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Wednesday, July 10, 2019 

Ehud Barak's got connections with Jeffrey Epstein

Millionaire Epstein, a supporter of left-wing causes, was recently arrested on child sex trafficking charges for the second time in at least a decade. It turns out Ehud Barak's got some connections with this vile excuse for a human being:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party is demanding that Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit open a criminal investigation against former prime minister Ehud Barak, demanding that he disclose his personal and business contacts with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

In 2008, Epstein was convicted of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution, for which he served 13 months, and was arrested again on July 6, 2019 on federal charges for sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York.

With regards to the relationship between Barak and Epstein, the Likud complaint stated that, "Mr. Barak was photographed coming out of Mr. Epstein's apartment in 2016. So close were the ties between the two that Mr. Barak's name even appeared in Mr. Epstein's black notebook. In this context, there is a real need to examine whether the 'grants' Barak received from the Wexner Foundation and/or Mr. Epstein ceased in 2006 or changed form in the years that followed, and continued to be given to him."

The Wexner Foundation focuses on the development of Jewish professional and volunteer leaders in North America and public leaders in Israel. Between 2004 and 2006, while he was a private citizen, $2.3 million was transferred to Barak for "research" that was never published.

In a complaint filed on behalf of the Likud, attorney Michael Dvorin claimed that Barak, as well as the Wexner Foundation, refuse to reveal the reason for the payment.
Hmm, I wonder what it could've all been about? Taking money from such a creepy man is a seriously disgusting, and Barak should return the funds immediately. Hopefully, people won't be taken in by Barak if this is the company he continues to keep, and get money from. Absolutely horrific Barak would associate with Epstein, who'll hopefully be sent to prison for a much longer term this time around.

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Eric Starkman (Los Angeles-based
writer and journalist) said:

“The mainstream media has abandoned
all pretense of objectivity.

Whereas in the past journalists viewed
themselves as unbiased chroniclers of
the news, their focus today is on
manufacturing it and dominating
the ensuing conversations.

A journalist’s influence today isn’t
determined by the quality or accuracy
of their reporting, but rather the
size of their Twitter following and the
frequency of their television appearances.”

SOURCE: Why Crown Heights Hate
Crimes Aren’t Newsworthy
by Eric Starkman,
2019 February 17, in The Algemeiner


Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

“I refuse to bend over backward to single out Israel
– or other things Jewish – for super-scrutiny.

I refuse to gloat, as so many in academia and
the media seem to, over Israel’s shortcomings.”

SOURCE: Chutzpah by Alan M. Dershowitz
(chapter 7, page 211) year 1991 by Little Brown & Co
ISBN: 9780316181372 * ISBN: 0316181374

Lord Ian Livingston of England said:

“Whilst the Israeli Defense Forces are not
perfect, the obsession of focusing on them
despite being the most moral and professional
army in the Middle East is very strange.”

SOURCE: Ten Baroness Tonge
Pilloried at House of Lords Session She Initiated
on Israel’s Treatment of Palestinian Children

by Benjamin Kerstein, 2019 July 8


Mr. Sean Savage said:

“…the ADL has uncovered virulently
anti-Semitic passages in Qatari state textbooks.

These books claim that:

Jewish people are treacherous,
seek to conquer the world and follow
a perverted, invalid religion.

The books also contained numerous
examples of anti-Christian bigotry,
as well as incitement against the West.”

Qatar’s government also funds the
International Union of Muslim Scholars,
whose Secretary-General openly denies
the Holocaust, according to the
Middle East Media Research Institute.”

SOURCE: Qatar’s ‘big win’ in
White House visit unlikely to bridge vast policy
, by Mr. Sean Savage, 2019 July 9

Mark R. Levin (a lawyer and
author of the best-selling book
Unfreedom of the Press) said:

“The press is eroding from within, not from
government oppression or suppression...

not by President Trump’s hand, but by their own
self-censorship, group-think, bias by omission,
and passing off opinion, propaganda, pseudo-events
and outright lies as news.

... A self-perpetuating and reinforcing mindset
has replaced independent and impartial thinking.”

Deconstructing where American media has
gone wrong
by Deborah Fineblum, 2019/6/14

Mark R. Levin (a lawyer and
author of the best-selling book
Unfreedom of the Press) said:

“[Journalists and news outlets] serve as filters
attempting to enforce uniformity of thought ...
centered on the Progressive ideology and agenda.

Issues, events, groups and individuals that do not
fit the narrative are dismissed or diminished.”

Deconstructing where American media has
gone wrong
by Deborah Fineblum, 2019/6/14


Mark R. Levin (a lawyer and
author of the best-selling book
Unfreedom of the Press) said:

“The media’s Progressive ideology and Democratic
Party bias are in full bloom as evidenced by their
frenzied obsession with ‘getting’ President Trump...”

“...the constant media refrain is trying to convince
the American people of a demonstrably false narrative...”

Deconstructing where American media has
gone wrong
by Deborah Fineblum, 2019/6/14


David Friedman (USA Ambassador to Israel) said:

“The next day [after the move of the USA embassy
to Jerusalem] the Liberal media vilified everyone
associated with the embassy move and glorified
the poor Hamas terrorists.”

SOURCE: Deconstructing where
American media has gone wrong

by Deborah Fineblum, 2019 June 14

If you want the truth about Israel
and the Middle East, then do not waste
your time with the FAKE NEWS
of The New York Times and the
Israel-bashing mainstream-news-media.

Instead, visit these web sites:









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