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Thursday, September 29, 2005 

Illegal immigration and appeasement

Two very good arguments, one on the rash of illegal immigration that's been plaguing the US, yet the government, presumably in hopes of acquiring the votes of immigrants for political reasons, does nothing to stop them, and the other on the state department's appeasement of Arab/Muslim countries when it should be the other way around.

First, here's La Shawn Barber's report on the hazards faced by illegal immigration:
This isn’t news, of course, but be warned that with wide open borders, infiltration by Islamofascists is also increasing. As I said immediately after Hurricane Katrina, your government cannot and will not protect you and your family.


The feds won’t enforce immigration law, businesses that hire illegal aliens have no fear of enforcement, and it’s gotten to the point where illegal aliens themselves don’t fear enforcement, either. They’re gaining more rights than Americans. They can sue us and take our property, file discrimination lawsuits against us and win. The rules of the game have changed.
Valid concerns all. As long as the government refuses to take any proper steps to clamp down on illegal immigration, whereas Europe is actually doing a much better job at stopping the flow these days, the dangers of illegal immigration will continue. This is most glaring example of how stateside, the Bush administration is failing badly. And if that's not appalling enough, in a White House press release by Bush himself from September 17, 2001, provided by one of the correspondants, the president says that "Islam is peace".

It's doubtful he's changed his position since then.

In the next one, by Debbie Schlussel, we've got more to read about regarding Karen Hughes' middle eastern tour excluding Israel where the objective is to improve the Western world's image in the eyes of Islam, but does little more than to give the impression that the west is weak and easy prey for the enemy.
This pandering to those who hate us, must end. This pathetic display won't make them hate us any less, or fear us more (which should be a U.S. objective).
It's also doing more or less the exact same thing that the left believes in doing, and one can only wonder why the moonbats would be so against an administration that's doing exactly what they advocate.

One Jerusalem's got more on the subject:
Hughes, a self proclaimed novice in foreign affairs is launching her project with the guidance of State Department advisers who are Arabists and unfriendly to the war against Islamic terrorists and the State of Israel.
I think her being self-proclaimed pretty much shows why she's not fit for her job, any more than Michael D. Brown ever was for his.
As she sets out on her self-proclaimed "listening tour" I hope she will discuss the hot off the press report by the U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) that concludes that Saudi Arabia is an important source of "external funding and propagation of fundamentalism and extremism." The GAO also noted that Saudi fronts such as the Muslim World League,The World Assembly of Muslim Youth, and the International Islamic Relief Organization are involved in the "global propagation of religious intolerance, hatred of Western values and support to terrorist activities."
If there's any Islamic country that needs to be focused on, but that the MSM have neglected to focus on, it's the House of Saud. Sooner or later, they're going to have to start getting serious...to say nothing of stopping oil deals with. Let's be clear, there is a collosal amount of oil available throughout the US as well, even in Alaska, and that the US should continually turn to Saudi Arabia for oil is very foolish, and a waste of time.

Here's another report from One Jerusalem that mentions Hughes:
As victories began to accumulate on the battle field Bush stepped back a bit from his leadership role and allowed his bureaucrats to fill the vacuum. This process has accelerated in his second term. Somehow the Bush Administration has become the number one cheerleader of allowing Islamic Turkey into the European Union. There is no reason why we should be sticking our nose into this European matter and even if we had standing on the issue we should not be promoting present-day Turkey.

This is the Turkish government that impeded our military operations in Iraq and today [not long ago] they staged a public humiliation of the President's friend and Under Secretary of State Karen Hughes.
Most incredible is how Dubya and his State Department representative can and are willing to tolerate governments that show contempt for their very images, and show no genuine thanks for the favors they do for them.

Update: On Jewish World Review, an explanation on how the US borders could be in danger of being exploited by fanatics who live right inside the country:
But what about one's own citizens who cross the border? They could be leaving to fight for the Taliban or returning from a course on terrorism techniques. Or perhaps they studied with enemies of the West who incited them to sabotage or sedition. Clearly, the authorities should take steps to find out more about their activities, especially given the dangerous jihadi culture already in place in many Western countries, including Canada.

This question arose in late December 2004, after a three-day Islamist conference, "Reviving the Islamic Spirit," took place in Toronto. The event, boasting a host of high-profile Islamist speakers such as Bilal Philips, Zaid Shakir, Siraj Wahhaj, and Hamza Yusuf, alarmed the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), America's new border agency.

CBP spokesperson Kristie Clemens explained that her agency had information how events such as the one in Toronto "may be used by terrorist organizations to promote terrorist activities, which includes traveling and fundraising." Clemens later added that the CBP has "credible, ongoing information that these types of conferences have been used and are being used by terrorist organizations to not only transport fraudulent documents but to mask travel by terrorists." Terrorists imagine, she pointed out, that if they travel in a large group, "we're going to be less restrictive and try to expedite the processing."
So as pointed out here, this kind of ludicrious court case could very easily enable terrorists to cross American borders without any problems. Which is exactly why this case should not be accepted by the courts.

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