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Friday, November 15, 2019 

The education and upbringing of the Haredi sect this transgender "rabbi" came from apparently led to his "changing"

The Times of Israel interviewed a transsexual man and former rabbinical student who decided to claim he's a girl (the site even succumbs to the political correctness of referring to him as such), and I assume it's because he may have been abused so bizarrely, and educated so poorly, he got to that point:
Each night, five-year-old Abby Stein lay in bed and prayed: “Holy creator, I am going to sleep now, and I look like a boy. I am begging you, when I wake up in the morning I want to be a girl. I know that you can do anything, and nothing is too hard for you, so please, I am a girl, why can’t I look like a beautiful little girl?”

Stein, now 27, writes about reciting that prayer in her just published memoir “Becoming Eve: My Journey from Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi to Transgender Woman.” The book gives readers a frank look at what it was like to come of age misgendered in one of the world’s most gender-segregated societies. More so, it’s about Stein becoming the woman she is and about her finally being able to embrace Judaism on her terms.
Which would have to be either Reform Judaism or maybe some pseudo-Orthodox sect. I get the notion this has what to do with the man's verse in prayer bibles of blessing the Lord for "not making me a woman", which is admittedly flawed, as it probably, at least in a case like this, must've put some wrong ideas in the head of this screwball. That's why I think it'd be better to replace it with a verse that puts thanks and pride in being a man for men, and even a women's verse emphasizing pride for being a lady. As for gender-segregation in ultra-Orthodox communities, I believe that's what led to his homosexuality.
As she grew she turned ever more inward, looking for solace and answers in her faith — both of which proved elusive. One particularly affecting passage of “Becoming Eve” describes how at 18 Stein met the woman she was to marry and how that, as much as she respected Fraidy, she knew she “also wanted to be her. Not her, exactly, but I wanted to be the woman — I wanted to be the wife.”
Ugh. I think this implies what's wrong with homosexuality as promoted today - rejecting the opposite sex, which is what this lunatic did. And whose parents clearly never provided psychiatric treatment, and if they did, it was obviously someone from inside the Hasidic community, who wasn't qualified in any capacity. In that case, no wonder he turned out the way he has, to the point where:
Today, she is a vocal activist on behalf of the LGBTQ community, a sought-after speaker at universities, synagogues and community centers, and was named by Jewish Week as one of the “36 under 36” Jews who are affecting change in the world.
Yes, because leftists see these kind of nutty, sad cases as the perfect "useful idiots" Lenin exploited in his time. The interview later bring up this item:
What would you have thought a few years ago if someone told you that you’d be giving talks across the country and world, participating in political protests?

Because my family is part of a rabbinic family, I grew up exposed to public speaking in the community. However, I wasn’t expecting to continue public speaking after I left. I didn’t think anyone would be interested in listening to my story and I just never imagined I would have a stage like this.

When I published my coming out story on a blog it had a few hundred views. I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. I did it mostly because after two months of coming out to friends and coming out to my parents I was getting bored of constantly having to come out to people. So I thought I’ll write a blog, everyone will read it and we can move on. That’s not what happened, the post went viral and it was overwhelming.

Now, I feel very comfortable with my story and public speaking. My biggest struggle in the beginning was switching into English. English is my third or fourth language if you count Aramaic.

I had some stage fright the first few times I spoke before audiences, especially large ones. Now I’ve spoken before mass audiences, like the 2019 Women’s March. Sometimes I actually miss the adrenaline that would pump in when I’d get ready to speak. Now I feel like if I’m going to feel anxious Obama would have to be in the audience.
Ah, the same Women's March that was exposed as a quagmire of anti-semitism, how fascinating! And he's an Obama supporter too, I notice. He later states:
As a child I was conditioned that there certain things you are not allowed to express. You just have to bury them, go along with it and just live life. There were all these sexual feelings I had and all these things I felt about gender that I couldn’t express.
In such ultra-Orthodox societies, the suppression of sexual discussions is precisely what can lead to this kind of insanity that's been legitimized under the left. Garbage like this is why I've concluded that, depending on how religion is handled, it leads to homosexuality. Yes, seriously.
As of now you don’t have a relationship with your parents, and 10 of your 12 siblings don’t speak to you. Even so, there isn’t any bitterness in your book. For the most part you describe your home as loving, warm, safe and cozy.

A lot of books that have been written about the Hasidic community fall into one of two traps. They either overly exoticize it or overly demonize it. Obviously for me, the negative parts of growing up Hasidic outweigh the positive parts. However, it was really important for me to focus on the positive parts. My mom is an amazing cook, we had beautiful holidays, and we had a beautiful family life.

Although now when I think back, and you can quote me, I think my father was an asshole. He never did anything at home. He never changed a diaper. Literally, I don’t think he knows how to make toast. Like, even before my mother went into labor she would prepare him meals and put them in the refrigerator and the freezer. I mean he had 13 kids and didn’t do anything. I could go on. Still, I think a big part of my parents cared about me while I was growing up and loved me in their own way.

My mom was really a mom — she really cared. For example, I did a college prep program at Columbia for a whole a semester. My mom knew I was going to college. It was something she deeply disagreed with, but she always left dinner for me to have when I came home. She did that from real love. Even today, I know from some people in my family that if it were up to my mom she’d still be in touch with me. My mom, she’s an angel.
I think still more clues to how Stein got this way are turning up here. His father did not make a good role model, and the image of his mother seen through the lens of such cloistered society clearly bent his mind out of shape. That's socialism for you, I suppose. Now, here's where his politics come in some more at the end, and exposes some bizarre talking out of both sides of his mouth:
What were your views on Israel growing up in the Hasidic community and how did they change when you left, if they changed at all?

