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Monday, January 02, 2023 

Pseudo-religious Israeli parents cause embarrassment by raising daughter transsexual, and sending her to religious school

It was bound to have happened in Israel, and sadly, in the Givat Shmuel township near Tel Aviv, not only some local parents have been brainwashing their daughter, but religious ones, and it wouldn't be shocking if this was all planned:
Four months after the Besheva magazine affiliated with Israel National News first broke the story of an eight-year-old "transgender" girl dressed as a boy learning in a state-religious school in Givat Shmuel, the saga is no nearer and possibly even further from resolution.

Last week, when students returned to school following the Hanukkah break, parents of the other children in the class opened a breakaway classroom outside the school grounds. Many had tried to transfer their children to other schools in the area when they became aware of what was going on; however, the municipality has placed innumerable obstacles in the way of parents wishing to make such a move.
I think the municipal officials in charge are Naftali Bennett sympathizers, and this certainly is a failure on his part. Good that he's gone. The parents of children at the school should consider homeschooling their children instead, or sending them to private institutions for learning.
The girl in question has apparently been learning in the school dressed as a boy for over three years, with the Education Ministry and senior officials within the state-religious system aware of the deception but parents and even teachers kept in the dark until Besheva's expose four months ago.

Senior rabbis within the Religious-Zionist movement are encouraging the parents in their decision to open an alternative class in order to protect their children, who, parents say, have suffered psychological harm from the situation. On the first day of the new class, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, chief rabbi of Tzfat, himself taught one class to the students; other senior rabbis such as Rabbi Yaakov Ariel and Rabbi Yehoshua Shapira have stated their intention to do so as well, stressing that this is a battle for the very soul of the state-religious education system.

[...] Sara (not her real name) is a mother of a child in the affected class. She told Israel National News that, "Unfortunately, the students are now dealing with many psychological issues, and one student is already taking psychiatric medication. The children have nightmares and one has started to wet his bed. The class was once a quiet, well-behaved class but now the students are acting out and even being violent at times. Children are asking all kinds of questions about this issue and they're worried that there may be other cases that they don't know about."
Again, this was undoubtably planned, and it's sick. It remains to be seen if the current government will take any proper action, because the girl should not be in the custody of such parents who'd do this. As noted here, Judaist law doesn't recognize such dehumanizing abominations as transsexuality:
"Halachah [Jewish law] does not recognize artificial changes and forbids such behavior. Boys may not dress as girls, and girls may not dress as boys," the rabbis stress. "Therefore, this girl must join a girls' class. The role of a religious school is to teach the halachah and ensure that students act in accordance."

It is appropriate, the rabbis write, "to be careful not to wound this girl. One must help her with patience, to recognize the identity in which she was created. Imagination does not change reality and she should be helped to accept the wonders of Creation and the fact that G-d created her as a girl and with the privilege of growing up to be a woman and a mother.

"In the public atmosphere in which we find ourselves, it is necessary to emphasize the blessings we have: Fortunate are we, and how good it is that we follow the path of the Torah, which protects us from erroneous ideas and enlightens our eyes to recognize the straight path."
On which note, as many may realize, there's more than plenty of LGBTQ activists out there who're antisemitic, anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist. And this is just one of their tactics to devastate the Judaist religion from within. I noticed in the comments section at Voz Iz Neias somebody indicating the parents likely aren't really religious, and that's likely just it. Another of the reports said the parents want to subject her, horrifically enough, to gender reassignment surgeries, one more reason why the parents, if anyone, should be ostracized for the abuse they're putting their daughter through. Let's hope Avi Maoz and the Shas party, now that they're in charge of education and medical issues, will make sure that children aren't subject to these terrible operations that can damage the body.

But see, this is exactly why religious representatives shouldn't be wasting their time on hysterical modesty issues for women's dress, because LGBTQ activists have practically taken advantage of it, in some ways. Girls should be taught to be proud of their bodies and femininity, and the rabbis who've addressed this situation would do well to acknowledge the vitality of that.

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