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Friday, January 03, 2020 

US military wipes out top Iranian army commander

The US military made a most significant mark as they terminated Qassem Soleimani, Iran's senior military commander:
The U.S. military, at the direction of President Donald Trump, killed Iran’s most significant military figure, Qassem Soleimani, in airstrikes in Baghdad early Friday morning in a huge blow to the Islamic Republic.

The Pentagon confirmed in a statement that it killed Maj. Gen. Soleimani, the commander of Iran’s elite military forces, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force, as well as the commander of Iranian-controlled Shia militia forces in Iraq, Syria, and around the world.

“The reported deaths of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani and the Iraqi commander of the militia that killed an American last week was a bold and decisive military action made possible by excellent intelligence and the courage of America’s service members,” said Lt. Col. (Ret.) James Carafano, vice president of the Heritage Foundation’s Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy.

“His death is a huge loss for Iran’s regime and its Iraqi proxies, and a major operational and psychological victory for the United States,” Carafano added.

Phillip Smyth, an expert at the Washington Institute on Iran-controlled Shia militias and the Middle East, agreed.

“This is a major blow,” he said. “I would argue that this is probably the most major decapitation strike the United States has ever carried out. … This is a man who controlled a transnational foreign legion that was controlling governments in numerous different countries.”

Smyth said Soleimani had a cult of personality, as well as a unique leadership role in the Iran-controlled Shia militia network.

“He had a hell of a lot of power and a hell of a lot of control,” he said. “You have to be a strong leader in order to get these people to work with you, know how and when to play them off one another, and also know which Iranians do I need within the IRGC-QF, which Lebanese do I need, which Iraqis do I need … that’s not something you can just pick up at a local five and dime. It takes decades of experience.”

Several other experts also agreed that Soleimani’s death was even more significant than al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden’s, or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s.
History research shows Soleimani was also guilty of murdering Americans:
Iranian Quds Force General Qassem Soleimani was by all accounts responsible for the killings of hundreds of Americans over the years before President Donald Trump ordered, successfully, his killing in an airstrike in Baghdad, Iraq, on Thursday.

Retired Gen. Joseph Dunford, who served as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Oct. 1, 2015, until Sept. 30, 2019, testified during his 2015 U.S. Senate confirmation hearing that the estimate of how many Americans’ lives Soleimani was responsible for taking was around 500.

“The number has been recently quoted as about 500. We weren’t always able to attribute the casualties we had to Iranian activity, although many times we suspected it was Iranian activity even though we didn’t necessarily have the forensics to support that,” Dunford testified during questioning from Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) during his 2015 confirmation hearing.

In 2017, then-Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) — now retired — who at the time was the chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, said that Soleimani was responsible for about 500 Americans’ deaths.

“General Soleimani … is responsible for the death of nearly 500 Americans as a consequence of him heading up the Quds Forces … this is the organization that’s responsible for assassinations outside Iran,” Royce said. “He was just caught in Moscow violating the existing sanctions that we have on his travel … [W]e now see that not only are they developing … ballistic missiles, but they’re in consultation [with Russia] obviously for additional weapons of war.”
He also made threats against Trump himself:
Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force whom the U.S. assassinated in an airstrike, once threated to destroy all of President Donald Trump’s belongings.

“You know that this war will destroy all that you possess. You will start this war but we will be the ones to impose its end. Therefore you have to be careful about insulting the Iranian people and the president of our Republic,” Soleimani uttered in a July 2018 speech, reported at the time by Al Alam.

“You know our power in the region and our capabilities in asymmetric war. We will act and we will work,” he reportedly added.

An airstrike killed Soleimani, architect of Iran’s regional security apparatus, at Baghdad’s international airport Friday, Iranian state television and three Iraqi officials said – an attack that is expected to draw severe Iranian retaliation against Israeli and American interests.

The Defense Department said Soleimani “was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region.” It also accused Soleimani of approving the attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad earlier this week.

A statement released late Thursday by the Pentagon said the strike on Soleimani “was aimed at deterring future Iranian attack plans.”
Trump did a good deed to get rid of such a monster, proving that, when such despots threaten violence against democracies, they'll only find themselves on the receiving end of a serious punishment.

The killing of Soleimani is something to be joyous about, but if there's anybody on the left who isn't, it's Hollywood elitists, who, according to the American Thinker, could only think of attacking the US after the news:
Hollywood has distinguished itself during the Trump era by flinging itself headlong into high altitude Trump Derangement Syndrome. With news that President ordered the targeted assassination of one of the world’s most prolific terrorists when the latter landed on Iraqi soil, Leftist Hollywood celebrities have reacted predictably.

The award for most over-the-top reaction has to go to Rose McGowan, who gave Iran a groveling apology. In true Hollywood fashion, she called America under President Trump “a terrorist regime,” an interesting point from a woman who’s been unfazed by Iran’s deadly contempt for its own citizens and its brutal repression of women and homosexuals [...]
That McGowan, allegedly a victim of Harvey Weinstein, would actually do this, seriously dampens the impact of the alarming news she'd first spoken about in the past 2-3 years. Even if she said it to virtue-signal to the elitists and win their favor, it's no excuse. This is hugely disappointing when any showbiz type has to fling themselves into the issues, and wind up giving the industry a worse image than it already has.

The termination of Soleimani is a huge victory in the war against terrorism. Sooner or later, the whole autocracy in Iran will be brought down altogether.

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