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Saturday, November 10, 2012 

A French demonstration against Islamofascism in Paris

From the Washington Post/AP, news of a positive development:
PARIS — Hundreds of French nationalists have demonstrated in Paris against Islamist extremism, chanting the French anthem and saying the religion has no place in the country.

Protester Romain Cyiril says, “France was always a welcoming country, but for the first time we have to deal with a religion which can’t and doesn’t want to integrate itself.”

Three weeks ago, dozens of far-right French activists stormed an unfinished mosque to protest immigration policies that have made France home to Western Europe’s largest population of Muslims. There are an estimated 5 million or more Muslims in this nation of 65 million, although under French law the government does not track religion.

The French government has denounced anti-Islam extremists.

Saturday’s protest was organized by a nationalist group called the Republican Resistance.
If the government isn't going to respect the public's right to protest totalitarian religions, they should be ashamed of themselves. This is very good that now there's a movement standing up to this monstrosity of a "religion" and making themselves heard and seen. For this, they should be congratulated.

Update: Reuters reports that pollster Ifop found much of the public feels that Islam is too influential in France.

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these people are the fascists though, the FN are racists and fascists, taking french politics back to the 1930's

I notice you haven't presented any evidence to back your claim this group is directly associated with the FN. That aside, I'm getting the vibe that you condone the "prophet" Muhammed's marriage to a 9-year-old girl, Aisha. Would I be correct on that assumption, cybertroll?

how am i a troll?

im not a muslim, but quite frankly i view Muslims and Jews equally!

your attacks on islam and muslims and of an international effort against israel are similar to those used in 1930's germany, and we know where that lead!

I would have thought a zionist would have known better!

As a matter of fact, during the Nazi period [1933-1945], the Arab nationalist movement was mostly pro-Nazi. Further, the chief leader of the Palestinian Arabs, the British-appointed Mufti of Jerusalem and head of the Supreme Muslim Council, Haj Amin el-Husseini, collaborated with the Nazis and promoted the mass murder of Jews. He instigated murders of Jews in Israel in the 1920s and 1930s, and later in Baghdad, Iraq, where he was considered the main instigator of the notorious Farhud pogrom which murdered about 200 Jews in the Spring of 1941 during the Jewish holiday of Shavu'ot. So Arab leaders and Muslims "dignitaries" were Nazi collaborators and promoters of mass murder. Why not call them fascists or Nazis??


Facinating. Now I'm not pushing Judaism for sainthood, SamEva, but you've just let the mask slip and declare that you're the kind of moonbat who blurs any distinctions between good and bad, even with religions. Which begs the following query: have you ever read any the Koran and Hadith? Take a look at the following:

"Your women are your fields, so go into your fields whichever way you like" -- Sura 2:223

That verse has been used to justify both marital rape and sexual assault out of wedlock. You DARE to act as aplogist for such a repugnant belief? And how about this one?

Those (Jews) who incurred the curse of Allah and his Wrath, and those of whom (some) He transformed into apes and swine.” --Sura 5:60

And for someone who claims people like myself are taking up nazist tactics, do you know about Haj-Amin el Husseini, the mufti who collaborated with the nazis during WW2? Do you know that the Ottoman Empire that slaughtered 1,5 million Armenians was mainly Islamic?

Just what kind of leftist are you who even refuses to answer whether he/she condones Muhammed's marriage to a 9-year-old? And tell me this: if I were an apostate from Islam, would you respond the same way you did now? Come to think of it, if a member of 9-11 Families for a Safe America like Debra Burlingame and Tim Sumner wrote this, would you turn against them as well after what the al Qaeda's jihadists did to their families as well?

Your positions and mindset are even more offensive to ex-Muslims and American victims of jihad than they are to Jews. Not that I expect you to ever come to terms with that. For now, I will say that if you don't acknowledge that I backed myself up with some facts here, your failure to do so will weigh against you.

By the way, do you know why I blog about stuff like this? Because I care about the safety of the world. That's what being a Zionist is all about, besides being synonymous with patriotism. I suggest you take that into account next time before you go miles out of your way to lecture people without even backing yourself up.

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