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Thursday, April 28, 2022 

Isolating LGBT youth from their parents is dangerous and exploitive

Chad Felix Greene, who was homosexual in his youth, tells what's wrong with how LGBT activists go about their ideological exploitation of youngsters, doing what they can to separate them from their parents:
The argument that this may “out” LGBT students to their parents in the process and this outing is inherently harmful, however, is an assumption that must be challenged. In 1998, my school outed me to my parents. I was 16 and I was mortified by the experience.

My father was called into the school with school officials and counselors. The principal brought up the fact that several teachers had expressed concern about my recent behavior and mood and that other students had told them I was telling people I was gay.

Of course, there was more to the story than culturally insensitive educators overreacting to my revelation. I had been engaging in dangerous sexual experiences with adults, had recently begun exploring all aspects of gay culture and identity online and in books, and had fallen into an emotional mess of anxiety, depression, and acting out.

I gave my teachers good reason to be concerned. My grades had slipped dramatically, I was skipping school, and I was having emotional outbursts in class.

My father was confused, concerned, upset, and frightened by the revelation, although he later admitted he suspected it for quite some time. He began limiting my online activities and started to watch me more carefully, limiting my opportunities to sneak out late at night.

I certainly felt it was unfair and a hateful and intolerant reaction to being gay, but looking back now, it was absolutely the right thing for him to do. Keeping that secret nearly destroyed my academic career. I barely graduated high school.

My sexual interactions with adults put me in constant danger and devastated my sense of worth. Gay media did nothing but promise a brighter future once I escaped my parents who would never understand me. It was the perfect storm for tragedy
See, this alludes to one of the worst problems with the privileged status LGBT ideologues have operated under for a long time: it's enabled adult creeps like Harvey Milk to get away with sexually exploiting youths, and the columnist was clearly victimized by such awful moonbats himself as well. And, they indoctrinate the subjects into shunning the opposite sex, which is tantamount to otherization, and that's not good either.
More than 20 years later, LGBT activists are still playing by the same rules, isolating teenagers, and now children, from their families and creating an environment of distrust and fear of their parents. Their message seems to be that LGBT minors can only trust adults who are not their parents to properly accept and educate them.

They argue that LGBT minors require special education, exclusive clubs, secretive identities, and to socialize with only other LGBT people. While all of this is promoted in the name of protecting LGBT minors from an alleged hateful and dangerous world of people who will never accept them, all it is doing is more and more harm.
This reminds me of the way some religious advocates operate, in Muslim communities and even in extreme ultra-Orthodox communities, which is to isolate their subjects in certain ways from anybody outside their faiths, which is cultism at its worst. The vile Lev Tahor cult also worked that way under its founders, the Heilbrunns. I wouldn't be shocked if a lot of LGBT activists borrowed a page from such religious movements by pulling similar acts. In fact, the now disgraced activist Gal Uchovsky played a part in such activities, and as has since been discovered, committed illegal actions that he's unfortunately being held accountable for by the Israeli legal system. And lest we forget, as I've observed in the past, that religion decidedly has an unfortunate role, no matter how presumably unwitting, in causing homosexuality.
There is simply no reason a school official should provide materials to a student without a parent’s knowledge. All scenarios in which a student may be in physical danger from his or her parents are already covered under the law, and school officials are required to inform authorities of concerns. While LGBT activists pretend that LGBT identity is a private experience for students to manage on their own, the facts tell us something very different.
Yes, and on that note, there's more:
The Centers for Disease Control has long recorded the fact that LGBT identity places a minor at significant risk for a multitude of dangers. More than 20 percent of LGBT minors report physical and sexual violence, including rape, from sexual partners.

LGBT youth are at a much higher risk for drug and alcohol abuse, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases. They are also at a much higher risk of severe mental illness. While this has been positioned as evidence of the effects of anti-LGBT attitudes and discrimination, the numbers remain steady despite dramatic improvements in LGBT acceptance and representation.

The reality is, LGBT adult lifestyles reflect these statistics, and have for decades. LGBT culture is progressive and designed to exemplify sexuality and diminish personal responsibility. When LGBT youth are guided to LGBT adults for affirmation rather than their parents, they find themselves introduced to a world of excess and adult activities they simply are not prepared for. The longer they hide this from their parents, the more likely they will experience negative consequences.
One could say that the whole ideological practice and lifestyle is an excuse for men to avoid leading responsible lives, including devotion to the opposite sex. And you wonder how in someplace like Israel, there's women who've fallen victim to abusive relations with Muslim men, because homosexual Jewish men aren't providing them with safer alternatives by learning to relate to the fairer sex, and the LGBT ideologues encourage their male subjects to basically shun women and not raise families with a mother around. Which is offensive, since they're teaching them to otherize women.

Of course, that's why wider society shouldn't belittle teen boys who have affairs with teen girls, and shouldn't start lecturing on virginity/chastity. Such upbringings have only hurt humanity in the long run.

If Oklahoma's passed a bill to prevent people in education from indoctrinating youth with these atrocities, which is a subject of the Federalist article, they did the right thing. Schools in the USA have become a disaster because of all the ignorance and increasingly totalitarian behavior of the leftists who were allowed to virtually dominate the education system.

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