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Monday, January 16, 2023 

Meir Mazuz didn't approach the issue of homosexuality the right way

In the past several weeks, a Haredi rabbi named Meir Mazuz spoke against current Knesset speaker Amir Ohana, who's homosexual. But Mazuz didn't go about the subject the right way, and seemed to be looking for an excuse for the ultra-Orthodox communities to avoid accountability in the Mount Meron disaster 2 years ago:
Rabbi Meir Mazuz, an influential Haredi rabbi with close ties to several senior members of the new government, said Saturday that newly appointed Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana, the first openly LGBTQ person to hold the role, was “infected with a disease,” insinuating that the deadly 2021 Meron disaster happened due to Ohana’s sexual orientation.
Good grief. Now, Ohana's lifestyle and mindset may not be something to agree with, and it is a bad influence, but to scapegoat homosexuals for misfortunes the Haredis themselves have to answer for is going awfully far. This is no better than the time when a Haredi slasher who murdered a 16-year-old girl in 2015 blamed homosexuals for Islamic terrorism, all without saying a word whether the Koran/Hadith's content has any blame to shoulder. And of course, many ultra-Orthodox zealots won't admit the deleterious approach they have to the female sex is exactly what's breeding homosexuality within their own communities, and resulting in only so many of their own problems with same-sex assaults, which even the now deceased Yehuda Meshi-Zahav and Chaim Walder reportedly committed.
Speaking at his weekly sermon, the head of the Kisse Rahamim Yeshiva in Bnei Brak told students: “There is a time when everyone will be asked: Are you part of the Pride Parade or part of the humility parade?”

“You should distance yourself from it,” he charged, continuing: “You see people walking and bragging [about] the Pride Parade in Jerusalem. Close the windows and tell your children: ‘This is a parade of animals, you have no business looking at it. These are animals walking on two legs. What can we do about them?’”

Continuing his tirade, Mazuz hinted that Ohana’s sexual orientation was responsible for the 2021 Meron crowd crush that killed 45 ultra-Orthodox people during the religious festival of Lag B’Omer in the country’s north. Ohana was the public security minister at the time of the tragedy, a role that oversees the Israel Police, which is tasked with securing the annual Meron event.

“Two years ago, something happened at Lag B’Omer and people say… that there was some minister there in charge of Meron who is himself infected with this disease. So is it really a question what happened to us?” Mazuz asked rhetorically, without mentioning Ohana by name.
Even if Ohana, as public security minister, has some blame to shoulder there, the Haredi gurus themselves still have to take responsibility for the insular educational system they've run, which has failed teach their subjects about safety steps in crowded areas and traffic lanes. Certainly, sensible people should distance themselves from the "pride" parade, run as it is by very blatant leftists, but again, Mazuz didn't go about this the right way. The article, however, then exploits all this for the sake of favoratism for Orwellian LGBT propaganda:
Several of Likud’s far-right and ultra-Orthodox partners have expressed homophobic positions, including returning now-banned conversion therapy, changing governmental forms to say “mother” and “father” instead of the gender-neutral “parent,” and running on the platform of a “normal family,” like the openly anti-LGBTQ Noam party.
When the article turns to this, that's where it falls apart, as it seems the news staff is putting contempt on display for biology, especially when it comes to motherhood. The article was originally from Times of Israel, and if that's how they're going to go about their business, insulting the use of scientific and biological words, then I'm going to have to reevaluate whether I should be linking to articles written by them in the future. They owe an apology on their part for insulting people's intellects, which makes them no different from the Haredis themselves, who in the past took similar approaches, eliminating all sorts of references to women, selectively or otherwise, in both pictures and words. In fact, such an approach was surely what encouraged the left to emulate it in ways far more chilling. Anybody who believes religion doesn't have blame to shoulder for where we're at now is seriously deluding themselves.

So, object to these LGBT pride parades, but do it based on logic, and not scapegoating. All they do by deflecting blame upon others is undermine their positions and makes it harder to believe they're serious in their objections to a perverse culture and lifestyle. A good way to make a case is to make clear that shunning the opposite sex as romantic/sexual partners does more harm than good, ditto when a mother figure's literally not involved in the raising of children. Yet these Haredi representatives fail to do that, because they don't have the ability to appreciate even the sight of heterosexual love itself, and that's a terrible shame.

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