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Monday, September 14, 2020 

Proof Hollywood refuses to repent for its tolerance of Weinstein

The Netflix channel has caused an uproar over a French film broadcast on their stations called "Cuties", which, as experts note, not only sexualizes underaged children, it's also horrifyingly gross, and has real life ramifications for sexual abuse victims:
Clips from the Netflix movie “Cuties” released earlier this week are causing survivors of sexual assault and abuse to relive traumatic experiences while normalizing further sexual exploitation of children, sex trafficking survivors and advocates told The Daily Wire.

“Cuties,” released on Wednesday and promoted by Netflix, focuses on Amy, an 11-year-old Senegalese girl, growing up in Paris in a traditional Muslim family. The film reveals early that Amy’s father plans to take a second wife, and Amy is thrown into crisis by rejecting the extreme values of her father and looking for belonging in the internet age.
It's worth noting that, if that film even remotely normalizes Islam, then it can't possibly be much better in that regard either, and besides, the Religion of Peace can have certain double-standards on sex if you know where to look, such as when it comes to Muhammed's marriage to 9-year-old Aisha. The article continues:
She learns suggestive dance moves — which are portrayed vividly on screen by pre-pubescent girls grabbing themselves and each other and contorting themselves in sexual positions — from social media to earn a spot on a dance troupe at her school called the “Cuties.” The movie ends with Amy, crying, fleeing the troupe and trying to regain her innocence living out a more normal childhood.

Clips of the movie flooded social media soon after its release, sparking strong backlash against Netflix and the movie’s creator, Maïmouna Doucouré, for its racy displays of young girls and camera work that puts the girls’ crotches and buttocks squarely on screen. While many critics blasted the movie as soft-core child pornography, sex trafficking survivor and advocate Eliza Bleu said the film is also giving sexual abuse victims flashbacks of some of the darkest moments of their lives.

“It takes them back to a moment when they were abused and overtly sexualized as a child,” Bleu told The Daily Wire in an interview. “They might have to call off work the next day. They might have thoughts of suicide. Those are the real-life ramifications of that material being so open and readily available.”
Well it makes little difference whether the film supposedly serves as a commentary against child sexualization, that's still no excuse for the graphic shock value it's built on. Truly disgusting, no matter what the background of who produced it. Read the rest, and also read the following on the Federalist:
If you do not appreciate “Cuties” as a nuanced and challenging work of art, you are an uncultured philistine—and how dare you comment on it without watching it. This is the general argument in defense of “Cuties” expressed in op-eds and on Twitter. People like Alyssa Rosenberg assure us the movie is acceptable because it condemns encouraging young girls to sexualize themselves.

Yet those of us who have not watched the movie have plenty of evidence (stills, clips, the comments of viewers) that it sexualizes preteen girls, that among other things it shows them scantily clad, twerking, suggestively sucking their fingers, and even one girl baring her breasts. [...]

“Cuties” does not fit within this redemptive tradition because its “representation” is fundamentally different. Even if it is art, as many Twitter users have pointed out the film represents the sexualization of young girls by actually sexualizing them.

The sexually graphic actions those girls performed really did take place. That they took place in the name of art does not change how the art was made. The film’s “representation” records real outrages.
It reminds me that I once watched Luc Besson's Leon/The Professional a quarter century ago, and while not graphic by any stretch, I later learned that the way it originally scripted was disturbing, and even the finished product left me feeling disgusted and uneasy. Stuff like this has to be cut out, both in the USA and overseas, because it's clearly getting out of hand. Worst, it's proof Hollywood's not sorry for originally shielding Harvey Weinstein.

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