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Wednesday, June 26, 2019 

Parents of Haredi girl allegedly raped by Muslim may have botched the case

The prosecutors in the case of an Arabic/Muslim janitor at a Haredi girls' school who allegedly raped a 7-year-old girl had to order the suspect's release, because evidence was not handled properly:
Prosecutors dropped the indictment against a Palestinian Authority resident accused of abducting and raping a seven-year-old in a haredi town near Modi’in.

According to a statement released Tuesday by prosecutors, the suspect, Mahmoud Katusa, will be freed, and the indictment filed against him last Sunday dropped.

“After additional examinations of the material in the investigation, the chief army prosecutor…found that the evidentiary basis for the indictment does not satisfy the requirement of having a ‘reasonable chance of leading to a conviction’. As such, in keeping with the court’s instructions, the criminal proceedings cannot be continued, and the indictment must be withdrawn, and Katusa released from arrest.”

Despite the decision to release Katusa and withdraw the indictment, investigators said the probe would continue, focusing both on Katusa and “other directions”.

“The police investigation will continue and intensify, both in connection with Katusa as well as in other directions.”

“As soon as the investigation has an evidentiary basis for submitting a new indictment against Katusa or others, it will be done.”

[...] The case lacked physical evidence, due in part to the family’s decision not to immediately report the matter to police, and investigators say the victim may have been led by her mother to identify Katusa as the perpetrator.
This is what I found troubling here: the victim's family may have initially done this for the sake of "modesty", thus ensuring possible evidence would end up being destroyed, and what if it turns out it was someone else who actually committed the crime? If that's what happened, it'll make the Haredi parents look bad, as though they sought to divert attention away from an actual culprit for the sake of framing an Arab/Muslim who was actually innocent of a particular crime, and worst, make everyone else look bad, like they were out to persecute some "poor, innocent" soul for the sake of making Islamists look like victims and taking away attention from more pressing matters. That's wrong, and doesn't help the fight against Islamofascism at all.

Rachel Avraham says the vile MSM must stop dehumanizing the victim, and she's right. But the parents decidedly also have to shoulder blame for their own misconduct and potentially destroying a young girl's need for justice. It's absolutely terrible they handled this case so badly. Why, it's also the community's fault for hiring somebody with a questionable background, which is pretty common in such insular societies, lest we forget.

Update: it's now revealed the girl told a friend of hers, but:
The 7-year-old haredi girl who was allegedly raped by a Palestinian Authority Arab and two of his friends told her friend about the sexual assault short after it occurred, News 12 reported Tuesday night.

A welfare worker in the city where the rape occurred reported the incident to the police, who requested the victim's friend testify in the case.

Though police made every effort to ensure the girl's friend could testify, since the victim told her friend about the attack before telling her parents, the friend's parents refused to allow their daughter to be interrogated, News 12 reported.

At the same time, News 13 reported that police suspect Mahmoud Katusa, whose indictment was canceled 9 days after it was filed, had raped another girl from the same city.

That victim did testify, but did not connect Katusa to anything.

Currently, police are investigating other options, including additional Palestinian Authority workers and a local resident.
So we have here another case of Haredi parents acting irresponsibly and failing to help the cause of justice, even for their own. And then they wonder how tragedies like this occur? Truly awful.

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************ WARNING !!! ************
The mainstream-news-media DOES NOT
to read these two articles:

[1] article about Muslims
raping Jews and other non-Muslims:

We can’t afford to shut our eyes to the
realities of this conflict
by Yehuda Shalem


[2] Testimonies of Palestinians tortured by the
Palestinian Authority to be shown at The Hague


Eric Starkman (a Los Angeles-based
writer and journalist) said:

“The mainstream media has abandoned
all pretense of objectivity.

Whereas in the past journalists viewed
themselves as unbiased chroniclers
of the news, their focus today is
on manufacturing it and dominating
the ensuing conversations.

A journalist’s influence today isn’t
determined by the quality or accuracy
of their reporting, but rather the
size of their Twitter following and
the frequency of their television appearances.”

Why Crown Heights Hate Crimes Aren’t Newsworthy
by Eric Starkman, 2019 February 17, in The Algemeiner

Mark R. Levin (a lawyer and author
of the best-selling book
Unfreedom of the Press) said:

“The press is eroding from within, not from
government oppression or suppression…

not by President Trump’s hand, but by their own
self-censorship, group-think, bias by omission,
and passing off opinion, propaganda, pseudo-events
and outright lies as news.

… A self-perpetuating and reinforcing mindset
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Deconstructing where American media has
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by Deborah Fineblum, 2019/6/14

Mark R. Levin (a lawyer and author of the
best-selling book Unfreedom of the Press) said:

“[Journalists and news outlets] serve as filters
attempting to enforce uniformity of thought …
centered on the Progressive ideology and agenda.

Issues, events, groups and individuals that do not
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Deconstructing where American media has
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by Deborah Fineblum, 2019/6/14

Mark R. Levin (a lawyer and author of the
best-selling book Unfreedom of the Press) said:

“The media’s Progressive ideology and Democratic
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“…the constant media refrain is trying to convince
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Deconstructing where American media has
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by Deborah Fineblum, 2019/6/14

PS: You have little chance of getting
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David Friedman (USA Ambassador to Israel) said:

“The next day [after the move of the USA embassy
to Jerusalem] the Liberal media vilified everyone
associated with the embassy move and glorified
the poor Hamas terrorists.”

SOURCE: Deconstructing where
American media has gone wrong

by Deborah Fineblum, 2019 June 14

PS: You can forget about getting unbiased
information from the mainstream news media!

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