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Monday, March 28, 2022 

Censorship on social media is bad, and Congress should do something about it

John Daniel Davidson talks about Twitter censoring people who disagree with homosexuality, or who want to rightfully make clear that Rachel Richard Levine is a male, as he insists on calling himself while dressing as a woman these days:
Something both convoluted and disturbing happened on Twitter this week that illustrates why it’s not enough for lawmakers in Washington to haul Big Tech executives before congressional committees every now and then and give them a good talking to.

Congress actually has to do something about this. Regulating social media giants like Twitter and Facebook as common carriers, prohibiting them from censoring under the absurd pretext that speech they don’t like is “harmful” or “abusive,” would be a good place to start. If that doesn’t happen, Twitter will eventually ban every conservative voice and every media outlet that dares to challenge left-wing pieties about race, gender, and a host of other issues.

Here’s what happened. On Wednesday evening, around the time Twitter began censoring Federalist articles by appending a warning they “may be unsafe” and their contents could be “violent or misleading,” I got a notice from Twitter support letting me know that someone had complained about a tweet of mine noting that Rachel Levine, the U.S. assistant secretary for health, is a man.

As a result, my tweet would be banned, but only in Germany, where, according to Twitter’s explanation of what it calls, “country withheld content,” an “authorized entity” issued a “valid legal demand” to block my tweet.

I had written the tweet in response to news this week that Twitter locked the account of Charlie Kirk for saying Levine is a man. Banning Kirk made no sense, I wrote, because Levine “is obviously a man — a man who dresses like a woman, but a man nonetheless.”

To be clear, Levine is a 64-year-old man who spent the first 54 years of his life “presenting” or living publicly as a man. He was married and fathered two children. In 2011, he decided to “transition” and began dressing and presenting as a woman, changing his name to Rachel Levine (previously, he went by Richard, his given name). He divorced his wife of 25 years in 2013.
There have been only so many cases in past years of critics of LGBT ideology being blacklisted/censored, even here in Israel, and it's truly disturbing already. Let us be perfectly clear. This silencing of anybody save for Islamists who disagrees with LGBT culture has got to stop, and conservatives, if they really believe in free speech and right to dissent, cannot remain silent any longer. Why, even the former Israeli Likud minister Amir Ohana, who's homosexual, might want to consider what the belief system he's going by is leading to, and apologize for not at least making a case why people of his standing can't approve of this.

Since we're on the subject of transsexuals being favored by the left, there's also a case being made here - and rightfully so - against the NCAA allowing men like "Lia" Will Thomas to compete against women in swimming tournaments:
A slew of Olympians, coaches, and swimming championship alumnae are calling on the NCAA to “protect our women athletes” and “rectify” the situation it created by allowing a biological man to compete with women.

The group of University of Arizona alumnae aired their concerns in an open letter to the NCAA signed by “The Women of Arizona Swimming & Diving” and obtained by The Daily Wire.

It was sent to the NCAA on Thursday amid controversy over biologically male athlete Lia Thomas, who identifies as transgender.

That letter is signed by 6x NCAA Coach of the Year for the University of Arizona Frank Busch, who formerly served as the USA Swimming National Team Director and coached Olympic teams in 2004 and 2008, as well as USA Swimming Team Director Dennis Pursley, a five time Olympic coach and an American Swimming Coaches Association Hall of Fame inductee.

It is also signed by NCAA Champion Marsha Smith and 36 other female swimmers who either competed in major national conferences, the NCAA, and/or the Olympics — such as 2008 Olympian Lacey Nymeyer.
The letter asks if the women have a voice. Indeed, do they, or has the NCAA gone the full blown Orwellian route and abandoned democracy altogether? Well most leftists aren't hiding their true colors anymore, so that could be part of the problem here. The lady swimmers should sue not just the NCAA, but also Thomas himself and all directors who allow him into the ladies' changing rooms, if they have. This horrific abuse of lady swimmers cannot continue either, and is just one more example of the west collapsing under the weight of PC mentality.

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