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Friday, September 06, 2019 

Leftist Salon endorsed the bloody theft of Hagia Sophia in Turkey

Robert Spencer, writing on Pajamas Media, found that the ultra-leftist Salon website's basically approved of how the Hagia Sophia church in Istanbul was taken over by jihadism:
That inexhaustible fountain of Leftist propaganda, Salon on Saturday published a bubbly piece by Ashima Krishna, “an architect and historic preservation planner,” enthusing about how “churches in neighborhoods that aren’t doing well [in] areas that are less attractive to developers looking to turn a profit” have recently been converted into houses of worship of other religions. In the course of her excitement, Krishna likened this phenomenon to one of the bloodiest jihad conquests in history, which apparently has her full endorsement. Just another day at Salon.

“In Buffalo, New York,” Krishna informs us, “two empty Roman Catholic churches were recently converted — not into apartments or offices, but into other places of worship. One became an Islamic mosque, the other a Buddhist temple.”

As far as Krishna is concerned, this phenomenon has no downside: “With immigrant and refugee populations growing in post-industrial cities across the U.S., the conversion of vacant Christian churches into new places of worship can preserve historic architecture and strengthen burgeoning communities.”

What’s more, she says, this conversion of worship spaces has a noteworthy historical precedent: “Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia famously switched from a Christian church to a mosque in 1453. The same sort of conversions have been taking place in Buffalo’s East Side. Many former Catholic churches have, over the years, been converted into other denominations…But several former Christian churches in Buffalo’s East Side also now serve as sites of worship for other religions. Two mosques, Bait Ul Mamur Inc. Masjid and Masjid Zakariya, used to be Saint Joachim’s Roman Catholic Church and Holy Mother of Rosary Polish National Catholic Church, respectively.”

The same sort of conversions have been taking place in Buffalo that took place in Constantinople in 1453? Really? The Hagia Sophia “switched” from a church to a mosque? This is akin to saying that Jews switched to lampshades in Nazi Germany. The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS recounts how, after over 700 years of trying, the warriors of jihad finally entered the great city on May 29, 1453. When they did, they made the streets run with rivers of blood. Muslims raided monasteries and convents, emptying them of their inhabitants, and plundered private houses.
Yet another example of leftists desensitized to violence, leading in turn to their watering down serious cases involving Islamic jihad. Very grave, and that aside, it's a bad thing if religion temples in Buffalo and elsewhere are being turned into mosques.

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by Robert Spencer, 2019 August 4

from JNS dot org:

“Under the Trump administration,
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UNRWA [United Nations Relief and Works Agency]
altered its definition of refugees
to include those people who had lived
in Palestine a minimum of only two years
preceding the 1948 conflict
[in which Israel became an independent state].

SOURCE: From Time Immemorial:
The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict
over Palestine
(chapter 2, page 18)
by Joan Peters, 1984, JKAP Publications


In 1958, former director of UNRWA Ralph Galloway
declared angrily while in Jordan:

“The Arab states do NOT want to solve
the [Palestinian] refugee problem.

They want to keep it as an open sore,
as an affront to the United Nations,
and as a weapon against Israel.

Arab leaders do not give a damn
whether Arab refugees live or die.”

SOURCE: From Time Immemorial:
The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict
over Palestine
(chapter 2, page 23)
by Joan Peters, year 1984, JKAP Publications

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