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Saturday, October 01, 2022 

20 Lev Tahor members escape shelter

To demonstrate how dangerous the cult is, and what connections they could have, 20 fled from a Mexican government shelter in a vehicle that was apparently waiting for them:
About 20 members of the Lev Tahor cult escaped the government shelter where they had been housed since 17 members of the cult were arrested in a raid on a local immigration facility near the border with Guatemala last Friday.

According to local reports, the cult members overpowered the guards at the shelter and stepped over one guard who had fallen during their escape Wednesday night.

The cult members entered a getaway truck which was waiting just outside for them and which took them towards the Mexico-Guatemala border.

Efforts had been made to convince the families which belonged to the cult to move to Israel following the raid last Friday. The efforts were unsuccessful.

26 cult members were found in the raid. Two of them, a Canadian citizen and an Israeli citizen, were arrested on suspicion of human trafficking and serious sexual offenses punishable by about 20 years in prison.
It's terrible this happened, and depending how dangerous these particular members were, they should've been locked in prison instead. This article says:
Mostly made up of children wearing long, flowing robes, members of the Lev Tahor sect pushed their way out of the complex Wednesday night, climbing over one guard from a private security company who had fallen to the ground. The federal government’s shelter for children and families in Huixtla usually receives migrants detained by immigration officials.

They climbed aboard a waiting truck outside and headed toward Mexico’s border with Guatemala. Local police, the National Guard, and Mexico’s immigration agency said they did not pursue them.
More about this over here. Well this is a shame, but what much else could you expect from a country that unfortunately has also been riddled with corruption and violent crime?

An ex-Mossad agent who took part in the raid had the following to say:
"Other than them, the cult is made up of many women and children, girls and boys aged two to 18 who were born and raised in the cult. Among the women, there are those who are full-heartedly members of the cult. You can say that they've been brainwashed, but you can also say that this is what they chose."

He added that the "crew is made of volunteers - former Mossad agents, a police officer and two lawyers. They all did an amazing job. The lawyers collected information, all the statements, so that the case they prepared could act as a foundation that would allow us to act within Mexican law, which is very sensitive regarding child abuse and human trafficking. The case was so well constructed that the Mexican Police had no choice other than to act."

The former Mossad agent says that he cannot understand how the cult members allow themselves to call themselves Jewish. "All the orthodox leaders should have excommunicated them years ago."

"These are people who follow a book written by some rebbe, who all the real rebbes should be ashamed that he called himself that. So these are people who get up in the morning and don't learn Torah like we know it but only this book in which were written crazy ideas on what Judaism really is."
A similar observation could also be made about this earlier incident right in Israel, where the bullies on the bus defended their actions and beliefs by claiming they were Jews, but if anything, all they did was make clear they don't consider themselves Jewish from a racial/ethnic standing. Rather, they adhere to a distorted reflection of Judaism; that's what they were pretty much saying when they pulled their own horrific crime.

In this article, it also tells:
Among those who were rescued was the three-year-old son of Israel Amir, one of the cult's members who escaped it three years ago. "Another important goal was to rescue as many children as possible, belonging to families who managed to escape the cult and asked us for help.”

Limor was there when Amir eventually reunited with his son. “Israel recognized his son very quickly, but his son didn’t recognize him. But, the child understood it was someone who loved him.”

Despite the success of the raid, Limor says the goal of the operation is yet to be fulfilled since the cult is still active, and holding onto children whose families wait for them in Israel.

“This isn’t over. There’s another branch of this cult in Guatemala, as well as in other places. But, the cult's members now lack leadership,”
Limor explained.

The raid, which occurred last Friday along the Mexico-Guatemala border, was “very successful,” according to Limor. “It was carried out by a special forces unit of the Mexican police, which operated very professionally. They surprised both the cult members and myself.”
But it's a terrible shame that later, 20 cult members escaped, and apparently had cronies waiting to drive them away. Now, hard work continues in that regard too.

Another former cult member discussed the suffering the children in the clan have been through:
Children in the Lev Tahor cult face “daily suffering,” Yoel Levy, who used to be a member of the Lev Tahor extremist cult, told the Kan Public Broadcaster on Wednesday, days after Mexican police raided the group’s compound.

“The children are abused daily, starved and married at a very young age. It’s daily suffering to live there,” Levy told the broadcaster.

An investigation by Mexican authorities found evidence that the cult members were involved in human trafficking, rape, drug trafficking and other serious offenses. Twenty-six members of the group, including two of its leaders, were detained in Friday’s raid, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said.
Again, the sexual violence charges are very serious, and so too are the charges of drug trafficking. That's why it's to be hoped the escapees will be recaptured, and soon.

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