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Thursday, October 13, 2005 

News notes for the week

Here's several topics from this week to ponder for this posting.

First, we have Dubya's speech regarding the danger that the US and Israel both face: Islamofascism. Now that's certainly a positive step that the president is taking to name the specific danger, but, here's an interesting question: does the PLO, whose own members are also Islamists, also count? And if the al Qaeda were to start operating in Gaza, would the US try to shut them down?

On Politics and Other Random Thoughts provides extensive coverage of the suicide bomber in Oklahoma. As Mark Tapscott, through whom I found the link, asks, who is Tariq Alzoubi?
This is the student who commented in several articles regarding Hinrichs' roommate Fazal M. Cheema.
I have discovered that Tariq is an opinion column writer at the University of Oklahoma. His column appears every other Wednesday. Hardly what I would call an "objective" voice in all of this. I suspect he is the writer of this column which must contain a "spin alert".
Tariq is also listed as the contact for the Arab Student Association at OU.Read Tariq Alzoubi's editorial (originally printed in the OK Daily (OU) Newspaper). It has been posted on the "Friends of Al-Jazeera" website. "Considering Al-Jazeera: Objectivity and controversy".Also of interest is a Letter to the Editor of the Arab Times in which he mentions being "pushed around by the West". This letter was apparently sent on Sept. 15, 2005.
Most interesting, is this OU student webpage found on the OU system. It is an overview of political unrest in the Middle East. At the bottom "composer" credit goes to the following people; Tariq Alzoubi, Aaron Harner, Matt Sexauer, Adam Envoldson, Zak Abbott, and MOHAMED JIHAD!?!? Interesting indeed...
I fully agree. Keep reading all of the topic for more.

Also via Tapscott's Copy Desk, here's a Washington Post article that points out that any toxic chemicals that mingled with the waters in New Orleans may not have been as severe as the MSM was reporting earlier, and which pretty much knocks down the credibility of the MSM, which seemed to be exaggerating the findings in the area out of political motivations. As Mark says:
The discrediting of the toxic floodwater claims is merely the latest in a long list of major story points that dominated the mainstream media's Katrina coverage that have since been exposed as false. Among those points were the piles of dead bodies allegedly stacked in the Superdome, including a seven-year-old girl who had been raped and whose throat was slashed.

The most significant thing about the Post story, though, is what it doesn't include. Not a single mainstream media editor or academic journalist is asked about the growing list of discredited story points in the Katrina coverage.
Given that Wash. Post is but one of the many members of the big bad MSM, it shouldn't be that surprising that they'd come up short there.

On Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds talks about how the corrupt UK parliamentarian George Galloway's getting what's he's asking for from the US Senate for having taken oil vouchers from Saddam in the yesteryear. The Scotsman reported what happened.
GEORGE Galloway yesterday failed in his attempt to convince a sceptical US Senate investigative committee that he had not profited from oil dealings with Iraq under the UN’s controversial oil-for-food programme.

Despite a typically barnstorming performance full of bluster and rhetorical flourishes, the former Glasgow Kelvin MP was pinned down by persistent questioning over his business relationship with Fawaz Zureikat, the chairman of the Mariam Appeal - set up to assist a four-year-old Iraqi girl suffering from leukaemia.
I'll have to disagree though with where they say that he's full of "bluster". Because truly, he's full of blubber. But here's what really impresses me:
And it was a Democrat senator, Carl Levin, rather than the Republican committee chairman, Norm Coleman, who gave him the hardest time as Mr Galloway sought to turn the tables on his inquisitors, leaving him no closer to clearing his name than when he took his seat in front of the sub-committee of the Senate’s homeland security and government affairs committee in Washington.

Time and again, Mr Levin questioned him, requesting wearily that he deliver a straight answer to a straight question. But Mr Galloway could, or would not.
Great to see that there are indeed some very responsible Dems out there! And they're the ones my family identifies with. Bravo, and three cheers for Senator Levin!

Aarons.cc announces that he's leaving the Republican party. I most certainly can't blame him. The Dubya administration's become a mess in second term, and thanks to that, people are understandably let down.

Margaret Cho calls Michelle Malkin a racist, and the Philadelphia Daily News' Dan Gross is only so pleased to write about the story, in a paper that was never considered very high class by the people in my old neighborhood. It's sickening that Cho should stoop so low, and that Mr. Gross should too, but at least he apologized for what he did later on. Like Michelle, I too am glad for that. (Hat tip: California Conservative.)

