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Wednesday, August 24, 2022 

If Afghanistan was abandoned, will Ukraine be next, and US weapons captured by Russia?

Clifford May discusses the history involving Afghanistan since 9-11, and how faux-president Joe Biden has trashed everything previous US governments worked for in establishing a more democratic country:
Prior to 9/11, influential voices in the foreign policy community argued that terrorism was not a serious national security threat, merely the weapon of the weak, a way for those without fighter jets and tanks to call attention to their “legitimate grievances.”

After 9/11, I thought that debate would end. I also thought it had become obvious that “grievances, legitimate or not, provide no license for the murder of other people’s children”—a moral insight conveyed to me by the late Jeane Kirkpatrick, an eminent foreign policy scholar and the first woman to serve as America’s ambassador to the United Nations.

My optimism turned out to be unjustified. To this day, there are those—U.N. officials emphatically included—who condone terrorism for causes they favor, euphemizing it as “resistance.”

And I certainly never expected that the United States, having removed the Taliban from power in the autumn of 2001, would usher that Al-Qaeda-aligned terrorist organization back into power.
Unfortunately, failure to remain vigilant even within the USA is exactly why it happened. Of course, George W. Bush Jr. had some blame to shoulder, because he wasn't truly dedicated, seeing as he even did what to damage Israel back in the day, and sought excuses and opportunities to attack Trump indirectly during the past year. Why, what did his administration do to improve education across the USA during that time? That's another reason we've reached such a low moral point.
Last week, a report from Republican members of the House Foreign Affairs committee led by Rep. Michael McCaul revealed that at least 800 Americans were left behind. Thousands of American-trained Afghan military personnel, including elite commandos, fled to Iran where, we must assume, they spilled their guts—figuratively if not literally—to the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence.
That's another bad omen. And it's offensive how the UN's not called out on its serving as a haven for barbarism apologists, which includes workers who committed sexual abuse, and the problem has still continued even this year. The UN is a most evil organization indeed.
The abandonment of Afghanistan has cast serious and lasting doubt on America’s credibility, reliability and will to prevail.

Perhaps not just coincidentally, Russian President Vladimir Putin is now waging an all-out war of aggression against Ukraine.

China’s President Xi Jinping, having stripped the people of Hong Kong of the rights his government had guaranteed them by treaty, is eyeing Taiwan more hungrily than ever.

Iran’s rulers openly threaten to assassinate Americans on American soil and a fatwa issued by the regime’s first “supreme leader” led to an attack on British author Salman Rushdie while he was speaking on an American stage earlier this month. Yet Biden continues to offer those rulers hundreds of billions of dollars in exchange for a vague promise that they will delay their nuclear weapons program.

Afghanistan, once a fledgling free state, is now once again a totalitarian Islamic emirate. Afghans who sided with Americans are being hunted and murdered. Dire poverty is spreading throughout the land. Women are again being brutalized.
And this has all given encouragement to Chomskyites, tragically enough. Worst, Biden's bunch abandoned tons of USA-manufactured weapons and other products for the Taliban to now exploit, as Elle Reynolds explains, and she wonders if Ukraine could suffer a similar fate, due to improper ability by foreign governments to defend the country from Russia's attack:
A new Department of Defense inspector general report released last week estimated that the Afghan government possessed $7.12 billion worth of equipment paid for by U.S. taxpayer dollars when it fell roughly a year ago, “much of which has since been seized by the Taliban.”

[...] The actual amount of equipment left in Taliban hands may be far higher than the $7 billion figure. In August 2021, Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., reported the abandoned equipment cost more than $85 billion.
And now, the question is whether all the monetary aid sent to Ukraine will be worth it, because what if Russia gets their mitts on it?
Fast-forward a year, and the Biden administration and Congress have been shipping bushels of money to Ukraine as the Eastern European country fights its Russian invaders. If Russia continues to capture Ukrainian soil, what’s to keep American weapons and equipment from falling into the wrong hands just as they did in Afghanistan?
A valid point. But, what can one expect when refusal to do a military raid on these autocracies and work to establish more democratic systems is the position still in use? This is exactly why you have migrants coming from countries like Venezuela and Bolivia to the USA, and let's not forget Cuba. Should even their Castro-organized dictatorship be allowed to continue? Obviously not, yet the USA never did anything to have the Cuban dictatorship toppled. As long as such regimes continue to last, it's no wonder modern democracy will eventually crumble.

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