate atmosphere in the neighborhood. They also claim that over the last year, there has been an increase of home invasions.
If this is so, it also reveals even specific religious movements are deemed taboo with the zealots, including missionary movements. And that's bad news too.

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