Mark in Mexico provides coverage on Rania al-Baz, who was beaten by her husband, and then, for no apparent reason, was stripped of her rights to fly out of the country to Paris, where she was to give a press speech on domestic abuse in Gulf countries. She had since escaped by hiding in a truck en route to Bahrain, and from there took a flight to Paris from Dubai. Her family, however, including her children, are still in the House of Saud.

Ha'aretz, while usually a crummy newspaper, offers a rare gem of a report about a 14-year-old Arab boy from Nablus (Shechem) who'd been in a fight with his father, and was then exploited by Fatah in an attempt to use him as a suicide bomber (Hat tip: Meryl Yourish):
The Shin Bet security services said Wednesday morning said that it has arrested a 14-year-old Palestinian boy from the West Bank town of Nablus on suspicion of planning to carry out a suicide bombing. The boy was arrested Tuesday.

During questioning, the boy said he had an argument with his father and that militants from the Fatah movement in the Balata refugee camp who knew of this attempted to convince him to become a suicide bomber.

According to the boy, the wanted men took him for a motivation talk in an apartment in the refugee camp and even filmed his “video testimony,” in which the boy is seen holding a rifle and announcing his intent to carry out a suicide attack.
If the MSM at large does not report about this, that shows how truly, they care nothing about Islamic child abuse, and if it weren't for Rania Al-Baz's being a prominent journalist, it's quite likely they wouldn't care anything about her own victimization either.

Here's another article on the subject, from Israel National News:
Wanted Tanzim terrorist Rabi'ah Abu Alil originally tried to employ the boy as a suicide bomber after he and his father quarreled over money. The boy refused, and was taken to an apartment by Abu Alil and another wanted Arab terrorist, Jamal Tirawi. Tirawi is also a high ranking Palestinian Authority (PA) intelligence officer, the IDF said.

"Despite the youth's pleas that he be released to his home and left alone, Tirawi and Abu Alil threatened him that if he did not cooperate, they would kill him and distribute a communique claiming he had been collaborating with the Israeli army," the IDF announcement stated. Terrorists photographed the boy wearing a vest and holding a rifle and a copy of the Koran.

The terrorists finally released the youth without harming him. The Associated Press reported that Tirawai responded to the charges by saying that "the Israelis are liars."

"This is not an isolated case," an IDF spokesman said. "Since the beginning of 2005, the number of minors who have been drafted by the different organizations to carry out terror attacks and attacks against Israeli military targets has risen dramatically."
It's quite likely that the 14-year-old slandered the "Israelis" for fear that if he spoke out against the terrorists dominating the area he lives in, he'd be put to death in revenge for daring to speak out against them. That they would use scare tactics against youngsters is simply offensive.

Voice of Judea presents a video of police brutality at the Ozeri funeral and an interview with Shifra Hoffman, director of Victims of Arab Terror International, and also the Shuva Aliyah movement.

A former French UN ambassador, Jean-Bernard Merimee, is now charged with involvement in the Oil-for-food scandal. (Hat tip: Power Line) He was a former adviser to Kofi Annan, and as told here:
The charges against Jean-Bernard Merimee are part of France's investigation into the U.N.'s Oil-for-Food investigation. Merimee, who was taken into custody on Monday, is suspected of having received kickbacks in the form of oil allocations from the regime of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, judicial officials said.
Kickbacks always get into the wrong hands, don't they?

Discover the Network's webblog section reveals that the phony operation called International Solidarity Movement, which had someone of their own who followed in the footsteps of Rachel Corrie in trying to be a "martyr" for the sake of helping terrorism against Israel, that being one Tom Hurndall, who served as a human shield for the monsters who were trying to smuggle in weapons from Egypt in Rafah in the Gaza strip during 2003, exploited his blood to frame an innocent Beduin soldier in the IDF for killing him:
Now it turns out that the real killer of Tom Hurndall was not the Bedouin soldier at all but rather .... (drumroll) .... the British socialized medical system! In the trial of the Bedouin soldier being harassed by the Israeli military court at the behest of the ISM, the defense has presented evidence that the real reason Hurndall died was because of died because of malpractice by his British doctors when he was taken back to Britain. Hurndall actually died of pneumonia, not the gunfire wound.
Well! It's just like these phony peace movements to exploit the blood of the members whom they shamelessly exploit into throwing away their lives, all for the sake of framing innocent patroits who're trying to defend not just the Jewish community but also the Arab community against vicious murderers. I should hope that the following revelations will help exonerate the framed soldiers, and I'd strongly advise everyone to keep a safe distance from ISM for their distasteful crimes.

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