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Sunday, December 11, 2005 

Another questionable politician abandons Likud for Kadima

Today, defense minister Shaul Mofaz announced his departure from the Likud for Ariel Sharon's Kadima party:
Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz announced unabashedly this morning that he was abandoning not only his race to lead the Likud, but also the Likud itself - and is joining Sharon's Kadima party.

Polls have shown consistently that Mofaz would not do well in the upcoming vote for Likud Party leader, but despite this, he promised he would not leave the party.

Likud MK Ayoub Kara said, "Mofaz is abandoning the Likud the same way he abandoned his soldiers at the battle of Joseph's Tomb. The mask has been removed from Mofaz's face, and he has been revealed as just another two-bit politician who is concerned only about himself."


Mofaz managed to manipulate this morning's newspaper headlines by releasing a call to Netanyahu last night to "join me in liquidating the Feiglin camp in the Likud."
However, Israel Radio correspondent Shmulik Tal reported that it was last night that Mofaz called Ariel Sharon and informed him that he was leaving the Likud and joining Kadima.
I can't begin to describe just how hilarious this all is, because first Mofaz had said in a letter to Likud members that he was going to stay in the Likud and show loyalty, since it was his "home", now, he's jumping ship, which only serves to give a strong impression that he's an opportunist. If he were really serious about his positions, he would've remained in the party no matter the results of the primary elections. Sadly, by leaving, he's given the impression that the only reason he was in and was willing to remain was if he could get elected as chairman of the party. Talk about opportunism!

All this is coming just as a relative who's a Likud member came to me chuckling, showing me the aforementioned campaign letter sent from Mofaz's office, in which the defense minister said he would be staying with the Likud and would be loyal through thick and thin. It's dated December 5, and arrived on the 11th, but early or late in its arrival, it's very funny when looked upon now, so if you like, join me one and all for a good laugh at the following excerpts that I've translated:

I turn to you personally, as a member of Likud, to ask for your support in restoring hope to the party."
Yes, but what about you, Mr. Mofaz? Why are you leaving now, and not remaining to help us do so? Don't you too have a responsibility?
"Only I can bring home voters who left for our main rival - the Kadima party led by Ariel Sharon. Sharon is a man of many merits, but he made a big mistake, when he joined with Shimon Peres, Haim Ramon, and Dalia Itzik, all of them prominent leftists."
Is that implying that Sharon himself isn't a leftist? Because he certainly swung in that direction, that's for sure. And if Sharon made a mistake by forming a party with other leftists, well then, isn't that what Mofaz himself is doing by bolting, just like that? And as for Kadima's being a "main rival", gee, isn't it a main rival for Labor too? Because yes, they can certainly take votes from them as well.
"Only I can bring home voters who left for Labor led by Amir Peretz."
Uh, Mr. Mofaz, if you're in Kadima now, then how can you bring them back to the Likud if you're no longer in the Likud party? The answer is beyond me.

Now, for what may be the biggest howler when looked upon now:
"As you know, I chose to remain in the Likud, despite being offered the defense portfolio for leaving [to join Kadima]. I chose this [to remain in the Likud], because you don't leave home, and it's firmly in my mind to remain with the Likud under all circumstances, and fight to point it in the right direction!"
Yep, you most certainly have, Mr. Mofaz, and now that you've left for the Left, your saying you wouldn't notwithstanding, you've pretty much shown that you were quite willing to take up the offer of a government portfolio (an offer akin to bribery, I might add) more seriously than loyalty to the party you were with previously. Congratulations! Let's hear it for the opportunist, everyone! Sing! Dance! And especially, laugh!

Update: One Jerusalem also comments on Mofaz's absurdity, and provides some more good points.

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