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Thursday, January 26, 2006 

Predictably, Hamas' won in PLO elections

This should pretty much indicate that, in sharp contrast to Iraq, the Arab population of Judea, Samaria and Gaza is not interested in genuine democracy, as the victory of the Islamofascist terrorist organization in the PLO's "legislative council elections" shows.

As expected, plenty of MSMers are now trying to whitewash their image. Newsbusters reports on how ABC's Woodruff balks at calling the Hamas terrorists. Jihad Watch provides some coverage of this here and here.

And when it comes to the Fatah/PLO, Condi Rice, unsurprisingly, went and did the following:
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called Abbas to praise Palestinian democracy and say the United States supports him and his policies, his office said.
But truly, is there any, when seeing how they prevented Israeli journalists from covering the elections?
Israeli journalists wanting to cover the Palestinian Legislative Council elections Wednesday have run into a last-minute glitch: They are not allowed.

Some journalists writing for Israeli papers had made arrangements to pick up their election press cards from the Palestinian Central Elections Commission Tuesday, only to learn that the Ministry of Information had given a last minute order prohibiting them.
If they barred Israeli reporters from checking out the going-ons, that should give a clue that something's fishy.

Earlier in the NY Sun article, it says:
A Hamas government, without Fatah as a moderating force, would greatly complicate Abbas' efforts to restart peace talks. The Islamic militants, who carried out dozens of suicide bombings and seek Israel's destruction, have said they oppose peace talks and will not disarm. Israel and the United States refuse to deal with Hamas.

The top Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal told Abbas his group is ready for a political partnership, Hamas said.

Fatah legislator Saeb Erekat said the party does not want to join a Hamas government. "We will be a loyal opposition and rebuild the party," Erekat said, after meeting with Abbas.

But Nabil Shaath, another senior Fatah lawmaker, said the party's leadership would make a decision later in the day.
Right. Sorry, but, they never will.

This report tells that Hamas won at least 66-70 seats in the PLO's phony parliament (and the current PLO-led cabinet resigned). But perhaps even more troubling is that Kadima is more or less promoting Hamas interests, as the Likud has just charged:
(IsraelNN.com) Likud Party publicity officials on Thursday released a statement following the Hamas election victory in the Palestinian Authority (PA), “this is a direct result of the disengagement coupled with Palestinian insight, that terrorism and violence is indeed the route to achieve political inroads with Israel.”

“Olmert and Kadima are supporting a Hamas terror state which will serve as an Iranian arm, located only a number of kilometers from central Israeli population centers.”
Good point. Hamas, PLO, and Iran's own dictatorship go pretty much hand in hand with each other, which basically contradicts any standing that Ehud Olmert may be taking on Iran and its nuclear weapons.

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It’s very difficult to find anything positive in the recent Hamas terror-group victory in the Palestinian elections. After all, we are talking about one of the most ruthless terror organizations in the entire world with close ties to Hezbollah of Lebanon and the fanatic Mullah’s of Iran. It is truly astonishing and telling that over half of the entire Palestinian electorate felt comfortable voting for this overt terrorist organization that demands Israel’s complete destruction.

Now, the Neocon knows that politically correct folks like Dennis Ross, pencil-pushers at the State Department and others, will undoubtedly describe this election as a vote for “change,” or a vote “against corruption,” or a vote for “improved Social Services.” These are all, of course, laughable grasps at wishful thinking.

So what is the bright side of this election? The Neocon Express, always looking for sunshine in dark places, has been searching far and wide for anything positive that may come out of this election, and finally has found something deep down in the bottom of the barrel: CLARITY & TRUTH.

Until now, it was entirely possible for the PC crowd to perpetuate the pretension that they represented majority opinion and that their grand schemes were not built on a delusional house of cards. Hamas was portrayed as the lunatic fringe and everyone was assured that the vast majority of Palestinians, like Israelis, were simply interested in Peace if their basic grievances were addressed. Both parties were authoritatively declared to be two sides of the same coin.

Of course, the Palestinian side had never truly been tested as to their real sentiments, that is, until yesterday, when Palestinians went to the polls in their first TRULY CONTESTED election; and now we can all see the results. Now for the first time we can see the real picture, exposed in all its naked uglyness. So much for the two-sides-of-the-same-coin theory.

That, the Neocon believes is the glimmer of positive news to emerge from the Palestinian elections: Clarity and truth. Now we all know, if only for a short period of time until the PC crowd scramble to muddle up the picture as quickly as possible, where true sentiments lay on the Palestinian side. All the talk about a vote for “change,” and a vote against “corruption” and all the other non-sense cannot cover up the plain truth: This was primarily a vote for terror.

The Neocon believes that it is far better to deal with reality than with fantasy. Peace will never be achieved if the truth is not laid out bare for all to see, and to deal with it as it is and not as we wish it were. Clarity will let us see, and the truth will set us free.
Joe Gelman
Neocon Express

Thanks. Good points all.


My heart is breaking and I am praying for you daily.

I wish I could do more to help. I am doing all I can.

Your Chavera in the US

by the way i don't think so called "neo cons" will see ANYTHING positive in this outcome whatsoever

again, i wish i could do more to help

my thoughts heart and prayers to you avi. i am too stunned to blog these days

Thanks, CTT.

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