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Sunday, May 21, 2006 

Students in danger, in Sderot and in Tampa

In the first news report, another case of rockets being fired from the reign of the Hamas/PLO dictatorship against Israelis, this time landing at a school in Sderot, Israel:
2-3 Gaza-fired rockets hit the Negev city of Sderot this morning. One hit an empty classroom while the students were praying in a different room, and another caused two women to go into shock.

The first rocket was fired by Palestinian terrorists from northern Gaza shortly after 7:30 AM, landing at the Gevim Junction just south of Sderot. Two women were treated at the site for shock.

Shortly afterwards, the Red Dawn early-warning alarm system sounded, giving the residents some 20-30 seconds to run for cover. Within minutes, it was learned that a rocket had in fact hit - in a classroom in the center of town.

"The students were on their way to the classroom after finishing morning prayers," one person who arrived on the scene told Arutz-7, "and the classroom was still locked. Some students were waiting outside, and the teacher was on his way up - and that's when all of a sudden the rocket crashed in, hitting the teacher's chair. The teacher was very emotional, seeing that it had crashed exactly where he would have been sitting minutes later." One person was treated for shock.

"By miracle," one local woman told Arutz-7, "no one was hurt - but how long can we rely on these miracles, merely because of our leaders' foolish decisions enabling the terrorists to shoot at us? Today and Tuesday are market days here in Sderot, just two blocks away from the school, and the hesder yeshiva is two blocks to the other side - it could have landed anywhere and killed people. How long can this go on?"

The Red Dawn alarm signaled that a third Kassam rocket may also have been fired, though no reports of damage or injuries were received.

The school that was hit today is the Netiv Yeshivati, a branch of the local religious high school.
Yes, how long can this continue to go on? I think this should be one of the leading subjects at the rally in Washington this week!

The Islamic Jihad terrorist cell claimed responsibility for the attack.

In the next case, a school bus in Tampa, Florida, found some most unwelcome passengers coming aboard, that being two men from Saudi Arabia, as it turned out (via Theodore's World and Jihad Watch):
TAMPA - Two Saudi men were arrested Friday after they boarded a school bus and rode to Wharton High School in New Tampa.

Students on the bus became alarmed, as did the bus driver, who called ahead. Hillsborough County sheriff's deputies met the bus at the school and detained the men. No one was injured and nothing out of line occurred on the bus, deputies said.

Mana Saleh Almanajam, 23, who lives in Apt. 302 in The Point apartments, and Shaker Mohsen Alsidran, 20 Monticello Gardens, Apt. 304-A, each were charged with trespassing on school property. Both remained in Orient Road Jail on Friday evening. Bail for each was set at $250.

"Both defendants gave several versions of the reason they took a school bus to a high school," said Hillsborough County sheriff's spokesman J.D. Callaway.

"They said they wanted to go to Wharton to look around, and then they said they wanted to go there to have some fun, and then they said they wanted to enroll in the English classes there," Callaway said.

"We're not sure if this was a situation of them just being new to this country, or if they were confused or what it was," Callaway said. "We were unsure as to exactly what the final reason was, but it did cause great concern for the students on the bus and for us. One of the guys was wearing shorts with a black trench coat."

While on the bus, the men laughed and spoke in Arabic, Callaway said.
CAIR's local branch, predictably, downplayed and defended the creeps:
Ahmed Bedier, Tampa director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said the men likely meant no harm and that because "they were from Saudi Arabia, that escalated the situation."

He blamed the incident on cultural differences.

"They didn't differentiate between a school bus and public transportation," he said.
Well then, why did they say that they, men who were over 20, wanted to go enroll in a school they're already long past? Doesn't wash, sorry.
The bus picked up the students and the men at about 7 a.m. Friday at the corner of Fletcher Avenue and 42nd Street, deputies said.

The bus driver, a substitute, reached her supervisors by telephone. They relayed the information to Wharton High resource Deputy Mike Eastman, who met the bus when it arrived at school at about 7:30 a.m., and detained the men.

The sheriff's Homeland Security Division, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Regional Domestic Security Task Force, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the FBI all were notified.

Almanajam and Alsidran at first told deputies they were from Morocco, but later admitted being from Saudi Arabia, deputies said. They said they were enrolled at the English Language Institute at the University of South Florida.

Both arrived in the United States about six months ago and have student visas that require them to be enrolled at the English Language Institute, Callaway said.

Authorities searched the apartments of the two men and found nothing of concern, he said.
I should hope they're not trying to cover anything up. That said, the bail for the two culprits has been revoked. (TBO has more.) But here's the big question: why was it only $250 dollars to begin with? The lawyers for the school should take issue with that. These men may have been doing a very serpentine pretend act, but there's every chance that they could've committed a heinous crime too. What if they were to memorize the identities of the students and then start stalking them? That's exactly why, if bail were to be imposed, it should most definately not have been that low.

What makes this a most serious case is that Saudi "students" are being enrolled in universities across the US as part of a plan agreed upon by Dubya himself. This is not good, because there's every chance that any of these students could be terrorist moles. See the 9-11 report and National Terror Alert's report for more. Plus, read this Wash. Post article on how its business as usual for Saudi hatemongering in their government controlled schools.

Others on the subjects include Michelle Malkin, American Future, Ranting Profs, Strategic Outlook Institute, The Strata-Sphere, Judeopundit, Freedom for Some, The Dragon and the Phoenix, Church and State, Musings of a Real Texas Cowgirl, Israel Perspectives, The Florida Masochist, Flopping Aces, Blog Free, Westbankblog, Boker Tov Boulder, The Steel Deal, Basti Says, Western Resistance, Dinocrat, Six Meat Buffet, Pekin Prattles, Don Singleton, Instapundit.




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