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Monday, February 13, 2023 

Women rescued by Yad L'Achim and Lehava from abusive relations with Muslim men

Here's some more accounts of Jewish women who made the terrible mistake of marrying a Muslim man. For example, a woman coming to Florida for a conference, who was rescued by Yad L'Achim:
“He said to me, ‘The day you leave me is the day you will die.’”

Malka, a descendant of an honorable Jewish family, was forced at a young age to be married against her will. In a series of dangerous and secret missions, she and her children were rescued by Yad L’Achim and taken to safety.

Malka was married to an Arab man, trapped in her own home. She had no way to get out of the situation. Her children were constantly at risk, and she was constantly at risk. There was no one to turn to, no one to help her, no one to save her. She was beaten, stabbed, and threatened with murder—until Yad L’Achim rescued her.

Malka’s story is unlike any you have ever heard, and now those in the Florida area have the opportunity to hear her live, in person, as she is coming to Florida for the first time. Beginning Monday, February 13, Malka will be speaking live in many locations throughout Florida (see details below or at YadLachimTour.com). Her tale of triumph over darkness and evil is transformational.

Unfortunately, Malka is one of many Jewish women trapped in Arab villages. These young Jewish girls, often from troubled backgrounds, are groomed by Arab men, who may be posing as Jews. They offer the girls gifts and attention, which soon turns to terror. Women in these marriages are routinely subjected to depraved violence and abuse. The years pass, and their children are raised as Arab Muslims and taught to hate Jews.

“It is almost impossible for a Westerner to imagine how totally trapped they are,” says Rabbi Yossi Eliav, director of special projects at Yad L’Achim and organizer of the tour. “Some live like prisoners, without access to a phone or even the freedom to go outside.”

“One woman did not have access to a phone for 32 years and had no way to call for help,” says Rabbi Nesanel Gantz, director of Yad L’Achim in America.

Yad L’Achim, founded in 1950, has rescued thousands of these imprisoned women and their children. The operations are conducted with the utmost secrecy, as the lives of the women, their children, and all operatives are at high risk.

Once the women and children are free, Yad L’Achim provides them with safe shelter and supports their reintegration into society. The number of Jewish women and children trapped in these conditions today numbers in the thousands.
If these women originally came from Haredi families, in example, you could easily say their customs were at least partly to blame for driving the women to enter situations where they'd suffer easily worse. Simultaneously, I'd say a situation where Jewish men from non-Haredi backgrounds may be discouraged from starting relations with the women, or they're indoctrinated into homosexuality, or even fed the propaganda of "toxic masculinity" is exactly what's leaving many of these women without better alternatives to Islamofascist "husbands" and "fathers". Now, here's another account of a woman who fled from a village near Ramallah, who appears to have already suffered some other abuse even before she ran afoul of the Islamofascist who took her as "property":
After seven years living as a Moslem in a village north of Ramallah, and seven months in a battered women’s shelter in Israel, Efrat (not her real name) is returning to Judaism, bringing her three young children back into the fold with her. She is one of four women who escaped from the Palestinian Authority (PA) a few weeks ago.

I was introduced to Efrat by Anat Gopstein of Lehava, an organization working to rescue women like Efrat. Lehava’s assistance does not end once the woman is back in Israel. In coordination with Lehava, attorneys Revaya Naor and Eli Cohen are helping her work through the complex legal battles involving the Sharia and the family court systems. Lehava also provides Efrat with financial and emotional support as she rebuilds her life and recovers from the traumatic events that defy the ability of most of us to comprehend.

What was it like for you living with your husband in the PA?

Before we married I saw signs of problems but I thought that once we got married, he would change and it would be okay. As soon as we married, it really began. He would rape me and beat me; there were threats, extramarital affairs, drugs, weapons. There were times I sat without food in the house and he went to Tel Aviv for two weeks.

His family told me they would not interfere – they did whatever he told them to do. He is one of two sisters and 5 brothers. His sisters didn’t help me – on the contrary. I was alone in the village, without anyone.

The first year he didn’t let me out of the house. The second year, I put up a fuss. I wasn’t prepared for my children to be without food or anything, without clothes. I made a huge fuss to his father and him and they finally said, okay, go work, but you have to wear a head covering. I also had on long clothes. Perfume is forbidden, Make-up is forbidden. It is forbidden to look at anyone, God forbid!
The "husband" should be thrown into prison for what he did to her, which resulted in her not trusting men to be part of her life anymore. That's one of the saddest things that come out of such abusive "marriages". But there's also something puzzling here:
What did you learn from the entire journey?

That it is not good for a Jew to go with Arabs. It is not good to enter the PA. Every Jew has to live in her own place.

If I was an Arab woman, he would not have treated me as he did. The Arab woman has a family, someone looking after her. If the husband does anything unacceptable, her brothers and uncles would come to him. I had nobody who could come on my behalf. He could do whatever he wanted.

What does the Arab man get out of a relationship like this?

Nothing. It’s just evil. For them it is a matter of pride to convert another Jew to Islam. But in the village, I always said I was Christian, so they wouldn’t know I was a Jew and to reduce the chance of them hurting me.
I honestly think she's being naive to believe Islamofascists literally wouldn't turn life into a living hell for an Arab woman, and that her family wouldn't turn their backs on her, no matter what her religious observance. No doubt, many Arabic women living under the Islamic sword of Damocles are afraid to tell Jewish woman in the same situation they're suffering as badly, ditto Christians.

So here's more women and children who're lucky to escape from the situation the Labor party in 1993 tragically caused. They've got to consider the Religion of Peace is the main problem in these matters.

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