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Saturday, December 03, 2005 

Will Dubya take convincing steps to defend America's borders?

This week, Dubya finally addressed the problem of illegal immigrants sneaking into the US. Unfortunately, his speech was quite ordinary, and he maintained a double-standard on the issue. Here's Neal Boortz's report for starters:
Yesterday, George W. Bush strode to a podium in Tucson, Arizona (I love Tucson!) and against a backdrop of law enforcement officers, announced his latest plan to crack down on illegal aliens. There was nothing in his speech we haven't heard before, and his new immigration policy is just as contradictory as the old one. Among the initiatives announced:

We should build more jail cells to hold illegal aliens. Good idea. The speeding up of deportations, a crackdown on fraudulent identity papers, and a hardening of the border with more surveillance. So far, so good. Then the nonsense started to flow. The president urged Congress to pass his guest-worker amnesty program and repeated the nonsense that the illegal aliens are here "to fill jobs that Americans will not do."

Same old, same old. It is impossible to stand there and say you're going to crack down on illegal immigration while at the same time say that you are going to reward people who broke our immigration laws. The president says it's not amnesty. Ok, now we've finally caught the president in a lie. OF COURSE it's amnesty! When you tell someone who has broken the law that you are not only going to ignore their illegal conduct, but you are actually going to reward them for it, then you have more than plain old garden variety amnesty, you have amnesty with perks!

As for the oft-repeated line that the illegal aliens fill jobs Americans won't, that's also a load. Companies may not be able to fill those jobs with Americans at the same low wages they pay Mexicans, but there are plenty of people in this country that would do the work at the right price. OK .. so the price of headless chickens, landscaping and construction might go up, but at least the people receiving those paychecks would be law-abiding residents of this country, most of whom would be citizens. There is something wrong with the idea of celebrating lower home prices when those lower prices are brought with disrespect for the laws of our country. It gets worse than that. We are threatening our very security by singing the praises of illegal aliens in our workforce. Just two weeks ago we were interviewing a Texas congressman who was telling us that U.S. intelligence agencies have knowledge that Al Qaeda terrorists have moved to Mexico, adopted Hispanic identities, learned the Spanish language, and then moved right into the United States across our porous borders. George Bush failed to address the problem appropriately yesterday, but this isn't strictly a George Bush issue. There is absolutely no willingness on the part of either political party to crack down on illegal immigration. There are simply too many votes to be had in the Hispanic community. So as a result, our security as a nation is threatened and our cities and states are overrun with illegal aliens.

I'm sure representatives of Al-Qaeda are preparing to apply for their guest-worker permits as we speak.
Needless to say, to neglect security because they're afraid of supposedly losing the Hispanic vote is to neglect the Hispanic community's need for safety as well. I am not an expert on minority community issues, despite being the product of one myself, but I can say that I'm sure that more than enough Hispanics would be outraged if their own safety were abandoned and imperiled. Let's also remember that many Hispanics were among those murdered by Al-Qaeda in their attack on the WTC four years ago.

And if laws were enforced correctly, well now, wouldn't that encourage more immigrants, wherever they come from, to apply in legal terms, which would set a positive example for respecting law and order, something that democracies are supposed to be teaching everybody?

Dubya's saying that Americans won't do jobs that illegals will is also ludicrous, and now that I think of it, who says that no American will work for even low wages? I'm sure there are some, and not only that, I wouldn't be surprised if some teens in the US would be willing to work in the supermarkets in their after school hours. Which would be a real inspiration for teenagers everywhere. Also, while some older generation Americans may not want to work in jobs that illegals do, there are quite a few legal immigrants who'd be more than up to the task, including for safety's sake.

Dubya is going to have to do much better than that.

Update: in a related subject, the AP Wire reports that a special committee comprised of both Democrats and Republicans has reported that the US is still not properly protected from terror attacks. One more reason why good border security is a must.

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