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Wednesday, May 22, 2019 

"Mentally ill" is not a defense for jihadism

A French psychology expert's debunked the whole excuse of declaring Islamofascists and terrorists "mentally insane" and using that to avoid giving them serious penalties:
French psychiatrist Yann Andretuan, head of the French navy’s psychological service who has practiced psychiatry in several French hospitals for more than a decade, refutes this psychiatric interpretation of Islamic terrorist attacks, regarding it as false.

“I am a psychiatrist and I do not believe that terrorism is a madness in the psychopathological sense of the term,” Andretuan writes in an article in Le Figaro, a French national newspaper.

First, Andretuan maintains that psychiatry and psychology are “saying nothing to explain this madness and to heal it,” indicating an absence of medical roots and hence the impossibility of a medical cure.

Andretuan then goes on to relate his own experiences as a psychiatrist. In his 12 years of practice in different French hospitals he states he had to restrain a patient only once and had been assaulted, also only once, by a dementia patient in his nineties.

“Psychiatric wards can be loud but rarely violent,” states the experienced psychiatrist.

The French doctor then cites a study done in the 1990s, which showed that the probability of being attacked by “an individual who had consulted a psychiatrist is ten times less than by someone who hasn’t.”

Some have argued that jihadists’ mental illness is evident in the fact that they are recruited, sometimes easily, to such a murderous cause as Islamic terrorism. Andretuan also demolishes this argument.

“Some individuals will find a cause that will give meaning to their delirium…but how many?” he asks. “It is not necessary to fear an epidemic in the psychiatric services.”

Andretuan then cites commando units the English established in the Second World War as an example of the difficulty and unsuitability of recruiting the mentally ill.

“(The English) imagined to recruit sociopaths because of their absence of resistance to killing,” he stated. “This was a failure. They thus went looking for men, educated and often products of good English society, not presenting any psychiatric troubles…”

Besides, Andretuan says, armies have always gotten rid of mentally unstable recruits, considering them too difficult to control.
Well there you have it. The guy's got a good view of the situation, proving the notion of a jihadist being literally insane is phony. One sure thing: the establishment had better not even think about going after him for debunking the whole insanity defense. If they're smart, they'll defend and respect his arguments.

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“Those who believe the Palestinians
long for statehood should ask them
why they never demanded independence
during the 19 years [from 1948 to 1967]
their Arab brethren [Jordan]
occupied the West Bank...”

The Two-State Unicorn by Mitchell Bard, 2019 May 10

Melanie Phillips (columnist for
The Times of London”) said:

“The ancestors of today’s Palestinian Arabs
were Hitler’s army in the Middle East; and their
descendants can justly be regarded as the last
undefeated front in the Nazi war against the Jews.”

SOURCE: article by Melanie Phillips, 2019 May 16
Tlaib strives to alter narrative of hate fomented by Arabs

Ambassador Ron Dermer said:

“The Palestinians have repeatedly
refused to accept a nation-state for
themselves if it means accepting a
nation-state for the Jewish people alongside it.

In 1937, the Palestinians rejected
the Peel Commission report that
called for two states for two peoples;
in 1947, they rejected the U.N.
partition plan that did the same.

In 2000 at Camp David and again
in 2008 the Palestinians rejected
new proposals that would have
created a Palestinian state.

The Palestinians rejected peace
both before and after the creation
of Israel, before Israel gained
control of the territories in 1967
and after Israel vacated Gaza in 2005.

The Palestinians have always been
more concerned with destroying
the Jewish state than with
creating a state of their own.

The core of the conflict remains
the persistent refusal of the
Palestinians to recognize the nation-state
of the Jewish people in any borders.”

SOURCE: Ten Deadly Lies about Israel
by Ambassador Ron Dermer, 2015 October 20:





Rabbi Benjamin Blech said:
It is time for Jews to say to the New York Times:
“we’ve had enough.”

SOURCE: J’Accuse by Rabbi Benjamin Blech, 2014/7/30

Why Rabbi Haskel Lookstein permanently
stopped reading the New York Times:

SOURCE: Time’s Up for the New York Times
in My Home by Haskel Lookstein, 2019/5/13

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky said this on 2015/10/29:

“In the genocidal war being waged
against the Jewish people, the
New York Times is an accomplice.”

A New Low, a blog article by Rabbi Steven Pruzansky

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky said this on 2013/11/29:

"Many of the Israel’s most prominent and hateful critics
are Jews who become willful tools of those who
wish to destroy the Jewish state and bitterly oppose
any expression of Jewish nationalism.

Some of them traditionally write for the New York Times."

Mr. Dennis Prager said:

“The New York Times has been in the forefront of the Left's
hysterical, hate-filled attacks on police officers and whites.”

SOURCE: The New York Times and the Left Have
Blood on Their Hands by Dennis Prager, 2016 July 12

“One [New York] Times opinion editor,
Matt Seaton, even admitted last year [2014 CE]
that the newspaper has a policy of
veering away from criticism of Palestinians.”

SOURCE: Final sentence of article titled:
“New York Times Editor: Coverage of Israel Most
Criticized Aspect of Opinion Pages” by Shiryn Ghermezian,
2015 October 14, found in: The Algemeiner

U.S. Ambassador to Israel David M. Friedman said:

“If anyone speaks to the editors of the [New York] Times,
they should tell the Times to spend a little less time defending
terrorists and spend a little more time defending the truth.”

SOURCE: article by Alex Traiman, 2019 May 15
Friedman fires back at New York Times





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