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Sunday, March 24, 2024 

Israeli photographer takes woke position on girls with guns

An Israeli fashion photographer is not doing many favors for women with the way she believes "sexualizing" women toting firearms is somehow wrong, and she even appears to be potentially influenced by Haredi customs:
Over the past five years, photographer Rotem Itzhari has been working on a series of photographs of Israeli female combat soldiers photographed in various locations across the country, in dresses and holding M-16 rifles. Recently, she posted several photos unseen before, creating a constant tension between the women's gaze and the war machines they hold. In the future, Itzhari hopes to exhibit them in an exhibition in Italy.

Over the years, photographers associated the female body with weapons, creating photos that objectify women, indicating the connection between the phallic weapons and the photographed women as seen with Israeli model Orin Julie. An exceptional example is a beautiful and provocative photo by Helmut Newton, who during one of his visits to Israel in the 1990s, photographed the young model Kim Iglinsky (one of the most successful Israelis in the world living in the United States), holding an M16 rifle and wearing a black bikini, against the background of the Dead Sea landscapes, with IDF insignias and dufflebags laid at her feet.

Itzhari (43) began working on the project about five years ago, when she lived in Bet Shemesh. She shared that she was recovering from heartbreak that shattered her heart into pieces and sought a new project at the time. "The best things come out of pain and difficulty," she said. Although she did not study photography in an orderly manner, over the past twenty years she has photographed documentary projects, such as photographing women from the Ultra-Orthodox society in Jerusalem or older women in the Dead Sea.
Ah, this is an important clue she's influenced in some ways by Haredi customs, in the ways of a bleeding-heart-liberal, which I sadly guess she is. Did she ever hear of that horrifying incident involving the Bnot Orot school in 2011? Because many women were hit very hard by the kind of absurd mentality Itzhari appears to be going by, and were practically murdered by Islamofascists on October 7, 2023 for even daring to dream of wearing the kind of outfits Iglinsky wore. Of course antisemitism was definitely a driving factor in the Hamas bloodbath, but misogyny is no less a culprit, and many women have paid a heavy price as a result. To say "objectification" is a problem - when here, Newton's photography presents a form of inspiration for women who like to wear swimming outfits along with the guns to add to the self-confidence concept - is a slap in the face to many women, Israeli or otherwise, who were harmed by Haredi extremists, and far worse, by Islam. If a civilized Arab woman were filmed in a bikini toting guns, would Itzhari make even a peep about that? Or are Israeli women somehow easy targets?
Her current project of female combat soldiers is more relevant than ever. Despite claims by politicians that women are not physically able to be combat soldiers, many of them have shown courage in the current war in Gaza. "Women can do anything. Not just in the army, in general," says Itzhari. "And you don't need these photos to know that. Not now and not before October 7. Maybe if they had listened to the female soldiers' warnings, the whole war could have been avoided."
Ahem. If women can do anything, they can wear bikinis too, without complaints that reek of left-wing feminist propaganda that, if memory serves, London mayor Sadiq Khan exploited for claiming that women would be "ashamed of their bodies" if the city continued to allow stuff like swimwear advertisements around. Yet it's just like Ynet to run something that's actually hurtful to women more than helpful.

I'm sorry Itzhari suffered heartbreak, but that doesn't excuse the decidedly insulting-to-the-intellect view she takes here. In fairness, some of the women photographed do wear say, shoulder-baring dresses, in example. But it's not enough to counteract the risk taken of making it sound as though filming women in bikinis, guns or not, is inherently wrong. Women should not have to told their bodies are inherently shameful, and to do so only causes horrible scars to society and injures women's civil rights while smacking tons of fashion designers and fashion-loving women in the face after all the trouble they went to for developing fancy dresses. I once heard a neighbor of mine say that a real rabbi doesn't enforce dress codes, and that's something Itzhari would do well to ponder.

This running the gauntlet of wokeism cannot be allowed to affect Israel in any way, mainly because it takes away vital attention from far more serious issues like the aforementioned Hamas massacre. It may be possible that the lady IDF observer who was shunned by senior staff was ignored because she was a woman, as some suspect, and that's obscene. But after all the terrible incidents where women were discriminated against over petty issues like how they dress, even by men who weren't Haredi, that's why to perpetuate this futile charade as Itzhari certainly came close to doing is only insulting intellects all the more, and it must cease.

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