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Tuesday, April 26, 2022 

If Russia falls, could that open the gates to Islamofascism in the west?

That's the important question being raised here, as to whether what Russia's doing now in their invasion of Ukraine will lead to a rise of Islam if Russia goes under. As noted:
Russia's invasion of Ukraine was largely predictable but it also brought some surprises. It was quite expected that the current U.S. administration would try to draw Russia into the "Ukrainian swamp" in order to weaken and isolate it as much as possible. It was expected that the inexperienced and naive Ukrainian leader would trust the promises of the Biden team and let them to drag his country into a devastating gamble.
Whether or not that's the case, it was wrong of Vladimir Putin to commit such violent acts in the first place. That's why he'll be first and foremost responsible for any disasters befalling the globe going forth.
In geopolitical terms, Russia was natural buffer between the West and Asia, which includes the Muslim East and China. The weakening of Russia will mean a simultaneous sharp rise of Islam and China.

Let's start with China. Russia is already turning into a raw materials appendage of a high-tech and powerful Chinese empire. If Russia is cut off from the West, it will inevitably become completely dependent on China with its unlimited human and technological resources. This means that China, through its satellites in the Kremlin, will directly reach European borders. The old Soviet joke about the "Chinese-Finnish border" will become an ominous reality. The huge military resources of Russia will become a de facto part of the Chinese military machine, which can simultaneously threaten both the U.S. and Europe. It is the worst possible scenario for the West.
And sadly possible. Definitely something to be wary of.
There are large Muslim enclaves in Russia itself, including Chechnya, other Caucasian republics and the Volga republics: Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and others. Islamic radical groups, branches of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis operate everywhere here. In the event of a losing or weakening of control from the Kremlin, they inevitably (as in other failed states) try to create a series of "caliphates," like the Islamic State. With the support of the gigantic Muslim communities in Russia's major cities, they will get a base for further advances to the West. In such case they will get assistance from Turkey, which regards significant parts of Ukraine and Russia as a natural part of the new Ottoman Caliphate. Crimea, the historical vassal of Turkey, will be drawn into the orbit of the new "High Porte" too.

The regimes of Central Asia are to a large extent supported by Russian bayonets. If Moscow withdraws from the region, the Afghan Taliban, successfully brought back to power by President Biden and his team, will immediately fill the resulting vacuum. The huge territories of largely artificial states, like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and others, will turn into a single "caliphate" and a natural reserve for terrorist groups. At the same time, masses of refugees from these countries will rush to the West in search of salvation. Compared to these unrestrained flows, the migration of 2015 will be child's play.

Only the wishful thinking of the ignorant and arrogant elites of the West can deny the reality of such a scenario. None of them imagined that the defeat of the USSR in Afghanistan would become a prelude to 9/11 and world Islamic terror, and the romance of the "Arab spring" would give this terror a new impetus.
One sure thing, there've been only so many ignoramuses in the western "leaderships" who've made this tragically possible, and it'll be very difficult in the future to deal with the fiascos caused by all the political correctness in the west, especially in the USA.
In the cultural aspect, both Europe and America are already forced to desperately fight for their national identities, undermined by such neo-Marxist ideologies as identity politics, Critical Race Theory, intersectionality, cancel culture and others. So far, the national movements of North America and Europe are losing this game. Eastern Europe remains the main so far the only stronghold of European cultural identity, however, in the event of the collapse of Russia, the countries of Eastern Europe and the Balkans will find themselves between a rock and a hard place: the globalist West, on the one hand, and China and Muslims, on the other. Their future, like the future of Israel, will be in doubt. The fall of Russia as a strong country with stable Christian national traditions will leave America, already extremely weakened by globalists and progressives, alone in the fight against external threats. The consequences of this will be very sad for the U.S. as a state, and for Western civilization as a whole.
But again, it's mainly Putin's fault for causing all this. And years before, I'd written about how he practically dismantled free speech sources in the country, which should've been a warning in the long run where he was going, but the western leaderships, predictably, turned a deaf ear and blind eye at all the warning signs. Now, we're seeing the tragic results.

But does Russia really have much Christian influence? Unfortunately, considering how much communism's affected the country, it's naive to think they have much of that, alas. Maybe more unfortunate is that Judaism's advocated never made any bold attempt to find converts there, if it could be done. Because who knows? Maybe Judaist influence could make improvements for the better.

Update: it's also worth noting, as explained in this review of a book by Matt Walsh, that would-be Christian representatives in the USA are destroying the religion and its reputation already.

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