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Thursday, January 16, 2020 

Itamar Ben-Gvir should drop out of the electoral race

Now that there's been a united party (Yamina) formed on the right of the Likud, without this questionable lawyer around, it'd do a lot of good if Ben-Gvir would drop out of the race and save us all a lot of worry and trouble:
"Prime Minister praises the leadership revealed by Rabbi Rafi Peretz who acted to minimize Bennett's damage to the Right-leaning bloc. Now the Prime Minister expects Ben-Gvir to step down from the race to secure Rightist rule," they added.

Culture and Sport Minister Brig. Gen. (res.) Miri Regev this morning also called on the Otzma Yehudit Party not to contest the upcoming Knesset elections.

In a post to her Facebook page, Regev noted, "Last night, Binyamin Netanyahu tried to do everything possible to avoid the scenario of the '92 elections. But it's not too late to repair. I urge Otzma Yehudit to assume responsible leadership and retire from the race so we don't repeat past mistakes."

Regev recalled, "The '92 elections stood for the spectacular ego and fantasies of the Right. No less than six different Rightist parties contested the same election campaign: Moledet, Tzomet, National Religious Party (NRP - Mafdal), Techiya, Geulat Yisrael, and HaTorah v'HaAretz. The knit-kippah Right then, as today, experienced a crisis. Politicians of the Right then turned to compete for the Rightist electorate's vote, while infighting.

"How did it end? Techiya, Geulat Yisrael, and HaTorah v'HaAretz didn't pass the electoral threshold, wasting about 48,500 votes," Regev noted.
And the left came in because of all that. Now as for today, the problem with Ben-Gvir is that he's suggested he condones violence, as explained in the following:
Naftali Bennett stood on his hind legs and stubbornly refused to add Ben-Gvir to the united list. He claimed that a man who hangs in his living room a picture of the killer of innocents (a reference to the portrait of Dr. Baruch Goldstein hanging in Ben Gvir’s living room – DI) can’t be a partner in a legitimate national religious party.

“I will not include in my list anyone who has in his living room a picture of a man who murdered 29 innocent people. It’s so self-evident that I’m amazed I have to explain it at all,” Bennett declared. He added, in a diatribe that included Otzma Yehudit, the Hills Youth and Price Tag: “Instead of building, they break. Instead of fixing, they riot. They bear deep contempt for the State of Israel and its institutions. Contempt for IDF commanders and security forces personnel. In their view, violence is acceptable. Conducting workshops for lawbreakers on how to make fun of their interrogators is a righteous thing. It’s just awful.”

He really did come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. 18 feet under.

There was of course a more practical reason for boycotting Ben-Gvir: Bennett et al know that Ben-Gvir’s presence on their list—because of his affiliation with the teachings of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane—would turn away many more votes than Otzma’s sum total of about 50 thousand supporters.
Because of these controversial elements - which you can be absolutely sure would provide all the ammunition the left would hope for - that's why figures like Ben-Gvir simply do not make good partners in politics. What Goldstein did in the mid-90s - gunning down Islamists praying in the Tomb of Patriarchs - provided anti-Israelists/semites all the ammunition they're still going to exploit today. And the announcement by Ben-Gvir he'd remove the picture from the living room came much, MUCH too late:
Ben-Gvir was deeply hurt: “Peretz betrayed me and stabbed me in the back,” he said, never mind all that belly aching over how difficult it was for Peretz to stick the knife right between Ben-Gvir’s shoulder blades.

“We did everything in order to go together,” Ben-Gvir wailed. “We agreed to give up slots. Bennett said today his problem was with the picture in my living room. So to save the rightwing government, I removed the picture from my living room. But apparently these people don’t care about ideology or anything, It’s a bunch that doesn’t deserve to be in the leadership.”

Yes, he actually expected that by taking down Baruch Goldstein’s portrait all would be forgotten and forgiven. Say what you will, the man knows his street theater.
If Ben-Gvir were smart, he would've thrown out the picture long ago. How can somebody who wants to be taken seriously not realize it provides ammunition, and why does he think suddenly announcing he'd part ways with the picture will instantly make him legitimate? If he understood anything, he would never have kept it around, period.

Ben-Gvir, I must conclude for responsibility's sake, doesn't belong in the Knesset, and it's regrettable he's chosen to make such a shoddy example of himself. At this point, I have no doubt that, if he continues till the end, he'll be doing it intentionally to damage the right and cause them to lose votes. It's very sad we're still plagued with people like that.

Update: after reading this item on the Daily Wire about destructive "alt-rightists" like the aforementioned Nick Fuentes, I'm starting to wonder if people like Ben-Gvir share anything in common with them. Sadly, it's a possibility.

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