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Monday, May 20, 2019 

Malka Leifer committed check fraud, and Yaakov Litzman defended more sex offenders than thought

It turns out there's still more evidence coming out against the Haredi sex offender Malka Leifer, who appears to have committed monetary fraud, fleecing an innocent woman's funds in the process:
An ex-neighbor of accused sex abuser Malka Leifer said Sunday that the former headmistress claiming to be mentally unfit for extradition to Australia had run a scheme in which she fraudulently collected checks and stole money.

Naomi Tzubari was summoned to testify on behalf of the prosecution to demonstrate the degree of Leifer’s mental competence.

She alleged that, far from being an invalid, as the defense has claimed, Leifer both actively helped her raise money from a network of benefactors in Australia and managed to forge her signature to steal checks from her.

[...] Tzubari, who was allowed to submit testimony in writing to the Jerusalem District Court for a hearing on Sunday, told The Times of Israel that Leifer had lived above her, in an apartment in the West Bank settlement of Emmanuel, roughly a decade ago, shortly after Liefer moved back to Israel.

Tzubari said that nine years ago, Leifer approached her, upon noticing that her neighbor had been going through financial hardship.

The prosecution witness claimed that the National Insurance Institute denied granting her disability funds even though she has not been able to work, due to injuries sustained in a 1991 terror attack.

“There are people that donate money from Australia that can help you,” Tzubari recalled Leifer having told her. “Just don’t tell anyone that I gave you [this money].”

“I didn’t feel that I had any reason to distrust her so I agreed [to let her help me],” the 59-year-old ultra-Orthodox woman said.

Tzubari began receiving regular checks sent in her name to the Emmanuel post office, and she became dependent on them, in order to make ends meet.

After several months, Leifer approached Tzubari asking if she could show her how she signed her name.

While she admitted feeling odd about the request, Tzubari said she complied, telling herself that Leifer had only been trying to help.

From that point on, however, Tzubari stopped receiving the checks.

“I asked her where the donations were and she just told me that they hadn’t come,” the mother of six recalled.

When she approached Leifer several months later, Tzubari said her upstairs neighbor gave her a few shekels and told her there would not be anymore donations.

“I went to the post office shortly thereafter and was told I had received plenty of checks, but that someone had already signed for them,” Tzubari said.

The woman added that when she approached Leifer about the issue, the former principal said that her husband was friends with the owner of the post office and that Tzubari would never be able to receive her checks.

Tzubari said that she reported the matter to the police, but that nothing was done.
Well this too is angering news, that the police failed to deal with the issue. Could've been the leftists there who turned their backs, proving Yaakov Litzman wasn't the only one guilty of aiding and abetting such criminal behavior.

And this isn't the only alarming matter about this case. It turns out, according to more reports about the police investigation against Yaakov Litzman, that he defended at least 10 more sex offenders besides Leifer:
Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman allegedly helped at least 10 serious sex offenders obtain improved conditions, including home visits and other benefits, by pressuring state psychiatrists and prisons service officials, according to a report Tuesday.

Litzman, who hails from the Gur Hasidic community, has been accused in the past of using his influence to protect Malka Leifer, who has been fighting extradition to Australia for allegedly abusing students at a Jewish school there.

According to Channel 13 news, Litzman is suspected of a pattern of pressuring corrections officials to be lenient with other ultra-Orthodox offenders as well.

[...] In March, Channel 13 reported on a second police probe in which Litzman and his chief of staff are suspected of pressuring a psychiatrist, Moshe Birger, to ensure that another imprisoned sex offender close to Litzman’s Gur sect was placed in a rehabilitation program.

Participation in the program can lead to home-visit rights and early release from prison.

[...] According to Tuesday’s report, Channel 13 has now amassed evidence in at least 10 cases, some of which are reportedly being examined by police, in which Litzman is accused of pressuring state psychiatrists and other officials in the cases of sex offenders.

The offenders include convicted pedophiles and rapists, the report said.

“Litzman and his staff reached the point of actual conflict with relevant officials, which helped lead to tensions between the Prisons Service and the Health Ministry,” Channel 13 said, adding that several psychiatrists who faced the alleged pressure have given statements to police.

Part of the new accusations concern Litzman’s former aide and now freshman UTJ lawmaker Yaakov Tesler, who allegedly pressured the Prisons Service to allow home visits for convicted murderer-rapist Tal Tzarfati while he served a 14.5-year sentence for the killing of a young woman in Tel Aviv.

In a brief confrontation between Hamakor and Tesler in a Knesset cafeteria shown in the Tuesday broadcast, Tesler defended his actions.

“Any appeal I receive from a person asking for help, I don’t ask, are they a sex offender or not a sex offender,” he told the channel’s reporter. “Every request I receive, regardless of who it is, I take care of it.”

There was no immediate response from Litzman.

It is not yet clear exactly how many of the cases involved Haredi convicts, a key factor for Hamakor’s charge that Litzman and Tesler’s actions constitute discriminatory protection of sex offenders due to their religious affiliation.
The most offensive thing about the other suspect is that he clearly doesn't ask whether they're guilty or not, and obviously doesn't make any effort to determine this on his own, or do research. At this point, it makes no difference whether the convicts are Haredis or not. What matters is that Litzman and his former aide are willingly defending anybody who would commit such horrific crimes as rape and murder. They should resign their posts and be prosecuted for the abominations they committed.

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may imply the end of the moral authority of Islam,
and some Palestinians would rather fight to
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Western milieu of personal freedom and sexual
license, radical Muslims will fight to the death.”

SOURCE: How Civilizations Die
(chapter Introduction, page xiv) by David P. Goldman,
year 2011 CE, Regnery Publishing, ISBN 978-1-59698-273-4


“Europe tends toward pacifism because
it knows it has nothing to gain from aggression.

Iran tends towards belligerence because
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SOURCE: How Civilizations Die
(chapter 1, page 7) by David P. Goldman, year 2011 CE,
Regnery Publishing, ISBN 978-1-59698-273-4


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As Mohamed ElBaradei, the Egyptian Nobel Peace
Prize winner, said after the January uprising,
his country “is on the list of failed states,”
and the Arab world is “a collection of failed states
who add nothing to humanity or science”…

SOURCE 1: Thomas Friedman, “Up with Egypt”,
New York Times, 2011 February 10

SOURCE 2: How Civilizations Die
(chapter 3, page 35) by David P. Goldman, year 2011 CE,
Regnery Publishing, ISBN 978-1-59698-273-4

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