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Friday, August 14, 2009 

Leftists who demonize women

Some time ago, Don Surber (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin) wrote about why some leftists have a hatred of conservative women, to the point that they'd even make vile remarks about wanting to rape them, following a very repugnant article published on Playboy's website by a leftist pervert.

Well, I just remembered something I'd seen on a website I once was stupid enough to traverse years before, where something like that occurred. It's something I might usually be inclined to discuss on my comics blog, but for now will discuss here.

The leftist site in question is the Captain Comics website, which is run by a leftist working for Scripps-Howard News Service. The people on the site's forum were discussing a misogynist comic book miniseries called "Identity Crisis" written by a pretentious writer named Brad Meltzer, where the story involved the murder, and rape in flashback, of a superhero's wife (if you think this sounds disgusting, you don't even know the half of it), and the main problem was that the story had no female viewpoint, and one of the message board posters said:
I'm more that satisfied. I don't know what everyone was expecting, but I found it to be one hell of a series.

The culprit turned out to be a reasonable choice, given her history. I'm glad that it wasn't a hero, I'm glad that it wasn't a villain, and I'm glad that he didn't pull an obscure murderer out of thin air.

This series will cast a long shadow on the DCU, at least until they revive Sue and Mr. Drake, or retcon the mindwipes out of continuity. This will have a huge impact on the character of Robin. Hopefully it will result in a better, more interesting Tim Drake.

Most of us had Jean on our shortlist of culprits and I for one am not unhappy to see her in Arkham. Seriously, her infidelity in Sword of the Atom #1 took place right after my girlfriend asked if, "maybe we should date other people" (of course meaning that she was dating other people). I've had a severe dislike for Ms. Loring ever since.

I don't know if it's been mentioned in this thread, but I know that I've brought it up in others: Jean has an extremely long history of mental illness. I'm not talking a two-part story, I mean month after month of Ray and his friends trying to bring her back to sanity.

All in all, this was the best "big event" that I've read since Crisis. I can't wait for Meltzer's next assignment.
First, I want to tell anyone not familiar with the DC Universe that what the man who wrote this is saying about Jean Loring having a "long history of mental illness" is not true, and is definitely exaggerated. But what really makes it offensive, IMHO, is when you contemplate this in the light of the following description:
Identity Crisis shows us a tabloid headline: "Atom's Wife Tortured by Inmates." [...] Is the headline meant to be true? If so, does anyone – like the Atom or other superheroes – try to stop the torture? It appears not.


Identity Crisis has been accused of misogyny. In my past reviews of the series, I've been willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. But now it's clear that, intentionally or not, "Identity Crisis" is indeed disturbingly misogynistic.
When you consider what happens at the end of that shitty miniseries, it sounds like the disgusting creep who made the statement on the Captain Comics website wanted to assault/molest his own girlfriend. And if he's a leftard...well that oughta tell something about how such a grotesque, alleged member of the human race must think.

Next, perhaps just as disturbing, if not more so, is this comment made by the man the site is named for:
I haven't read IC #7 yet, but I do want to make two comments:

1) I'm long out of my dating years, but I was pretty active when I was there. And I'd like to buttress Dr. Chaos's remarks: There are women (and men) in the world who do the damnedest things that only make sense to THEM. For example, one girl I dated, and dumped, made an incredible effort to re-attach to me, going out of her way to address the complaints that made me break up with her in the first place, being the model girlfriend ... just long enough to start making my life miserable. Subtly. Calculatedly. Things started going wrong in my life, stuff disappearing, lies to my boss, bad sex, everything. Oh, and my friendships started evaporating. Because, of course, it turned out later that she was cheating with every male acquaintance I had as quickly as she could. And lying to every female acquaintance that I had that I beat her, treated her shabbily, cheated on her, and so forth. Idiot that I was, I had no idea why people had begun avoiding me.

OK, I can understand being angry at being dumped. Wanting revenge. But this woman spent six months of her life not being happy herself just to make ME unhappy. She spent months in an elaborate revenge scheme that involved acting like the sweetest li'l ol' thing around me, and then an entirely different person when my back was turned -- a different act for everyone. A constant effort, a disciplined effort, where she could never be "herself" for a second. I finally twigged to what was going on and got the hell out. And when confronted, she laughed in a very, very Jean Loring way. Weird, but true. Calculate the "rules" of insanity all you like, there aren't any.

And I won't tell you about the girl whose idea of post-coital snuggling involved wanting to kill me and herself with a butcher knife, or the girl who broke into my apartment and threw away all my red shirts because they were "evil," or ... well, you get the idea. I imagine many of us have these kinds of stories.

2) Enough with the use of *&%$#@ "loosing"! There ain't no such word! It's LOSING. Lose, losing, lost. The most intelligent post in the world is submarined when you use a nonsense word like LOOSING. It doesn't exist! Wrong, wrong, wrong! *&%$#@!! Kree-gah, bundolo!

(Captain takes a deep breath. Man, I gotta switch to decaffeinated!)
Make what you will of the above, but that too is one of the most obnoxious things I've ever read, and is utterly demeaning to women. More precisely though, it seems he was using this supposed experience of his as justification for the miniseries' very existence. Excuse me? How does having a rotten experience in real life legitimize books like Identity Crisis that aren't exactly based on such and that could be or are extremely bigoted, and how does that legitimize using already established characters who were far from being as bad what these scumbags are claiming, and that, most importantly, are fictional creations not harming anyone in reality? This too could serve as an important example of how the leftist mindset works.

And it also tells, IMO, what some leftist males must think of women, independent or otherwise. That's why I want this to serve as an example of how, as Surber has argued, there are some very vile leftists out there who have very evil thoughts about women on the mind, and clearly view them as nothing but property.

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