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Monday, April 15, 2013 

Satmar's new sex-segregated playgrounds

I wonder where they got the money from for this latest retreat from an integral society?
This new sex segregated children's playground was built in the city of Kiryas Joel in Monroe, New York on an area of ​​283 acres, which will fully separate little boys and girls.

The park, built on the outskirts of the city received special financing by Kiryas Joel Mayor Rabbi Abraham Wieder. The mayor received the blessing from all Satmar factions living in the city, according to reports.

City Treasurer, Rabbi Gedaliah Segedin, described the park as under the strict supervision of the Committee of Modesty of Kiryas Joel and under the watchful guidance of the Grand Rebbe, Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum. The park is divided into four sections.

Section one is designed for fathers who come with their boys. The second section is designed for mothers who come with their girls. The third is for boys and the fourth is for girls.

There is also a large distance between the four section to increase the modesty and the separation.

City leaders were not satisfied with the current public playgrounds as men and women were present in one public space at the same time. The park was also built with two special trails one for men and one for women. Non Jews or non ultra-Orthodox Jews will not be allowed into the park.
I guess blacks, Latinos and Asians aren't allowed to visit those parks either, huh?

I also found an interview from the NJ Jewish News (via The Forward) describing the Satmar as "a holistic cradle-to-grave society", though there's one flaw at the beginning:
NJJN: What makes Kiryas Joel unique?

David Myers: It is a completely holistic, cradle-to-grave Jewish society that operates in the Yiddish language according to the norms of the Satmar hasidic movement, walking in the path of ancient Israel. It operates with a regime of strict ritual observance, and deviations from that are grounds for banishment or exclusion. It imagines itself as a shtetl.
I gotta take issue with one thing here: since when have the Satmar ever been walking on Israel's ancient path? This is a community that considers Zionism and the modern Israeli state wrong, and have pretty much been working against it, with the only thing they'd be grateful for being the welfare benefits they could receive. And the kind of Haredi outfits they wear only first came up in the late 18th century. Other than that, the interviewee does tell some pretty vital info about what the community is like.

3 comments were posted to the article, and tell quite a bit too. For example:
Another thing to look at is the fact the Hasidic marriages are not legal in NY, so all the Hasidic women are considered single mothers therefore they get public assistance. I think if you could get the data the Hacids are the biggest cons on the public assistance money of any group. I think you will also find a lot of Hacids who travel to the city and trade there goods for cash everyday (and make good money doing it) and then go home and pluck there welfare checks out of the mailbox that night.

The fact that they made there own village on the Town of Monroe in 1977 is because the town wanted to keep the building codes reasonable and safe and that stopped Kiryas Joel from building there huge ugly multi-family buildings. Which if you drive through there, you would probably agree are ugly and most look like slums.
And the second says:
I have to agree with the above poster. I lived near Kiryas Joel for most of my life. I remember the Hasids preventing the Gentile fire departments from entering the community when there were massive fires. I remember seeing the 100,000+ dollar Mercedes Benz sedans driving in and out of the community. They are almost ALL on some sort of public assistance in one form or another, yet the vast majority of the men work in the diamond market in NYC. And that is almost entirely a cash business. I went to the same pediatrician growing up in Monroe, and saw the men and women wearing the Rolex watches that were diamond encrusted, driving the fancy cars and yet using Medicaid to pay for their overwhelmingly ill and handicapped children. They as a community are nothing more than a huge drain on New York state system, a crooked group of individuals who hide behind their block vote and their religion.

The community is a ghetto in the classic definition, and a slum from the outside at best. but if you ever get an opportunity to see the insides, they are nothing short of palatial. They are VERY wealthy people who work the system. I have delivered goods there myself, and have witnessed the thousands of dollars in 100’s pulled out of the buyers pockets to pay for the goods, yet see that same person on the welfare line the following week.

Low crime? That is a joke. Low crime because domestic abuse and child abuse is considered normal, and they don’t rat on their own kind. Never mind the blatant fraud and financial crime that occurs by the residents.
Correct. With all the reports of child abuse in these cloistered societies surfacing over the years, you can't say the neighborhood is completely devoid of crime. It's just not crime out in the open. And never mind that Mercedes-Benz cars suck, they sure seem to have quite a bit of money to buy those luxury cars. Hey, I've sometimes seen luxury cars like those in Haredi neighborhoods over here too, including a Chrysler Aspen, and even Mea Shearim has some buildings that look pretty slummy and worn.

And if they prevented fire officials from coming in to deal with burning buildings, that's very bad.

Now, in another show of segregating themselves from society, they even build 4 playgrounds too many, and what if it turns out they're getting government dough under the table? A waste of taxpayer's money that'll be.

Update: the UK Mail says they built it without government money, but who knows? What if they did get funding under the table from leftists?

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