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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 

Islamic rioters in Australia attack Catholic church during Christmas service

An attack on Christians in Sydney by the Muslim gangs of the Lakemba suburb has taken place, and even children were threatened by the creeps. From the Sydney Morning Herald:
SHOTS were fired at teachers' cars, and parents and children were abused at a primary school Christmas carol service in Sydney, the Catholic Church has said.

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, said people at a service on Monday night at St Joseph the Worker Primary School in Auburn were abused by men of Middle Eastern appearance.

He said shots were also heard and staff yesterday morning found bullet holes in their cars.

No one was hurt.

Cardinal Pell says he is deeply concerned by the targeting of Christmas celebrations for students as young as five and the attack appears to have been motivated by religious intolerance.

Police said yesterday they were investigating the incident, which came on the second day of race-based violence that started with riots at Cronulla on Sunday.

Two damaged cars and cartridges found at the scene will be forensically examined.
On Hyscience, a correspondant from Australia noted that the families who attend the St. Joseph's center are mainly of Lebanese Christian backgrounds. The very same community that the Muslims who attacked the church drove out of their homeland in past years.

Hat tip: Lost Budgie Blog.

And that's not the only church that was attacked: in Auburn, the Uniting Chuch hall was destroyed, and look where it was located next to:
A fire that destroyed a west Sydney church hall may be linked to the race riots in Cronulla, NSW Premier Morris Iemma says.

Four men were seen near the Uniting Church hall, which is next to an Islamic centre, in Auburn before the fire broke out about 1.30am (AEDT).

It took about 30 firefighters up to two hours to control the blaze, which is still burning in small pockets.

The fire follows two days of violent assaults and vandalism during ethnic clashes in Sydney.

It also follows an incident in nearby St Joseph the Worker Primary School where shots were fired into cars and parents abused during a Christmas carols service.

No one was hurt and police are investigating.

Mr Iemma said he had been in contact with police about the church hall blaze.

Asked if the blaze was related to the riots, Mr Iemma said "it may be".
Yes, it most certainly could, Mr. Iemma. I should hope then that you won't overlook that.

On a related note, from this report here (via Tim Blair), I should hope that now, the police are going to start showing some convincingness, if they want to regain the public trust:
At least 200 officers were deployed at the suburb and more than 150 units patrolled flashpoints in Maroubra, Brighton-le-Sands and Lakemba. On Monday night mobs fired guns, smashed shops and randomly bashed people, injuring eight.

Before erecting the checkpoints, police had stopped several cars entering Cronulla about 8pm and searched them for weapons. One car carried seven men, one of whom fled on Kingsway, dropping a knife. Police also moved three large groups of locals off Cronulla Beach and arrested one who was carrying a knife. By 8.30 the rain had dispersed many of those who had gathered. An officer said: "The rain is our friend."

Police stopped a white sedan, carrying four teenagers, on a backroad coming off Captain Cook Drive about 10pm.

They also stopped a car on Taren Point Road to question four men and one woman of Middle Eastern appearance.

The driver of the white sedan, who gave his name as Mim, of Merrylands, said it was unfair that police were targeting innocent members of his community.

About 10 officers ordered Mim and his friends from the car and searched their personal effects. They then told the teenagers to leave the shire. Mim said: "We've done nothing wrong. We've just been to visit a girl at Mortdale and came here for a drive."
Notice that, with the exception of the part about the car drivers of "Middle Eastern appearance", not enough about this report is clear? I figured the MSM would still keep it up. I do wonder though, could it be that the car with seven occupants were Islamic gangsters?
The Premier, Morris Iemma, said yesterday he wanted to beef up police powers to control the movement of rampaging gangs.

"These criminals have declared war on our society and we are not going to let them win," he said. "As a result we are going to give new powers to our police."

The Opposition Leader, Peter Debnam, said Sydney had become a "war zone, with roaming gangs of hundreds of ethnic thugs and the stockpiling of weapons and Molotov cocktails".
Well I guess that's close enough. Ethnic, you say, Mr. Debnam? You could still do a little better there too, you know.
The emergency bills, revealed by the Herald yesterday, are expected to be passed at a special sitting tomorrow and could be in force within hours. They will certainly be in place for this weekend's expected clash at Cronulla.

Mr Iemma did not care how much it cost to recall Parliament.

The Herald has learnt the police have drawn up a secret plan to marshal a mobile force of 500 officers to deal with violence this summer. The strikeforce will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until at least the end of January. The plan includes the cancellation of most Christmas holiday leave.

Assistant Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said police had held talks with their Victorian and Queensland counterparts about bringing in interstate officers. He confirmed "more than a couple" of Molotov cocktails were seized at Maroubra on Monday.
That's a weapon that Islamic extremists often try to use. They might even think to check in Lakemba to see if there's any secret bomb-making factory there, just like the police in France found in a Paris suburb, the result of ignoring the going-ons by the Muslim immigrants there for years.

And most imporantly of all, here's an anonymous letter printed in the Daily Telegraph by a police officer who points out just how truly awful the New South Wales courts and even the senoir police officials have become in the past decades, something that needs to be changed. (See also blog comment by another officer who provided the link.)

Is it any wonder that the public feels the need to take the law into their own hands?

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