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Thursday, January 26, 2017 

Yes, the Democrats are in the tank for the ultra-Orthodox

Proving there's something wrong with the DNC's conduct when it comes to Haredis with poor conduct in New York, they attacked a GOP member who was critical of the bad tribes, and for attacking customs and conduct that sadly exist, he's accused of being "anti-semitic":
The county’s GOP posted comments on its official Facebook page Sunday that lambasted the Rockland Democratic Committee for posting support for Women’s March on Washington and "in all of the liberal cities of our country" against the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

In the post, which has since been removed, the Rockland GOP wrote that it was in favor of “other’s right to speak their mind and peacefully demonstrate their views.” It criticized the county Democratic Committee for not calling out “the most egregious example of women’s oppression in our entire country.”

Here is an excerpt from the post, which was circulated by the Jewish Council:

The ultra orthodox Hasidic community's abusive treatment of women is epic. In that community, women must separate themselves from men, must dress as they are told, are forced into arranged marriages, can not divorce without the approval of their husbands and community leaders, they are not properly educated, can't attend college, and can not use birth control, yet, the Rockland County Democratic Committee says nothing: absolute silence. Why? Because the people in that community vote in a block and the leaders of the Rockland Democratic Party want their votes. Please!!!!! Total hypocrisy!!!!
While the only thing worse than the ultra-Orthodox conduct would be that of Islamofascists in the USA, he's correct about the gender segregation custom, and one more thing that's not mentioned is that the Satmar, if anybody, oppose women driving cars, because of the freedom it represents, which they despise in all their revolting socialist mindset.

When the local Jewish council condemned it, they wouldn't even do so via an actual rebuttal. They just simply dismissed it all as anti-semitism, as though a person of Jewish descent can do no wrong and isn't made of flesh and blood:
The Jewish Council of Rockland County condemned the post.

Rabbi Moshe Schwab, speaking on behalf of the Jewish Council, demanded an immediate apology for the “ugly anti-Semitic post” and called on local officials to denounce it.

“At a time when tensions between communities are high and Jewish facilities and communities across the state are being targeted, the Rockland County Republican Party used its official Facebook page to launch a viciously anti-Semitic tirade against against the Orthodox community,” Schwab said in a released statement.

Lawrence Garvey, chairman of the GOP committee who wrote the Facebook message, said “the post speaks for itself.”

“The point of post was to highlight the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party here in Rockland, who rightfully champion the rights of women nationally and ignore what goes on here in Rockland County,” Garvey said.

The county GOP leader said he stands by the post, and said the comments were not factually inaccurate.
Indeed, I'm afraid not, and I have covered some past examples here on this site of how the Haredis like Satmar have been maintaining a very poor approach to living one's life, including, but not limited to, socialism. Hence, it's a shame they took down the post:
Garvey said the post was later taken down because “it ran its course.”

“We made our point and moved on,” Garvey added.
But they should've left it up all the same. Besides, as I've noted, some of the Haredi tribes supported Hillary Clinton, their condescending view of women notwithstanding, because the only thing they may consider worse than a woman in office is Israel/Zionism, and even conservatives' beliefs in capitalism. There was one Haredi GOP member who argued to the contrary:
Kalman Weber, a registered Republican from Monsey and member of the ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic communities, said “women are respected and looked up to."

Weber said there are no forced marriages in the community although dates and meetings are typically pre-arranged. While women need the approval of their husbands for a divorce, men require the approval of their wives as well.

“By men and women, following the dictates of their religion, does not mean they are being abused," Weber said. "They are very happy to follow the dictates of their religion.”
Not always. But as noted, if it's a clan as insular as the Satmar and Skver happen to be, they're the ones who've caused many of the problems, and they're the ones who should be condemned for leading to dreadful customs, and one could say that, while the matter of divorces may be one awkward point made by the Rockland GOP member, one thing that is more accurate is that often the clans will try to dictate that the divorcee who leaves the community may not have any custody of the children, because it's supposedly wrong for them to lead anything but an insular lifestyle that's not influenced by Haredi customs (note that I didn't say religious one, because that's not the true problem here).

And the GOP member is right: do the DNC actually try to help any women who have gone through a terrible experience at the hands of Satmar? Do they even help children? Not from what I can tell, because the block vote apparently matters more to them than justice for all.

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