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Wednesday, April 26, 2017 

Steve King's right: without France/Europe, it would be bad for America, and Israel

France24's talked about Marine Le Pen's supporters over in the United States, and she has some here in Israel too, who support her bid for presidency because there's many innocents in danger over in Europe, and also because American interests are at stake too:
When far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen Marine made it through to the run-off of the French presidential election on Sunday, some powerful people in the United States were celebrating.

From Trump Tower to the US Congress, Le Pen has established her own circle of trust in the United States. And though Le Pen and Donald Trump have yet to meet in person, the National Front (FN) candidate and the US president have more than a few things in common.

But they came very close to crossing paths in January.

“Welcome, welcome to Trump Tower,” said Italian-born George – or Guido – Lombardi as he opened the door to his one-bedroom flat on the 63rd floor. The view of Central Park was stunning, and until three months ago Trump shared the same vista, although three floors further up. First Lady Melania Trump and their son Barron still live in Trump Tower.

Lombardi hosted a fundraiser for Le Pen in this very apartment when Trump was still president-elect. She met businessmen, real estate brokers and potential donors. Among them were Americans, Israelis, Indians and Russians, according to Lombardi. Trump did not attend but the end result was satisfying to Le Pen: Lombardi suggested that she received numerous donations for her campaign.
And the reason there are Israelis supporting her campaign? Simply put, while there are some policies she has that are questionable, she has made efforts to establish dialogues and be welcoming (Makor Rishon interviewed her a few weeks ago) to Israeli sources. And, she's got some Congressmen over in the USA who're in favor of her candidacy as well:
A case in point is Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa. He was the first US member of Congress to publicly endorse Marine Le Pen for the presidency of France when he spoke to me earlier this month. King has spoken his mind since he was elected to the House of Representatives in 2002, but he now appears to do so with even more panache. His anti-immigration tirades are loud and proud. He is a man emboldened by the victory of Donald Trump. His support for Le Pen was the logical next step.

In his office – which sported a confederate flag on the desk and not one but three copies of Geert Wilders’ book, "Marked for Death: Islam's War Against the West and Me" – King waxed lyrical about Le Pen’s vision for France and for Europe.

King has met Le Pen twice, both times in Paris. He says Western civilisation is being eroded and only a Le Pen win can stop a situation in which “churches are being replaced by mosques”.

“I’m not one to give advice to the French, but I’m really glad that they produced a lady like Marine Le Pen,” said King. “I’m one who admires her love of her country, her love of French culture, the French language, the things that the French have to be proud of.”

For King, this presidential election is the last chance to stop what he calls “an almost uncontrollable immigration flow that must be controlled or France will no longer be French”.

But the Iowa congressman foresees an even bigger ideological clash: “I’m very concerned that our civilisation itself could be subsumed in a generation or two. Through that lens is how I see Marine Le Pen.”

“If we should lose France, and if we should lose several other countries throughout Western Europe, America will be next.”
He has a point. How can we expect to defend America - and also Israel - if we don't defend France, the country that gave us the Statue of Liberty in the late 19th century? And consider: allowing France - or anywhere else in Europe already plagued by Islamofascism - to fall would not only be allowing Islam to gain another foothold in the world, it would also be allowing another spot on which the invaders could build more nuclear arsenals, among other things, that could be used to attack the USA and Israel, along with anywhere else the Moors declared haram.

Look though, at how the channel's trying to make King sound like he's literally against all immigrants, and must be trying to make it sound like he's got a Confederate flag for all the wrong reasons. That's shameful on their part.

Besides some of the endorsements in the US, this article also notes she got support from European Jews:
Flanagan sees his job as improving Le Pen’s tarnished reputation. Her controversial image precedes her, even in the United States.

Anti-Semitism was a hallmark of her father Jean-Marie Le Pen’s political life; he was a presidential candidate himself in 2002. Flanagan’s solution was to tell Le Pen’s advisers to get endorsements from Jewish leaders in France.

Roger Cukierman, the head of the Representative Council of France’s Jewish Institutions (Crif), famously said in 2015 that Marine Le Pen was "personally blameless” for the National Front's anti-Semitism but that the FN was “to be avoided as a party”.

“To their credit, they understood that and they got statements from Mr Cukierman and others in France to say very positive things about Ms Le Pen,” said Flanagan. “That helped a lot with their American counterparts.”
And it's a good thing. That's not something many news outlets here have reported, if at all.

While we're on the topic, Le Pen's also taken Francois Fillon to task for his bizarre endorsement of Emmanuel Macron:
During a visit to the international market in Rungis Tuesday, anti-mass migration candidate Marine Le Pen called conservative former Republican candidate François Fillon’s immediate endorsement of Emmanuel Macron an act of “treason” against his supporters.

Ms. Le Pen visited the famous international market in the southern Paris suburb and talked to media about a number of issues including the endorsement by Fillon of Macron. During a breakfast consisting of coffee and croissants, she slammed Fillon saying she could understand how many of his supporters could feel let down by his immediate endorsement of pro-globalist Macron on Sunday evening, Le Figaro reports.

“These are the people who defended their candidate in extremely difficult conditions and who were rewarded by listening to their candidate at 8:02 pm saying that we must vote for Mr. Macron,” she said adding: “Do you realise the feeling of betrayal of these people?”

The endorsement of Macron by Fillon took many observers by surprise by how quickly he endorsed the En Marche candidate after realising that he could not progress to the second round.
The point is valid. If Fillon's really against importing terrorism into France, for example, why would he just throw his support immediately in favor of a candidate whose own platform on the subject is very bad? He should've told the constituents they were welcome to decide where to go from there in voting. Instead, he made himself out to look like he didn't have a clear path. I got the impression from one of his previous TV debates that he didn't support Brexit either.

And let's not forget that, whatever Le Pen's own mistakes, Macron made a serious boo-boo himself last year when he attacked Jewish schools. Any willingness on his part to allow Muslim migrants into the country who could proceed to commit violence against innocents is also wrong. If we want to prevent further bloodshed, we have to ensure that a candidate who can oppose trojan horses will get our support.

Whatever the election results though, I think it's clear that western forces will have to go to war in order to protect innocents and other vital interests. In which case, I hope that all concerned and fit for the job will be willing to enlist in the army and stand up to the Islamic monsters.

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