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Monday, August 28, 2023 

The crisis of masculinity, and how it's running the danger of giving Islam an edge

Mark Tapson's addressed the decline of masculinity in the modern world (Hat tip: Front Page Magazine), which is threatening the stability of civilization, and creeps like Andrew Tate are exploiting weaknesses in Christianity to promote Islam. First:
As for our crisis of masculinity, the assault on the nuclear family has also succeeded in diminishing the value of, and respect for, the traditional roles of men in the West. For the first time in history, there is no clear consensus of what it even means to be a man, what a man’s familial and social responsibilities are, or how a man finds purpose – and without purpose, a man ceases to matter. When men cease to matter, civilization begins to disintegrate.
Something to consider from decades before is Kitty Genovese Syndrome, where not just men, but even women, refuse to act in defense of women and children who fall victim to violent offenders. Those men who refused to aid targets of violent criminals and prevent serious crimes from occurring, are part and parcel of the problem. Now, about the matter involving Tate:
But the showy facade of Tate’s lifestyle conceals a spiritual and moral abyss. Even a cursory investigation into Andrew Tate turns up abundant, damning video evidence of his own statements exposing him as a master manipulator (or in his own words, “ice-cold hustler”), a ruthless exploiter of women and the young men he claims to be inspiring, and a morally repugnant egotist.

As if this weren’t concerning enough in terms of the kind of masculinity he promotes, a revealing twist in the Tate saga is his recent conversion from Eastern Orthodox Christianity to Islam. “Islam is the last true religion on the planet,” he had declared even before his conversion. “Christianity has no power left,” he said, because Christians do not defend their own God, whom they allow to be mocked and disrespected in the culture.

“Muslims are the only people who defend their religion – they defend their beliefs, they refuse to be mocked,” Tate says in another video. “People don’t openly stand up and disrespect Islam – because they’re afraid.” In his mind, Islam is the true religion simply because it will likely be the last one standing. It’s irrelevant to him that the reason people are afraid to mock Islam is not because it is true or worthy of respect, but because its fundamentalist adherents have been known to respond to disrespect with murder and mayhem. What attracts Tate to Islam is not principles, truth, or spirituality but the fact that it projects a fearsome, hypermasculine strength.

In fact, as he stated passionately in yet another video clip (now deleted but preserved by the watchdogs at MEMRI) Tate admits that the Muslims he truly respects are the terrorist savages of Islamic State (ISIS):

ISIS are the real Muslims because ISIS do exactly what the book [the Quran] says. Kill everyone who’s not a Muslim and chop people’s heads off and set them on fire and be fucking raging lunatics. But all the other Muslims go, “They’re not real Muslims because I read the book and ignore those parts.” Well then, you’re not fucking Muslim, because you’re ignoring the fucking book.

Anyone who holds up ISIS as an example of admirable religious conviction needs a morality check. Regardless, he believes Islam is the future of the West. “This is why I’m Muslim,” he wrote on social media after his conversion. “Any Christian who believes in good and understands the true battle against evil must convert.”

It is also worth noting that the self-proclaimed misogynist Tate seems drawn to Islam because, in its most fundamentalist incarnations around the world, it enforces a strict and even brutal sexism against women. In one video, Tate openly expresses his desire to find an “Islamic-ass” wife, alongside whom he would keep a pile of rocks “in case she gets fresh,” referring to the sharia practice of stoning women to death. I don’t think this is what Tate’s conservative fans have in mind when they think he advocates for traditional male-female relationships.

But his point that other believers under attack do not sufficiently defend their faith is a sobering and valid one. Where are the Christian communities, for example, rising up to stamp out the infiltration of unbiblical gender ideologues who literally stand at the pulpit and proclaim that God is gay or transgender? Tate’s high-profile rejection of Christianity for Islam signals to his fans that the latter is manly and strong and true, while the former is effeminate, diluted by modernism and by a tolerance of secular trends, and ultimately false.
When one takes a look at the conduct of Pope Francis these days, who's even gone so far as to pander to transsexual practitioners, you can see how severe damage has occurred. And it obviously wouldn't be wise to think Judaism isn't vulnerable to this woke ideology in any capacity. The Reform have certainly lowered the bar by miles, and the Conservative movement today is also going downhill most luridly. And if we take ultra-Orthodox clans like Satmar as examples, they too present a poor example of how to treat women and children.

There are advocates for better viewpoints on masculinity and femininity out there who're doing their best to improve the situation. But still a lot more work needs to be done if we're to put an end to all this disaster that's led to practically 2 different and equally destructive ideologies, Islam and LGBT. As I'd noted before, it does seem like the left is creating a situation where those who oppose LGBT ideology are being encouraged to accept Islam, and of course, that's dangerous, with Tate being just one more example explaining why. Both ideologies are hurtful to women and children, and that's why I hope sensible Judaists will present a good example in regards to masculinity, and even femininity, if it matters.

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