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Thursday, October 03, 2019 

French authorities want to persecute Eric Zemmour for condemning Islam while a tragedy hits a Paris police station

French philosopher Eric Zemmour's being pursued by authorities for speaking out against Islamic migrants at a gathering with Marion Marechal Le Pen:
French authorities have launched an investigation into philosopher Eric Zemmour over a speech on Islam and immigration made at a right-wing convention last weekend.

The Paris prosecutor’s office announced the investigation earlier this week over claims of “public provocation to discrimination, hatred, or violence” after he referred to immigrants as “colonisers” and spoke about the “Islamisation of the streets”, BFMTV reports.

“In France, as in all Europe, all our problems are aggravated by immigration — schools, housing, unemployment, social deficits, public order, prisons — but all our problems are also aggravated by Islam. It’s double punishment,” he told conference attendees.

Some have condemned the speech, including Prime Minister Edouard Philippe who called it “nauseating” and “profoundly contrary to the idea we have of France and the Republic”. However, others on the right have voiced support for Zemmour.

Gilbert Collard, MP for the populist National Rally, wrote: “One may not agree with Zemmour, but must he suffer the unjust tyranny of prosecution, censorship, prosecutors, and verbal straight jackets? No!”

Mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard also came out in favour of the philosopher and stated: “I know Eric Zemmour well. He speaks harshly, but he is absolutely not racist. If we condemn Zemmour, we condemn freedom of expression.”
And while this repellent farce is going on, a horror story struck a police precinct near Notre Dame in Paris, where 4 police officials were murdered by a staffer, whose background is being kept secret:
Four police officers have been stabbed to death at a headquarters building near the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, France.

The perpetrator “was involved in an argument with someone and then erupted in anger, targeting other police colleagues before being neutralised,” according to a source quoted by The Sun.

“The attacker is believed to have been an administrative officer working in a secure part of the building – making it very easy for him to walk around freely. He would have had security clearance.

“One victim is dead, along with the attacker. Others are in intensive care.”

French media now reports that the death toll has risen to four, however.

The attacker’s motives, if known, are yet to be disclosed, as his identity.

A police union secretary, Loïc Travers, has told France’s BFM TV that he was a long-term employee, who had been “with us for over 20 years”. At least one of his victims was a female officer.
There can be no doubt he's one of the very vermin Zemmour was speaking out against. The wrongfully employed abomination was shot dead in the end. But it doesn't compensate for the loss of innocent lives. Yet who should authorities in the upper echelons be concerned about but Zemmour, the least of the problems.

Here's a defense of Zemmour written by Hugh Fitzgerald. The authorities had better stop what they're doing to him immediately and start concentrating on how to better security everywhere.

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Hugh Fitzgerald said this on Jihad Watch dot org:

“The Israelis have not marginalized the Palestinians;
it is the Palestinians who, by their relentless attempts
to kill Israelis, have marginalized themselves.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Concern
about Jewish “White Supremacists” (Part 1)

by Hugh Fitzgerald, 2019 August 9

from JNS dot org:

“Under the Trump administration, the United States
argued that UNRWA [United Nations Relief and
Works Agency for Palestine Refugees] has perpetuated,
rather than helped end, the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict, by extending refugee status to: children,
grandchildren and great-grandchildren
of those who fled Israel during the establishment
of the Jewish state in 1948.”

SOURCE: UNRWA Leaders Accused
of Sexual Misconduct, Ethics Violations


Saudi journalist Fahad al-Shammari
declared [in a television interview] that:

“the Palestinians are beggars,” and “have no honor”.

SOURCE: PA and Jordanian
incitement against Saudi Arabia

by Yoni Ben Menachem of JCPA, 2019/7/28

Mr. Patrick Condell described the Palestinians as:

“the World's most tiresome cry-babies with a bogus
cause and a plight that is entirely self-inflicted”.

SOURCE: The Great Palestinian Lie
a YouTube video by Mr. Patrick Condell, 2011 October 6

Mr. Patrick Condell is an atheist, who was born
in Ireland around 1950 CE, and raised in England
as a Roman Catholic, and educated in Church of
England schools. He has no Jewish ancestors and
no religious beliefs that might cause him to favor Jews.

Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

“In life as in law there are statutes of limitations
that recognize that history changes the status quo.

The time has come — indeed it is long overdue —
for the world to stop treating these Palestinians
[from year 1948] as refugees.

That status ended decades ago.”

SOURCE: What Is a Refugee?
by Alan Dershowitz, 2018 March 10

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