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Wednesday, August 08, 2018 

Whoever the "religious" parents/teachers are indoctrinating these unreliable soldiers, they owe an apology

Some so-called religious IDF soldiers caused an outrage by turning their backs on and refusing to listen to a female parachute instructor:
About thirty religious recruits in the Paratroopers Brigade turned their heads when a parachute instructor showed them one of the exercises they had to perform in training.

Shira Margalit, the head of the Salona women's site, whose daughter is the same parachuting instructor, was unable to sleep at night after the incident.

Yesterday I fell asleep after a hard day when I had to hear my daughter Noa the soldier who is a parachuting instructor. She tells me that while she was demonstrating 70 paratroopers, 50 of them turned their backs ... because she was a woman! And this is not a group of haredim, that is the sad reality," Margalit wrote on Twitter.

It should be noted that the father of the parachuting instructor is the head of the Operations Branch in the General Staff, Major General Aharon Haliva.

Angry responses were not long in coming. "A self-respecting commander should have dismissed 50 unsuitable students," one comment said. News Ten military commentator Alon Ben David responded: "Our army is losing it."

After the incident, the recruits' commander made it clear to them that according to the orders of the IDF there would be no separation between male and instructors at any stage in training the paratroopers, and any trainee who behaved with disrespect towards paratroopers from the Paratroopers Brigade would be removed.
The primary culprits would have to be the religious teachers the cadets' home communities, and the parents who caved to this form of PC and sent their children into a world of indoctrination. From what's told, it would seem that these aren't Haredis, at least not per se. But one thing is clear - the educational background they come from is very, very poor, and they should undergo reeducation following this. If the commanders are smart, they'll instruct the cadets to apologize to the lady in person, and even shake her hand.

Another IDF official says that any soldier who subjects himself/herself to such offensive censorship and discrimination cannot be considered a good fighter:
An officer in the IDF explains to Arutz Sheva why one should exercise zero tolerance against soldiers who refuse to look at a female parachuting instructor after 30 recruits training for the Paratroopers Brigade turned their heads to avoid looking at their female instructor.

"Anyone who does not look at a woman can not be a soldier in the IDF and kill terrorists," the source told Arutz Sheva. "There is a certain level of 'guarding one's eyes' beyond which it is impossible to function as a soldier."

"Tomorrow soldiers will refuse to look at another soldier who belongs to the LGBT community, and then female soldiers will refuse to look at rabbis. In the end, the IDF must fight and defend the state."
The ultimate irony: how many of these soldiers could already be LGBT themselves as a result of the indoctrination they were subjected to? Because the upbringing they got could result in such awful mental conditions. It certainly proves why homosexuality is a mental problem, not "genetic" as many proponents want us to believe. Some religious have to ponder that if they advocate any kind of petty censorship of this sort, they cannot be shocked if it results in what they supposedly disapprove of. For all we know, religions may have been the most unwitting cause of homosexuality, and that's why they have to cut out all this modern age idiocy, and again, the parents/teachers of the soldiers have to apologize, and even admit to the soldiers they were wrong to bring them up this way.

Update: what makes this particularly scandalous is that it's coming on the week the first lady squad commander for an air force unit was appointed. So it's disturbing these cadets would spoil the full impact by insulting a hard working women for the sake of an insular ideology that's hurtful to men as much as women.

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Orthodox Judaism is being RUINED by misguided zealots from within itself!

They forget that causing emotional distress to another person is also a sin.

They forget that it is harder to be forgiven for sins committed against people.

Was Daniel an Orthodox Jew?


Was Isaiah an Orthodox Jew?


Was Ezekiel an Orthodox Jew?


Was Jeremiah an Orthodox Jew?


Was Ezra an Orthodox Jew?


Was Nehemiah an Orthodox Jew?


Was Joshua an Orthodox Jew?


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