It’s complicated. Growing up in the Hasidic community, you have to understand there is rarely such a thing as “your views.” Anti-Zionism and anti-Israel sentiment within the Hasidic communities is strong, meaning they oppose the idea of Israel, or a Jewish state anywhere, before there is the coming of the messiah. The Satmar community, near where I grew up, believes there shouldn’t be a State of Israel, period. Although neither of my parents grew up Satmar, they were heavily influenced by it.

However, even the most anti-Zionist among them call it our “Holy Land” and believe very strongly that it is our land and have an extreme connection to it. As I started to grow older I started to question that, and a lot of things. I declared myself to be super Zionist, but without the knowledge of what that really means. Then when I left, I started to get exposed to more and more progressive views. Believe it or not, my first exposure was at the Columbia University Hillel.

I have a great affinity for Israel, I feel very connected to it. My great-great-grandmother is buried on the Mount of Olives, I’ve studied there the past few summers and have a lot of relatives there. However, we have to talk about the issues. I can’t talk about the Palestinian side of things because I’m not Palestinian, but the Palestinians have a right to live there. There is enough space for everyone. I also think if Israel’s entire survival depends on military superiority, it’s not going to survive.

So I’m involved with J Street and IfNotNow
. As for BDS [the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement], I just can’t get beyond so much of what they do; it’s counterproductive and too much of what they do is about delegitimizing Israel.
Ah, he's involved with anti-Israelists like J-Street? But they not against BDS! Why, they practically back it themselves, and are just as anti-Israel as the BDS advocates. This is certainly telling when somebody already misguided enough turns to supporting such repellent groups as well. And hints at a morally equivalent view believing there's such a thing as a "palestinian state", where Arabs should live separately from Jews with Jerusalem as a divided capitol, and implies Israel has too much militarism, or something like that. Some of the commenters noticed this disturbing position, and one said:
So nice he wants to destroy Israel. Basically he hates his family and is acting out rebelling trying to do everything he can to be a in with it progessive and is loving all the attention he gets from it.
Exactly. So vindictive over the oppressive upbringing he got, he wants to seek revenge by taking up ideologies that have come to achieve privileged status on the left. And maybe he doesn't consider that his own parents were leftists themselves, if they lived on socialist welfare and didn't serve in the army. Another said:
The brain is still male, in fact this is a give away for men who want to transition as women. They don't change into women, they change into what a man thinks how a woman behaves. therefore they are always immaculately made out with lovely figure hugging clothes. What they fail to realize is that most women don't grow 2 inch nails, aren't all plastered in make-up in frilly gowns, that's there male brain view of them. Working women often dress down, to cut down on male attentiveness, as they try hard to succeed in their professions. Some don't bother dressing up at all, it's just a facade that women may often choose to use or not. Their larynx is also male, and so plastered in all that muck with frilly gowns or no gowns at all, their voices give them away. In short they are just a bunch of perverts, and we should not be ashamed to say so.
Indeed, very accurate. No doubt many of the males claiming to be transsexual use the bathroom as other men would too (similarly, female transsexuals as would other women) if that matters, and must be glad they can shut the door so you wouldn't notice. Note the men's arms are usually larger than women's too, another giveaway. Here's another comment:
Not gonna comment on how she identifies. It's her business, not mine. But her support for anti-Israel groups like J Street, and anti-Semitic groups like IfNotNow, is frankly idiotic, self-defeating and ultimately, consistent with the views of a confused person who hates herself.
Absolutely. It's regrettable his own ultra-Orthodox parents practically led to this, and practically gave the Satmar a victory, just as much as other anti-Israel movements. Here's one more:
I had some sympathy and warm feelings for Abby and the struggle until the last paragraph about support for INN and JStreet. Good riddance.
As for me, I have none at all. People like this Stein are some of the worst "useful idiots" Lenin spawned, and it's not too surprising at this point the Satmar influenced Haredis could bring people like this about.

The Canadian Jewish News also spoke with this embarrassment the Hasidics influenced, and it's told:
She co-founded Sacred Space, a group for spiritual women and non-binary people, and belongs to T’ruah, which is made up of progressive rabbis who work for social justice. The only way she would ever envision herself in a pulpit again is if she ends up creating something new.

Stein’s unique brand of messaging is evident when she explains why it’s not enough for synagogues to “tolerate” the LGBTQ community. “Tolerance is for lactose and nuts,” she says.
I guess that means ideology's not separate from race and gender, is it? Exactly why I believe a distinction has to be made between being of Jewish race and adherent to Judaist religion. Overall, this is certainly telling, demonstrates Jews/Israelis are just as vulnerable to LGBT propaganda as anyone else, and Stein's certainly proving a standout example. This is precisely why I despise the Satmar clan and other such insular communities so much - their so-called religious customs are influencing their subjects into homosexuality, and they don't have what it takes to recognize that. Come to think of it, I'm sure their gurus don't even care, so long as anti-Zionists are born and bred. I don't think he said his parents were part of Neturei Karta, but if they spun out of the Satmar clan, and the parents were part of that awful bunch, I guess that too is saying something.

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