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Monday, September 19, 2022 

Racism is still prevalent in modern Australian schools

While leftists in the USA are complaining about "systemic racism" in virtually the whole country structure, yet refusing to admit they're capable of enabling it themselves, they completely ignore more valid concerns occurring in Australia, and last year, there was a disturbing case discovered at a school on the west end of the country, and the article warns there's chilling language contained in the text:
They are terms you might expect to find in the inner circles of a white supremacist group.

Readers are advised this article contains explicit and offensive language.

But words like "n*****" and "gin" are being directed at Aboriginal children by their peers in one regional West Australian high school

The behaviour has spread across the playground and on social media, where videos — including one in which a non-Indigenous boy kicks an Indigenous man — are brazenly shared.

Aboriginal girls say they are routinely barked at by boys as if they were dogs.

Those at the brunt of this behaviour report feeling depressed, angry and reluctant to attend class.

The ABC knows of one student who is exploring alternative schooling options.

The revelations come as education academics and the Human Rights Commission call for better teaching around racism in schools.
Now this is extremely horrifying, yet the extreme left wing of the USA shows no interest in the topic of racism in foreign countries where English is also the common language. Many Aboriginal residents of Australia have Black African ancestry, which explains why those specific slurs were used against them. The report also notes:
It's a pattern of behaviour among one group of boys that has also distressed non-Indigenous student Jessica*.

"I hear them say the N-word all the time and refer to Indigenous people as black c****," she said.

The ABC has obtained screenshots of online conversations where students use the N-word and call their Indigenous classmates "gins".

The word, also spelt in some messages as "jin", is a derogatory colonial-era term used to describe Aboriginal women and is deeply offensive.
This is definitely chilling. One can only wonder, in addition, how many of the male students who did that sick act were Islamists, or how many of them are sympathetic to the Religion of Peace by sharp contrast? Why, how many of the male students who denigrated the Aboriginal girls are homosexual? The drawback with reports like these is that, while they do reveal worrisome issues, they won't delve deeper into the background of the white students committing the racist/sexist behavior, even though people from specific religious/ideological backgrounds are equally capable of being racially/sexually offensive.

All that aside, this subject reminded me of a very reprehensible man who was just 19-20 years old on an entertainment website's forum over 2 decades ago, who lived in the city of Perth, which is located at the west end of Australia, right where these incidents took place, who very strongly hinted he hated Blacks: he defended and saw nothing wrong with stereotypical illustrations depicting Blacks with exaggerated facial features, in example, during political discussions. Although he didn't actually use the N-slur, he did use the word "gin" at least once, which hints in retrospect he hated Aboriginal girls, and he certainly used the B-slur more than a few times, which is considered far worse than another word rhyming with it, "witch". He must've used the word "gin" under the confidence that nobody outside Australia would realize it was a combined racist/sexist slur, and even I had no idea what it meant at the time. Making matters worse, he admitted he was a cannabis addict. His excuse was that he smoked "weed on occasion" and sometimes passed on it "out of personal choice", as though even a single session of "recreational" usage couldn't cause serious mental damage. Truly disgraceful.

What made this particularly offensive is that this Perth resident was anti-American and much like more recent leftists, also believed the USA was "systemically racist", and the bane of all that's wrong with the world, and it goes without saying he also indicated he was anti-Israel. The forum moderators, at least initially, saw nothing wrong with his behavior, but later did tell him to stop. Yet the fact remains that here was one example from Down Under who was clearly raised under the very racist mentality that's led to misfortune for a lot of Aboriginal Australians today.

A news site for Australian schools followed up on this a few days later, and gave additional information how this was not limited to just one province:
Two weeks ago, Greater Shepparton Secondary College was found to be “complicit” in racism against students, according to an independent report commissioned by the Department of Education and Training.

Just yesterday, students peacefully protesting against racism at a Far North Queensland school were sent home pending an investigation against a substitute teacher who allegedly used a racial slur during class.

There are some state-wide anti-racism programs for schools, such as The Speak Out Against Racism (SOAR) program, which was piloted in Victoria and New South Wale[s] a couple of years ago to support schools, teachers, and students in recognising and rejecting racism.

However, there is no national framework to guide school curricula, and schools vary widely in how (or whether) they teach students about racism in Australian contexts.

As Australian National University Professor Naomi Priest told ABC this week: while “there’s a lot of good intention”, there is also “a lack of explicit curriculum” tackling the issue in schools.

Speaking about the SOAR Program, which was part of a landmark research project surveying student encounters with racism in Australian schools, she said: “We need to ensure schools are free from racism and that all children have the opportunity to thrive without the burden of racism and its harms.”
As this makes clear, even colleges Down Under, much like some universities stateside, have blame to shoulder, along with schools in other provinces around the country. Also for the record, it's crucial to note that just like in the USA, even Oz has seen a rise in violent crime recently this year:
...the homicide rate has risen in Australia over this period by 16%. The homicide rate in 2019–20 was 1.02 incidents per 100,000 people, the highest rate since 2012–13. Within these incidents the rate of domestic and stranger homicides increased, while the rate of acquaintance homicide decreased for 2019-20.

In this period there were 261 homicide incidents, up 35 from the previous period. This is the highest number of murders since 2005-06.

The biggest increase was in homicides in which the relationship between the victim and offender was unknown or not stated. These accounted for 51 incidents, up 64% for 2019-20. Stranger homicides, 46 incidents, rose 35%. Domestic homicides, 81 incidents, rose only 5%.
Obviously, this too is a serious concern, much like the situation in liberal-run cities across the USA. Let's hope both the issue of racism and violent crime can be resolved in the future. And for all we know, if leftists anywhere really cared, the crisis in Oz could've been cleared up long before.

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