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Sunday, July 30, 2006 

Now we know - Mel Gibson was influenced by his father

Some of you have probably already heard the revolting news, that Mel Gibson mouthed off with anti-Semitic slurs when arrested for drunk driving. Here's a PDF file of the arresting officer's report. And some people wonder why Gibson was accused of anti-Semitism - and even insulting Jesus - when he filmed the Passion of the Christ? I remember when I found an article in the Australian Sun-Herald two years ago that spoke about how Gibson's American-born father was a big bigot himself (Belief.Net's got a condemnation of the father as well), and I guess it shouldn't be too hard from there to figure out where Gibson got some of his filthier side from. Note that he first tried to run away and resist arrest, and then went berserk inside the police car. What a creep.

To make matters worse Andrew Sullivan (H/T: Mark in Mexico) not only played apologist, he even smeared the Christian community in doing so. Sullivan'ss really been going off the deep end lately.

As of now, I will not be wasting my precious time on any of Gibson's dum-dum cinematic tomfoolery. That he left it up to one of his publicists to deliver an apology (also via Mark) instead of showing the courage to do it himself, doesn't help matters.

Here's Mark's rundown of how the MSM's been covering the case.

Following this, Sean Gleeson's chosen wisely to retract any presidential endorsement for Gibson in 2008.

Hollywood Reporter's Risky Biz Blog is right - Gibson's disgraced himself.

Others on the subject include Michelle Malkin, Macmind, Daniel360, Resurrection Song, Blog-o-fascists, Sagebrush, The Yelling Box, Creeations, Blogger1947, Cozy Corner, Hennessey's View.

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Thanks for the TB and the other links.

Haloscan cut off your title like this: "Now we know - Mel Gibson was influenced by his fat"

I thought, "His fat? I gotta read that."

Hey Avi! I think you mischaracterized my take on the whole Mel thing at CREEations. Slightly.

I'm not angry with him. He totally screwed up and I completely disagree with the many nasty things he said. But at the same time I am not going to join the lynching party that is forming up to run him out of town on a rail and string him up either.

I had my own struggle with alcohol and my post talks about that and how I got to where I am now - free of that addiction. And that’s why I’m going to cut Mel Gibson some slack.

Personally, as a follower of Jesus I really can't understand how anyone can read the accounts of his life and come away blaming "the Jews" for anything. It seems pretty arrogant to me to be blaming anyone for what happened to Jesus as if we'd respond differently somehow were we running the show at the time.

The Bible is pretty clear, “He was handed over to die because of our sins, and he was raised from the dead to make us right with God.”

Everyone of us are responsible for Jesus death. Jew or not it doesn’t matter. We are all equally guilty of that crime. I think folks who hate Jews, or anyone else for that matter, are completely misguided. Even if they are rich movie actors.

I'm willing to cut Gobson some slack here. I think most of us have gotten drunk to the point that we have said outrageous things -- including some that have come from some dark place in our psyche of which we were not consciously aware. I'm told (for I have no memory of it) that in college I went on a profane tirade against Vietnamese, based (I would assume) on one too many war movies and a few stories told by my father and his fellow Vietnam vets. Such words do not reflect my beliefs -- but since the mind stores everything it takes in somewhere, the alcohol unearthed somthing bizarre.

Look at Gibson and the totality of his life and actions before condemning him as an anti-Semite. The sentiments he expressed may well not be reflective of the man, but rather of the drink.

Thanks for the replies, everyone. Sorry if I mischaracterized your take, Chris, I'll try to rework my post a little soon.

No worries, Avi. I honestly didn't mean for you to rework your post. I guess that's one of the down sides to the written word. Tone doesn't carry through to give nuanced meanings.

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