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Wednesday, October 09, 2019 

Gilad Erdan refuses to acknowledge Islam's influence in Arabic society

While addressing crime and violence in Arab neighborhoods in Israel, internal security minister Gilad Erdan fell way short of actually referencing Islam:
In an interview on Monday with Radio Jerusalem, Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan blamed the Arab society’s inbred taste for violence as the cause for the uptick in attacks within the Israeli Arab communities.

“Arab society, and I say that with sadness, is a very violent society,” he said. “It’s connected to the culture there. A lot of disputes that end here with a lawsuit, there they pull out a knife and gun.”

“It has to do with the fact that a mother can give a son permission to murder his sister because she is dating a man who isn’t liked by the family,” Erdan added.
You know, it's not enough to say "culture". You have to make a point about where it all begins, and that's with Islam. Failing to make clear religion/ideology is the cause of the evil in Arab society will not ensure we know how to solve the problem in focus. Even alluding to honor murders committed in the name of Islam isn't good enough if he won't identify the Religion of Peace as the cause.
Arab Joint List Chairman Ayman Odeh said, “Instead of taking responsibility for securing the safety of all citizens of this country, Erdan chooses to hide behind racist allegations and shift the responsibility onto the victims.”

“Crime in Arab society is not a product of Arab culture but rather government racism. A minister who sees us as enemies and refuses to protect us from the criminal organizations that obtain the vast majority of their weapons from the military,” Oded said.
Oh, and look at that, Odeh chooses to make things worse by adding fuel to the fire and attacking government "racism" instead of Islam too. His response is predictably limp.
Erdan clarified what he meant following Oded’s criticism.

“The main responsibility for the fight against crime and violence in Arab society is of the government and police,” he wrote on Twitter. However, there are cultural norms with Arab society that needs to be addressed, such as “blood feuds, murder in the family of family members, and illegal weapons.”
I'm sorry, but nothing was clarified. Either cite Islam as the cause of the problem, or there's no point in commenting.

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“The contempt Islam holds toward women is
best illustrated through it time-honored
practice of honor killings.

Any woman’s or girl’s perceived transgression
against the teachings of Islam or against
a man’s wishes, or behavior that insults a man,
permits a male member of a family to murder
the female to avenge and restore honor
to the family in the eyes of society.”

“Honor killings are executed by slitting
the victim’s throat, hatcheting them, stabbing,
burning them to death, bullets to the head
or chest, or by any other means imaginable.”

“In addition, it is also customary to
cut off the victim’s left hand or index
finger to prove to the tribal elders
that the deed has been accomplished
and the family honor can now be restored.’

“Even moderate Jordan withdrew a referendum
to tighten laws on honor killing after
devout Muslims said that the law would
eradicate Islamic values and traditions.

Article 341 of Jordanian Law stipulates
that murder is a legal act of defense when:”

“the act of killing another or harming
another was committed as an act of
defense against his life, or his honor,
or somebody else’s life or honor.”

“Honor killings are performed throughout
the Muslim world. In 1997, an attorney
general in the Palestinian Authority told
an audience of women that, in his opinion,
the honor killings of women in Gaza and the
West Bank were close to 70% of all female deaths.”

“The independent Human Rights Commission
of Pakistan, citing government figures,
said in a 2006 report that about 1,000 women
die annually in honor killings.”

SOURCE: They Must Be Stopped:
Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and
How We Can Do It
(chapter 9, page 175)
by Brigitte Gabriel, year 2008, year 2010,
St. Martin’s Press, 288 pages,
ISBN 0312571283 * ISBN 9780312571283.


from Miss Brigitte Gabriel:

Wife-beating in Islamic nations is
more prevalent than one can imagine.

In Pakistan, is has been reported by
the Institute of Medical Sciences that
90% of the female population has been
beaten for such wrongdoings as giving
birth to a daughter or cooking an
unsatisfactory meal.

After the African country of Chad attempted
to outlaw wife-beating, Islamic clerics
in that nation deemed the bill “un-Islamic”.

SOURCE: They Must Be Stopped:
Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and
How We Can Do It
(chapter 9, page 173)
by Brigitte Gabriel, year 2008, year 2010,
St. Martin’s Press, 288 pages,
ISBN 0312571283 * ISBN 9780312571283.

MICROBIOGRAPHY: Brigitte Gabriel,
the author of They Must Be Stopped,
is a Christian Arab, born in Lebanon.
Arabic is her native language.


Michael B. Oren said:

“Negotiating with a representative of
the Libyan pirates in [year] 1786 [CE],
Thomas Jefferson was told that the Quran
commanded the destruction of ALL
non-believers, Americans included.”

SOURCE: Ally (page 41)
by Michael B. Oren (former ambassador
of Israel to the United States),
year 2015 CE, Random House, New York

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