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Saturday, December 17, 2022 

Satmar overlord visits convicted sex offender in prison

The Satmar's leadership still retains some very reprehensible conduct, as their current guru's visit to an incarcerated sex offender convicted nearly a decade ago from their community makes clear:
The Satmar “Grand Rebbe” Zalman Teitelbaum paid a visit to convicted sexual abuser Nechemya Weberman in prison last month, according to a Yiddish-language newspaper serving the Satmar Hasidic community that has published a series of favorable articles about the former therapist convicted of sexually abusing an adolescent girl starting from when the victim was 12 years old.

The visit, and the weekly series of articles in Kiryas Joel Vochenshrift, have riled advocates for sexual abuse victims in the Hasidic community. They say the community’s leadership has a pattern of downplaying abuse charges and in this case convictions, further traumatizing the victims.

A sexual abuse survivor who lives in Kiryas Joel, the Orange County, New York seat of Zalman Teitelbaum’s Satmar faction, told the New York Jewish Week that abuse victims like her feel they are “being stabbed” when they see support for accused abusers in the Hasidic media and among their leaders.

“It’s retraumatizing victims,”
said the survivor, who asked not to be named for reasons of privacy and safety. “It’s being stabbed every week, again and again, and knowing that if you’re ever going to open your mouth you’re going to be kicked out.”
But that's exactly why the victims shouldn't stick around such an awful enclave. It's a terrible shame so many victims there could still remain because the socialist structure they go by makes it difficult for them to find a new life elsewhere, where they could further improve their status by abandoning the Haredi lifestyle they go by.
The woman said that other survivors within the community told her “that they are not going to come forward so quick again because they see this every week.”

“It’s the most horrific thing,” the source said. “I am reliving all the hell that I’ve gone through. They are taking a molester, who did the worst thing, and they are promoting him, and calling him holy.”

The newspaper serves the faction of the Satmar community that is loyal to Zalman Teitelbaum. It published an article about his visit on Nov. 11.

A weekly series sympathetic to Weberman has been running since August. The articles are written accounts from organized visits to Weberman’s jail cell by members of the community, including prominent rabbis. They include letters from Weberman himself and letters from people in the community to him.

“They say he’s wrongfully accused,” Shulim Leifer, a member of the Hasidic community who has read the articles, told the New York Jewish Week. “It’s written in a sense that it’s a foregone conclusion, that it’s a lynching that he went through.”

Accrding to the article about Teitelbaum’s visit, the rabbi spent over an hour with Weberman and “offered words of faith and belief in God” while the convicted sexual abuser was at Rikers Island for an appeal, the article said. Weberman is now at Shawangunk Prison in upstate New York. “Thanks to Hashem, after much advocacy, we did manage to prevail and we managed to get a visit from the [Grand Rebbe] who was able to come into the dark walls,” the article reported.
It's absolutely repulsive the leadership and their local media minions are airbrushing the seriousness of the issue, but what makes this even worse is that one of NYC's district attorneys asked now resigned state governor Andrew Cuomo to commute Weberman's sentence:
On Andrew Cuomo’s last day in office as governor, he got a request from Brooklyn’s top prosecutor: Take mercy on a prominent counselor in the Hasidic Jewish community who was originally sentenced to 103 years in prison for repeatedly abusing an adolescent girl.

Nechemya Weberman’s term should be commuted and he should be given an “opportunity to be released from prison after an amount of time that is commensurate with the goals of protecting society and extending a measure of justice to those who were victimized by him,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez wrote to Cuomo on Aug. 23, 2021.

Without a commutation, Weberman, who is 64 and has only served nine years so far, will likely die in prison, Gonzalez said in the letter obtained by THE CITY.

Cuomo — who granted clemency to 10 incarcerated people in his final two weeks — never responded to the Weberman request.

Gonzalez has a record of seeking leniency even for multiple people convicted of murder and in 2019 announced he would not oppose most parole applications.

He submitted the letter on behalf of Weberman after Cuomo “sought our position on clemency requests under consideration,” according to Brooklyn DA spokesperson Helen Peterson, who said the then-governor’s request was made via a phone call.
This is such an atrocity, but hardly unexpected in a state and city that's collapsing under the weight of political correctness. Since Cuomo himself was accused of sexual misconduct, it would've made things worse if he'd approved a commutation of Weberman's sentencing. But if Cuomo had commuted the sentence, it wouldn't be a shock.

And since we're on the subject, it turns out the Weberman clan's got some very bad apples among them:
Besides the newly minted felon, the extended Weberman family includes an anti-Zionist who broke bread with Holocaust deniers in Tehran six years ago; an immigration attorney who got the Satmar rebbe into America after World War II, and a Yippie “garbologist,” famous for sorting through the trash of Bob Dylan, among other things.

From the Satmars’ perspective, the singular bad apple in the barrel may be neither the anti-Zionist nor the convicted child abuser. It is the garbologist, Alan Jules Weberman, a secular left-wing activist better known as A.J. Weberman, who has recently put up a website to trash his Hasidic relatives and the entire Satmar community.
Something tells me the left-wing activist may not view the clan negatively based on their own anti-Zionism, and if not, that's the most stupefying thing about such people. They leave the awful clan, yet retain certain ideologies that're no better. That said, it's horrific how the Satmar maintain acceptance of Iran's tyrants. This is definitely telling.

It's good Weberman's still in prison for now, but who knows what'll happen next when you have Democrats who could side with such awful vermin still in office?

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