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Thursday, August 09, 2018 

Macron's polling plummets as his bodyguard is exposed for assault while impersonating an officer

In the past week or so, Emmanuel Macron had another serious scandal turn up, as his bodyguard Alexandre Benalla turned out to have committed felonies:
French President Emmanuel Macron’s popularity has sunk to historic lows as a scandal involving his bodyguard Alexandre Benalla, known as the “Benalla Affair”, dominates French media.

The new polls, taken by a variety of polling firms in July, show the French President polling at a mere 32 percent, down from 57 percent in June of 2017, Ouest France reports.

While not as unpopular as previous President François Hollande at this stage of his presidency, Macron is more unpopular than conservative Nicolas Sarkozy and much more unpopular than previous presidents Jaques Chirac and François Mitterand.

The polling trends for Macron have been declining steadily over the last several months but the Benalla Affair has been shown to send his approval numbers even further down, according to magazine Le Point.

The scandal revolves around Macron’s bodyguard Alexandre Benalla who appeared in a video dressed in police riot gear during the annual May 1st protests viciously beating a protestor and stamping on him.

Since the footage emerged and Benalla was identified, a parliamentary inquiry was launched into the affair.
Interestingly, this might have something to do with his cancellation of a planned visit to Israel:
French President Emmanuel Macron has cancelled his trip to Israel, which was supposed to take place in November.

A year ago, Macron said he would visit Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the spring of 2018 to push for the renewal of Israeli-Palestinians peace talks. The visit was then postponed from the spring to the fall, and has now been cancelled entirely.

Paris did not provide a reason for the cancellation, but it is likely tied to the political crisis Macron is facing at home after his bodyguard was filmed assaulting May Day protesters.

The incident sparked the biggest political crisis of Macron's tenure. Critics say Macron’s office failed to properly punish the head of his security detail or refer him promptly to judicial authorities over the incident. They say Macron’s handling of the case shows he has lost touch with ordinary people since taking office 14 months ago.

Footage showed the bodyguard, Alexandre Benalla, hitting a male protester and dragging away a woman while off duty and wearing a riot helmet and police tags.
What Benalla did is truly horrific and repellent, and he should be banished entirely from the job he holds. And Israel would be better off without Macron visiting, just like France would be better off without Macron and the jihadists whom past politicians flooded the country with at the expense of society.
The cancellation of Macron's visit comes after the French prime minister, Edouard Philippe, cancelled his own visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, citing domestic policy matters.

But some Israeli officials argued there was a different reason, claiming the French premier decided not to come to Israel because of the deadly protests on the Gaza border, and the way the trip might be perceived by the French public. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas's bad health also played a factor.
If Macron were to show any kind of solidarity with the PLO, it would look very bad considering the failure of politicians in France to properly deal with Islamofascism back in the 5th Republic. As for Abbas' health, if it's in terrible shape, he deserves it, and the French government had better not do what Chirac did when he allowed Arafat to get medical treatment in Paris, something that thankfully didn't work out.

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Throughout Jewish History, Jews have
often suffered from enemies that they
could not reason with or negotiate with.

Even in our times, Radical Muslim
terrorists are close-minded fanatics
who cannot be reasoned with or negotiated
with, and the same thing is true for
Christian missionaries who target Jews
for conversion to their beliefs, and
the same thing is true for the political
Far-Leftists who hate Israel unconditionally
and love Muslims unconditionally.

Facts and logic mean very little to these
enemies of Jews, because their beliefs
are determined by sacred narratives and
fictional histories and crazy conspiracy
theories, not by actual facts-on-the-ground.

As a result, the truth has gone lost,
as mentioned in the Mishnah, tractate
Sotah, chapter 9, last paragraph.

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